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Help please - all my documents disappeared. sm

Posted By: screaming! on 2007-12-18
In Reply to:

Has anyone ever had anything like this happen?  Everything that I had stored in my documents folder disappeared.  Any settings that I had specific to my computer are gone like including my favorites on IE, my normal.dot with all my macros, autocorrect entries, etc. for word, all music files, all pictures, and any and all word and excel based documents I had saved.  Interestingly my daughters user ID is fine and none of her documents disappeared.  I have ran virus scanners to know avail so I don't know if it was some sort of virus or hardware failure.  Any ideas?  It is a pain to start all over.  Also, what does everyone use for backup?  This is about the third time this year I have had computer issues and lost everything and I am so TIRED of starting over and kicking my production time in half until I get myself built back up.  I am ready for some type of really awesome backup to assure this does not happen to me again. 

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When I stressed the important of having medical documents (legal documents)
on the patient's chart (there are outpatient exams done. Hospital is in the outpatient business), the woman said that if there is a serious finding on an exam, the radiologist will call the referring physician and tell him by phone!

This, my friends, is the result of hiring people who have no real background in the medical field (the lead MT never worked anywhere prior to this job, got on-the-job training and has, through a dominant personality, created a tight circle of workers which are marked up of friends from her life and church services over a 15 year period.

did that mean it disappeared?
or it worked?
Sorry that is cant get in. All the categories have disappeared for me.
I had a friend whose cat disappeared for about - sm
2 weeks (he was sick already) but ended up coming home to die. I am glad for my friend that the cat returned because she was feeling pretty bad about letting the cat out. The cat was an indoor/outdoor cat. As for it getting sick from the toilet, I highly doubt it. If your cat was old then maybe he did go off to die in the woods, or wherever. If he was young and he is not back yet then I would fear the worst unfortunately. We have a cat but choose to keep it in as we live 3/10 of a mile from a very busy road, too many neighbors pets have gotten killed up there (dogs, which I don't understand, we keep our dogs in a big fenced in back yard and the one dog is well-trained in terms of being called back if she ever gets loose). Our cat is actually afraid of the outside. I took her out once on a harness and leash when she was about 6 months old, she was terrified and ended up squirming out of the harness. Luckily I was able to "catch" her and bring her in. Now she "hunts" from the window squirrels and birds and seems to enjoy herself just watching out the windows. She is 3 now and quite happy.
I'm sorry, I see that there are postings already for this.  As you can see, it's driving me crazy.  Thanks
Well, the whole thread disappeared...
Dontcha love it (not).
Yes, the correction part disappeared for counting ASR.
Menu bar in Word disappeared!! Is there a toggle on

There must be a keyboard combination that I inadvertantly hit to make my Menu Bar (File/View/Tools, etc.) go away. Does anyone know what I need to do to toggle it back on? I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Word and several other fix-its, but have realized it's probably something as dumb as this. Please help!


My Stedmans spellcheck disappeared with SP 2 for Office 2003!

An update from Microsoft of SP 2 for Office 2003, a reboot and now when I open Word my Stedmans spellcheck doesn't work.   I tried to reload it and that doesn't work, either.   Anyone else have this happen?  I looked and it's in "Proof" for dictionaries as LEXB4SP, but it's not loading up and replacing the Word spellcheck.   Now what do I do?  


What makes this story so unique is that she disappeared while vacationing and has not been seen sinc
I read that this story is so unique which is why it is getting so much coverage, and her parentes are talking to the media which a lot of grieving familes won't/don't do. Think about Jessica Lunsford's dad and how much you saw him on the news talking all the time to try to help his case. Which is what Beth Holloway Twitty is doing.
I truly think that if this Holloway gal was black and her parents were willing to talk to the media and give interviews all the time, I'm sure there would be coverage.

It's not about a rich white thing. Get over that. I am Hispanic and I don't even believe that. If you had a family member disappear and you were willing to talk to the media and had a good "story" you would get coverage. Trust me.
All the stuff along the left hand side disappeared. How do I get that back.
My post disappeared. :( Two words - and it makes sense, but the phrasing is a little strange. nm
My post disappeared. I wasnt being disrespectful with the TV just tired and didnt proof before subm
Sorry if I offended anyone when I saw it I had a good laugh with everyone else but still thought there was good advice in the post but I guess not -- my apologies if I offended and will watch my ShortHand lol.
PC to MAC documents?
How would I send a PC file that can be read on a MAC and vice versa? Please help ASAP.
The MDs are the one signing the documents and
attesting to their accurateness. Not the MTs.

New documents on QNet for MQ MTs

Go to QNet; look under Policy & Governance; click on Human Resources in the window to the right there are two new documents --- MTME Benefit Policy.

It's all apparently still in the workings but they are starting to post documents as they are readied. 

Just thought I would share.

You must compare your documents..
with MS-Word Word Count, which is the standard. MS-Word count tool is used by FlashCount.

In case of any problem, feel free to ask.

Compare old documents

Look at some of your old documents and see what your gross line is and then see what they would have been paid if you had been using a 65 cpl.   In word you can do that.  Now some software will count double character for capitalization, bold, underline, tabs are counted, indent and count spaces.   So that will also make a difference.  When one of my accounts was using Sylcount we always counted that way.  I do not think that there is a simple chart to use and since your documents could be very personalized with formatting, i.e. indenting lines which makes a gross line smaller, to me it would be best to compare your specific documents rather than a generic table.    There are a lot of variables (how long is your gross line) and I don't think a comparison table could take that all into account.   But I would think I think an estimation has always been 30% less lines for cpl versus gross. 

Legal documents
I worked for an attorney for a while and also have a 2500 page transcript from my BIL's federal drug case and everything was done on legal sized paper - lots of quotes, etc. I wouldn't do editing of that sort of work for $1 a page - or even $3 - $6-$10 - yes. There's probably more money in that than there is in transcription - we MTs just haven't found it yet.
Bringing up old documents....
Hi-I have only worked on Extext for a few days and it seems pretty good. I agree with the problem with inserting doctors names though. I am especially interested in finding out how to pull up old documents as I wasn't told about this feature. Can you let me know? Thanks....
Maybe she means that the VR documents
are 'prescreened' for 'quality scare' before getting downloaded to the MT? If there are too many errors, it gets deleted and downloaded blank on the MT's screens?

But this does not make muchsense, does it?

Or maybe if QA finds too many mistakes, it gets deleted and sent back to the MT for straight transcription?

Don't know.

MPWord and assembling the documents into one

MPWord does require you do a separate file for each dictation, but it takes the drudgery out of this, for it automatically saves/names the files for you.

It also has a feature that allows you to put all those notes into one file at the end of the day. If you don't need to preserve headers/footers use the Sticky Notes (Append). If you do need to preserve headers/footers, use PDF (Assemble). With either function, you can send your client one file with the day's work.

Has anyone had trouble converting documents

Word 2000.  These seem to be putting a .doc extension after all of my documents now.  Anyone have a fix?  I have an account that I can't use the .doc extension, and when I back that extension off, I get a message saying "this document may not be usable".  Is this a Vista issue?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

in advance for any help in this OMG matter!  I'm about ready to  , and I have just gotten it to grow to a length that I like.

Searching in WP 5.1 documents through Windows XP
 I have changed word processing programs from DOS-based to Windows-based programs, but still need to access the old WP 5.1 documents. I am having trouble searching the documents through Windows, i.e., searching for a person's name, etc. inside the document.  Do you have any suggestions? 
What file extension do this WP5.1 documents have?
If they're not saved as .doc, Word won't be able to search them; however, you can open them individually with Word.
My Documents is a folder, not a program.
Are documents set to print getting hung up
Are we talking Word documents or...

are you typing directly into Meditech or Cerner or a system like that?

You have dragon scan your documents and -
it picks up words it does not know and has you train them, and it also recognizes words that you use more than others.
If I recall, you should be able to pull up all the supporting documents sm
to review, not just the summary page.  I always back it up by doing the old pencil, paper, calculator method just to be sure.
It's your responsibility to give them their documents on disk/CD!
Thanks to you all!!! Mine was under Documents&Settings, then Home. :)
Pull up some documents and count them out each way to compare. nm
When bringing up old documents in Extext, Ctrl S,
I think I missed a step.  I hit ctrl S, put in patient's name (in this case) and then click find, or quick find.  Then, it brings up a list of the patient's admission.  Then, what do I hit to bring up the document?  The options on the right side are statistics and close?  I tried to highlight and double click the admission but nothing.  Need some help here....Thanks
Instant Text will expand whole documents
Instant Text will expand whole documents.  IT will all so take a bunch of reports and create shortcuts from those reports for you so you do not have to individually create your own.  Of course, you can create your own if you like also.  The only thing that ITdoes not have that it should is a suggestion box that follows your cursur. 
Were documents signed initially that focused on such an event?
Your 2003 documents look the exact same way when you open them in 2007. sm
You don't lose any documents. Compatibility mode just means your document does not change to the new 2007 file structure and you can't use any new 2007 features in that document. "Compatibility mode" shows on the title bar so you know which format you are working in. If you want the new file structure, you just do a save as. If you want to convert the document back to 2003 so others without 2007 can open your documents, you can do that too.

The new Ribbon instead of toolbars is very different and takes some time to learn how it works, but everything you have ever known about Word is still there. I haven't had a hard time with 2007 because the majority of old keyboard shortcuts still work.

It's always in your best interest to back up your documents whether you are switching to a new version or not.

Nope, it's gone. Back up your important documents and templates and this won't happen again.
System Restore does not affect documents, only program files.
I have ? or * put in my format documents and create a macro to find ? or * and jump from each. nm
System restore does not affect documents, only program files.
You will not lose any documents you've created. Restore does nothing to the normal.dot or other templates.
...thought we were a TEAM to create perfect documents! Why be so adversarial?
Assuming your existing documents are based on the Normal template...
You can open the Normal template, make the changes you mention, and then save it. When you open your existing documents, they will be corrected. Hope this is the info you're looking for.
I too use an external hard drive, backs up My Documents folder. sm
It only takes once to lose everything to know how important backups are.....I should know, happened to me!!
I am sorry. I meant boards not broads. Now those darn boards have disappeared again.
I've proofread legal documents; not difficult, but extremely dull.
In addition to MT QA, I worked for a large law firm proofreading about 15 hours per week. The pay was good. The work was incredibly dull. The terminology was new and different at first, of course, but there are resources on the web for legal terminology just as there are for medical terminology.
Phone Tools is a Bvrp software program that allows you to not only fax and receive data/documents v
your pc (including coversheet and confirmation of date/time received), but can also act as an answering machine.  It's a very good product.  The receipient/s just need to make sure that their fax machine is turned on and has a paper supply loaded (thereby saving you the expense of purchasing reams for this purpose).  If you expect to receive faxes, you also need to be sure that the program is running and set the control to fax modem, rather than answering machine.
Temp files disappear when you shut down Word. System restore does not recover documents .
You may have gotten it back from the recycle bin, but system restore does not restore documents.
Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4 prompts to save and close documents
without closing Word. Ctrl + N opens a new document.