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Some software will outline a picture and make it look like a coloring book pic. Maybe try that?

Posted By: nm on 2006-02-20
In Reply to: looking for free jeff gordon coloring pages - dcc


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Dilemma! Tomorrow is picture day and my 5 yo just went wild w/a jug of blue food coloring --


both hands and the entire lower half of his face are now bright, royal blue.. Will this wash off by morning???

There's a coloring book on e-Bay. sm
Just make a note in your book and go on. Every book I read you can find an error
or 2. Nobody is perfect. Lucky you only paid $60. New it is $80 or more.
why you would be in the position to make the changes looking at the big picture wouldn't you?
I can only see things from my point of view but you are in contact with those who probably want answers as to why things are not turned around on a timely basis and perhaps when they ask you, you could tell them about morale issues, etc.
If you are creative make a picture-sized thank you
with random pix of mama and babies and even your family ...or just one pix off all then decorate and embellish around the pix as you want.... with water paints (experiment and practice to get it right) you can put actual paw prints of mama and all the puppies in different colors.  A colorful 'thank you...you made our life possible" or something.  It would be awesome in a frame w/glass.   Have fun!
Is the Dorlands a software program or book and ... sm
did you find the Dorlands with the Stedmans spell check for only 49.95??? That sounds like a great deal!!! thanks for the info!
Well, gosh, outline view is circles not squares. LOL!
Doesn't that make the software you go to sell on ebay
unusable then because the key HAS been used from the software?
My Word 2002 shows plus or minus symbols in outline view.
Are you sure you're in outline view?
Has anyone used Tessier paper back version 5 x 8 book with over 2000 pages - does that make it hard
been coloring my own w/Loreal for 30+ yrs...sm

I go to the beauty supply store and buy my color in bulk, L'Oreal Light Auburn 6.6 and I buy their (L'Oreal) cream developer.  You use equal parts (if you use 2 oz of color you have to use 2 oz of ANY cream developer - doesn't have to be L'oreal's) and you have to section (just like the OLD way of doing it) your hair in quarters first and apply color to the 4 sections you have just created, and then 1/4 inch sections from there to apply the color to each very thin section - to the roots first for 25 minutes and then you bring it all out for 15 more minutes IF it's a touch-up.  If it's the first time you are ever applying color, you have to leave it on everywhere for 45 minutes!!  There's also an 800 number on their (L'Oreal) products for any help you need with live operators! 

L'Oreal does still test on animals I do believe, and that's a shame, but their color (end result) just seems to be the best, in my opinion, and for decades I have thought this.  Many are trying to get them to quit testing on animals though, and I support that also!

Also it's one-quarter the price buying the color directly from Sally's Beauty Supply (any beauty supply store) versus the combo box that is sold in the grocery store or pharmacy (that's about $9 for a one application combo in my area versus $2.69 per each 2 oz bottle of color from Sally's).

Hope that helps (HTH) 

Hair coloring question

I realize this is shallow compared to some of the posts on this board, but I am sick of my white hair.  I went for a "consultation" at a spa this a.m. and they want a fortune even to just highlight it. 

Anyone do their own coloring with L'Oreal or Clairol?  Does it cover the white?  Someone told me that over the counter coloring doesn't work on hair as white as mine. 


I am 38 and have been coloring my hair for at least 15 years - sm
I started going gray very early.  I tried the stuff in the box, but have had much better results with professional products.  Luckily for me, my sister is a licensed cosmotologist and can get the good stuff at cost.  Have you considered going to a beauty school, if there is one near you?  There are instructors there who can give you advice and then the students can do the processing under their guidance for a lot less than in a salon. 
Food coloring in the bowl....they LOVE it!
looking for free jeff gordon coloring pages
for my 4 year old son.  does anybody know of any links?  I've found several but none with coloring pages.  thanks!
Updating surgical references - new Stedmans Word Book, Tessier Surgery Book or others - best one in
I would buy book by Dog Whisperer. His TV shows covers things like this and would think his book mi
Yeah, you're right. Who cares who licenses your software? Heck, I use all pirated software anyw

why pay for anything, right?

Except that is AGAINST THE LAW!!!

A friend of mine got one and she is finding that some of her software, specifically her ISP software
If u need server software, try guild ftp. If just user software
then try cuteftp, coffeecupftp, or wsftp. They don't charge a line rate and I believe guildftp server software is still free.
Quick Look Drug Book (book & CD/ROM)..sm..

Does anyone use both.  I'm definitely getting the CD/ROM and am debating about buying both.  I don't see any reason to have both but there could be something I don't know. 

I noticed CD/ROMs are on backorder but they're selling downloadable versions.  I can handle that.

The Sted's Ortho & Rehab Words is probably my most used book and then the Lab Words book. GL! nm
Medical Word Book by Sloan, Surgical Word Book by sm
Tessier, Dorland's dictionary, BOS, and my very fave I think is now out of print but called Spellright by Rice.
you see a picture of yourself and
Here is a picture
You have to scroll down a little, its 2nd to last at the bottom.

Where did U get my picture??

Getting the picture
NOW you're all getting the picture. You vote with your feet. Don't expect anybody else, especially government, to come to your rescue. I also tell anybody that I come across that asks (even if they don't, I'll still tell them) to find out where the heck their medical records are being shipped to. If doctors are getting questioned enough by various different people, maybe, just maybe, they'll get the hint.
So, just what is the whole picture on the
here is a picture...

I tried to put the picture in here but it did not work...
LOL...I can picture it
It's a bird, it's a plane, no....it's SURGICAL CLARENCE!!!!! Super hero, mender of all patients.

Thanks for the laugh.
My take on the big picture of VR
I really think the companies such as Dictaphone, have a very good sales staff, that talks a good talk to the powers that be at the hospitals, that they can save money, yada yada yada with the VR then the hospitals are justified in lowering the rate of pay for the VR ... so we are spending more time making sure these reports are correct, but getting less money for our time... WE LOSE OUT!
What is wrong with this picture?
You got $400 and I only got $25??????  I mean, WTF?????????????????
something is wrong with that picture
I was not considered level II until I did 1600 lpd (VA account) after one year.
Here is a web site and picture of

More like the picture at the very top on the right, I believe it is 26' x 36'. I know I can't afford the others and probably not the one I want either but this gives you an idea of the type of situation or setup I am talking about.:)

Did you see the latest picture of her (sm)

possibly pregnant, reading the junk magazines while going through the grocery store line?

So very, very few good or talented actors these days.  Give me Jerry Lewis or Bill Murray any day.  And actresses?  I can't even list any I like anymore besides Marily Monroe. 

you are not seeing the big picture here for american MT's
Anyone can start a board, site.

What kept me here was their true dedication to US the American medical transcriptionists. Everyone is selling is out left and right.

If we dont stand up for ourselves we will be working for 4 cents a line.

All of the insulting offshoring companies in the GLOBAL NETWORKING COMMUNITY are now LAUGHING at us.

Do you think that is funny?

I don't think it is funny.

I think we've been sold out.

We are cheap labor. Nothing to bargain for.

All of your years of knowledge now count for NOTHING.

Good luck to you in the new global network.
I'm getting the full picture now. Not...
a pretty picture is it?
Oh DO share a picture with us all

We'd all just LUV to see him and please don't disappoint everyone with the old "Sorry, I don't have one" or "I don't know how to get the pic on the computer" because we just can't take no for an answer!  We're sure you've got photos coming out of the woodwork on someone that cute but please, no substitutions with a pic of Brad Pitt all doctored up K?

We're all waiting .......................................... 

Okay. Since you asked, here's his picture.

This was taken last week. He's the guy in large picture, dead center, () and I'm over on the right  () in the smaller photo with pony tail.  Sorry, they snapped our photos so fast neither one of us had the chance to take our glasses off!  LOL!

To see our pics go to


I only see one picture of the male.....nm

What's wrong with this picture

If you have to work 3 jobs, something's gotta give.  Lifestyle change, job change, something....life's too short to spend it all working.

A True Picture
Thank you for your post! Those of you that gave me an actual response instead of insults have given me a true picture of what MT is, and it is very different from what training companies would have you believe. It seems to be more work than I am willing to put forth.

I think a lot of people don't see the big picture.

For the most part MTs either had on-the-job training or have a certificate that required a year or so of schooling.  If you only went to school for a year you probably wouldn't get getting paid anymore than what you can make as an MT.   Those of us making upwards of $35,000/year it has taken us years to get to this point.  Not necessarily because of wage increases, but because it takes a while to learn enough where you aren't looking up things constantly, takes a while to build your expander, increase typing speed, etc.  

For MTs that have benefits they don't figure that into the line rate most of the time.   For those who work at home they also don't figure in the clothes, the gas, car maintenance, etc. 

I also feel like a lot of MTs complain (and rightly so) because these companies keep coming up with platforms that are not user friendly.  If one company can have a platform that is super easy, the MT can be productive, why can't every company do that.  It just doesn't make sense to me.   If the MT is happy they are more likely to stay.  These companies who have constant turnover have to employ several people just to deal with weeding out resumes, testing, training, etc.   If they would take that $$ and put it into MT line rates and come up with a better platform they would still come out ahead.  

A lot of new MTs buy into the $40,000/year that the TV commercials claim without ever investigating it and are in for a real shock. 

There are lots of other reasons people complain.  Some people will just not be happy period, doesn't matter if doing MT or not.   

Some company, and again rightly so, that they get all the garbage reports while the good stuff gets offshored.  I do 85% ESLs and don't mind doing my share, but I don't want to do garbage all day.  If I get paid per line I need to be producing lines and if I can't do that then I'm not happy. 

I see a bigger picture there than you do - sm
I see the state of US healthcare as a whole, which is going steadily downhill. It's a complicated mess and will take a lot of scrutinizing and picking apart to have any hope of cleaning up some of its dirtier secrets. Taking surveys in various sectors of that industry (especially in MT, a sector that for the most part is totally swept under the rug and ignored) is at least a step in the right direction. Not being interested in taking a survey is a personal decision, and if you feel threatened by it, then by all means steer clear if it makes you feel better. But your all-out attack on the idea, which seems to center around a PayPal button, seems skewed somehow, and makes me think you are MORE threatened by the thought that our profession's dirty laundry just might get aired.
Isn't that picture absurd??
I don't know what they were thinking! It's so ridiculous, it's laughable.
Go to the Gab board to see a picture
that wears a shock collar. I think he looks horribly unhappy, don't you????

By the way, he "smiles" all of the time!!!!!!!!!!!
Pirates of the Caribbean!! Big picture of You Know Who! nm
Durn.. sorry for the duplicate.. still cannot see the picture.
Resign yourself to a memorable picture that you will have many
Don't tell me to wake up when you're the one who isn't seeing the big picture.
You don't even have a clue how much Canada buys from the U.S. I live right on the Canadian border. In fact, I even lived in Canada for several years. Canadians are far better for our economy than third world nations. They don't expect handouts and steal our work. They buy grain, beef, vegetables, commodities, health care, goods and services here. Canadians are good for our economy. Try taking a basic economics course before spouting off your invalid opinions.

And they can't "steal" our work anyways because their wages are the same as ours are.
Did anybody else see this poor kitty picture?

Copy and paste, you will be amazed and sad at the same time.