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Dilemma! Tomorrow is picture day and my 5 yo just went wild w/a jug of blue food coloring --

Posted By: MadamX on 2005-10-05
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both hands and the entire lower half of his face are now bright, royal blue.. Will this wash off by morning???

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Some software will outline a picture and make it look like a coloring book pic. Maybe try that?
I second that, Wild Blue works well (sm)
for me. Tried Hughes a few years back and it was awful but maybe they are improved now. Have had Wildblue for 2 years and it works pretty good.
Possibly Wild Blue?....sm
I don't live in Oregon, but am in rural western Washington. I know a few MTs who use Wild Blue and are happy with it, so that would be my only suggestion.

I did want to say that I have been using satellite for about three years now (a small local company), have been on no less than 4 different MT platforms, and never had any problems. Yes, satellite can be susceptible to extreme weather...but if you're in a rural area you're about as likely to have your power go out anyway in extreme weather!
Best of luck.
Wild Blue satellite internet

Anybody currently using Wild Blue satellite internet?  Any responses good or bad would be greatly appreciated.

I also use WIld Blue and have no problems. Both my jobs are FTP, though.
Food coloring in the bowl....they LOVE it!
Ours is in the regular food store with the brown, wild, and short grain rices, etc. nm
Your best bet is your local Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield company, depending on where you live

Here in Idaho, we have both companies but a lot of other states have BC/BS combined. Our family has a policy through Regence Blue Shield that is $196 for my husband and three kids. It has a $25 office copay and it is a limited policy, which is 12 office visits a year and lab up to $300. It works great for us because we never got to the doctor, yet we have it if we need it.

I have an individual policy for major medical, $35 office copay, with our local Blue Cross and it is $59 a month for me and it has prescription coverage too. Not a bad deal. I think they are your best bet for decent coverage at a good price.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield or Mutual of Omaha - Which company pays off claims the best w/o hassle?
Light blue background, with bold blue text.
Lucky thing for me my MD is in the office tomorrow morning, so I made an appointment for tomorrow.

If it is strep, I'll have her give me a shot of penicillin.  That's what I usually do for strep.  My stomach can't hardly handle taking antibiotics.  I end up with vomiting and diarrhea which makes me feel even worse!

Thing is, I work for a hospital and we already have one girl off indefinitely for medical reasons.  A couple of ladies didn't log on until late today because we had thunderstorms in the area.  And we are way, WAY out of TAT for OPs and Discharges.  So, I feel kind of bad taking a sick day.  My supervisor is so stressed.  She's been begging us to work OT for the last couple of weeks.  How can I call her and tell her I'm sick?

I'm halfway through my shift anyway.  I'll be all right.  The Motrin is really helping and then I can take it easy all weekend.

Thanks for listening.

Food stamps, WIC, food banks, churches, family...
There are many answers to that problem.

No one has the right to steal and writing a dishonorable check is stealing. It is called "theft of property".

My tax dollars support government programs to prevent people from going hungry and to provide for women, infants, and children. I make donations to food banks and churches, etc., for those who just need help as well.
Food for the staff and doctors, if you can afford it. Food is always a big hit in a doctor's off

One of the biggest perks I can remember when I worked in a doctor's office was when the drug reps or orthopedic equipment reps would cater lunch for the whole office just so they could meet with the docs.  The whole office would get so jazzed at the idea of free lunch.

If you can't afford to cater lunch, then I would do something like a muffin basket and bagels always go over well.  But food is your best bet.

There's a coloring book on e-Bay. sm
been coloring my own w/Loreal for 30+ yrs...sm

I go to the beauty supply store and buy my color in bulk, L'Oreal Light Auburn 6.6 and I buy their (L'Oreal) cream developer.  You use equal parts (if you use 2 oz of color you have to use 2 oz of ANY cream developer - doesn't have to be L'oreal's) and you have to section (just like the OLD way of doing it) your hair in quarters first and apply color to the 4 sections you have just created, and then 1/4 inch sections from there to apply the color to each very thin section - to the roots first for 25 minutes and then you bring it all out for 15 more minutes IF it's a touch-up.  If it's the first time you are ever applying color, you have to leave it on everywhere for 45 minutes!!  There's also an 800 number on their (L'Oreal) products for any help you need with live operators! 

L'Oreal does still test on animals I do believe, and that's a shame, but their color (end result) just seems to be the best, in my opinion, and for decades I have thought this.  Many are trying to get them to quit testing on animals though, and I support that also!

Also it's one-quarter the price buying the color directly from Sally's Beauty Supply (any beauty supply store) versus the combo box that is sold in the grocery store or pharmacy (that's about $9 for a one application combo in my area versus $2.69 per each 2 oz bottle of color from Sally's).

Hope that helps (HTH) 

Really???? I miss 'burgh food. Philly food is okay, but it
The food is resturant quality food and very good
Hair coloring question

I realize this is shallow compared to some of the posts on this board, but I am sick of my white hair.  I went for a "consultation" at a spa this a.m. and they want a fortune even to just highlight it. 

Anyone do their own coloring with L'Oreal or Clairol?  Does it cover the white?  Someone told me that over the counter coloring doesn't work on hair as white as mine. 


I am 38 and have been coloring my hair for at least 15 years - sm
I started going gray very early.  I tried the stuff in the box, but have had much better results with professional products.  Luckily for me, my sister is a licensed cosmotologist and can get the good stuff at cost.  Have you considered going to a beauty school, if there is one near you?  There are instructors there who can give you advice and then the students can do the processing under their guidance for a lot less than in a salon. 
looking for free jeff gordon coloring pages
for my 4 year old son.  does anybody know of any links?  I've found several but none with coloring pages.  thanks!
Don't do it. On so many levels, it is not a good idea. Your kid is worth a few more bucks of gas money. In a few years, she'll be gone and you will wish you could chaffeur her around.
this is my dilemma
I have a question for any of you in a 2nd marriage with stepchildren. I have 2 stepchildren, 2 of my own. It has been a nightmare with DH's kids who are 17 and 18. They came to live with us full time. They were disrespectul, horrible grades, the older has gotten herself pregnant twice, they've been caught drinking, etc etc you get the picture. The stress on my marriage has brought us to the brink of divorce many times but last year they went back to live with their mother. Now husband wants to bring the youngest back here. I cant go into all the details but I refuse to go back to an extremely dysfunctional and toxic living situation. (My kids have not been a problem whatsoever). Some of you may think I'm being selfish but honestly if you knew how hard I tried to help those kids, I did everything in my power and they just got worse.

My question is has anyone else had this kind of problem?
Somewhat of a Dilemma
I'm not sure what to do in my situation.  To try to make a long story short, I worked for a small company doing transcription for a Nephrologist's office.  The nephrologist's office came to me directly offering me a job.  They told me to give my two weeks notice without any specifics and then they would tell her that they no longer needed her services after today.   I feel guilty and want to tell my old company that the reason I left is because the nephrologist's office offered me a better position with more pay.   The nephrology group doesn't think I need to tell her where I went when I quit, but I feel like I should.  I'm not sure how to go about telling her now after the fact.  Any thoughts would be appreciated
They're paying me a lot more as far as money and benefits go. I'm certainly not ungrateful and was only asking for guidance and not to be called names. I want to tell them and I was just asking for a way to let them know. I have the feeling they suspect. If I told you half of what I had to put up with at my old job you'd wonder his this MTSO is in business themselves.
This is a dilemma--SM
There are several things that come to me about this situation.

1) Your ethics and theirs are somewhat of a mismatch which is causing you pause and rightfully so.

2) Don't be swayed by the "ungrateful" speech/lecture. She raises valid points, but the fact that you're questioning yourself and this situation is a good and reasonable thing. No need to beat you up about it. You already have a conscience, otherwise you wouldn't be posting for more input.

3) There are two ethical ways out that I can see.

A) Turn down their offer flat--thank you, but no thank you b/c....

B) Accept their offer, but refuse to lie about it or allow them to put you in that situation. Tell them that the only way you'll contemplate their offer is if they go to your current boss about your being hired away and offer a "finders fee"--this would be similar to situations arranged by temp agencies that place people in "temp to hire" positions. The hiring company, if the temp is hired, pays the agency a fee for the placement. Everybody comes out clean and most, if not all of the parties, come out ahead, especially since this is an above board handling of the situation.

4) I think that you will have to think carefully about their work "offer" in view of their ethics. If they are willing to deceive your boss, what might they be willing to do to you if they change their minds or, indeed, decide to hire someone cheaper. Perhaps you'd want to consider the difference between "at will" employee vs. having a signed contract with them. (Here's a Wikipedia link to explain, though I would not take their word for it explicitly, but contact a lawyer to further explain and/or help you walk through the process should you actually go this route.

Good luck.

I know that dilemma! You never know if you are going to be able (sm)
to get good line counts with the new company so it is a hard choice. Is there any way you can try out the new company part-time for a while to be sure the work is good? Best wishes to you. I have two small children and am also thinking of seperating from my husband.
dilemma with teenager
I have a 14-year-old daughter who is on an athletic team that practices after school every day. We live in a rural area and it is a 15 mile round trip to pick her up. A neighbor boy who just got his license a week ago has offered to bring her home as he goes right by our house. We have had a rule that she is not allowed to ride with boys in a car alone yet but with the price of gas, I'm wondering if I should rescind that rule. I don't really know the boy well so I'm uneasy about it. Any thoughts on this?
Parental dilemma...sm
I am looking for some parenting advice.  My daughter is 8 years old and one of her friend's father died this weekend.  The school counselor went in to speak to her class today to let the children know that this child had lost a parent.  She then sent home letters with information regarding funeral services and some info on how to talk to your children, etc.  Anyway...my daughter wants to go to the funeral in the morning and I have no idea on whether I should take her or not.  Neither my husband nor I knew either parents of this child.  My daughter was a "new" kid last year and this little girl has been a good friend since we have been here and my daughter is very fond of her.  I told my daughter I would think about it tonight and let her know in the morning and I have no clue what to do.  I feel uncomfortable going to a funeral where I have only met the mother of this child once (at a birthday party) and my daughter has had no real experience with death.  The only thing she has had to deal with is the death of a pet.  I talked to her about the funeral and what it was, including people being upset, and of course a casket, and what that was, and she still wants to go.  Does anyone have any experiences like this...or is just plain willing to give me an opinion?
IC loyalty dilemma

The owner of the company I contract through has a strict policy that you do NOT ever converse directly with the client.  I am on an account where there are 4 of us doing it.  One girl continuously keeps writing the client with everything from asking about formatting to asking what some medical terms are.  I have asked her in a prevous e-mail to please not do that, due to the work policy.  She has continued to do so.  I don't know what to do.  If I turn her in, she would know it came from me, and would I be a rat?  She claims that she and the client made an agreement to e-mail each other without telling the owner of the MT company.

Thanx for any input!

Shorthand Dilemma
When I type the abbreviation for an expansion the first letter gets separated from the rest of the expansion.

Examples: tp (the patient) expands to: t he patient.
sep (September) expands to: S eptember

This only happens when I use the doctor's normals created by the hospital, for my account. I print out the normals, then insert them into my Shorthand, and refine them further, adding additional text that the doctor says all the time, and then save the whole thing -- in other words I have customized the normal even further.

If I just pull up the hospital normal (with a Ctrl + R) and type in it, there is no problem with expansions. But if I put the normal into my Shorthand, customize it, save it, and then print it out, sometimes I get these "separated expansions" and sometimes I do not when I type in the report. I can't figure out what is making it happen, but it's driving me nuts, and I can't find a pattern.

I've used ShortHand for years with Word and never had this weird problem. Any ideas on what is causing this and how to solve it?
I can understand your dilemma sm
Honesty is best. I can't imagine being on my feet all day and/or doing something really physical because after years of sitting all day, I am deconditioned to the max. Perhaps you are the same way.

Tell them you are not physically up to the job, which is true.

As for MT, I have to tell you, I have had jobs I have regretted quitting and jobs that have dissolved for other reasons, just at a time I was loving them. I am one to say that MT jobs are a dime a dozen. The problem is, you don't want to work for 11 of that dozen! The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence, and I have suffered from the idea that it is.

I feel your pain, but you have to do what is right for you. I am sure they can find someone else.
My economic dilemma is the same only perhaps on a higher scale...
I have had my cable connection shut off so many times for nonpayment, my utilities are not being paid in full because we simply never have enough money, groceries are now a luxury rather than a necessity as are utilities by the way...my pay has diminished greatly due to the global market and competing with countries like India in Medical Transcription.

I am aware of India and their problems but I am concerned for my own situation and survival.

got interrupted, cannot finish, but had to make my point
wild life
Lets just leave the wild life alone, ya know?  *Man* has screwed enough up on this beautiful earth..Leave the wild life alone.
This is a wild guess
Do you think he means the children's cartoon character "Pokemon"? Maybe the patient thinks they're real, or maybe it's how he describes his family.
Wild stab
Assuming this is another MD who is reading a radiology report, I would expect he would say something along the lines of:

"Reviewing the CT scan, the current report demonstrates no free air or fluid, but the comment is really unchanged from previous CT scan."

That is just one possibility. Maybe if you are able to listen again, something will jump out at you.
remember when they used to have a wild card?
If you could bring somebody back with a wild card, who would it be?  I'd bring back Chris. 
Wild guess, but might get you closer

1.  of any murmurs.

2.  funduscopic exam

3.  Eyegrounds??

Pretty wild, I have not had really anything happen since my mom died 09/26/04 except how Jen became
diagnosed with her Wilms tumor.  The day prior to it she'd had her normal checkup and the doctor totally missed the tumor (hard to since it was huge, 15 x 11 x 5 cm...was not protruding though unless she was flat on her back and naked and then only a tiny bit), but felt if you palpated the abdomen. (Dr. cut my daughter's ear while trying to clean wax but failed to mention it to her what he was trying to do, messed up the rest of the exam since she was crying and freaked out from it)  The very next day after her check up though, she fell off the kiddie see-saw (18" fall).....my husband likes to think my mom pushed her off, which subsquently caused a blood vessel on the tumor to burst, which made her pee blood, which got me to get her to the doctor's, who proto found her tumor.  Had she not been diagnosed then, in the next week or so the tumor would have probably burst or spread or somehow not have been encapsulated anymore and things would have been a lot worse. So my mom helped her get treatment a lot earlier than she otherwise would have probably.  I thinks it's nice to think about it this way.
Well, that's all folks. All gifts have been given. It's been a wild ride
Here is a great site and you can wild search
too if you can understand a portion of the name.


My computer has gremlins! My mouse has gone wild. sm
Last night when I put my mouse over the "Start" button to shut down, it suddenly went crazy.  It began moving all over the desktop, things started popping up, it was like a wild animal!  I thought it was just a dirty mouse and cleaned it.  When I booted up this morning, the same thing happened.  Then it settled down, and it's working fine.  Now I'm not sure if it's the mouse or the computer.  I'm the same person who had the "wavy" screen yesterday.  Has anyone ever had this happen?  I'm getting paranoid, thinking maybe I have picked up some strange bug on the net.  Any advice appreciated.  Thanks so much for all the help.
not sure about you, but we have several wild animal care and education centers...
The best way to start is to volunteer.

We have like Messinger Woods and Hawk Creek around here, like animal sanctuaries, where they have owls, eagles, deer, all sort of animals they need to take care of. You can always visit one and ask questions. I would love that, too, only I can not get my boyfriend interested. I would love to even volunteer.

Sounds funny, but what about a zoo...same thing, you can volunteer at first, see if you like it, and I believe those positions offer decent pay...?
Only during the summer. Wild colored toe socks in winter.
Isn't that wild?!! At least a few people will be needed as MTs/editors in the years to come. nm
Yes, call your local vet, any vet, and ask for the wild rabbit rescuer in your area.
There is always someone nearly everywhere. If you can't find one, please write me and I'll search for someone for you if you're short on time.  They are so worth saving.  Mom might still be around. Let's hope so! 
I would let DD go with Habitat for Humanity or a church mission, but not that wild party stuff.
Saute the innards with other veggies, wild rice, sun dried toms. then
Wild guess-borrow a wireless?? Go to an open wirless and work from the car if you have to?
Where there's a will there's a way - keep asking and keep talking, someone will help you. Ask the company you work for to help you out here, perhaps they have a plan for you if they value your association.
I'd ask the local authorities to tell the MTSO to stop sending THEM on a wild goose chase! NM
See the blue bar
at the top of this message to find the button "Chat Now"

Blue ?

 HELP.  Has anybody heard of, or used a transcription platform called "Blue".....  (something...don't know what...).   I heard  somewhere(?) about this  "Blue..." system and apparently it's supposed to be super ?!!   Anybody have a clue?  .   TY in advance.