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Spi opens shop in Vietnam

Posted By: me on 2007-06-25
In Reply to:

The latest newsletter states Spi (formerly Cymed) has opened up shop in Vietnam.  I guess they have run out of shops in India and the Philippines.  I asked a vet if they speak any better English than the other two and he said NO.  I guess I give up on finding a good QA position with headquarters in the good old US of A.

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Typing psych reports for Vietnam-era vets got to me.  Some of their descriptions of what went on were so vivid, could become extremely depressing.  I understand why many of them have flashbacks..

Vietnam - sm
I also do VA reports, and it devastates me to know that the VV's are just so troubled and in so much despair... we will never know the true horror, but knowing thier pain makes it vivid enough for me...
cambodia, Laos, Vietnam
Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos were all the same Vietnam War.  The Vietnam War spilled over into Cambodia.  It was the same war which  had been raging for years before Nixon.  The guardsmen were wrong and the governor had blood on his hands for sending them into a college campus.  Why were there secret agents as you say there were?  For pete sake, we are talking a college campus and a protest, which is our constitutional right.  58,000 soldiers died in an immoral war.  I had a friend who died in Phnon Penh.  I was in high school during the time of Nixons presidency.  I know what happened and any recounting of that era will now tell you, the war was so wrong, the governor of Kent State was wrong and the guardsmen were wrong.
This opens up the possibility of
identify theft.  What if they do not keep the info in a secure location. Employees could get access to it.  What if somebody hacked into their system.  How secure are their files and system.  I don't truse anybody.I would quit before I gave this information to anybody.  You could very easily have credit cards opened in your name, etc. 
AutoCorrect-can you explain how it opens on F key
I saw the post below about AutoCorrect and opening it on an F key. Can you explain how that works. I am now using a Word program and would like to learn the ins and outs of AutoCorrect.

How can I set Shorthand so that it opens when I boot up?
Talking about VR always opens up a can of worms
I love it, others dislike it, even saying the hate word. I can make $20 and up per hour on the platform I use. From what I read here, some are not so lucky to have a very good system and it slows them down to where their pay has been cut to a large degree. I love escription, have used it now for about 4 years and really hate to straight type anymore. I find the ESLs, at least where I work, are so much easier with VR than having to sort through what they are trying to say. I will say how a system is trained and who works on it has all to do with what kind of reports you have. You could have almost perfect reports with a good system that has learned well and then you could get a clunker with loads on teaching the machine various ways and that is where the problem lies with VR.
Vietnam sound bites..But either way, war was absolutely NOT illegal. He violated
When school opens again here, lice is rampant for the first 2 weeks. Ick...nm
Shop around -- sm
If you don't need something fancy for work, you don't need a lot of the bells and whistles that come with a more exp computer. Dell is cheap though most other brands have lower-priced computers. I would look at Dell.com, Gateway.com, amazon, Best Buy and Circuit City. If you ask you might be able to bundle the printer/scanner/fax deal. Canon's are good, and i have a Brother. If you have more specific questions, feel free to e-mail.
I wouldn't allow it in my shop.
Lordy, what's next? The patient was sent 2 radiology 4 a chest x-ray? God forbid.
Those are the reasons I do shop SM
at Target. I have a huge problem with the Salvation Army's practices (be our religion, go to OUR church, adhere to OUR values, or stay cold), I think our government ought to be the ones supporting the military since they sent them where they are, and as for supporting gay and lesbian rights, I think that is a good thing. I'm not sure exactly how you phrased that.
That's why I don't shop there anymore. sm
Years ago, they had this wonderful vanilla almond lotion.  Discontinued.  Then a delicious pineapple-mango lotion/body lotion/body butter. I bought it in everything they had.  Discontinued.  The last time did it for me.  Why do they do that! 
shop around at the HP site for
small businesses - they have laptops with XP loaded that can be changed out for Vista at a later date if necessary. They worked this out with microsoft to bridge the gap between xp/vista, as companies are not so quick to jump to the change this time.

All prices.

WE go to a sandwich shop

and they call us by name; oh my goodness somewhat might know I'm there for a cheesesteak!  I don't fret though!  Because no one knows what I ordered.

I've seen other people's names on the lists at offices too, but I try to mind my own business... 

Only when the desktop has to go into the shop,
and I have to move operations over to the laptop. I just plug my regular keyboard in, which is a Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000. I like this keyboard; it's cheap, so when I inevitably kill it (I am hard on keyboards; must be a hold-over from having learned to type on a manual typewriter back in the stone age) it doesn't cost a lot to replace. (I'm on my second one.) And it has a decent enough touch. The curve is just enough to straighten my wrists out to a neutral position, but not so much that I feel like I'm typing on an alien machine.
Just wondering where you'll shop...
I think Wal-Mart's changes in hiring and benefits is dispicable. Wal-Mart is all we have in the small town we're in. Will you shop at K-Mart or Target, and what store for food? I'll have to go about 30 miles for the nearest K-Mart, but I feel that strong about not shopping at Wal-Mart. I always liked how they had the food store in with the regular retail store, so I'll have to find a grocery store too.

Fine, you shop where you want to and I'll do the same
I know, those all make me want to shop at Target

in my state, there is also this to contend with: 



Jees.  Ya can't win for losing, can you? 

Still shop at Target at little bit (*never* Walmart), but I'm really going to try to make it much more exclusively Costco now. 

Ask your local bike shop sm
They have the most bicycle knowledge and are truly helpful. If you can afford to get one, a bike shop bike would be much more practical (and able to actually be repaired) versus a mass-market store bike.
Check to see if there is a consignment shop...
in your area, especially if the children are small, as they outgrow everything so quickly. These are "gently used" clothing at way less than the original price, and are usually listed in the Yellow Pages.
Sweat shop labor
We can all clearly see the run around by various layers of quality control when work goes offshore, and what it really costs. But the thing is that as more and more corporations offshore their products, they are able to skirt strict regulations in the U.S. For instance, as we already see the advantage of India doing transcription while we sleep here in the US, they don't have labor laws as we do. A corporation here in the US dealing with American workers has to deal with lots of regulations such as labor laws, state compensation for injuries for employees, etc. These regulations cost money to the company. In countries like India, China, the Phillipines, there are no labor laws such as in the U.S. If a company says a worker must work 12 hours a day with no benefits or breaks, you can be sure these people will do this, and are sometimes grateful where no job existed before. If working conditions are intolerable, there is no agency that protects the people. You can see how American corporations are motivated to send work offshore and not deal with US regulations and laws that cost the company money. Yes, exploitation at its finest. However, I saw a documentary recently by Lisa Ling on TV where it showed that many women in third world countries are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with working conditions. The documentary followed different women and what they must do to have a job in the city. Many women leave their children far away in another city at home with the grandparents. These women travel and live in the city to work for a few dollars a day. They must work weekends, holidays, and may travel back home once a month to give the money they make to their families. These women were interviewed and were questioning whether having a job far away from a rural town was worth it with no time off for the holidays, and missing their children and families. So you see, these people are getting restless too, and want time off on their holidays and family time just as much as we do. I have no doubt in time there were be a rising in advocacy for labor laws in these countries.
That's ridiculous. You won't shop at Walmart for something that you think you heard
that may or may not be true. You know I'm not a regular Walmart shopper but this is just plain stupid trying to smear a company that employs thousands of older and unfortunate Americans who may not have a job without Walmart. What's your beef with Walmart that you would post junk like this?
Rumor, truth, whatever, I'll still shop
at Wal-Mart because that's where I can afford to go.
Shop for a "USB to game port adapter".
Staples, Radio Shack or Office Max should have them.  ebay should have them.  If not, Google for a seller.
Did anyone watch Frontline last night? I will NEVER shop in Wal-Mart again.
Cheap prices will not mean a thing if the middle class U.S. population is out of work.  I'd rather see my neighbors with a job and pay Target prices
I read in McCalls once that you don't tip for hair if it is owner of shop.
My friends with large families shop at Walmart. I don't. I can't compare
prices or taste. These are not ignorant poor folk who don't know better shopping at Walmart. Walmart has definitely cut into the supermarkets business. Bottom line here folks, people are making Walmart successful and they keep growing. Not for nothing are people shopping at Walmart. They have to be offering something to the shopper.
Any tattoo shop mostly, hot topic, sally's beauty supply...SM

Any place that pierces, head shop, etc. Hope that helps.

Awesome! Here, a local computer repair shop has a similar commercial. Its really funny. nm
I do! I usually get mine at The Body Shop and Bath and Body Works. Thanks for posting that link. Do
I have never been asked to show a receipt at Walmart. Is the Walmart you shop in a bad neighborhood
And the expensive stuff has an alarm on it for the cashier to take off. No receipt check. Just a greeter saying good-bye.
Might be able to rent one from an office supply or office machine repair shop
Is there ONE pedal I can buy that will work with ALL platforms? And where do I shop for a pedal?
Shop around before getting cobra. If you are leaving a job, you can get cobra. I am in the process
Cobra is almost $600 for you and children, I found a month to month coverage by shopping on internet, covers 2 visits a year (I only need it 3 months) and is less than $300. Less expensive coverage than cobra is out there