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Has anyone ever heard of or has had a chalasia scan for GERD? sm

Posted By: mom mt on 2005-09-12
In Reply to:

My 4 y/o daughter is scheduled to have this done tomorrow AM. I have tried to Google it, but not getting much info on it. She was at a specialist today and they scheduled her to go to the Childrens Hosp for a Chalasia scan, which is also referred to as a gastroesophogeal reflux scan. Any info would be much appreciated. thanks

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chalasia scan
achalasia cardia scan for gastroesophageal reflux disorder
Try achalasia scan, not a chalasia. Easy one to miss. good luck. nm
Child with GERD

Hi there!

My son started projectile vomiting when he was just 2 months old.  It took us 10 months to find a doctor that would diagnosis him with anything.  As of now he is almost 7 and he takes 20 mg of Priosec daily, 5 mg of singular, and OTC Pepcid AC when he has a flare-up.   Which is almost weekly.  We had him on 40 mg for a long time, but the doc is wanting to try to get that down!  

After such a long time of all this gasping for air, the same as you described, we took Josh to an allergiest and he has been diagnosed with asthma also.  This is VERY common in children with GERD.  I would MOST definiately check that out!!!

Good Luck and let us know how you are doing!


I have had GERD for years and was

also on Nexium for awhile.  I would experience severe stomach pain and distention every time I ate.  My stomach would blow up to where I had to change into sweat pants or something because to keep my jeans on was too painful.  I finally went to my doctor about it and he said that the only thing he could think of (because I hadn't had these symptoms before) was the Nexium.  He took me off it and wanted to see if the pain after eating went away.  I suffered murderous heartburn and reflux during that time, but the pain did go away.  My doctor put me on Protonix and it works great.  No reflux or heartburn, and no side effects.  He stated that he likes Protonix the best because it tends to cause the least amount of "bad stuff" to happen (his words, he's a pretty cool doc).  I have also been on Prevacid in the past when I was first diagnosed with GERD.  It caused severe diarrhea.  It may not do that to everyone though.

Good luck!

Does anyone have a child with pediatric GERD? sm
My 4 y/o daughter has been vomiting, coughing, and gagging for 1 1/2 months straight now. Her pediatrician has finally diagnosed her with GERD and put her on Zantac. He has also referred us to a pediatric gastro doc. The Zantac seems to keep her from vomiting, but we are still putting up with the coughing, gagging and gulping for air throughout the night. I am scared to leave her alone at night because of the constant gagging so she has been sleeping in my bed for the last month and a half. Has anyone else gone through this and is there light at the end of the tunnel? We are exhausted being up and down all night, not mention that she it too! She is due to start preschool Wednesday and I feel so bad that she is up all night with this instead of getting a good nights sleep! Any help, suggestions, or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Child with pediatric GERD.
My son is 5 and he was diagnosed at 6 months old with GERD. He is on Zantac also and he does the coughing and gagging. Our doctor sent him for asthma and allergy tests and he is now on medication for asthma also. His coughing and gagging has improved some with the medications but not totally yet.
clinic work is way more than GERD and immunizations
you need to know all the lingo, from ENT to urology, plastic surgery, audiology, cardiology, orthopedic, endocrine, dermatology, you need to know it all, and they are all separate specialties with their own lingo; there is a lot to know with multispeciality clinic work.
Scan it in.

Copy the pic.  When you go into word, just view "header/footer" and paste in the pic.  This has worked for me. 

do paragraph, then scan over it
I listen as I go along also.  It really gets to be quite easy.  To reread the report definitely would cost money.  I do a paragraph or so and as the doctor is shuffling papers or gathering his thoughts, not really dictating, I scan down the paragraph to make sure it is okay.
Just run a scan of the C drive with the AVG - sm
it will scan everything and let you know if it finds anything. It automatically quantines them I believe so you should have any any problams in any case.
executive body scan???
Could this be correct?  Outcoming being discovery of gallstones.
try googling "achalasia scan." nm
it's true...go to MSNBC.COM and scan down. :-( nm


Please help with PET scan on Word Board
Scan through and hopefully catch mistakes as I go. sm
That don't pay me enough this day and time to proof every single word I type. Take our wages minus IC expenses and we aren't making much. I look at it like you pay for what you get sometimes. Now that isn't to say I don't care about quality as I do. I just proof as I go and try my best to catch it and be accurate but I do have 15 yrs exp and can usually tell immediately if I have made a typo. I may get a he or she mixed up here and there but no major errors in the report.
You have dragon scan your documents and -
it picks up words it does not know and has you train them, and it also recognizes words that you use more than others.
AVG free virus scan
try an off-site, online scan
Go to www.bitdefender.com and use their online scanning. It is very good. If you've got anything, it will get rid of it. Highly recommended.
How to bill for HIDA scan?

I know HIDA scans are nuke med but would they fall into the category of CT/MRI/PET or US/DEXA for billing purposes?

I say CT/MRI/PET but please correct me if I'm wrong.

maybe it's time for a scan disk and defrag....sm
First, I'd do a scan disk and then defragmentation and then reboot the computer.  If it's still freezing, perhaps you are running out of space (?) and/or need more RAM (memory) which is cheap to buy today.  Also, while you ran a virus scan - do you have a program similar to spybot?  They pick up things that sometimes get past your virus scanner.  Hope it works out for you! 
I do a restart every morning after I run spyware scan.
There is a Technetium MAG3 scan. Not sure about the numbers used.
Hope this helps.
I do the same thing. Then when the report is finished, I scan back through
the whole report to make sure I didn't leave any stop code markers behind, and listen to each blank once again.
First I'd reboot and if that didn't work run a virus scan. nm
Please run your virus scan - got 4 threats detected from going on this site. nm
not a virus, a glitch. if you run a scan regularly, you would see no festations. NM
Norton 360 was installed, I did a full scan, and it found nothing...MUST SM
I downloaded Malwarebytes and it found 12 critical trojans!! As soon as I find a good AV program, I'm totally uninstalling Norton's. Like you, I thought Norton was great and used it for years. Maybe it's just not keeping up with all the techno-creeps out there that have nothing better to do destroy the PCs of working people. UGH!!

Sheesh. Lighten up. It WAS funny. You don't scan the enitre report, or whatever! It was amusing i

Actually, you don't have to answer that...

I don't even agree with what QA said, but they are QA. Question them, and your out the door.
3. CT scan showing an odontoid fracture at the base and also fracture of the posterior ALMA at C1-C2

Have you done spyware scans, defrag, virus scan and reboot? All of these help me. Run spyware
Now Ive heard that before.:) nm
That's not what I have heard...
What I heard...
And is strictly speculation... Phillips will dump MQ and Spheris will snap them up... and we all know what happens to those who work for Spheris! Can you say hello Bangalore?
I heard it too AND
Not heard anything about it
I am sure you have heard this before..
there is no such thing as a dumb question.

you are asking questions other people wish they had the answers to but are afraid to ask.

and you are correct in your assumptions, however, your on-call status might have parameters; for instance, between the hours of midnight and 8 a.m.
Anyone heard of LTS, INC?
I was thinking of applying at LTS, INC  but I was not sure if they were reputable! If anyone has ever heard anything about them, let me know!  Thanks!! 
What I heard
I heard September 11th is the day we are all supposed to boycott.
This is what I heard is better to do
Of course, we all need gas, and as another poster noted, just not buying gas on a certain day will not work.

What I heard is, buy your gas from a small-time operation, as opposed to Exxon, BP, etc. This will cause them to lower their prices, and the smaller companies with follow by lowering theirs.

Also, noticed yesterday that gas has come down by about .50 in my area. I wasn't surprised, because when I have to go out, there's much, much less traffic...I would estimate by 75% of normal, so folks are boycotting in a way already... cutting down on their trips, combining trips, etc., because they just draw the line at the point prices had risen.
The last I heard
Huntsville Hospital transcription was a pill to work for. I worked with a lady one time who had quit the hospital because after they had agreed to give her vacation at a certain time months in advance they told her she couldn't take it and she had to cancel her vacation plans. They may have improved the way they do business by now but not sure. I would do more research if at all possible.
Heard something
Instead of the bonus being in the 10/1 paycheck, it is supposed to be in the 11/15 paycheck. Of course part of all of it was that you have to be with the company in order to receive it...you leave, you lose. Only half of the employees qualified, which is curious. I know a lot of people left after they restructured they pay plan and the hew hires get their $1000 bonus so I'm confused as to how it saves them money. I guess they are thinking they are about to have another exodus when the bonuses are given out and the new people won't be there long enough to qualify for the next quarterly bonus.

d~~~~> scratching my head
Anybody heard of
Any information would be helpful.  TIA
Yea, but what is said and what is heard are different. NM
I heard that!
Just a few that get to me...along with the phrase "24/7, 365"... Not sure why that one gets on my nerves, but it does!  "Team player" is another one! and the best yet...to me, my boss uses the phrase that she is going to "tickle" something...meaning mark it for future reference (I think).. not really sure about that phrase either!
Must not have done much. I never heard of it and I'm okay this a.m.
I usually get socked by everything down the pike with my AVG.
What is it about? Never heard of it.


I have never heard of them, but you should
try posting this on the companies board and maybe someone there can help. Also, it might not be soon enough for you. Try googling the words "opinions on Entente Health Care" and that might help. Good luck!
Never heard of them. Sorry. nm
Yes I have heard of this, but the
pay was very low.
I have heard that it is about 85%

85% for no spaces compared to spaces being counted. Not sure if that is a correct number. I know there is a chart somewhere that breaks it all down.