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I'm using Word 2002 with Vista with no problems. nm

Posted By: Me on 2007-04-06
In Reply to: New puter with Vista - need Word! - mary


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what version of Word do you have? Here's a link for Word 2002 -sm
This looks like a long and drawn out thing to do, but it's not that hard really.

When I did it, I checked and found that I had the support template already in the folder, so I was able to skip down to "Back up your AutoCorrect entries on source computer." It's named support.dot and is found here:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice10Macros

Just following the instructions closely, it was really easy.

If you don't have Word 2002, I think there are other methods avaialable.

Here's the link:

Can you transfer them from Word 2002 to Word 2003?
I was able to transfer mine from one computer to another when I had Word 2002 on both of them.  Now I have a new computer with Word 2003, and have not been able to do it.  The autocorrect has a different file name. 
Word 2007, Word 2002, or 2003
How many transcriptionists have switched to these versions of Word?  I am still using Word 2000, and it works well for me, but have been offered job with a company that uses Word 2007, and another company that will let you use Word 2002 or 2003.  I am fighting this and am at the point where I just might not accept a new job because of this change.  I can't imagine why they would want to change from Word 2000.  Your opinions, please.  Thank you.
Word 2002
Try E-Bay--that's where I got mine.
Word 2002
I ordered an OEM version of MS Works Suite 2004 from an online discount software distributor, and it came with it. I had MS Word 2000 that was corrupted. I do not remember the name of the distributor, but I think it started with a V. I think I typed in "discount software" or "cheap software" and that came up. Word 2002 also comes in Works Suite 2005, as that was on a new computer I bought.
Word 2002 help
I have a problem that's driving me crazy.  When typing in Word, it will automatically capitalize the beginning of a new sentence, EXCEPT when the prior sentence ends in a number.  Does anyone know how to change this so that it will capitalize a new sentence following a number?  TIA
Help with my Word 2002

I do not know what I did, but everytime I type b.i.d., my word automatically capitalizes the I so it looks like b.I.d.  It is such a pain because I have to go back and fix it.  does any know what I did to change this?  and how can I fix it?  thanks.

Where can I get Microsoft Word 2002? sm

Is there a place on-line where I can purchase it and download it?  If not, where can I get a good deal on it?  I need it ASAP!


I bought OEM MS Word 2002 for cheap too! (nm)

Control + B bolds for me in Word 2002
Sorry about that, I am using Word 2002! Thanks for the info about the key assigments. sm
I did try searching for help in the office assistant and didn't really get much help. It always seems that there are other people out there who are sooo incredibly proficient at Word that it amazes me. I have only been using Word for about 6 to 7 months now, after using WP5.1 for about 4 years. Thanks
Word 2002 versus 2003
I use 2003, is there a huge difference?  Is 2002 more user friendly or is that just the one you are required to have?
Word 2003 or 2000 or 2002?
Hi y'all. I have to change from WOrd 97 to Word 2003 or 2000 or 2002?

Do y'all have a FAVORITE, and can you tell me WHY? Just a short email would do it and would be so appreciated here.

Thanks everyone for input. I really appreciate it. I'm using XP Media Center 2005 and it has 2003 on it that I can buy. My main thing was that with it I could not do like 5mg and have the space between the drug dose automatically come in from my expander. But, as soon as I get the new version of Word, I'm getting Instant Text and maybe that will help. I need to upgrade so I can purchase the IT and Steadman's, and Steadman's needs a newer version. Also, I'd like to get some newer features than 97, hopefully one of the newer versions will be more conducive to production?

Thanks to all who reply. You can email me or post. Thanks much.
You'd be limiting yourself. It only works in MS Word 2000 & 2002.
Lots of people have had problems getting Smartype to work in Word 2003 and you can forget 2007. It doesn't work in different platforms either. You'd be much better off looking at ShortHand or Instant Text.
No, the Works Suite 2003 and 2005 have Word 2002.
My Word 2002 shows plus or minus symbols in outline view.
Are you sure you're in outline view?
Is anyone familiar with which MS WORD program is compatible with VISTA...I just ordered a new laptop and currently have MS Word 2000 and am wondering if it will be compatible with Vista or will I have to purchase MS Word 2007? Any responses are highly appreciated.
New puter with Vista - need Word!
Has anyone needed to buy Word 2003 on their new Vista computer to handle their client's documents?  Is it compatible?  I need to make a decision if I'm to use their "Works" program installed (will have to pay $300 at the end of the trial period) or just go ahead and buy Word 2003 and Excel on my own.  Thanks for any 2c.  I need to decide Today, so I can start transcribing again next week!!   Happy Easter..
Vista/Word problem...
thanks so much!!
vista and word 2003
I have seen ads on ebay I think. Where are you getting your computer and are you getting it with XP and then putting on word 2003?
vista & word 2003
Thank you very much.  I want to make sure everything will work together before I go out and spend all that money on equipment.  Thanks.  Merry Christmas. 
Word expander for Vista?
Anyone suggest a good word Expander for Vista for not too much money?  TIA
Word Perfect and Vista - anyone know which
Thank you in advance!!!
I have Vista and Word 2007..

and fortunately there is no conflict with either at the company I work for.  I know how you feel though; knowing what I know now I would not have "upgraded" from XP or Word 2003 when I got my new computer.  Good luck.

Word 97 thru 2007 can be run on vista.
Word Expander for Vista - Fast Fox? Anyone?
Any opinions on Fast Fox for Vista?  Noticed it is on sale for $19 for the month of March.  Anyone use it?  For XP I have been using ShortHand but just can't afford it right now. 
What Word program works best with Vista? Has to be less than 2007. nm
Word 97 thru 2007 all work fine on Vista.
Vista is just the operating system. You buy the word processing software separate...sm...


 This is a test 08:20:00 Real time `

 This is a test 08:20:00 Real time

Just two since 2002.

I'm a "cling-on" from a local small MTSO that bought out by a national, and now I work for that national.

Year 2002
I must be feeling cranky today.  Why do doctors think they have to say the patient had a procedure in year 2002, like the reader wouldn't know a year is meant unless 2002 is prefaced by the word year?  We are more than half way through the decade.  By now everyone is comfortable with year numbers starting with 2000 instead of 1900.  Drives me nuts!
Have been using it since 2002 without problem. nm
Stolen Summer (2002).

In 1970s Chicago, two boys bridge the sectarian divide between the Jewish and Irish-Catholic faiths and forge a friendship. When the Jewish boy discovers he is dying, his Christian friend vows to assist him in his quest to go to heaven, with predictable reactions from their families. This film is the result of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's Project Greenlight and was well received at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival.

2002 Dodge Durango. (nm)
About the BOS-2, we are talking about the 2002 edition?
started at about 8K PT 2002, last couple years 12K but
I did not work much in 2005 for about 6 months when my 5-y/o got diagnosed with cancer and going through chemo, etc. So I would have made a bit more. I expect to do about $16K this year. I alternate my hours a lot though, about 60 or so minutes of work during the school year a day, but then only 30 during the summer, plus a side job that fluctuates ($300-500 a month). I am shooting for $20K next year, still not at FT (5-6 hours a day). I'll see how it goes. I think $12K for PT is good, but that is my opinion.
Love my 2002 Red Jeep Liberty (sm)
It is my favorite vehicle so far. My dad also works at a Dodge/Chrysler dealership so that is the way to go! He also drives a Dodge Intrepid and Durango. Check out the following link on a funny tidbit about Dodge--I hope you can pull it up.

C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorLocal SettingsTemppic18443.jpg
Favorites list , horizontal on the left hand side, IE, version 2002? NM
Microsoft Word.. The oold Word used to do this and I'm new to 2003 Word..nm
Has anyone done transcription in VISTA, the VA program? Just wondering how easy/difficult it is. I am starting a new p/t account soon and will be doing transcription in VISTA, and I know absolutely NOTHING about it.

Thanks in advance.
Not easy to transcribe in VISTA. Can you transcribe using Word or WP and then upload your reports to VISTA? That would be simpler. VISTA has no spell check; it is very hard to make production in VISTA, as it was and still is an older version of word processing.
I'm not going with Vista either until the "bugs" are worked out. I've heard that many of our programs (Word 2003, WP, etc.) will NOT work with this. I'm sticking with XP for now.
Has anyone heard much about Vista, good, bad or otherwise?  I'm wondering if it's worth getting.
I don't know if Vista has this feature or not, but in Windows XP Pro, you can right click on a program icon, click properties..click compatibilities...click "run this program in compatibility for:" and then you could chose older operating systems, if you needed to.  If Vista or Vista Business Edition has this it might be an option.  I don't know how well it worked in XP because I never needed to use it.  Still, a lot of people seem unhappy with Vista for various reasons.  I'm afraid to try it for about a year until they get the bugs worked out.  If, heaven forbid my computer crashes, I'll re-load Windows XP Pro. 
To vista or not to vista...

Microsoft's new operating system, Vista, was released a couple weeks ago.  We here at Emmaus have spent weeks studying the documentation, and making the necessary adjustments in our software to be Vista-friendly.  All the applications will now run just fine under Vista (and users installing onto Windows 2000 or WinXP will see no obvious difference).


But I do not think Microsoft designed Vista for the home computer. My impression is it is wonderful for a huge corporation, e.g. General Motors, but is going to give the home user fits.  Most older applications will not run reliably under Vista.  Most older printers will not work under Vista.  And forget about on-line banking and any site that needs an ActiveX control in a web page: They just won't work under Vista.


You see, Microsoft needed to improve security from hacker attacks. They accomplished this with an operating system edict: Applications must run as a limited user.  The consequence of that is programs have traditionally saved user data in their folder under Program Files.  Under Vista they can't do that. It must be saved to %LocalAppData% for a limited user, and for an Administrator to %AppData%. Although MS has tried a kludge to accommodate older programs (by use of what they have termed Virtual Directories), it isn't very successful.


I heard some television commentator saying that Vista was the best thing that ever happened to encourage Apple computer sales. Probably for the short term, he's right, but when Apple gets a user share of the market of 20 to 30%, then hackers will have a field-day wrecking Apples.


So, in my humble opinion, should you upgrade to a Vista computer? No. (But if you do our software, MPWord, MPTools and MPSentinel are ready for you.)


Best wishes,

Vann Joe

Do you use MS Vista? I need to have MS-XP
i don't think MS will give a hoot about us and our programs, to be honest.  i think it will be the other way around...our IT people will have to re-design our programs to work with Vista.  and i doubt that any IT will be willing to start that endeavour until Vista had gotten the bugs worked out.  Stick with XP and let others find out what the problems are with Vista and wait for that to get resolved is my opinion.

I got a new computer with Vista and I had to take it back.  It is not compatible with a lot of the transcribing programs.  Check with your company.  I am starting an ER account with KS and I think they use Extext.  They told me it would not work. 

Don't know if this will help you or not, but earlier this week I was at Office Max and asked about a laptop with XP. Guy said possible to wipe out Vista and buy XP software and load that. You would be able to upgrade to Vista if/when wanted with disks that came with computer. I want to say the XP software was about $200.00. Like I said, don't know if that will work for you. Me, I think I would take it somewhere and have them do it. Save the headache. (Tax deduction as well)
No Vista
Just speaking from experience, a lot of programs are not up to speed to accepting Vista..... So don't do what I did - spent a good chunk of change on a nice laptop, only to have to purchase another one with XP to use for work!!  :o)
I am curious, what is wrong with Vista that is not compatible with what we do?  Is any of our software that we used with XP compatible including Word?  Our expanders?  Could you be more specific?  Thanks, I need a new computer soon and am wondering, and also wondering about getting a Mac and loading all my software on it.  I have heard that this is possible and it sounds good because of the lack of virus they seem to enjoy.