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Posted By: OP on 2006-07-09
In Reply to: Graduation gifts - Mary Franciscus

When I graduated there was no party, etc.; however, they do things differently now. Of course, when I graduated it was expected of you! Thank you all for responding.

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trash it, pure garbage!
I usually do $25 for junior high grad, $50 for high school (family members get $100 from high school).  
I think a kg graduation is great
I think that a small child getting through their first year of school is a great accomplishment and that there is nothing wrong with celebrating when they're finished. My son is having a kindergarten graduation next week and I know he is so excited because he gets to get an award for missing no school. Personally I'm glad that it's just a small ceremony in the park during lunch and not a big production, but if it was a big production I'd be happy for that too. I say if someone wants to celebrate and make kids feel good about school then I applaud that, there's nothing wrong with a pat on the back now and then.
I started at .07 after graduation - sm
I graduated in Dec. '05 and participated in an externiship program (acute care).  I was hired by a national company in March '06 doing acute care work at .07/65-character line.  Good luck!
Graduation gifts

What is the going rate for a graduation gift?  It is the granddaughter of an acquaintance of ours.

kindergarten graduation - how dressy?

my son is graduating in 2 days from kindergarten.  his note to parents says to wear "dressy" dress.  how dressy would you all go?  i don't want him under dressed but not over dressed either.  also, i have had a hard time finding a good "children's tie".  any ideas?    i found some in those prepackaged shirts/ties combos but none were his size and long sleeved.  we are in Texas so we are already hitting 90s so didn't want the long sleeves.  i just got him some dockers, docker shoes, and nice dress shirt but dh says he needs a tie. 

FYI, just last week we bought my 8th grader a dress to wear to her band concert (at this school the 8th graders are in high school band).  i kid you not, 90% of the females in the concert were wearing formal dresses for the concert.  wow, i know my daughter felt out of place and i felt it for her.  we just moved here a few months ago so i had no idea these girls would wear formals to a band concert and this is a very small 2A country school.  so this is why i am wanting my son to not be over or under dressed and wondering what most normally do and if the norms have changed in the last few years.

$0 because high school graduation SM
is part of life and to make a giant celebration of it seems unnatural to me.  I was always told that high school graduation was expected of me and it was my job to do that.  If I went on to college and earned a degree, THEN, the hoopla could start.
She spoke at my graduation. A very impressive woman! nm
The high school class took a graduation trip sm
to Aruba. I guess every parent that let their child go on the graduation trip was in bad judgement. There are many HS trips out of the country. Please get a grip.
I received a new car as my high school graduation gift
A 1966 Mustang. A lot of my high-school classmates received new cars when they got their licenses. When I got my license, my folks bought a new car and gave me their old one. I was happy to have it and really thrilled with my Mustang when I graduated, which was a complete surprise, certainly not something I asked for or expected.
I agree with you. I had a kindergarten graduation back in ྉ...sm
But it was really casual, our caps were cardboard and yarn, and it was very short. I think the parents had to sit on the little kindergarten-sized chairs. I didn't want to do it because I was very shy and terrified of being in front of people, LOL. But we had nothing else after that till the real graudation from high school. I don't get the significance of grad from 6th or 8th grades, either. It makes them come to expect rewards for EVERY accomplishment no matter how small. That stops abruptly when you get out of school!
It was a graduation trip with the high school class. There were chaperones but evidently sm
she went out on her own, but for you the blame the parents and victims dosen't make sense.  Go back to your rocking chair and rock on.