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Pull up some documents and count them out each way to compare. nm

Posted By: Tired old MT on 2006-12-13
In Reply to: word or line - edr


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  • word or line - edr
    • Pull up some documents and count them out each way to compare. nm - Tired old MT

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You must compare your documents..
with MS-Word Word Count, which is the standard. MS-Word count tool is used by FlashCount.

In case of any problem, feel free to ask.

Compare old documents

Look at some of your old documents and see what your gross line is and then see what they would have been paid if you had been using a 65 cpl.   In word you can do that.  Now some software will count double character for capitalization, bold, underline, tabs are counted, indent and count spaces.   So that will also make a difference.  When one of my accounts was using Sylcount we always counted that way.  I do not think that there is a simple chart to use and since your documents could be very personalized with formatting, i.e. indenting lines which makes a gross line smaller, to me it would be best to compare your specific documents rather than a generic table.    There are a lot of variables (how long is your gross line) and I don't think a comparison table could take that all into account.   But I would think I think an estimation has always been 30% less lines for cpl versus gross. 

If I recall, you should be able to pull up all the supporting documents sm
to review, not just the summary page.  I always back it up by doing the old pencil, paper, calculator method just to be sure.
Just FYI, you should compare line count with another program (sm)
FlashCount gave me a much lower line count when I compared it to Abacus. I notified them about this and they never responded.
Compare line count results


[disclaimer: We are the publishers of MPTools.]

One neat function in our new MPTools is Compare Line Count results. It asks you to specify a document, and shows you the results of its multiple line counting methods, including headers/footers and formatting codes. MPTools is available as a no obligation trial, so you can download it, install it, and check things out.


You need to know the program your company is using to count so you can compare.
There is really no way to compare number of reports to a line count. The more experience you obtain
faster it will go and the lines will increase so don't give up. All of oldies have been there. Most companies require 1000 to 1200 a day, so you are not far off from that. Just keep plugging along, you will get there. Use Expanders for your most common phrases, words you find you have to look up constantly, etc. for starters to help build your speed.
When I stressed the important of having medical documents (legal documents)
on the patient's chart (there are outpatient exams done. Hospital is in the outpatient business), the woman said that if there is a serious finding on an exam, the radiologist will call the referring physician and tell him by phone!

This, my friends, is the result of hiring people who have no real background in the medical field (the lead MT never worked anywhere prior to this job, got on-the-job training and has, through a dominant personality, created a tight circle of workers which are marked up of friends from her life and church services over a 15 year period.

Right. Can't compare the two. Just like you can't compare clinic and doc office work to acute
Take the character count divded by 65 and that will give you your line count.
PC to MAC documents?
How would I send a PC file that can be read on a MAC and vice versa? Please help ASAP.
The best way to compare the two is...sm
open a document you have type and count it in a 65-cpl versus a gross line count....any counting program can be set to count in gross lines.  Personally, I count my lines in Word Perfect.  It has a line counting feature where you can tell it not to count blank lines and then you just multiply by what you are getting paid by the line.  You come out much better on the gross line count.
The MDs are the one signing the documents and
attesting to their accurateness. Not the MTs.

New documents on QNet for MQ MTs

Go to QNet; look under Policy & Governance; click on Human Resources in the window to the right there are two new documents --- MTME Benefit Policy.

It's all apparently still in the workings but they are starting to post documents as they are readied. 

Just thought I would share.

Legal documents
I worked for an attorney for a while and also have a 2500 page transcript from my BIL's federal drug case and everything was done on legal sized paper - lots of quotes, etc. I wouldn't do editing of that sort of work for $1 a page - or even $3 - $6-$10 - yes. There's probably more money in that than there is in transcription - we MTs just haven't found it yet.
Help please - all my documents disappeared. sm
Has anyone ever had anything like this happen?  Everything that I had stored in my documents folder disappeared.  Any settings that I had specific to my computer are gone like including my favorites on IE, my normal.dot with all my macros, autocorrect entries, etc. for word, all music files, all pictures, and any and all word and excel based documents I had saved.  Interestingly my daughters user ID is fine and none of her documents disappeared.  I have ran virus scanners to know avail so I don't know if it was some sort of virus or hardware failure.  Any ideas?  It is a pain to start all over.  Also, what does everyone use for backup?  This is about the third time this year I have had computer issues and lost everything and I am so TIRED of starting over and kicking my production time in half until I get myself built back up.  I am ready for some type of really awesome backup to assure this does not happen to me again. 
Bringing up old documents....
Hi-I have only worked on Extext for a few days and it seems pretty good. I agree with the problem with inserting doctors names though. I am especially interested in finding out how to pull up old documents as I wasn't told about this feature. Can you let me know? Thanks....
Maybe she means that the VR documents
are 'prescreened' for 'quality scare' before getting downloaded to the MT? If there are too many errors, it gets deleted and downloaded blank on the MT's screens?

But this does not make muchsense, does it?

Or maybe if QA finds too many mistakes, it gets deleted and sent back to the MT for straight transcription?

Don't know.

I don't think you want to compare yourself to Yente
Busybody supreme! 
Compare it to a 'regular' job . . .
I tried one of those plans that swore up and down that it wasn't a multi-level marketing program, it was just "direct marketing" to your circle of influence.  It cost me money to join (does a regular job?) and while I didn't stockpile stuff in my garage, I did have a quota that I needed to personally purchase every month in order to stay an "active member".  Part of my $60/month that I spent actually went into the pockets of the 7 people above me.  If I achieved the next level (certain number of individuals below me) my quota for the month would double.  I would go to your state's Attorney General's website and search for pyramid scheme/ponzi/etc . . .  Having to spend $120 a month to make money, especially when you can alienate a bunch of your friends in the process seems a little too much to pay . . . just my 2 cents . . . best of luck whatever your decision.
how does 11/cpl IC compare to 8/cpl employee
are there pros and cons to both, and is it fair to say that it all weighs out about the same, considering what the IC has to pay in taxes, do they travel for their accounts, do they have any benefits, etc.?
Oh, I know. I wasn't trying to compare myself to anyone.
I was trying to figure out if this is even possible. I know when I did acute care I could never get 200 lph. Now I am on a clinic account and doing close to 300 lph. I just assumed I was at the max, so to see this post, it just made me wonder if it is possible to do more, not that I am going to strive to do more at this point. Right now if I go above 300, I am afraid my accuracy would suffer. I was just curious if there are others out there doing 400-500 consistently as these MTs are said to be doing. If there are, I would love to know some secrets! :D
You can't compare apples with
oranges as he had lost his job and who knows the real truth. Tragic loss of lives.

Suffice it to say, it's pretty scary out there these days with so much misery over job loss, home loss and no hope in sight. It's like the domino effect. It's all happened so fast and there is no stopping it. Certain people will act out. No doubt immigrants are much harder pressed in times such as these. Even doctors are suffering from this economy. Hard to believe but it is true.

There is no way you can compare security
Just some things to compare...
Example: If you type 1000 lines a day at 8 cents a line ($80 a day), minus 25% for taxes, you would have $300.00 a week clear. Assuming you do 200 lines an hour, 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, your pay would translate to $12.00 an hour.

IF you can maintain $12.00 an hour after taxes in an office job (sales job, at that), I don't know that the benefits offset the cost of keeping a wardrobe up, gas, meals out or items to take for your lunch, and child care, plus the hassle of being back out in the public.

To answer your question on how much income it would take for me to leave this field - Considering all the pros and cons, I personally could not afford to change careers. It would take an offer of double what I make now to make me even consider it, and there are NO jobs that pay that around here.

I wish you the best of luck with the decision.
it does not count gross lines...I count 37 and it counts 67.
MPWord and assembling the documents into one

MPWord does require you do a separate file for each dictation, but it takes the drudgery out of this, for it automatically saves/names the files for you.

It also has a feature that allows you to put all those notes into one file at the end of the day. If you don't need to preserve headers/footers use the Sticky Notes (Append). If you do need to preserve headers/footers, use PDF (Assemble). With either function, you can send your client one file with the day's work.

Has anyone had trouble converting documents

Word 2000.  These seem to be putting a .doc extension after all of my documents now.  Anyone have a fix?  I have an account that I can't use the .doc extension, and when I back that extension off, I get a message saying "this document may not be usable".  Is this a Vista issue?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

in advance for any help in this OMG matter!  I'm about ready to  , and I have just gotten it to grow to a length that I like.

Searching in WP 5.1 documents through Windows XP
 I have changed word processing programs from DOS-based to Windows-based programs, but still need to access the old WP 5.1 documents. I am having trouble searching the documents through Windows, i.e., searching for a person's name, etc. inside the document.  Do you have any suggestions? 
What file extension do this WP5.1 documents have?
If they're not saved as .doc, Word won't be able to search them; however, you can open them individually with Word.
My Documents is a folder, not a program.
Are documents set to print getting hung up
Are we talking Word documents or...

are you typing directly into Meditech or Cerner or a system like that?

You have dragon scan your documents and -
it picks up words it does not know and has you train them, and it also recognizes words that you use more than others.
Perhaps OP is not new at all. How could you declare MQ the greatest with nothing to compare.

I suspect MQ has a lot of people positioned for damage control on the boards these days.  It was a stupid post that would be meaniningless to anyone but MQ damage control.  Watch and see what is coming down the road in the next six weeks with MQ and MTs.  That's why there is damage control in place and there will be for the next six months or until MQ is bought out.

Hard to compare lines from different
companies and different accounts.
Are you paid for spaces?
65 character lines?
What is percentage of ESL?
How large is the account?. Hard to get lines if you do not get the same dictator more than once a week.
Is the platform easy to work on?
Can you use an expander?
Do you have to enter demographics?
Is the account verbatim?

Can anyone compare Spellex to Stedman's and
tell me which they think is better and why.   I've always used Stedman's but DOS-based.  Changing jobs and now need something Windows-based. 
Can't compare autocorrect to an expander (sm)....
After 20 years as MT I found a word expander, and still mad that I went so long without one! I would not consider being without one today, it adds so much to my productivity. And an Expander does much more than autocorrect does, so I personally don't think they are even comparable. For example, you can make entries bold or italicized; you have no limit on how much text you put into each entry; and most importantly, your possible choices show up on the screen as you type letters, so you can be very specific in your use. Autocorrect does just that, it makes an automatic correction, and so quickly that you might not even realize something was changed/expanded. Expanders are not cheap, but to me they are as essential as a medical dictionary!
Does anybody use ShortKeys? How does it compare with ShortHand?

I tried ShortHand but I never could get it to work like AutoCorrect, which is what I prefer. I don't like to take my fingers off the home keys to hit "Alt" or "Ctrl" or whatever.

ShortKeys is okay, but it has some limitations. I just wondered if anyone had tried both and how they compare.


Would like to compare Meditech speed (see msg)
We home MTs have a much slower download/upload time than those working on site, and I'm trying to determine if there is something our IT department can do to speed it up for us. Since Meditech is so big with so many clients, I just can believe the rest of the country would work like we do.

What I would like to compare is:
After entering your patient information on the data entry page, how long after you hit the right arrow key to open your document for typing does it take before you are ready to type that document?

For me on the very best day it takes 20 seconds of staring at my screen before I can type, some times as much as 60 seconds.

Looking forward to comparing. TIA
Are you in a position to compare your progress SM
with others on your accounts? (If you work at home maybe invite them to email you through this site to discuss?) That's the only way to get a true picture of how you're doing so you can figure out how to fix this situation. Have a nice Thanksgiving tomorrow.
I'm done trying to compare apples to oranges. sm
You are free to go on beating the dead horse, however. Best wishes.
seriously, do not compare an hourly wage job with
It's your responsibility to give them their documents on disk/CD!
Thanks to you all!!! Mine was under Documents&Settings, then Home. :)
When bringing up old documents in Extext, Ctrl S,
I think I missed a step.  I hit ctrl S, put in patient's name (in this case) and then click find, or quick find.  Then, it brings up a list of the patient's admission.  Then, what do I hit to bring up the document?  The options on the right side are statistics and close?  I tried to highlight and double click the admission but nothing.  Need some help here....Thanks
Instant Text will expand whole documents
Instant Text will expand whole documents.  IT will all so take a bunch of reports and create shortcuts from those reports for you so you do not have to individually create your own.  Of course, you can create your own if you like also.  The only thing that ITdoes not have that it should is a suggestion box that follows your cursur. 
Which ones pull in the green?

Which ones are you gals/guys transcribing that you are able to do 200-300/hour?  I have condensed it down to ops and maybe radiology.  What are the most awesome expansion accounts in your opinion-copy and paste if you will!! 

Is there anybody transcribing this amount of lines on acute or multi specialty?  Specialty, a single specialty, I could believe.  Ops I can believe.  Haven't done rad so don't know.  What are the best "COPY AND PASTE" situations you know of? 

I donated, but did not get to pull from
Santas bag
I would use Pull Ups in his case, to take away...
the notion that he needs "diapers" since he is trained during the day and you don't want him to feel like he's a baby.  My DD used Pull Ups, then those big Pull Ups that are just white and made for bedwetters, and when she grew out of those we used DDAVP spray, which worked the first night. 
How do I pull up autorecover to see if it is in there?