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That was certainly not my intent. I simply...sm

Posted By: original poster on 2006-02-06
In Reply to: Just my opinion, but - sm

wanted constructive input from others. I am thankful for the job I have but I believe it is human nature to try to do better and of course if I can make more money in less time I would feel I was doing better! I just needed opinions which so far have been helpful.

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I think their intent all along was to drive MT companies and MTs

for VOICE RECOGNITION machines they had in the works all along.

Am I getting paranoid.  Just a little.

Stand back and look at the big picture though.

Simply put....

These are people's lives and people's health.  I am NOT going to guess because their doctor doesn't give a crap and refuses to dictate clearly so lets his MT guess what he's trying to say and hopes she/he gets it right.  

I swear, this group might as well have farted or belched it all out - it would probably have been understood better than they way they dictated it.  And I'm not talking medical terminology either.  I'm talking basic simple English words that they slur all to you know where that is imperative to each patient's record. 

I know to some $$$$ is what counts.  Call me an odd ball because to me, integrity and knowing you did an accurate job is what counts. I can't do an accurate job without the doctor's help when it comes to dictating clearly.  It takes two in this business - the doctor and the MT -to get it right.  So ask me if I miss them.     

and you are simply.............nm

I simply cannot believe this.
S/B $0.10 pl or simply 10 cpl. NM
It seems to me that you could just simply

and then copy and paste it into the shell for Meditech.  I hated Meditech as well.  Yes, I did get used to it, but it is not MT friendly AT ALL!!! 

If I would guess though, your Word would work well since the spellcheck is better.  Try a small report, and see what happens. 

Simply say
that you really did/do want more work, but this new account is just not worth your time the way it is set up (and give details).

There is no way a reasonable adult would not understand that. If they bark (or bite), it means they simply don't care about the people who work for them.

There is nothing rude about not working for wages that aren't worth your time.
No, I am simply asking if anyone else
has this problem with THEIR company? In other words, is this common, or not?!
I simply won't do it.

That makes the report too hard to read, thus more of a margin for errors.  And I put in an extra space after periods on VR that have only one.

MedQuist is simply...
The greatest medical transcription company on the planet.
There simply are no good
I think that is simply fabulous
I am jewish, so I try to find a job that I am capable of doing and volunteer to work for them on Christmas Day
I simply believe in God and what he stands for..
I can't really say I am a Christian or any other particular faith. I know you have very strong convictions and I think it is wonderful, but isn't it funny how we follow and obey the bible in some instances and don't in others. The bible is a guide for us to live by. If we took it seriously, women would be in dresses, men would be working, women would not, women would have long hair, etc. Actually, Halloween is a religious day.. "The festival of Halloween is based on a combination of the Christian commemoration of the departed faithful (All Saints' Day) with the pre-Christian Celtic feast associated with a celebration of the end of summer and the Celtic New Year."

Simply assign the job # to yourself...
and then hit next job.
I simply said, let me know if it is abnormal.
Rather than that, she played a little game. Editing and e-mailing me my chest x-ray report. Geesh ladies.

Had I been asked, I would have simply put off responding until the person had the results from their physician. No big deal.

simply verbatim
Has anyone worked for this company? Just curious.
I was simply curious!

No more, no less!  I don't care personally.  I just think that HIPAA thing is so over-the-top that this one jumped out at me.  I see why they have it, but sometimes it's a bit much.  My sis is the CEO of a Hospice in Chicago, and says it's a nightmare for them, so it depends on which side of the issue one is on at the moment.


Which is simply overkill, IMO

I question that part of HIPAA regulations.  If a person can't match the demographics to a report, what is the freaking big deal that its confidentially be protected?  So what if anyone sees you're typing a report for "someone" with symptoms A, B, and C?  Aren't there zillions of people with those symptoms worldwide?  Unless you're in a teeny town typing reports for the ONLY hospital where it's possible only ONE person could have a report like that, its really crazy to think that the average layperson, even in they could understand WHAT they were reading in a report, could figure out from any given report WHO that report was for, or even what hospital in what part of the country.  Without the demos, WHAT security is breached and HOW is it considered a security breach????

I'm also over having to have a zillion constantly-changing passwords so I can sit and type in my secure house!  The amount of programs I have to use to type a single report are so complex and aggravating that unless someone came in here who works for the exact same company, nobody would have a clue how to go about bringing up a report and rooting through the demos.  And who the heck would even WANT to?

I can see the need for HIPAA inhouse, where there are tons of people who know the system floating around, patients around looking and listening, and local people knowing stuff about other locals.  But in the case of the remote, isolated MT, who will never meet a single doc, patient, or facility she types for, making us jump through HIPAA hoops is tiresome and pointless - especially since our Indian bretheren typing the same exact reports don't have to worry about it!

Simply ridiculous. There are many people here who

have entered viewpoints on certain subjects.  It is an insult to MTStars for you to entertain the notion that only one person would post here with views different than what you would like to see.  Get over yourself and have a nice day for a change.


Had over 20 days over 100 degrees here. Its simply
I'm afraid I'm simply too loyal to MQ...
to put them in a bind like that. Shame on all y'all!
You simply did not listen or understand what was said,
so please continue your tirade. As a matter of fact, I have been published in PC Magazine for my knowledge. Thank you very much. It's not ego when it's fact.
I'm simply saying that all aren't making the
kind of money you think they are because they have a lot of expenses but that the ones who are should be making good money considering everything they have gone through to get to that point (all those years that they were going through medical school w/o making ANY money usually). If there wasn't a good payoff noone would go through it. That's just my opinion.
What?? I simply posted what happened to me.
I'm not a dreamer. I'm simply a Christian
woman praying for her husband and believing that he will be changed.
I'm afraid ur simply jealous.

COBRA is simply an extension of your sm
prior insurance, and you pick up whatever the company was paying, and pay all costs. COBRA extends you current insurance when you lose your job, but YOU pay all of the charges, same insurance, though.
Some doctors simply do not care.....sm
I was talking to my mother's surgeon at one of her checkups about outsourcing, and he said their hospital outsources all the x-rays to Australia, because while we sleep, they are transcribing, and the work is back the next day for them. He just smirked and could care less this is taking jobs away from us. As long as it isn't taking his job, it means nothing to him. He's attitude really sickened me.
P.S. Caps above simply for emphasis ...
When I read over it again after the message posted the caps came off to me as being a little snotty, and that's not what I intended ...
I DON'T rely on it, have simply used it and found that nm
not only does it help me save money on groceries (and who doesn't want to do that, regardless of their profession), but it makes me feel good that I'm also helping other families in my area that are in need with my purchase.

I usually just stick what I buy from them in the freezer and save it for the day I have NO plans for dinner and need something quick! It comes in real handy.
I simply DETEST working for/with..s.m
Indians. They are rude!!!!!!!! I never too much cared for them anyway, but to work for/with them is absolutely CRAZY! I don't trust them and they are NOT friendly people
"One does not simply walk into Mordor." nm


Being in-house is tough for this reason - you simply have to sit there.
MQ is simply the most corrupt MT company on the planet.

Watch and see MQ implode.  From one who knows from the inside looking out. 

For those who declare their love and loyalty to MQ, it's not reciprocated and the plans in the works by the MQ constantly changing management will soon let you see just how little they care about American MTs.  It's really kind of sad and the only hope for MQMTs is MQ being bought out.  Why do you think they keep changing management? 


I so badly need a vacation. And one simply isn't in the budget.
But you know, having travelled far and wide with a man who could take me places, I did learn it isn't where you go, it is who you go with....

Yes, would love to meet, date, fall in love with and marry a rich fellow. Having a two income household would be a welcome change if the guy was the Mr. Right.
Teeth can be changed. That voice is simply the best!
It will simply move back into the inpatient
setting, from whence it came, and by which millions of dollars have been saved (well, after the law was passed preventing referring physicians from having ownership of said outpatient centers).  I think this is a "sky is falling" type of post.  With Gen-X getting older and having a higher percentage of the population, it is unfathomable that radiology procedures will be reduced, rather they will increase.  It will impact where it is done, not that it will cease to be done.
I've seen some responses that were not rude but just simply
where the reactions were that it was rude and those reactions were indeed rude. I think that on the internet without the benefit of seeing a person's body language, people misconstrue what a poster's intent is and go down a line of thinking that wasn't intended. I tend to think everyone, at some time, contributes to the rudeness and by far this site is much less harsh than others.
I just simply told you where to find your answer.
If you're so sensitive and need to be handfed, perhaps you need to call support or something.

With your reasons, this simply is not the right career for you at this time. nm
when taking Teletrak Test Simply
Download Express Scribe for free and put the reports in there. I was able to use the foot pedal to do all 10 reports. Once you download reports, right click on them and it asks you if would like to do them in Express Scribe. Worked for me.
It was simply the work from your assigned accounts.
More of our work is transcription based rather than ASR. However, we are in a training initiative so all employees will be prepared for handling ASR.

This is not being a bigot! Simply stating fact of
I disagree with that simply based on the fact...

that this person obviously works for a dream hospital.  There is probably only one place like that in existence. This is an actual sample of what my VR program spit out...She tolerated needs to come biopsy Osteen is a well. Prior stable and symptomatic of her laboratory.

The other reason I don't think it will be done by AVR is that then the medical records personnel would have to correct any issues with incorrect patients or visits, which they routinely pass on as the responsibility of the medical transcriptionists.  Maybe our profession will become patient verifier or something like that

So, just simply summing it up. You have 2 kids, and they fight while you work, so you just
send them to daycare, and now they're "socialized".  This thinking just is soooooooo beyond me! And you can all scream and call me negative, but its just a travesty. Daycare - daycare - the replacement mom of our society, and its NOT working. Kids these days are a mess - an absolute mess.  I have no words to waste on this topic - its sickening.  And for all the millions and millions of mothers who have NO choice but to leave the home and throw the kids in day care - sitting in an office with a heavy heart.  Here you all can have the blessing of having your precious kids with you, but the slightest challenge - fighting? PLEASE! What kids don't fight? So, instead of training them yourself and teaching them to "socialize" with their own siblings, let alone their mother, you ship them off to daycare - Oh, yeah, there's the logical solution! Its just soooooooooooooo old, actually. Millions of Moms - even the big $$ CEOs, are realizing the fallacy of day care, and working from home to RAISE their own kids.  Sure, its challenging, but the rewards are priceless, so cliche!  Such an easy cop out to ship 'em off to daycare - let them "socialize" them...So what do your kids learn?  Certainly not to behave at home.  They're probably still acting out at home, while angels at daycare! 
A member of my team simply did not make contact with
the trainer on the day of her scheduled training session on the secondary account! The primary account is easy for her as she is just off of a major university and now is doing small town work and whipping them out faster than I can log in patient information.

This is not fair, it seems to me. When I contacted her via e-mail to see how the account was going, she simply said that she had not been trained on it yet when I vividly recall that her training date was over a month ago.
You simply have to leave the collar on. Take it off now and again for a few minutes of supervised
play, stopping him from licking his wounds. He'll be better before you know it! Woof!
I would simply stop responding. Don't send any reply

Why do people feel obligated to respond to every email that comes to the inbox?

Delete it and go on!

simply ask HR if it's common practice to hire for a department -
We have evolve with the technology. MT will simply become ME (medical editors).

What doctor's don't know is that speech recognition still requires A LOT of editing from a Transcriptionist in order for their report to be chart-ready.  If we let reports go as they are straight out of the SR software...  it just isn't going to happen.

I do strictly SR editing and there is a ton of editing that has to be done to each and every report.  There will still be plenty of work, it just depends on how adaptable we can become.  Of course, we will have to fight for a decent wage because the natural instinct of management is to want to pay us less, because in their minds we aren't working as hard if we don't have to type every single character in a report.  Nevermind the knowledge base we have... but that's a discussion for the future. 

or, you could have not wasted our time and simply gave the answer.