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How do I pull up autorecover to see if it is in there?

Posted By: Thanks! on 2006-04-27
In Reply to: Possibly your autorecovery file, but I would not hold my breath unless - - Laura E.


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Which ones pull in the green?

Which ones are you gals/guys transcribing that you are able to do 200-300/hour?  I have condensed it down to ops and maybe radiology.  What are the most awesome expansion accounts in your opinion-copy and paste if you will!! 

Is there anybody transcribing this amount of lines on acute or multi specialty?  Specialty, a single specialty, I could believe.  Ops I can believe.  Haven't done rad so don't know.  What are the best "COPY AND PASTE" situations you know of? 

I donated, but did not get to pull from
Santas bag
I would use Pull Ups in his case, to take away...
the notion that he needs "diapers" since he is trained during the day and you don't want him to feel like he's a baby.  My DD used Pull Ups, then those big Pull Ups that are just white and made for bedwetters, and when she grew out of those we used DDAVP spray, which worked the first night. 
Do you pull from the queue when you want?

So you go into the queue and grab what is at the top at that time. So if you do not feel like working one day or that morning you don't have to pull from the queue?

I need to work at a place that is flexible that I can get work when I am able to.



I bet you are about to pull your hair out with this
mess, aren't you? I do voice also and keep trying to tell people MTers are not ready to be replaced with this because I, like you, see this all too much.
You can pull up like you are lifting a
weight and also pull outward like you are working on shoulder muscles and pecs (typical gym exercise). Do about 8 reps (or more)of each every hour. Exercising these muscles is cumulative but the important thing is to be consistent, i.e. every day. It's so easy to forget for a couple of days and then the pain returns. Being MTs we need to be mindful of our bodies. Our minds are always getting a workout but our bodies seem to suffer. We need to be warriors of mind and body to be balanced and then our performance and productivity improves also.
Sometimes you can pull them up in the expander but not print from there.
done when leaves pull out easy...sm

takes about 30-45 minutes depending on if you're using gas versus electric!!  *S*

Parmesan sounds good too to the other poster!! 

Oh, and one more thing: MTs who don't pull their weight and
I work and I want my team to work hard as well.

Gonna pull my hair out!

I am currently working on a 20 minute dictation with an ESL who talks like a 3-year-old.  I can't even figure out where she might be from.  Words like....tweatment, twying, reawy, downwite, etc.  Plus, there is about a 2 second pause between every word!!!!!

The real kicker is that she is dictating this for another doc who I know for a fact speaks perfect English.

Sometimes I just wanna cry!!

Pull your spf files off the CD onto the desktop. sm
Now go to My Computer, look at Programs, open the ShortHand folder, open the smaller SH8 folder. Now, drag your spf files into that. Close all of that.

Now open the shorthand program like you are going to use it. Go to File at the top, open, and you will see your spf files. open the one you want to use, or any. each time you open one, there will be tab at the bottom to choose which one you want to use.
I agree . . . if you can pull that job home,
that would be your best bet.
Pull Down "View" on Toolbar.
Then hit Zoom.
Funny how they expect you to pull a
freakin rabbit out of a hat?! I'd love to say, "I don't do magic lady!"
Now watch me pull a rabbit
"MTIA strongly supports the development of a credentialed workforce."

And in case you were wondering who was going to be the certifying body...

ta DA! They have their very own handy-dandy organization right on hand to provide the test! AHDI!

But wait! Not only are they on hand, they have the EXACT same address as MTIA!

Oh, & in case you were wondering who was going to pay for all this, "MTIA acknowledges that there is a measurable cost associated with preparing for, obtaining, and maintaining the professional credentials referenced here. It is important to note that the Association is not including in this recommendation the mandate or suggestion that the responsibility for those costs be shouldered, at all or in part, by the transcription service organization/employer.

So let's see. They force MTs to become CMTs by pushing so hard for it in the industry that it becomes impossible to work without it. Next, they make the MTs pay for the certification themselves even though their facilitation of offshoring has driven wages down so far that it's hard to make a living. Finally, the fees for this certification go to an organization with an address identical to theirs...

how do you spell c-l-a-s-s a-c-t-i-o-n??

It will be so worth it. After seven years at home, I pull in $100/day sm
just working around naps and early mornings before the kids get up.  I could probably do more if I wanted to at night after DH gets home, but $100 is my goal and I can usually reach that in three hours.  It's easy, go for it!
They better have SE because no way is my insurance riding on the BS they pull with no work all the
time. They can hang you out to dry with that 12,000 line deal unless you work 24/7 lately. No way does my health insurance ride of that deal.
You know what, I dont believe you unless you have every report in your expander and can pull up

normals for your hospital.

Yes, everyone who make a donation gets to pull from Santa's Bag.
If I recall, you should be able to pull up all the supporting documents sm
to review, not just the summary page.  I always back it up by doing the old pencil, paper, calculator method just to be sure.
I hear you! I'm ready to pull my hair out!
I keep looking forward to that in hopes of a "normal" schedule.  Plus money is a big factor - I need all I can make!
When I get a new Pet, I pull out the Atlas. That's my "pet name book." :-)
I have had plenty of cats, and always name them after cities in the United States.  I have had Kansas City, Tahoe, Cocoa Beach, Tacoma, Cody, Carson City, Boulder and currently Tahoma and Houston.
Pull up some documents and count them out each way to compare. nm
Definitely get the man straightened out. Pull out your pay stubs and show him
him what part of it he doesn't understand and how you can clear it up with his so he will understand that what you do IS work. 
...do an incorrect word or even pull up something already created...nm
I keep all the repeaters in my expander. Pull 'em up,
Instant Text will pull in whatever font you are using
in your actual document. No worries about types or sizes. You can also insert commands to bold, etc. within your entries, which makes it nice if one account wants bold/cap headings and one doesn't. I work for different hospitals and I have a separate glossary with each hospital name that I use for stuff that is unique to each hospital, i.e. facilities, doctor names, routines and normals by dictator. My MAIN glossary I keep as #1 and I add regular words, phrases, etc., that I would use regardless of hospital. Then I use the *include* feature to pull in the glossary of the hospital I am working on at the time. I love this product. Will never use another Expander again and won't have to, since it works with any windows-based application. I have carried it with me to 3 companies so far, each with a different platform, and I don't have to learn a new expansion program, worry about their IT depts. trying to convert my old expansions, etc. etc. etc.
Pull up the whole period for which transcribed...see more inside
Say July 1 was the first day and July 14 was the last day - are you able to do a date-specific count? If so, get that on the screen, hit the "Print Screen" button (above SysRq next to Scroll Lock). Then open a Word document or go to Accessories and get either Word Pad or Notebook. Do a control C, which is the Word command for copy. This will copy the whole screen shot into that new document. Go to "file" on the task bar, do a "Save as" and name it what you want, say 07012008to07142008 or something so you will be able to recognize it. This will now give you a document that you can email to their payroll period with a nice little message something to the tune of "WHAT GIVES" or other equally professional question - just kidding, but now you have proof of what your total lines were and a bargaining tool. If you can only do it 1 day at a time, you can still use the screen shot method, but you will have a lot of documents to email if it comes to that.

Be sure to question them verbally by phone first as that might clear up any confusion. If not, then you can tell them YOUR line count and ask why your figures are so different. Just a thought. Good luck!

It's a stand alone program and doesn't pull up within Word itself. nm
I get 12 cents line/pull work off their VPN, transcribe in --sm
Word and send back via their encrypted e-mail.
You're absolutely correct - they always pull that card when they have nothing else
WHAT race card did she pull? Ever? And are you just being delusional and showing who and how YOU r
Research different contracts and pull out what is applicable to your situation.
There are plenty of contracts to be find through a simple Google search. Some leg work will provide the answers you're looking for.
You shouldn't be going off on your own to pull patient charts for your own curiosity!!! nm
I just pull up in word and save as Rich Text File...nm
put leg straight out. Pull gently on toes. More pain? Prob DVT.
Could be pulled muscle. Don't need cellulitis with DVT, but generally will have some swelling, warmth MAYBE. Try the toe pull thing with the leg stretched out, see if it hurts. If it does, see a doc today, please.
Actually, we put all entries in a hopper and pull until we reach that number. That way it is fair.
I use Word 2003 and on the track changes toolbar there is a while pull-down box on the left.
This gives you your final report without the marks.
I just love it when our cat plops down on my note pads with my work notes....have to pull it all out
You will be notified via email. Gift pull is not instant because I also run a transcription service

in addition to running MTStars and the donation program. 

Thank you for your patience!


Saw on job board, Webmedx AAMT Employer of year, 2006 trying to pull

MTs generally don't give a RIP about AAMT? I doubt seriously that this will entice MTs anymore than if they just left that ridiculous blurb out.  I, frankly, think AAMT is an embarassment to the MT industry.  Sharon (Ace) Ventura

Download Express Scribe (free player) and see if you can pull the voice file into it. nm
If you paid by echeck, you will receive your gift pull once the check clears the bank.
If you picked the correct Word version at installation, if you pull up a blank Word page & do an inc
Pull your head out of the ground Coney!! We have people here right here in NY on CONEY ISLAND who n