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Hair coloring question

Posted By: desertbloom. on 2005-12-21
In Reply to:

I realize this is shallow compared to some of the posts on this board, but I am sick of my white hair.  I went for a "consultation" at a spa this a.m. and they want a fortune even to just highlight it. 

Anyone do their own coloring with L'Oreal or Clairol?  Does it cover the white?  Someone told me that over the counter coloring doesn't work on hair as white as mine. 


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I am 38 and have been coloring my hair for at least 15 years - sm
I started going gray very early.  I tried the stuff in the box, but have had much better results with professional products.  Luckily for me, my sister is a licensed cosmotologist and can get the good stuff at cost.  Have you considered going to a beauty school, if there is one near you?  There are instructors there who can give you advice and then the students can do the processing under their guidance for a lot less than in a salon. 
Laser Hair Removal (for dark hair)
I've tried Epilators (basically an electronic tweezer) and wax, but nothing beats Laser HR. It's a bit pricy and takes a few treatments to be 100% effective, but definitely works.
There's a coloring book on e-Bay. sm
been coloring my own w/Loreal for 30+ yrs...sm

I go to the beauty supply store and buy my color in bulk, L'Oreal Light Auburn 6.6 and I buy their (L'Oreal) cream developer.  You use equal parts (if you use 2 oz of color you have to use 2 oz of ANY cream developer - doesn't have to be L'oreal's) and you have to section (just like the OLD way of doing it) your hair in quarters first and apply color to the 4 sections you have just created, and then 1/4 inch sections from there to apply the color to each very thin section - to the roots first for 25 minutes and then you bring it all out for 15 more minutes IF it's a touch-up.  If it's the first time you are ever applying color, you have to leave it on everywhere for 45 minutes!!  There's also an 800 number on their (L'Oreal) products for any help you need with live operators! 

L'Oreal does still test on animals I do believe, and that's a shame, but their color (end result) just seems to be the best, in my opinion, and for decades I have thought this.  Many are trying to get them to quit testing on animals though, and I support that also!

Also it's one-quarter the price buying the color directly from Sally's Beauty Supply (any beauty supply store) versus the combo box that is sold in the grocery store or pharmacy (that's about $9 for a one application combo in my area versus $2.69 per each 2 oz bottle of color from Sally's).

Hope that helps (HTH) 

Food coloring in the bowl....they LOVE it!
looking for free jeff gordon coloring pages
for my 4 year old son.  does anybody know of any links?  I've found several but none with coloring pages.  thanks!
Some software will outline a picture and make it look like a coloring book pic. Maybe try that?
Dilemma! Tomorrow is picture day and my 5 yo just went wild w/a jug of blue food coloring --


both hands and the entire lower half of his face are now bright, royal blue.. Will this wash off by morning???

Laser hair removal. Has anyone tried laser hair removal on their face and if so, did it work?
Just be careful about mentioning Wal Mart. It has kind of been a bad word lately on the boards. I do not shop there a lot because my husband is a firefighter in the union but I do not blame people for shopping there because we do have to eat.
Cause I like my hair!
Worked in advertising for over 8 years as a commercial producer, and it (my hair) had started falling out!! Got burned out fast! Also, this field was more conducive to raising children - no travel and I was home for them!
Thanks everyone for all your replies! So much good advice - I'll sleep on it and think it all over.
I got a wild hair last week and went and had my hair cut really super shirt in a chic style, so hair blowing in my face won't be a problem.  I am so psyched and ready to go buy the convertible.  Hopefully by Monday, I'll have it! :)
hair cut
I paid 24.99 the other day + a $5 tip at Fantastic Sams - shampoo/haircut/style. That was last week. The cut was terrible, so I asked for a redo by another stylist - she did a great job - so I gave her a $5 tip - so in all - that would be $34.99. I always go to the beauty college to have my hair highlighted - $30 bucks - $13 for a machine facial and $15 for a back treatment - both better than a massage - being cocooned up in those warm blankets. Great.
bad hair
You are hysterical, Belle! Thank heavens I have short hair or I'd never answer the door!
LOL!!! Me too, except for the hair.
but all these things are kept hidden when working. You'll only see them when I'm not working.
I'm sorry too, hair-ball
no hair left
i hate to tell you but it doesn't get any better. been with them for over 3 years -- i still have my hair, but have lost my sanity!!
dumb as a bag of hair (No, I don't get it either!)
Hair color
I use Balsam (its a greenish box), the cheapest I've found, about 2.97 at WalMart. I use it every 3-4 weeks, and it covers as well (sometimes better) than the salon colors do. I'm a big believer in pampering myself, and TRY to do it often (lately, I've been failing miserably LOL).

The first time or two you might have to just see if it works, and it might take a couple of times (no matter which color or which brand) to completely cover. If you want a 'frosted' look, get a frosting cap and add color to the pulled through hair, makes a great effect. If you don't like it, just color over it :)
I always do OTC hair color.
Colorsilk works really well for me, I like all the Loreal products best. Someone else mentioned Balsom or something (greenish box), this made my hair feel like straw. That shows you that different things work for different people. If you decide to try it yourself, do the pre-testing to make sure it will work for you. That way you don't end up with a whole ruined head of hair. Just clip a small lock from somewhere where it won't be noticed and test first to make sure. Best of luck.
Hair products...
I remember hearing a rumor that Prell or Pert would turn your hair green. I'm a brunette, never happened. Also, what ever happened to "creme/cream rinse"? That's what it was called in the 80's. In my Aqua Net days, I could make my bangs stand up about 2 inches, my best girlfriend's bangs were 4 inches high! Wow! I love this. Let's keep going.
Do whatever you want, - maybe a flower in your hair? but you don't have to have anything
i hate my hair !!!
I have made notes on all these products - I'll keep trying them until something works ! Thanks again.
No surgery...it's the hair
Believe me...my hard drive is loaded with pictures of Clay. I've seen him in concert multiple times...many times right up there in the first couple of rows. I've got every performance, every appearance downloaded on my computer. I've looked at the face a thousand times or more. Plus, believe me, he'd have a hard time hiding plastic surgery from the Claymates. It's the same face...the same nose..the same ears...the same eyes.  It's the longer darker hair, down over his forehead like we've never seen it, that makes him look different....and that's had me not working and needing a cold shower all day.  I loved him before (can you tell )....but man, he's got me going even worse with this new look.
hair cut prices
Just curious, how much do you pay for a hair cut and how long does it take?  My stylist just raised her prices quite a bit and without notice.  I'm sure it varies quite a bit.  I live in the Midwest (small town) and now pay 12 bucks.  What do you pay?
hair cut prices
I live in the Southeast as well and would love to find someone for $12! My stylist is $45 for wash, HC, blowdry. It takes 45 minutes to an hour.
Hair cut/prices
Well after going to high priced hair salons and paying 30-50/cut/blow dry. I found a great stylist at yes - SuperCuts, costs me 15.00 cut/blow dry and she actually cuts my hair the way I want it instead of the way she wants, and it is only 5 minutes away from my house and I call ahead and make an appointment with her, so I am very happy. I have tried so many different places and now color my own hair with Loreal Preference and get my hair cut at SuperCuts and it works for me. Guess you just have to find the right person to style/cut your hair to your liking.
Is that like hair and nails?
I was trying to figure out what aesthetics is and it looks like cosmetology or doing hair and nails. Is that right?
Pulled my hair out over this one

Waddle sigh . . . . . vital signs!!!


hair removal
I just went to Sally's Beauty Supply and they now carry a line of products that should help you.

I used to get some really good stuff from Europe, but now its no longer available unless you go to a doctor. They must have patented and bought it to make money! Go to Sally's!
facial hair
I never had any facial hair until my doggie tore part of my top lip almost off; after the stitches came out and my lip scarred, suddenly i have a lot of fuzz around it.  Drives me nuts! 
Hair pulling day
Same doc on two notes.  Left 26 blanks total. 
What, you mean the tufts of dog hair might do it?
Ha! Static electricity has been bad this year, and somehow dog hair keeps sticking to my keyboard like I've never seen before. Thanks for the tip. Worth a try!
RE: Pulling my hair out
I have had 2 people working for me for almost 5 years and have to repeatedly check over their work. Should I get rid of them or is this is the norm.
RE: Pulling my hair out

I have to read over each report that they send me because of careless errors like putting the month of June on the notes instead of July.  Of course, blanks are always going to happen from time to time, I realize that.  I am referring to the careless things that happen with the incorrect spelling of medications, etc. Why I still pay keep them I guess is because I am too nice, but it is wearing off very, very quickly.

Pulling my hair out
Yes I do give them very good feedback and every time these errors appear I am in contact with them all the time. This is an easy account with clear dictators and it is the same account they have worked on for some years so it is just time to do something. I have tried being patient, correcting, but I will do the next best thing and alert them that they are on probation; if they don't straighten out then I will either start deducting for these careless errors or lay them off.
Wow, hair fall???
I have some problems, but sure can't attribute hair fall to MT work?!!! Have that checked out, please!

My problems are: Aches and pains here and there, swollen ankles/feet (sometimes severe), and I do believe my eyesight has changed some in the past few years due to computer usage.
Hair and feet

My feet swell a lot after sitting all day, so I also make sure I get up for at least 5 minutes every hour and stretch.  I stretch my arms, shoulders, legs, etc. and walk around to get some circulation going.  This does help.

My eyes started going too, so when the headaches were everyday, even just glancing at the monitor, I knew it was time to make the visit to the eye doctor.  I found an excellent doctor close by my house that knew what he was doing, as I had been to another doctor that screwed me.  There is such a thing as "computer glasses" and the doc spent much time with me asking questions on what I do, how close to the monitor, etc.  The first day of using my new glasses, no headaches!  I had visited the other doctor and was told I had "computer glasses" but after showing them to the new doc, he said they were nothing but regular glasses with not even a prescription in them.

For your hair falling out, I have scalp psoriasis, so when my stress level increases, my hair falls out even more.  I have been under tremendous stress lately and actually have handfuls at once coming out.  I have been to the doc, had all the tests done to make sure it wasn't thyroid or anything strange.  I would suggest you see your doc and make sure of that too and go from there. 

Best of luck!

i think the little guy is pulling out his hair!!
Interesting post. I thought it was just me, after MTing so many years. First of all, i was told 30+ years ago to try and sit off-center from the keyboard and see if it helped my accuracy -- it worked wonders!! I tend to sit a tad to the right of it and angle the right upper corner of the keyboard up a bit too. I find i have less arm fatigue and less strain on my carpal-tunnel-feeling nerves to be closer to the board. Sometimes i even put the keyboard in my lap -- and it really does seem to help the comfort alot, just a bit of a bother to situate my keyboard when i get up and down from the desk tho. I also find, contrary to smart-people thoughts, that i do better with my keyboard low enough that my arms are not at right angles to it. we MTs are a bit finicky eh?
I bet you are about to pull your hair out with this
mess, aren't you? I do voice also and keep trying to tell people MTers are not ready to be replaced with this because I, like you, see this all too much.
I'd like to own my own hair salon.
I'd rather get out of this profession all together after 20 some years of putting up with being put down!  LOL 
He probably meant spiked hair
as in that cute haircut where the hair is short and stands up on top a little bit and they probably think he wants a 12 in long purple mowhawk like a punker.  Yes, schools are in the business of overanalyzing kids now.  NOBODY is normal with normal problem, everybody has a diagnosis that needs therapy and medications.  It's our society.  Every day I type at least 20 office notes and almost every person is on anti-depressants.  I think it's a sign of our times.  While I realize the there is such a thing as a chemical imbalance and depression, I don't think THAT MANY people are chemically depressed.  People just want to pop a pill and get rid of their troubles instead of working through them.  Is there a way you can find a different school?  Sometimes private schools are even worse with the academic pushing than the public schools. 

I know what you mean about a little slower learning.  My youngest was a micro preemie and while she's normal IQ, she doesn't grasp things as fast as other kids.  Fortunately our school is sensitive to the differences in all kids.  If your kid is really fast, they challenge that child, if they take a little longer, that's okay.  Remember, all kids learn in a different way on a different day. 
OMG! Pulling my hair out here! Venting...

I have an ESL who speaks very fast, but when I slow him down, he sounds like a very drunk ESL.  He tends to speak rather softly until the last 3 or 4 words of his dicatation, when he actually speaks into whatever he dictates into and I can hear those few words very well.  This guy has been a pebble in my shoe for far too long!

Ok, venting over.  Ignore the crazy lady.  

pet hair/clawing solutions
I'll probably get reamed for this, but spray them with a water bottle.  It usually doesnt take long for them to catch on, and after a couple days, all you need to do is show them the bottle and they will go running.  I hated that idea for the longest time, watched a friend of mine do it, and I just let them claw everything to shreds, but I bought new furniture, and decided to put a stop to it.  Just make sure you have something that they can claw, like those card board claw boxes for cats they sell at the pet store.  For the fur I use a lint brush, or a fabric softener sheet sometimes works.
Laser hair removal?

Anybody ever gotten it before? I'm seriously considering it for my upper lip (and maybe chin where there are a few isolated hairs).

I've had electrolysis before, but never saw any improvement over months and months (and lots of $). Even though laser is expensive, I think it'll come out the same or cheaper than electrolysis. And electrolysis was very painful! This is supposed to be a bit painful, but not so bad.

Please share IF you've had laser. What area of the body? How long did it take? Has it been permanent for you?


Laser Hair Removal
I have spent thousands of dollars on this for my daughter - three different types of lasers and the problem is still there - and at one point even got worse. Be certain that you aren't having a hormonal problem and that you are not part of an ethnic group where women naturally have more hair - it didn't work for my daughter.
They have hair "attachments" that are similar to
They are mostly used for "up-do's" but it allows you to add more hair to your existing so it blends right in & looks more natural. They come in different varieties including "pony tail" looks or "round hair elastic" for volume with up-do's, there is also clip-in extensions for more simple styles or to wear your hair down, etc.
She wears her hair over it every week.
I went twice for hair removal on face....nm

laser hair removal
We have spent thousands and I mean thousands of dollars on laser hair removal for my daughter and it would work for about a couple of months and then the hair would grow back worse than ever. We have tried three different lasers and no one gives you a guarantee - so if they try to - don't buy it - read the small print before you sign. I know it is a frustrating situation - it also hurts. Electrolysis didn't work for her either, and she stays upset about this all the time.