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Sounds like you have a bed of green pasture already...sm

Posted By: Linda on 2006-02-06
In Reply to: I have been an MT for 20 years and have a job..sm - Is the grass any greener?

Why tip the applecart?  If you wanted to shoot for 11 cpl, you'd have to weigh the aggravation factor.  Seriously, all aspects of your job sound very inviting, and your line rate is at the upper limit of normal for a national or franchise.  Good for you! 

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Green Tea
I use the tea for pain control. However, I have not experienced those symptoms. Are you talking about constipation? I hope your symptoms have nothing to do with the tea.
Green Tea
Wondering if it could be an allergic reaction of some type?
IF, I drink heated tea, I devolop a rash about the size of a baseball on my right forearm near the wrist...no place else and not with ice tea. Allergist said it was a true allergic reaction and the cure?? Don't drink it
I'm green and don't know what you mean
Probably ignorant on my part, but I don't know what you mean by becoming a cherrypicker. Can you fill me in?
I am sorry that you are so green -
I have no reason to come on this board and post BS; I came on to give some encouragement to others and to see if I could help out somebody who cannot figure out why they are not producing their lines. We all waste our typing time without even realizing it.

Good luck to you and I hope your negativity disappears from your life!
Any green tea users out there?

I have tried green tea on 2 separate occasions and both times experienced what appears to be bloody stools with it.  As soon as I stop the intake of the tea, the blood goes away.  I really like the tea as it does a good job of promoting energy and weight loss, but I cannot understand why it causes this reaction.  Would anyone have any idea why this happens?  Is there another natural energy booster I can try?  Thanks for any and all help. 

Green tea is an anticoagulant. You should have
a bleeding time (PT, PTT, etc.) to see if you are prone to bleeding.  Another simple way to see would be to eat a few pieces of  black licorice every day and see if you get the same problem after a few days. 
Does green tea have caffeine? nm
Which ones pull in the green?

Which ones are you gals/guys transcribing that you are able to do 200-300/hour?  I have condensed it down to ops and maybe radiology.  What are the most awesome expansion accounts in your opinion-copy and paste if you will!! 

Is there anybody transcribing this amount of lines on acute or multi specialty?  Specialty, a single specialty, I could believe.  Ops I can believe.  Haven't done rad so don't know.  What are the best "COPY AND PASTE" situations you know of? 

Thanks to all you green-thumbers! nm
um - who is Rodney Green? *lol*....sm

only Rodney Green I know is a singer/drummer/performer



Fried green tomatoes

I am green with envy. I saw him a few years ago..
I paid $175 per ticket so I could have floor seats. I was maybe 20 rows from the stage. That was the year he toured with Billy Joel. Anyway, the show was fabulous. He played a nice mix of old songs and newer songs. He wears the most incredible, elaborate outfits. The first was was a teal green suit, covered in sequins and rhinestones. I wondered how heavy it must have been. He changed for the second set, and I think the suit was pink, not sure, but it was also fantastic!! The only thing that disappointed me was he really did not interact with the audience as much as I expected. But the performance itself was wonderful, and I would love to see him again. As far as the crowd goes, it was not a rock concert crowd at all. The average age was probably around 40, lots of women, no craziness, no drugs that I saw. Very mild mannered crowd.
ER died with Mark Green - Not the

him, Carol and Doug.  One thing that got to me though, why didn't Carol and Doug show up for his funeral????  The newer episodes just don't have the same uumph - I stick to the reruns on TNT. 

agree ! and how about Rodney Green with
no shirt on - hubba hubba !
I love green tea, but not too close to bedtime, or will be up, um,
There is a product called Green Light
or you might try a systemic insect killer that you just put on top the soil and water it. Just do not use it for any plant that bears fruits or vegetables. They both work well.
So far all I have is some fresh green beans and potatoes....nm

Has anyone tried the green tea thing for weight loss? nm
Oh, all bad carbs except for sausage. Where's the green veggies?

Definitely NOT my first car, a used 1974 pea green Ford Pinto.
stuffed green peppers, from the garden. YUM! nm
Addendum- that should have been sour grapes, not green!
Green only underlines grammar errors.
You need an exclusion dictionary to flag words that are correct, but you want them flagged anyway (with red underline). How to do this is in the help file.
and it gets C O L D up there.  State is known for beer and cheese manufacturing. There is a queen bee MQ (only QA there, to save $$$).  From the getgo, she'll hurl insults at you, wear you down, etc.  Name begins with "S", I believe.
I use the Wal-Mart Green-Dot card and love it. SM

There was an intial $4.50 charge when I first got the card.  They waive the monthly fee if you deposit more than $1000 a month on it which I do because I have my pay check direct deposited to it.  The only fees I pay now are ATM fees when withdrawing money.  You can reload at Wal-Mart as well, but if you are loading cash, they will charge you a fee.  However, it is a payroll check, income tax check, basically any computer generated check (not handwritten) you can load it on your card at Wal-Mart for nothing -- no fees.

I started using the prepaid card through Wal-Mart a year ago or so because I couldn't open a checking account thanks to my ex screwing up a joint account we had when married and never taking care of the negative balance as he agreed.  I got tired of always running to the bank to get cash out of my savings account to go to the store and buy groceries, not to mention my bank only allowed 3 withdrawals a quarter from a savings account and then they start charging fees.  Getting the prepaid card is awesome.  I pay bills with it, use at Wal-Mart and the grocery stores with very little fees.  Plus you download a direct deposit form off the green-dot website to give to your employer for direct deposit.  It has all the routing info preprinted on it.  I've never had a problem.

McAfee checks every website with green
check marks if ok and puts a question mark in case it is questionable and a red exclamation mark if dangerous. So we, the paying subscribers, know which one to open and which not.
I did not get an answer from TechSupport why he/she does not recommend McAfee. What reasons do you have that you do not care about McAfee?
A waterfall cascading over lush green foliage.

like Kathy Bates in Fried Green Tomatoes....nm

Hey, I think you coined a new phrase, green grapes. Love it!!
Happy New Year!!
Hawaii, the place where Dr. Green died on ER. It looked like heaven there. nm
The usual green grass and blue sky that looks like the Teletubbies backdrop. :) nm
Blue on the walls, textured olive green carpet,

hydrangea sculptured border, olive green curtains I designed and made, 2 office chairs to give the ol' back a break, desk placed just so in order to be able to look out 2 different windows, 1-3 cats who come and stay as they please, and 1 little dog who never leaves the office unless I do.  There are also the necessary things like a bookcase, printer, backup computer, nik-nacks and paddy wacks.

I am so completely blessed cause I have all this AND get paid!  Who wouda thunk??

On my Dell, it's a green outlet 2/3 down the back side of the case. sm
I have that problem when I go from the computer to the phone and have to switch my headphones from stereo to mono (there's a switch and a volume dial on the cord of my headphones).  When I'm connected to the computer I can use the stereo with no problems.  It is possible that your headphones are only mono.  I got my headphones at Radio Shack, nice long cord and volume in the cord.  Hope you can figure this out.  I'd rather transcribe from my computer than from the phone as the quality is MUCH better.
If the kids are little, I got small clear green plastic cups

or can just use clear ones if you can't find green.  I got a red bottle of stained glass paint that they sell just about anywhere they sell crafts (even Wal-Mart) and got one of the plastic boards that you use the paint with.  I made green jello and put in the cups and then took marschiano cherries and punched down in the jello against the front of the cup for eyes.  I made scars on the board with the paint and after they dried I pulled them off and put them on the cups.  This stuff makes like a static cling thing.  I then crushed plain chocolate cookies and put on top of the jello and this creates a Frankenstein.   Smaller kids are probably the only ones who would appreciate this.  It was fairly easy, though depending on the # of kids takes lots of jello. 

Something else I did for a decoration - take a picnic table and turn it on end longways.  Take a green plastic tablecloth and cover the table.  Cut black plastic for hair and attach to the top of the table, either on top of the green cloth or just above it if your cloth isn't long enough.  Take aluminum pie pans and then take a styrofoam ball and paint it and attach to the pans and attach for eyes.   Use the above board and paint and make some really big scars and then attach those.  Get some of those popcorn buckets from the movies, or sometimes you can find them in the stores, cover with aluminum foil and attach to the table on each side for the bolts.  If it will be dark you can add glow-in-the-dark paint to the eyes and use a black light.  

I did this a couple of years ago and everyone stopped to tell me how cute it was.  I saw it in Family Fun magazine I believe so I can't take credit for it. 



Just painted my a nice sage green with white trim..sm

And of course my pics of Johnny Depp to motivate me. 

Baked ham, corn souffle, green beans, dessert....
If allergic to nickel, then avoid green beans, broccoli, peas, etc.
I have that same allergy, had problems with the old metal zippers, snaps, etc.

This is a link for metal/nickel allergy


Green Darkness by Anya Seton. The Stand by Stephen King. sm
The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum.  Katherine by Anya Seton. 
Grilled beef fajitas with yellow, green, and peppers, red onions,

Tuna mac, green beans, bread slices. Very cheap and good.
All in the world tuna mac is, is a can or two of tuna drained and mixed in with the box kind of mac n' cheese. Serve with a can of green beans and a slice of bread.
Lipton Orange/Passion Fruit Green Tea. It tastes great unsweetened. nm
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Roasted parmesian garlic sauce over grilled chicken served on bed of vermicelli, green salad
with all the fixins including home-made croutons with garlic and homestyle ranch dressing with sweet tea! YUM!
Take all foods with ASPARTAME out of diet. Stop cokes, chocolate. Eat leafy green veggies. Drink

just did a research for a friend of mine whose doctor had given her vit E and quinine for her leg cramps.  When I was researching I ran across the above to go with your type symptoms along with the leg cramps.


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