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Stolen Summer (2002).

Posted By: Synopsis enclosed. on 2006-01-29
In Reply to: Cannot remember name of a movie and want to have my kids watch it. - GIMTer


In 1970s Chicago, two boys bridge the sectarian divide between the Jewish and Irish-Catholic faiths and forge a friendship. When the Jewish boy discovers he is dying, his Christian friend vows to assist him in his quest to go to heaven, with predictable reactions from their families. This film is the result of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's Project Greenlight and was well received at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival.

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I don't believe it was stolen ...
I think the guy took it home on purpose, sold it, and SAID it was stolen.

He just happens to take the disk home (even though he's not supposed to) and happens to be burglarized and it is stolen? Too much coincidence as far as I'm concerned.

You will think otherwise if your identity ever gets stolen..sm
good luck to you.
ID being stolen in Pakistan
There is probably less chance of your ID being stolen in Pakistan than the United States, where I had my stolen.
Stolen computers from the VA Hospital------
Did you hear about the two different workplaces getting their computers stolen?  Someone from the Veterens Hospital brought a computer home to their house and then is was stolen.  It has at least 50,000 name of Veterens whose medical conditions and personal information was on it.  The news said the  diagnostic codes are universal and can be easily read.   Someone else was on a plane and their laptop was stolen which had Stop and Shop employees info on it.    Then at a college in CT someone broke into the computer system and they are not sure what was taken so they sent a letter to anyone who was associated with that college in the last8 years even if you got a letter because you were inquiring about that college  and so my daughters  had to call the credit bureau to warn them because my two daugters are associated with that college.  
Congrats and while you are at it, report your truck stolen by him.
You are absolutely right. Can you believe that they had 2 TDs stolen from them? AND Steelers didn&
The refs must have made out really well with their bookies. It was an abomination.
And you're willing to just accept that? Ever had your identity stolen? I have. It's no treat.
the police have made a report but whoopee, that's not getting my credit back on track.  Talk about stress and grief.  No one ever cares until it happens to them.  What a shame.
Thousands of peoples identification stolen in Rhode Island
to buy state permits.
Yes, the site was stolen. Contact the former owner at mtstars dot net and she'll
Just two since 2002.

I'm a "cling-on" from a local small MTSO that bought out by a national, and now I work for that national.

Year 2002
I must be feeling cranky today.  Why do doctors think they have to say the patient had a procedure in year 2002, like the reader wouldn't know a year is meant unless 2002 is prefaced by the word year?  We are more than half way through the decade.  By now everyone is comfortable with year numbers starting with 2000 instead of 1900.  Drives me nuts!
Word 2002
Try E-Bay--that's where I got mine.
Word 2002
I ordered an OEM version of MS Works Suite 2004 from an online discount software distributor, and it came with it. I had MS Word 2000 that was corrupted. I do not remember the name of the distributor, but I think it started with a V. I think I typed in "discount software" or "cheap software" and that came up. Word 2002 also comes in Works Suite 2005, as that was on a new computer I bought.
Have been using it since 2002 without problem. nm
Word 2002 help
I have a problem that's driving me crazy.  When typing in Word, it will automatically capitalize the beginning of a new sentence, EXCEPT when the prior sentence ends in a number.  Does anyone know how to change this so that it will capitalize a new sentence following a number?  TIA
Help with my Word 2002

I do not know what I did, but everytime I type b.i.d., my word automatically capitalizes the I so it looks like b.I.d.  It is such a pain because I have to go back and fix it.  does any know what I did to change this?  and how can I fix it?  thanks.

2002 Dodge Durango. (nm)
Where can I get Microsoft Word 2002? sm

Is there a place on-line where I can purchase it and download it?  If not, where can I get a good deal on it?  I need it ASAP!


About the BOS-2, we are talking about the 2002 edition?
I bought OEM MS Word 2002 for cheap too! (nm)

Control + B bolds for me in Word 2002
Sorry about that, I am using Word 2002! Thanks for the info about the key assigments. sm
I did try searching for help in the office assistant and didn't really get much help. It always seems that there are other people out there who are sooo incredibly proficient at Word that it amazes me. I have only been using Word for about 6 to 7 months now, after using WP5.1 for about 4 years. Thanks
started at about 8K PT 2002, last couple years 12K but
I did not work much in 2005 for about 6 months when my 5-y/o got diagnosed with cancer and going through chemo, etc. So I would have made a bit more. I expect to do about $16K this year. I alternate my hours a lot though, about 60 or so minutes of work during the school year a day, but then only 30 during the summer, plus a side job that fluctuates ($300-500 a month). I am shooting for $20K next year, still not at FT (5-6 hours a day). I'll see how it goes. I think $12K for PT is good, but that is my opinion.
Love my 2002 Red Jeep Liberty (sm)
It is my favorite vehicle so far. My dad also works at a Dodge/Chrysler dealership so that is the way to go! He also drives a Dodge Intrepid and Durango. Check out the following link on a funny tidbit about Dodge--I hope you can pull it up.

C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorLocal SettingsTemppic18443.jpg
Word 2002 versus 2003
I use 2003, is there a huge difference?  Is 2002 more user friendly or is that just the one you are required to have?
Word 2003 or 2000 or 2002?
Hi y'all. I have to change from WOrd 97 to Word 2003 or 2000 or 2002?

Do y'all have a FAVORITE, and can you tell me WHY? Just a short email would do it and would be so appreciated here.

Thanks everyone for input. I really appreciate it. I'm using XP Media Center 2005 and it has 2003 on it that I can buy. My main thing was that with it I could not do like 5mg and have the space between the drug dose automatically come in from my expander. But, as soon as I get the new version of Word, I'm getting Instant Text and maybe that will help. I need to upgrade so I can purchase the IT and Steadman's, and Steadman's needs a newer version. Also, I'd like to get some newer features than 97, hopefully one of the newer versions will be more conducive to production?

Thanks to all who reply. You can email me or post. Thanks much.
I'm using Word 2002 with Vista with no problems. nm
You'd be limiting yourself. It only works in MS Word 2000 & 2002.
Lots of people have had problems getting Smartype to work in Word 2003 and you can forget 2007. It doesn't work in different platforms either. You'd be much better off looking at ShortHand or Instant Text.
We did that for one summer...
It was the worst and we were both resentful of the whole thing.  Once he found a great job, everything was better.  A good man needs to work, that is just how it is.  Now our issue is that because I am at home trying to work and be with the kids, I wind up working from the moment I get up to the time I go to bed.  He gets home and relaxes, which really irks me at times, but I am the one who gets to do everything with the kids.  I guess it all comes out in the wash.
since last summer
I just keep sticking with it but many days I am this close to throwing in the towel. There are some really nice people there though.
End of the summer, especially
worst time of the hurricane season. However, Aruba is supposed to be just outside of the hurricane belt so you should not have trouble vacationing there, unless you're cruising of course.
No, the Works Suite 2003 and 2005 have Word 2002.
I never even got any time off this summer.
I worked more hours than usual instead of cutting back.  Now, summer is almost gone, and I still can't take any time off.
Happy 1st day of Summer!
Any exciting destinations this year? I'm afraid I just don't have anything lined up except WORK. Ewww!
Try $400 and summer has just begun... nm
I upgraded RAM from 256 to 1 gig this summer for only about
$50 at Best Buy.  Maybe $30.  And they installed it for me.  The $$ included the installation.  Just a FYI
My summer has been very busy
but that's because most of the other ICs at my hospital take their vacation this time of year and the work is backed up.  It really depends on various factors but there is usually an ebb and flow like the other poster described.
summer slow?
People who are low on work might try working evenings. Doctors tend to dictate after they see their patients during the day.

There is some loss of lines with some companies due to EMR I believe
My Word 2002 shows plus or minus symbols in outline view.
Are you sure you're in outline view?
My parents both worked and over the summer they LET us go to

summer camp AND it wasn't cheap for them either.  Three kids going to camp 5 days a week (Thursdays were skate day), compare that to what that would cost today.  My brother, sister, and I were at camp from 8 AM to around 5 or so and yeah we were beat when we got home, but my folks made sure we weren't "latchkey" kids or running the neighborhood getting into who knows what kind of trouble.  My folks spent quality time with us, too, in the evenings, on weekends, holidays, and vacation, but they BOTH had to work to support us.  So, for the person who has unjustly persecuted CampMom, please try to be more considerate. 

P.S. I should also add that my siblings and I have some of the best memories of summer camp.  Did I say that I'm 42 years old?



I wish. I have tried 4 babysitters this summer and each one lasted a DAY!
My kids are a little hyper LOL!!
Sort of, but can't be any worse than the AC this summer - over $450

My laptop was a godsend one summer - sm

My airconditioning went out in my house.  It was nearly 100 degrees outside and my home was sweltering.  I took my extension cord, my laptop, my transcriber (yep, I still had some accounts on tape) and the whole shebang and moved it to the patio.  At least there, I could jump in and out of the pool, stay in the shade and thankfully there was at least some movement in the air as opposed to the house.  I did that for about 4 days before the air got fixed.  It has also been wonderful for traveling. 

Now, I have a laptop and an all-in-one desktop from Sony.  Even if I need to, I can just take the whole desktop outdoors or on the road becuase it is only about twice the size of the laptop. 

Portability is a wonderful thing.

What are your vacation plans this summer? sm
I'm getting married in 11 days so my week vacation afterwards will be spent honeymooning in Helen, GA, which is where we're getting married. 
Last Dance by Donna Summer
Happy Summer Solstice!!....sm

THIS second a mini-vacation begins for me - until Monday morning!!!  *does a happy dance* 

Hope everyone gets some time off for a little R&R this time of year!!! 

Kids home for summer
I'm lucky enough to have a 14 year old as well as my 4 year old. She gets extra money over the summer to watch her while I'm working and in the neighborhood that we live in there are so many kids outside, a lot of them good friends who are older, that it's not too much of a problem. I would definitely look into a teenager in the neighborhood who my need some spending money. Also, last year my youngest went to summer bible camp for a few weeks, and old older daughter went along and volunteered so I had a nice break too.
Last summer I applied to 2 companies and sm
was offered positions at 9 and 9.5, which is basically what I asked; I think I indicated I wanted 10 but didn't push it because I was in the same boat as you. I have less experience than you but am a skilled transcriptionist. BTW, I accepted the lower one because it came with a good production bonus schedule that makes my actual pay routinely between 10 and 11 and a good platform that helps me achieve a pretty high line count.
I started college this summer to get out of it!!! nm
Favorites list , horizontal on the left hand side, IE, version 2002? NM
? on this ungodly hot summer day, if you could live (and die) anywhere in the world, where would you
choose?  Just one choice please and assume it's your very last move in your lifetime so choose carefully.