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greener grass??

Posted By: jane on 2006-02-07
In Reply to: I have been an MT for 20 years and have a job..sm - Is the grass any greener?

Sounds like you have a dream job.   The grass is definitely not greener elsewhere.  I like my job but  do not make anywhere near 35.00 an hour. 


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The grass may not be greener. sm
The package you were sold might not be as good as you think. I hate to say that, but it's true. You might want to move slowly and not quit outright, although that can be hard to do. Then again, if you're sure, just jump ship. If they're low on work they'll secretly be singing your praises!
grass is always greener
I was with someone straight from moving out of my parent's home for a long time, he had a kid, we both worked, I made all the meals and took care of them.  I longed for my own apartment, my own stuff, a nice, clean, nonsmelly bathroom, without stubble in the sink, and just wanted to be quiet and not have to answer to anyone.  Well...I got it!  Now five years later..its gotten old.  I'm lonely, no sex life, meeting jerks, and so now i'm just frustrated!  The most comforting sound in the world is someone getting up before you, and trying so hard to be quiet.  I just thought of that, it was really nice, I miss it. 
Is the grass greener?
Most newbies have trouble even finding a job and you have had the good fortune of finding 3 already that you have thrown to the dogs. If I were you I would get serious and settle for something. You don't want to be labeled "never happy with anything MT." Most companies want commitment and stability from their MTs. They have to keep their customers happy. Well, with that being said, good luck and hope you find the right fit.
Keep your present job while trying out a new company; the grass may not be greener
You're probably right. The grass always seems greener on the opposite side of the fence though!
Thanks for the input!
greener pastures
Just curious nm, where you moved on to. I once was employee of SS as well.
Greener Pastures?
You are right. There really are no greener pastures these days. The economy and jobs are at an all time low. The world as we know it or should say knew it is changing so there is a lot of uncertainty and that is hard to deal with. Just not knowing what is coming down the pike next. At least as home MTs, we don't have to drive to our jobs or buy a wardrobe or have to deal with office politics.
killing grass?
Good question, considering I have a new home and just now have grass starting to show through all this dirt around our house. The last thing I want to do is invest $900 in grass seed and fertilizer only to kill it. Please advise.
Candles that smell like fresh cut grass. sm
Gosh, I just love that smell.  Anyone know where I can purchase something like that?  What a great pick me up for winter.  Also, love the clean smell of fresh rain.  If  I could only bottle that aroma.....
The usual green grass and blue sky that looks like the Teletubbies backdrop. :) nm
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