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not a virus, a glitch. if you run a scan regularly, you would see no festations. NM

Posted By: anon on 2008-04-29
In Reply to: me too - Mattie


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AVG free virus scan
First I'd reboot and if that didn't work run a virus scan. nm
Please run your virus scan - got 4 threats detected from going on this site. nm
Have you done spyware scans, defrag, virus scan and reboot? All of these help me. Run spyware
My virus protection keeps catching emails with the blackmail.F virus. That
has been going around for a few days and different variants of that are popping up. Don't know if it is related as I have not had time to research it. Watch out for that one too.
google glitch
I heard on the radio this morning that Google is malfunctioning and giving error messages, indicating that every searched-for web site is dangerous or something, and they are working on it.
Hi! I'm the one who never has had a glitch, and I'm on XP with service pack 2! Maybe that's
Honestly, it is the fastest smoothest platform one could imagine - seamless, really. Never a problem - sound quality is perfect. I hate to say that, cause I'm not a MQ devotee, but the platform is truly awesome!
MODERATOR - glitch in the system again?
my avg quaranteens 'it' but there is nothing there in my quaranteen jail. there is no virus.

the webmaster fixed it once, the pesty thing is back and,I don't know, but with all that has been happening, could be an aggravation by someone with a grudge. Just my opinion, tho, considering.

you are safe and they will get rid of it....again.

Then I guess, it is just a computer glitch...sm
maybe you have to reboot your computer.
If you cannot do it, sleep on it, tomorrow it will work again.
Apologies all around, we experienced a glitch that caused
the content on the inside of the post to not belong to the original job ad post. The error has been rectified.
mine stopped doing that weeks ago. I believe the glitch is fixed. NM
Does anybody out there sew regularly. I have never learned
how to sew and I want to learn.  I am going to take some classes here at a local craft store, but my question is that I want to buy a nice sewing machine, not top of the line but not a cheapy either.  I can always upgrade later if I need too.  Does anybody have any recommendations on a nice, easy to use sewing machine that doesn't have so much crap on it that I would be totally confused. 
oh, do u check regularly? NM
4 regularly, parts of 5 more sm
I do only OPs, so I have some free standing surgical centers and a hospital, I do all of those OP notes. It is only about 75 to 100 reports a day with all of that. It sounds like a lot, but I have tons of normals, I am not working all that hard :-).

I have a couple of specialties in OP notes that almost no one else can do, certainly not either of the companies I work for, so I pick up those specialties for an additional 4 facilities with any regularity, but it will be 5 once in a while.

This is not something I exactly asked for, it is just how it has worked out. Having that many different accounts is not for everyone, neither is the fact that I have about 200 different voices regularly, and another 200 once in a while. This is MY comfort zone and I don't recommend it.

I have several who regularly dictate sm
30 minute reports. Unfortunately, they only give me 100 lines. On the other hand, I have a female PA who dictates 4 minutes notes and that gives me 100 lines, too, because she dictates at the speed of sound. I have to slow her down to turtle speed to hear her correctly. I prefer to do the 30 minutes ones since they talk reaaaalllll slowwwww and I can run the voice file at chipmunk speed and zing through it.
What magazines do U read regularly?
I like GQ, Men's Health and Vanity Fair - I know, an odd combo!
every sunday regularly; probably 2 sats a month
cherry picking occurs pretty regularly. (sm)
I had to do my shift this morning and got H&Ps (which is extremely rare there are any of these left) from the day before. Guess what, they were all ESLs. Actually several of them were long and excellent dictators, so I got the last laugh on the cherrypickers on that one.

I worked for 4 hours and got NOTHING but out of sequence ESLs that had obviously been kicked back. By the time it was time for me to get off line and go to my hospital job there were enough of us suckers in there cleaning up the mess that good things were beginning to pop up.

May those cherry pickers shit bricks of thorns.
Yep. Sure is common. If I exercise regularly, the palps go away. Strong heart
Scan it in.

Copy the pic.  When you go into word, just view "header/footer" and paste in the pic.  This has worked for me. 

do paragraph, then scan over it
I listen as I go along also.  It really gets to be quite easy.  To reread the report definitely would cost money.  I do a paragraph or so and as the doctor is shuffling papers or gathering his thoughts, not really dictating, I scan down the paragraph to make sure it is okay.
chalasia scan
achalasia cardia scan for gastroesophageal reflux disorder
Just run a scan of the C drive with the AVG - sm
it will scan everything and let you know if it finds anything. It automatically quantines them I believe so you should have any any problams in any case.
executive body scan???
Could this be correct?  Outcoming being discovery of gallstones.
try googling "achalasia scan." nm
it's true...go to MSNBC.COM and scan down. :-( nm


Please help with PET scan on Word Board
Scan through and hopefully catch mistakes as I go. sm
That don't pay me enough this day and time to proof every single word I type. Take our wages minus IC expenses and we aren't making much. I look at it like you pay for what you get sometimes. Now that isn't to say I don't care about quality as I do. I just proof as I go and try my best to catch it and be accurate but I do have 15 yrs exp and can usually tell immediately if I have made a typo. I may get a he or she mixed up here and there but no major errors in the report.
You have dragon scan your documents and -
it picks up words it does not know and has you train them, and it also recognizes words that you use more than others.
try an off-site, online scan
Go to www.bitdefender.com and use their online scanning. It is very good. If you've got anything, it will get rid of it. Highly recommended.
How to bill for HIDA scan?

I know HIDA scans are nuke med but would they fall into the category of CT/MRI/PET or US/DEXA for billing purposes?

I say CT/MRI/PET but please correct me if I'm wrong.

Has anyone ever heard of or has had a chalasia scan for GERD? sm

My 4 y/o daughter is scheduled to have this done tomorrow AM. I have tried to Google it, but not getting much info on it. She was at a specialist today and they scheduled her to go to the Childrens Hosp for a Chalasia scan, which is also referred to as a gastroesophogeal reflux scan. Any info would be much appreciated. thanks

maybe it's time for a scan disk and defrag....sm
First, I'd do a scan disk and then defragmentation and then reboot the computer.  If it's still freezing, perhaps you are running out of space (?) and/or need more RAM (memory) which is cheap to buy today.  Also, while you ran a virus scan - do you have a program similar to spybot?  They pick up things that sometimes get past your virus scanner.  Hope it works out for you! 
I do a restart every morning after I run spyware scan.
There is a Technetium MAG3 scan. Not sure about the numbers used.
Hope this helps.
I do the same thing. Then when the report is finished, I scan back through
the whole report to make sure I didn't leave any stop code markers behind, and listen to each blank once again.
Norton 360 was installed, I did a full scan, and it found nothing...MUST SM
I downloaded Malwarebytes and it found 12 critical trojans!! As soon as I find a good AV program, I'm totally uninstalling Norton's. Like you, I thought Norton was great and used it for years. Maybe it's just not keeping up with all the techno-creeps out there that have nothing better to do destroy the PCs of working people. UGH!!

Sheesh. Lighten up. It WAS funny. You don't scan the enitre report, or whatever! It was amusing i

Actually, you don't have to answer that...

Try achalasia scan, not a chalasia. Easy one to miss. good luck. nm
Under heart: Regularly irregular or irregularly irregular?

I had one too and a virus

I went to a really great website that took care of my spyware.  I also went to SBC and downloaded their security program that has a virus scan included.  I no longer have the Spyware or the virus.

If the other website that was posted does not work, try geekstogo.com

I hope this helps!


Could be a virus. I would run your virus
scanner.  This is what happened to me - I got mail from my brother and it went to everyone in my address book AND everyone in their address book, and so on, and so on.  Horrible virus. 
I had the same thing happen about 2 weeks ago. I downloaded the latest version of Ad-Aware (lavasoft.com) and it removed it.
No virus
Just copy the links to your address bar so that it will route you to the download site. sorry that was all i got. There are NO virus in these files i tested them and they work. You don't need to register to stedmans so you don't have to pay them anything. Anyway, they are a big help for me i hope they will be to you too!

Someone please help me.  I have a virus obviously that is blocking all access to the internet.  Even when I try to pull up my email, it says that is has a problem and it wants me to buy stuff - obviously, my boyfriend did not know that you never click anything when you get those messages and now I have serious trouble.  It appears as though it is a windows product (which I am sure it is not).  Can somebody give me someway, somehow to get it gone? 

AVG virus
I had the exact same thing with AVG they are a rip off. I finally found a program that is a free program that will get rid of the virus. It is Trojan Remover 6.7.5 if you do a search for it I think it is like trj675.com or something like that. It worked when I did the same thing with the tech and 200 bucks and no luck they said I would have to reformat my drive...
Re: Virus Program
My computer tech also advised against Norton. He said he personally uses AVG and has not had any problems. Their website is

I've got the AVG free edition and have had no problems. I got it after Norton froze up my Word program. It didn't release until I removed it from my computer. I don't know anything to tell you about Panda, but most techies know a good program when they see one, so it probably is better than Norton.
virus program
AVG is what I use, recommended by computer tech at www.worldstart.com or Avast is good, and both of them are free, as is Spybot Search and Destroy, does a good job for spyware. World Start has a forum where you can ask any computer questions, and their people have always been very helpful. Hope this helps you.
AVG anti-virus...
and also Microsoft's own Anti-Spyware are good. www.microsoft.com (downloads) and Google in AVG and go to their site...
maybe all they had was virus attachments, which

leaving the blank e-mails?

Don't know, really.  Just throwing that out there.  

Anyone know if there is a stomach virus going around right now.