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Task bar. I do this by accident a couple of times a year

Posted By: How do I fix this on 2005-08-10
In Reply to:

and I fix it, but can't figure out what I've done to fix it.

I have my task bar at the bottom of my screen usually, but now it is on the far right and I can't figure out how to get it back on the bottom.  I know you normally click and drag, but I can't get it do down, just side to side.   I even push the down arrow but that doesn't seem to do it either. 

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A couple of times a year the suits post as
an MT.  I used to work for SS and they were so bad that I can't imagine them fixing all the problems in my lifetime. 
IT only takes me a couple times...
of eating out and  then I like  my own cooking again. Most restaurant food is too expensive, the portions are  too big and it tastes like it was made with no love! Maybe a cookbook with easy recipes would be the answer to the blahs!
I've had it a couple of times.
  Doctor gave me a sheet of exercises to do on my own which just amounted to moving my head and/or eyes around in different positions.  It can be just a horrible thing to have.  Yours is probably worse than mine if you have to "have therapy." 
tried doing that a couple of times, still didn't help - sm
thanks for the suggestion. I guess the other thing I should mention is that it is not happening on my other laptop that I use for all hospital work, just my private laptop.

any other ideas as to what it could be??
Did it again a couple times and worked now!!! Thank U!!
so much!! :)
How do you get Task Manager on your task bar? Mine isn't there. sm
It's hit or miss trying to get it to come up with ctl/alt/delete.

Let your fax machine answer a couple times.
*washing his wash a couple of times a day* sm
no comprende!  *lol*
Yes, I'm a smoker. Have tried to quit a couple of times but can sm
never seem to get it done.  Would love some to hear success stories and how people have quit.  HELP!
Or how about just a circuit around the house a couple of times?

I worked graveyards at hotels for years.  When it got really bad I'd get up and walk around the lobby, or get the security guard to watch the front desk for me so I could walk around the hotel.  Or do jumping jacks, or do something like an 8 minute Billy Blanks video.  Just something to get your blood moving again.  I have an elliptical machine that I'll get on for a minute or two or three in the middle of a shift just to get my blood going and to get some circulation to my hind end.

The other alternative is how about actually taking a 10 minute power nap?  Do you take a lunch or dinner break in the middle of your shift?  Get a little alarm clock you can set and put by your desk and just close your eyes for 10 minutes.

I had a brutal schedule for a number of years where I worked 8 am to 5 pm at one job, went home and took a nap then went to the hotel at 10:30 pm to 7:30 am, went right back to the other job until noon.  Then went home and passed out (hopefully) to go back to work at the hotel that night at 10:30.  On that first night, I'd sit in my chair around 3 am when it was the quietest and my work was done and just take a nap.  I'm really good at sleeping sitting up.  The security guard knew not to bug me between 3 and about 3:45.  I found that if I got a 30 minute nap then I was good to go for another several hours. 

Good luck. Hope you find a solution that works for you.

Friend works out of Monrovia - after a couple of times (sm)
of not meeting her quota they called and "chewed her out". Nothing was said about taking benefits away.
Sorry, don't have time. Gotta go run around the house a couple of times. nm
ask if there is a charge for local calls. I have had this happen a couple of times. I take an egg
I power nap for 20-25 minutes a couple times a week - just depends
others I don't. But 2-2:30 is usually my time to have no energy, so it is nap time -- I find when I do this I can stay up later and work, on days I don't I have to go to bed by 10 or 11.
Filing as couple, pay over $400 per year
at H&R but the reason we have them done there is husband is union and the person doing them much aware of union deductions, lots doing them are not and also we itemize as before had 3 properties (2 rentals, 1 our living place) and we always got back quite a bit and then with my home office and work expenses I can take off, last year I think we got back close to $10,000 so worth it to us.
There are a couple of others that talk about this but none this year that i have found nm
try perennial rhinitis, as in only certain times of the year
might check spelling, I think it's perennial
Times change..including this policy about who is able to post. About a year ago,
this board started letting everyone post job openings, at least to what I can remember. I know at one point if they were India-based/affiliated etc..then they could not advertise but since anymore it is so rampant with companies being associated with India, they started letting them post. I could be wrong but this is what I recall.
Funny thing I see the same errors repeated for over a year now of training no matter how many times
you correct it. I think you had better get your facts straight HON.
TASK and others...


I am really hoping to get some detailed information about anyone's RECENT experience with TASK as a transcriptionist.  Are you working steadily?  How long does it take to get on board with them -- I returned the contract to them recently with no results yet.  Just a little concerned.  Also, I only found posts here on them from 2003 and 2004 which didn't sound great...how are they handling the growth spurt now? Have the checks been submitted in a more timely manner?  Sorry about all of the questions, but I really want to start working on a full-time basis and want to know who/what companies to contact that will get me started and paid as soon as possible.  Thanks for any help everyone!


I have 2 middle age couple friends. One couple became pregnant from condom failure.
This is not just "irresponsible" behavior! Both couples are "fixed" now, because for them, reliable birth control was NOT. But it's an error to assume this stuff happens to people who are unmarried or irresponsible. Both these couples are raising 2nd families, now, but it wasn't "irresponsibility" that did them in!
task bar question
how do I get the home button to appear back on the standard tool bar so I can just click on it to take me back to my home page?    I don't know what I did to make it disappear but I can't figure out.  thanks!!
Task manager
When it says it's still running and you aren't seeing it in task manager, go to the processes tab in task manager and see if EditScript Client Main is running.  This happens to me sometimes. 
Windows Task Manager sm

Is there any way to make a desktop (WinXP) shortcut for Windows Task Manager?  Thanks!


Obama's new task force
Maybe if all of us posted something here about medical transcription jobs being sent overseas, it could help? I'm not exactly sure if this would be the right place, but I think I'm going to write something about it. Have a nice weekend! :)

Close that window in the task bar....not
by clicking the "x" in the message box.  I was told that when I had my computer cleaned of the AVG thing months ago.  Not all of them, but some of them, have the "x" linked to where it's the same as clicking "yes" to download. Sneaker characters, they are! 
With our contest, all completing the task does is
I'm not paid enough to waste my time.
how to move task bar from left side of screen to down below where it used to be??
Having trouble staying on task to produce lines?
I do.  I was beginning to think I'd developed adult ADD, but I think I found the cure.  It's a free download called Home Typist 4.01.  This program is a small utility application which makes each keystroke sound like the strike of a typewriter key.  I cannot believe how much this has helped my line count.  There was something about the typewriter sound that just drove all distractions from my mind.  My fingers were flying, and believe me, they haven't flown for years!  This was my first full day with the program.  I had my usual mix of good and bad with one really long, horrible resident who had no clue what he wanted to say (it took me an hour and a half to get through his dictation), and I still increased my count today by a little over 300 lines!  I kid you not.  Windows XP is not listed as a system it can be used on, but I assure you, it works quite well with XP. 

Head's up! AAMT Task Force has posted about their name change
I know some posters here are members who may be interested for various reasons.  :-)
Oh my goodness! I can imagine I would feel really angry and relieved all at the same time. But you know what? Thank heavens you were okay. You probably saved that baby's life (today or in the future) and who knows else she could have randomly run over (today or in the future). Such a dumb and careless thing to do--and with a baby in the car!!! Not to mention, don't these people see people being killed by drunk drivers all the time! All over a drink. Makes me madder than you know what!
My very first cat got out by accident
and we live in the country, but the house is right next to the road.  She came back a couple of times to eat, but wouldn't come back in the house and wouldn't let us near her.  She lasted 2 days before she got hit.  I felt horrible.   I am much more vigilant now.
no accident
"But blaming one little organization for the Information Age with its communications revolution, the political ascendency and internationalization of business, and the healthcare funding and insurance crises is like blaming a leaf for blowing in the wind."

I don't think this is an accurate analogy. They did not just passively benefit from the information age or globalization. They actively pursued Indian markets for certification ("Indian Pricing" - see previous posts) & created offshore certification sites with Prometrics, when the only possible effect this could have on American MTs is a negative one. This is all being couched in a lot of doublespeak about how this will benefit American MTs in the long run because of our collective & overriding concern for the integrity of healthcare documents, & somehow this is all supposed to translate into more money for us, when in fact it's doing the exact opposite. Now their bottom line stands to benefit hugely from MTIA's endorsement of mandatory certification, & with what can only be described as a smear campaign against anyone who is not certified, intimating in their own correspondence (also previously posted) that anyone who does not hold the CMT certification is a nightgown- & muff muff-wearing, uneducated, unprofessional slacker sitting at the dining room table typing on an unsecured computer & in whose hands AHDI's medical documents would feel less secure than in the hands of someone in Pakistan.

Give me a small break.

They are not "one little organization," they are pretty much the only one (that may change soon), & I don't think it's a stretch to think that what they are committing is illegal, or at least it will be if they seriously interfere with my ability to earn a living.

So no. My impression is that this was no accident. To call a spade a spade may seem like a low level of discourse to you, but considering how many MTs are still unaware of their nefarious deeds, I'd say this kind of conversation still has to take place. If you want to start a thread that contains something you consider more 'elevated,' by all means, go for it. Every little bit helps. But please, keep the dissing to a minimum. We are all in this together.
Quite by accident

I started working in a hospital at age 14, assisting in the dietary department and washing dishes in a 40 bed hospital!  Guess I did a good job because when I was 16 I was promoted to nurse's aid's aid, which meant I got to learn to take vital signs, carry water, juice ect to patients and above all empty bed pans.  I was also often put on "loan" to other departments.  From there to ward secretary, to the business office and moved to medical records when their MT quit.  Minimum wage for all of the above.  Married, moved to Phoenix after 9 months working as an MT and was afraid I couldn't get a job with that little experience because by then I knew MT-ing was no walk in the park.  So I hurried up and went to the nearest hospital and was hired on the spot, started to work before I got unpacked.  Moved to Texas (husband transferred) qualified for unemployment and thought I might as well take a paid vacation.  Went to the unemployment office and they had no classification then for MTs.  They tried to classify me as a clerk/typist, I wouldn't hear of it.  Several people were working on trying to classify me.  Finally they went to their boss who obviously thought I was making it up (this was in Port Arthur, TX).  She called the largest area hospital (St. Marys) and asked if they knew what a medical Transcriptionist was.  They told her to send me right over.  All I got from the unemployment office was a referral slip, which I never used.   I took the vacation anyway.  When I felt like going to work, I got out the phone book and called the first hospital listed (Doctor's Hospital in next door Groves, Tx), asked them if they had an opening.  They asked how soon I could come in and again I was hired on the spot.  Again, a small hospital.  There were 2 MTs.  Did all kinds of MR work when there was no dication, like coding and abstracting, etc.  Moved to Houston a couple of years later and by then I had caught the primma donna MT syndrome.  Decided I wanted to be a psychologist, went to college in my spare time, changed my mind and dropped out after a couple of years.  Once I got known in Houston, I got calls nearly every week asking me to come to work. Sometimes they got in a bidding war.  Sometimes I went with another company and sometimes I didn't.  About all you had to do then was ask for a raise and you got it.   At various times paid by line, by page, by 1000 words and maybe some other ways I have forgotten.  The calls came from MTSOs (which were mom and pop operations then), they got my number from other MTs who had moved on from whereever I was working and they gave them my phone number.  I worked at home then too but had to pick up tapes and deliver the transcribed work back.  No strict TAT either, no schedules, no running out of work.  

I recall one very good MT who had a habit of getting arrested for drunk and disorderly.  Who did she call to bail her out?  Yep, the MTSO owner.  He groused about it but he went down and bailed her out every time so she could get back to work.  That's how it was back in the day...............

Thanks for the tip, my agent knows about the accident but - sm
never mentioned in any way if they could help me, which is odd since she is generally very helpful. I call her 3-4 x a year with questions, policy changes (home, jewelry and 2 cars), rates, etc. I have some doctor papers/releases to sign, maybe I will run by her office and talk with her before signing them and get her take on things. Thanks.
I had a car accident with whiplash

Every situation is different but for me, my whiplash was pretty severe & resulted in a herniated disk.

I went to PT which was tremendously helpful (once I saw the right PT that is, the first PT I saw did not help at all.)

They told me to take a muscle relaxer, lots of Advil, and hot/warm moist heat is a must. The one thing different they told me was not to rotate the neck. They told me the worst thing you can do is to tilt your head back, to the front & to the side is OK but tilting your head back at all was a major no-no.

Once your muscles calm down a little, PT is something you may want to look into. I still do my neck exercises to this day and I still find them to be very helpful. (my accident was back in March 2004)


Sort of by accident. I had a

secretarial service and got a call from an x-ray tech who wanted to know if I would transcribe her tapes because she didn't have time to do it herself. I knew a little medical terminology, but not much. She would bring me the tapes and come back the next day and sit with me to fill in the blanks, which weren't too many, I might add. That lasted a week. After that, I had most of it down pat. She told me I was good at it and should really take a course in it and become a "real" MT. So I did.

Before my course was done, I got a call from a doctor who needed his transcription done plus from a school for troubled youth to do psych evals on these kids. After my course, I decided to go to the local hospital for a job, was hired, and from there ...picked up more doctor offices....the rest is history.



OMG! We just had the SAME problem and solved it by accident!!

We live by the ocean, and my husband had bought one of those "canned air horns" you can bring on a boat.  They're like $5 in boat stores or sporting good stores. The poor dog next door is tied out 24/7, and verbalizes his unhappiness, but enough is enough.  We tried everything, including talking nicely like adults with the owners, nada.  We finally called the police, who live nearby and hear it, too! That put the fear of God in the owners for 48 hours, and then yap, yap, yap. About a month ago, by accident my husband blasted the horn in the back yard, and...silence...dead silence...the dog hates it.  Now, I have dogs, too, and they didn't even notice this blast, so it didn't hurt their ears or anything like that! But this yapping beast seems totally astonished by the air horn. We've done it 2 or 3 times since, and now the dog NEVER barks.  He's fine, but apparently knows there is "something" louder than him out there!  We also called the police BEFORE we did it intentionally the next time, and they said it was fine, no laws against canned air horns, and we only blast it for a second.  The dog is at least 1/4 acre away, so not like we're on top of him. It only took a few blasts, but it worked! Give it a try!!

Are you kidding? If this is not the description of accident, I don't know what is

According to your description of accident, this is it!  What could possibly be foreseen about this?  Ther is no way that this is the fault of the parents?  While you certainly can bring a 2-year-old to the hospital, how feasible is it if the labor is anything more than 2 hours?  DUH!  You just CANNOT bring a 2-year-old to the hospital while having another baby.  Obviously, the parents had great confidence in their friends ability to watch their child.  

The person significantly at fault is the driver.  So much so, in fact, that it is illegal to hit somebody and run!!  Please don't give any excuses for the driver.  I had a bird fly into the windshield of my car and it literally shook the car (a minivan), so don't tell me that someone would not feel more than a "board in the road" when running over a 2-year-old!  Give me a break!

Did you by accident hit/click the Pay button twice? That will do that if you are not
Auto accident - rear -end
we don't think we should give a "recorded" statement to the other car's insurance company.  Advice.
If you think someone getting shot, even by accident, is funny, you need some serious help
When my sister-in-law was in a car accident in 1992

my husband said they had an ESL in the ER.  He tried several times to explain to the family what had happened. When they continually couldn't understand him, he blurted out, "She's dead!"  My husband has never forgotten that.


Did you look in your recycle bin to see if maybe you hit delete by accident...nm
Just found this board by accident one day
Glad I did at least I am not alone in this mess. I have been doing this for 9 years now with a 2 year break cause I was going nuts. I think I am hitting that point again. I feel like they treat you like crap. And the money used to be good all the sudden it isn't like they are playing with line counts.
You are hitting the Ctl button by accident..sm
happens to me too, until I figured out what I was doing.
Transient Ischaemic Attack (accident)
If you click a link by accident or on purpose sm
that message can open a trojan on your PC that will access your ebay information.  Happened to me once and some yo-yo hijacked my EBay account and ran up $3000.00 worth of charges in about 2 hours. My account got suspended for suspicious activity and I was notified by EBay of the problem.  Lucky for me, they found out who did it and cancelled all the charges. I had to go to the EBay chat with customer service and repair the damage. Took about an hour.  Now I change my password everytime I get a message that's fake and send everything to spoof@ebay.  It really does help.  So, if you do get a note about suspicious activity, then go to Ebay and see if you can log in.  If not, then the email is from them. 
Make sure you haven't changed a setting by accident.
Check that you are not "shrinking" the document or have checked to print two pages on one page.
Both. Choice A "can" put you there, but so can a major illness, accident, fire, etc.

with this economy it is harder and harder to work your way out of poverty no matter what the reason for being there is.

Mine are in year-round thank goodness! They've started their new year 2 months ago.