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Sign on Bonus (or lack thereof)

Posted By: MQMT on 2006-03-21
In Reply to: and I have a feeling their sign-on bonus is like the one Medquist has - GOOD LUCK ever getting the $$$

I was promised a sign on bonus when I was hired 6 months ago and I am still waiting on it! I call every week and email every week and never get a reply. Even my super always says she will check on it, but never gets back to me. It pisses me off! If they don't want to give it to me, eventhough I have kept track and have met every qualification for it, I think they owe me an explanation as to why. I wish someone would get back to me. I wish I would have found this site before I applied with them, I found their ad on another site and left an inhouse job that I held for many years to venture on to working from home, which the at home part I love, it is the the lack of communication part I hate. Has anyone gotten their promised sign on bonus from MedQuist, and if so, after how long and what did you have to do to finally get it? Threaten a lawsuit? Thanks.

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motivation or lack thereof....
Do i totally understand! I have been doing this for 10+ years and keeping the production up lately has been a real struggle, not only financially but emotionally. Hence, I am returning to school. It is giving me something else to focus on - a goal. Otherwise, I feel like I will be typing the rest of my life. Take some time off??? I would love that !!
Physicians and caring or lack thereof

recently I have experienced both sides of this aspect.  In January I was hospitalized for asthma by my then family physician.  I had been to him 3 times in the month before that with problems but he made no effort to adjust meds, etc.  About a month later, he walks into his office and tells his staff today is your last day. I'm closing the office. 

I got strep throat and went to a different doctor.  She was absolutely the best.  She looked at ME while she was in the room, not at the chart or her PDA in her hand (like the first doctor used to do).  She talked to ME.  Asked ME questions and answered any I had.  asked about allergies (which I have many). The first doctor tried to give me medicine I was allergic to (and he had been told multiple times).  Two weeks ago I was hospitalized through the emergency room with another asthma attack (brought on by the flu).  My new doctor sat down beside me in the room. Talked to me.  Got a very detailed history.  Explained what tests she was going to do.  Explained the results of what tests had already been done.  Told me she was going to refer me to a pulmonologist to evaluate if my meds need tweaking.  Even asked me which one I preferred based on how my insurance would pay.   I have only seen her in the office twice and then while hospitalized and I already feel more at ease and reassured that 2 years of using the other doctor. 

Also, at work this past week a patient was admitted after lunch.  Because the patient had missed the noon meal, the PHYSICIAN went to the cafeteria and bought lunch for the patient and took it to him.  Now THAT is a physician that cares about the welbeing of their patient!

I wish all doctors could be like these two - both of them female!  Maybe it has something to do with our nurturing instincts! 

One consideration is health insurance and lack thereof because
1 major illness and the money would be yesterday. It seems like a huge amount but really not in this age and time, good but still not what I call huge. I am older and I think wiser when it comes to money issues because I first would want to ensure the most important things covered- you could retire, I wouldn’t on this amount- if retiring you would have to pay out of pocket for really big expenses such as health care. I saw a program 1 day on winners of huge amounts, millions to be exact, and only 1 could account for any money and their spending it wisely - all the others squandered and had really nothing to show. Take your time and think it through clearly before quitting, retiring, spending it all, blowing it, investing, etc.
Does Medquist really pay out that sign-on bonus?
isn't that the point of a sign on bonus? sm
I mean, if they paid it up front, what would be the point in working for them for any length of time? You could just apply, accept the job, get the bonus, and quit! Come on, think about it. Does anyone pay an up front sign on bonus?
You should also ask about the 2000 sign on bonus just advertised
When a company advertises a sign on bonus..sm

should I take this with a grain of salt?  Like, you must be with the company for a year or produce an outrageous amount of lines before you get it?  There is a company on mtdaily.com stating they will give $1500 bonus for acute care.


I was hired with a 1500 sign on bonus...
and the stipulations were that I got the first $500 after 30 days off of QA and meeting minimal line count, another $500 after 60 days of meeting minimal line count, and the final $500 at 1 year.  Of course if a pay period is missed not meeting minimum, there is no more sign on bonus.  Hope this helps.
and I have a feeling their sign-on bonus is like the one Medquist has
They make it impossible to qualify for the bonus and you don't figure that out until you've worked there for 6 months.

Has anyone ever received the $500, $1,000 or $2,000 sign on bonus or is it just a scam?
I've worked for several companies who state $500 or $1,000 sign on bonus, but when it comes down to getting the bonus, some drop your QA rating when it was just from them changing formatting of the reports, abbreviation usage, dates in reports, etc.  Then if you have a good QA rating, then they say you aren't meeting the required line count when you were meeting the required line count until it got time for the sign on bonus then they sling you a lot of ESLs just to slow you down.  Just curious if there is a company out there that really gives the bonus and does not do things that prevent you from getting it?
Love the "lack thereof part." sm

I've had 4 kids in the elementary school for a total of 19 years.  This year was my youngest's last year in elementary.  I ran into the teacher who had my oldest son in 4th grade on a recent field trip.  She just looked at me and said, "Don't you have a son named _________?  I hadn't seen this teacher to speak to in 12 years.

He's now early 20's "married with children" and she hasn't forgotten him.  He drove her crazy.  He drove me crazy.  He drove all of his teachers, principals, etc. crazy.  He was the class clown and always in trouble.

Funny they don't rememer my other son who was straight A honors all the way, but very, very quiet. 

Can you use a plus sign for hyper and minus sign for hypo?
That is true, when you sign up you sign up from the
day your former insurance terminated. Then it is on a month to month basis.
just got an e/m re lack of work
which we seldom have, but stating that we are all 'one team' and if we want more work we can call in and they can route us work from another CSC. So i wonder why other offices aren't doing that...
lack of work

  Are names of companies allowed on this board?  I'm in the middle of applying to several transcription services, so would really like to know which one (s) don't have enough work available.

Seriously could not be any worse that the lack of (sm)
respect we get as CMTs!! Seriously, we catch all the malpractic, flag it for them, and not even a Happy Holidays! dictated to us on any dictation, I correct that one doctor did say enjoy your holidays! I agree Applebees is looking better all the time!
Lack of memorization
Is the attraction for me! I can't keep what I have straight. And when I have multiple phrases that I want to use the same short for, it's just frustrating!

Thanks for your reply.
appreciation (or lack there of)
One thing I have learned is that not many people understand this working at home gig.  I will say though that after I have let my kids listen to a few of these dictations they are totally amazed and over the years I have helped them with the words to quite a few songs they couldn't understand.  One daughter is now a pharmacist and she is totally amazed at what I can understand.  My son-in-law, also a pharmacist, asked if he could let me listen to the voice mail from ESL's that call in prescriptions and he cannot understand.  My sister and brother-in-law are doctors, so they appreciate my talent and work ethic.  However, just today my second daughter got mad at me because I told her I could not watch her boyfriend's new puppy (not housebroken) and work at the same time.  I have been doing this at home for over 10 years now, so they have grown up with it, and still don't always get it.  I left a hospital job after a divorce because I was never around when the kids needed me and it was difficult to leave work for emergencies.  I made double the income - at first with no benefits.  I miss the retirement, but I wouldn't have been able to keep my house, so everything is a trade off.  Only we can understand each other
I think some of that is due to lack of training as well-
why not train Americans who are displaced workers or unable to find work for whatever reason, or just Americans who have no skills and are working 3 minimum wage jobs to get by? It would probably not cost any more than bringing in people from other countries, and it would probably save the government money, as more people would become self-sufficient and require less assistance.

I think a lot of these people would love the opportunity for the training if it didn't cost an arm and a leg, and I don't think they would be picky about what it paid- I'm sure it would beat minimum wage!
Lack of communication?

I recently was hired for a national MTSO and was wondering if this was typical for most companies who hire you as an employee.  They train you, tell you who your supervisor is, turn you loose on your account, and after that you are hard pressed to get in contact with your supervisor, or anyone for that matter, for questions.  I had questions about:

1) how to fill out my timesheet, a) when to submit it, b) how the pay period runs - all I got was a sample copy and told to submit it on such-and-such day. 

2) questions on formatting that were not in the AI sheet - no response either by E-mail, IM and lack of contact phone number other than the 1-800 office number.

3) Two days into the job - ran out of work on both primary and back-up account.  Response - "sorry, we're just slow." and not by my supervisor, by another company associate as my supervisor was nowhere to be found.  Never heard from the supervisor again.  Haven't bothered to log back in to work.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and is it typical.  Do not want to mention the MTSO, but it is a well-known national.


lack of work
Has anyone had a lack of work in the company they work for. I have been without work for two weeks and keep getting the run around from my company. I was wondering if anyone had to collect unemployment benefits or if there was something else I could do. thanks
Lack of work

I also did not have any work due to President's Day.

I am very frustated, No work due to Thanksgiving initially, then Christmas, New Years, and now President's Day? (Not to mention lack of work due to blizzards etc.)

I like the company I am with, supervisors etc. but am wondering if it is going to improve.  I was promised paid health insurance, but have not yet reached the line count. How is it possible with any work?

Any feedback appreciated. Thank you.

I don't think it is a lack of funds
I really think they are just ticked off that I quit so quickly. But after many years of doing this, 70 lph just doesn't work for me. Account was great, it was the administrative stuff required that killed the job.
My lack of experience...
I was told today by a national transcription company that "due to my lack of experience in the last eight years...." that I was unqualified to work for them as they need people with recent acute care status.  I have worked for a group of orthopaedic surgeons for eight years and went to work for them because my job at the hospital was phased out due to outsourcing.  I have 36 years of experience as a Transcriptionist and all but the last eight were in a hospital setting.  I am shocked to find out that I do not qualify for their company.  The work at our clinic is dwindling and even though they are hiring three new docs this coming year, none of them are going to be allowed to dictate as they will be required to use the EMR only.  All of us sit by our desks waiting for that next job to show up and hopefully if you are lucky enough, you are the one who grabs it first.  I used to work every evening and weekend.  That has happened in the last five months.  Sorry for the venting.  It has been a tough struggle with a laid off husband, one income, and 10 grandkids to shop for, for the holidays. 
Heartland - lack of work
Heartland never has any work for the US team, know why? They have to keep the Indian MTs overseas busy! Management (former MQ drop outs) try to paint a pretty picture for MTs that the software will get better or the clients are okay. Well the system is horrible and the clients are 110% ESLs!
OT: do you lack moisture or protein?

Your hair, that is.

Got this neat little trick at the hairdresser yesterday. Cut one strand of hair and put it in a small bowl filled with water. Wait about a minute or two. If the strand continues to float at the surface, you're lacking moisture. If it sinks to the bottom, you need protein.

Kind of helps you decide the right shampoo and/or conditioner to buy. 

lack common sense, one's I have met..nm

and your lack of expectations for yourself is showing.
Lack of work advice.............

Hi all

I wanted to see if I can get some opinions on my situation. 

I started with this company in September and the workload was good for a while.  I promised to do 30 minutes per day.  I do this part-time after 4p EST every day as I have a full-time job out of the house.  Since the holidays, the workload has dropped off and by the time I get home after 4p, many times there is next to nothing for me to do and some days absolutely nothing.

I was thinking of asking the supervisor if there is some other fairer way to divide up the work that does come in so that I can have some too when I get home.  Would this be a reasonable thing to do, or would it be asking too much of her? 

Thanks for your opinions.  In the meantime, I am looking for something else too.

Most people with hi IQ have problems getting along with others and lack
social skills, for this is probably an ideal job for them.
Personally, I like the lack of stress and no (sm)
flippin' academic politics, or driving to 5 different colleges each week, teaching one course at each as a part-time lecturer. I've preferred spending my time homeschooling my equally gifted children, writing for a couple of feminist pubs, and working on local grassroots politics. Working at home as an MT allows me to break up my day and do all those things, while being the sole breadwinner. Works for me.
When MTSO say they offshore because lack of
Could be the acct and/or lack of specs.

I also think it is important to start off with people who know the account, follow the specs for the VR to learn the specs correctly.  In time with everybody on the same page it should improve, but if you are using all the shortcuts and have experience in the account I can't help but wonder if it may be worth looking into another account.  My line count is actually down now from the account that made me really start like the Escription platform.  I had a mostly ER account with other basic 4 reports in it that would allow me up to almost consistently 800 lines edited lines per hour.  The work was very inconsistent and the company was not reliable so I moved on making less money but much less stress.  The accounts do make a difference but until you try another account you may not know what your potential really is. 

In answering the other question regarding hot keys, I learned just like mentioned above.  Learn them one at a time.  Start with Alt k, then Alt Shift K, Alt ., Alt ,, Alt :, etc.  Use you jump keys, which are very easy to learn and you'll use them all the time, ctrl arrows, ctrl shift arrow, ctrl backspace, etc.  All of them used together really are a time saver.  Get in the habit of using alt 2 and alt 1 too to adjust speed of playback.  For the nice easy ones go ahead and alt 2 to your content and get the report knocked out, for the tougher ones alt 1 and slow down.  I do this throughout the reports as I find it easier to listen quickly to some parts, and slower with others that need more changes.  Any bit of time saved makes a difference. 

Also, in my first report I mentioned working with kids, etc.  This is a biggy for me.  Working 3rd allows me to actually work without distractions.  Small distractions make big difference. 

QA's lack of knowledge really irks me.
Most of the time, they say the exact opposite the next day, anyway.
I, too, remember lack of reference books. I'd tug on sm
the doctors' sleeves to get answers to my questions, or I'd go to the OR and look at product boxes for proper names. I wouldn't trade a minute of it, would you?
Isn't it amazing the freedom, lack of stress, zip, gone.
Most companies won't have the patience for your lack of doing your own work. nm
they get booted due to lack of caller votes..nm

She fears because of her own lack of transcription skills, sm
not because the ESL doctors do not give good patient care.  If you are not up to the job of transcribing the reports, then you should not try to do it.  But do not blame poor patient care on the ESL doctors.
Have you talked to mgmt. about the lack of consistency?
Seems like mgmt would want to get all the QA on the same page, anyway b/c that is way too frustrating for the MTs to get conflicting requests all the time. Where I do QA we get mgmt emails all the time reiterating client requests and info to keep us all in the loop.
This lack of good spelling, grammar, etc
got a coworker of mine under the gun, so to speak. She talked ebonics and sent emails to me the same so I am sure it spilled over in her work. Short story, QA started looking at every report she turned it. Very stressful for her and she eventually quit. She was a nervous wreck- I could undersand that but it will happen if your work is not up to par.
My CMT lapsed years ago because of lack of interest. sm
in AAMT and the direction it was taking.

I've found that having been a prior CMT is quite enough to get the interest of potential employers. However, it is how well you transcribe NOW that gets you recognition. Your work will speak for itself.

It's up to you if you want to spend the money for the test and the money and precious time to maintain the CEs. For me, it's how well I get the job done now that matters to me and my employer.

IMO, once a CMT, always a CMT, whether active or lapsed. They are just letters, and I have no regrets.

Some bad grammar above, eh?, but you get the picture.

BTW, I was CMT by exam by proctor in the good old days when USA transcription was all-American (and then I became a proctor!)

I agree with your opinion about the "grandfathered" CMTs.

Hope this helps. And BTW, I admire your attitude.

According to the pay schedule they sent me, it will be paid on July 18.
Got mine too, 1/2 after 3 months, second part after 9 months.
What bonus?
I've never gotten a quarterly bonus in the 8 years I've been with MQ. Hmm
I wish it was called the end of year bonus and would come at the very end of the year, but it did come in a Christmas card so I referred to it as so.
My company is out of Colorado and they are doing just fine. They have shown a 27% profet increase this year.
No bonus here!
Medquist bonus

You must be an IC.  I have never gotten a bonus, or a dime extra from Medquist, not even for working weekends, holidays, or nights and I've been there 8 years.  Getting a raise is a joke, too.  They are stingy.  If you get a bonus, count yourself lucky.

MQ quarterly bonus
Yes, MQ does still pay quarterly bonuses to their SEs.  We earn $50 for each pay period we produce 10,000 lines and another $10 per 1000 lines after that. 
NO bonus here for the last two years!!!