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Scan through and hopefully catch mistakes as I go. sm

Posted By: higher line producer on 2008-06-19
In Reply to: I do the same you do...sm - curious girl

That don't pay me enough this day and time to proof every single word I type. Take our wages minus IC expenses and we aren't making much. I look at it like you pay for what you get sometimes. Now that isn't to say I don't care about quality as I do. I just proof as I go and try my best to catch it and be accurate but I do have 15 yrs exp and can usually tell immediately if I have made a typo. I may get a he or she mixed up here and there but no major errors in the report.

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Scan it in.

Copy the pic.  When you go into word, just view "header/footer" and paste in the pic.  This has worked for me. 

do paragraph, then scan over it
I listen as I go along also.  It really gets to be quite easy.  To reread the report definitely would cost money.  I do a paragraph or so and as the doctor is shuffling papers or gathering his thoughts, not really dictating, I scan down the paragraph to make sure it is okay.
chalasia scan
achalasia cardia scan for gastroesophageal reflux disorder
Just run a scan of the C drive with the AVG - sm
it will scan everything and let you know if it finds anything. It automatically quantines them I believe so you should have any any problams in any case.
executive body scan???
Could this be correct?  Outcoming being discovery of gallstones.
try googling "achalasia scan." nm
it's true...go to MSNBC.COM and scan down. :-( nm


Please help with PET scan on Word Board
You have dragon scan your documents and -
it picks up words it does not know and has you train them, and it also recognizes words that you use more than others.
AVG free virus scan
try an off-site, online scan
Go to www.bitdefender.com and use their online scanning. It is very good. If you've got anything, it will get rid of it. Highly recommended.
How to bill for HIDA scan?

I know HIDA scans are nuke med but would they fall into the category of CT/MRI/PET or US/DEXA for billing purposes?

I say CT/MRI/PET but please correct me if I'm wrong.

Has anyone ever heard of or has had a chalasia scan for GERD? sm

My 4 y/o daughter is scheduled to have this done tomorrow AM. I have tried to Google it, but not getting much info on it. She was at a specialist today and they scheduled her to go to the Childrens Hosp for a Chalasia scan, which is also referred to as a gastroesophogeal reflux scan. Any info would be much appreciated. thanks

maybe it's time for a scan disk and defrag....sm
First, I'd do a scan disk and then defragmentation and then reboot the computer.  If it's still freezing, perhaps you are running out of space (?) and/or need more RAM (memory) which is cheap to buy today.  Also, while you ran a virus scan - do you have a program similar to spybot?  They pick up things that sometimes get past your virus scanner.  Hope it works out for you! 
I do a restart every morning after I run spyware scan.
There is a Technetium MAG3 scan. Not sure about the numbers used.
Hope this helps.
Did anyone else catch the BS here other than me? how could you sm
bill on a gross line and pay on a 65-character line. that is just plain old dishonest. not good business practice in my opinion and cheating the MT who in the case happens to be your mom. how could you do that??? my suggestion would be to be honest and fair with you, your mom, and the office and do things in the normal manner. i hope that was a typo for your sake. GEEZZZZZZZ!!!! how many companies do cheat us all like that???
I do the same thing. Then when the report is finished, I scan back through
the whole report to make sure I didn't leave any stop code markers behind, and listen to each blank once again.
First I'd reboot and if that didn't work run a virus scan. nm
Please run your virus scan - got 4 threats detected from going on this site. nm
not a virus, a glitch. if you run a scan regularly, you would see no festations. NM
Norton 360 was installed, I did a full scan, and it found nothing...MUST SM
I downloaded Malwarebytes and it found 12 critical trojans!! As soon as I find a good AV program, I'm totally uninstalling Norton's. Like you, I thought Norton was great and used it for years. Maybe it's just not keeping up with all the techno-creeps out there that have nothing better to do destroy the PCs of working people. UGH!!

AT&T will catch on if you use their plan a lot. SM
They will (1) dump you from their plan, (2) send you a $4000 LD bill (back charges and (3) send a fraud investigator to your home. Been there, done that.
Exactly, really can't catch when proofing as you go.
Think about it, you are thinking, listening, typing, foot pedaling, etc., too much going on at once. Not to mention other distractions. Really can't proof as you go, just doesn't work. You have to stop at the end to concentrate and re-read it to catch all the errors. Trust me, I do audits and find errors in probably 8 out of every 10 reports, some very small but still errors. These are most likely from MTs who proof as they go. I totally understand MTs are paid on production and don't blame them one bit for not proofing at the end! But then also should not expect a perfect report or state that proofing as they go works, cause it really doesn't. Ever hear of a writer say oh you don't have to proofread or edit my book before publishing because I proof as I go?!?! Just some food for thought. ; )
Thanks. I put this in Favorites to try when I catch a
You never catch up with oncology....
there is always different meds and procedures more than any other field I've done.  I quit after about a year.  Great experience but ya don't make the money. 
Do you ever catch your typos?
there wages - ?
Good catch---
I never heard of it. Will be sure to catch it.
Oh, yeah...I catch your drift...sm
All the liberal media is going to show us during a Republican administration is the bad stuff
I agree. It seems like all of them want to play catch up on one day
then they expect you to have ALL of their work done within TAT when they went beyond the agreed lines per day.
Actually, spellcheck wouldn't catch it because
there, they're, and their are all correct spellings.

It's time to move on from these phrases that I've heard ad nauseum from people who can't think of anything on their own.

"At the end of the day."

" . . . amazing."

" . . . awesome."

Anybody else?


yes, I did catch it;hence the haha you missed it
ooh, i catch jealosy vibes lol
Hire my kid--he'll catch it for you! sm

He loves snakes.  I don't care for them but we have lots around here too, especially in the spring when they are mating. I live in Illinois. They are regulars in my yard. The only thing he hasn't caught and brought home yet is a rattler. We've had hognose snakes, pregnant garter snakes, blue racers and regular garden snakes. He has a pet pine snake in my dining room.  Hubby and I don't like them but he is the one who takes care of the them, buys the food, cleans their little homes, etc.  My neighbor was once infested with blue racers and he went over there and caught them all and turned them loose. I bet there were 25 in the guy's garage. He made $50.00 for an hour's worth of work.  He had a pregnant garter snake once that gave birth to 20 little babies the size of nightcrawlers and sold them to the pet shop for $3.00 apiece. He doesn't do it anymore and he only has the one snake now, but I learned a lot just from watching him. I've been told that a black rat snake living under your deck in the winter is the best mouse control you can have.

I notice that too. QA will eventually catch up to them.
i do it occasionally when needing to catch up; sm
as the other poster said, my production shows in the next 2 days though. i always keep a light on (not just a lamp). i have lots of dr. pepper. i usually do laundry so that every 45 mins or so i have to get up and fold another load and that keeps me awake. i avoid food as that will make me sleepy too. also do as the other poster said, don't surf the net at all as that makes me sleepy to. i stick to my work and knock it out as quickly as i can.
Yeah, sometimes I catch mess-ups...sm
when I go back through the report, and I say I am glad I proofread. LOL.
Sheesh. Lighten up. It WAS funny. You don't scan the enitre report, or whatever! It was amusing i

Actually, you don't have to answer that...

Try achalasia scan, not a chalasia. Easy one to miss. good luck. nm
Ok, Six Feet Under fans, did you catch it last night?
I'm sad.
You guys are better than I thought. I was wondering if you could catch those, lol nm
I get tendinitis too occasionally. If I catch it in time, sm

can avoid the trip to the orthopedist for the x-rays, exam, shot of Marcaine and big bill (ugh).  He gave me stretching exercises to do every hour or two, and I take 3-4 ibuprofen (actually, Advil Liquigels -- it may be just hype but I do believe they work faster) if I have a flare.

Good luck.

And the result is like a Catch-22. Clients/MTSOs

so they turn to alternatives like offshore or VR.  But they don't look far enough to see that the root cause of not enough experienced MTs is because the experienced don't want to stay in a sinking ship.  I think they feel that using the excuse that lack of experienced MTs validates them turning to cheaper alternatives, which in turn, makes the ship sink even further.

Did anyone catch the show with Sandra Bernhardt?
Where she and Elizabeth had sort of a fight over politics. That was the best! lol
It's very easy. You'll catch on in a flash.
Oops. worth OF catch up and wants it ASAP.
Anyone catch Discovery Health Channel last night?
I always watch the Plastic Surgery epidoses with Dr. Jan Adams who narrates the different procedures profiled.  Anyhow, he was explaining how some patients are more susceptible to keloid formation, and in the subheadings where they type these words, they had it as "keyloid"  It just struck me as funny, being a medical show and all!
don't worry, they'll catch it. Probably take it out of your next short paycheck.nm
It was a joke. The poster didn't ask anyone to actually do those things. If you can't catch