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Thanks Snow Bunny, I'll do that

Posted By: Dee on 2005-09-28
In Reply to: search through this board first - Snow Bunny

And yes I do use an ergonomic keyboard, but it just seems the longer I do this, the less I can get done in a day because I can hardly type after 5-6 hours.

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? For Snow Bunny
Somewhere on the board, I read that you mentioned a website www.productivity.com.  I keyed that in and good a website for some kind of tool manufacturer.    Could you double check the addy for the website - I can use all the help I can get to get my counts up. 

help.  Now have involuntary jerking of hands and will be typing and hands just collapse downward.  Is there a program that we can talk into and it will type the words for us?  Please send me an email if you know of such a thing.

Snow Bunny - yes!
All the great classics! You ROCK, Mellencamp or not!
Snow Bunny
I am not on a high horse and I have no idea how on earth why you are so angry that I am happy to have a job for the rest of my working life. My post was merely made to share with others who have not experienced VR yet that it is nothing to be afraid of. Your tirade is completely inappropriate and off the mark.

I work in a very large teaching and research hospital where they dictate over the phone lines - they don't have the time to customize the VR and what we get in this hospital probably isn't as clean as what you get from a clinic or a hospital with a more stable dictating population.

I enjoy doing it and it entertains me to see how the computer prints out things phonetically.

You should consider another user name - bunnies are nice and snuggly - might I suggest Rabid Rabbit?
Okay, I think I know what snow bunny is saying
It doesn't seem like all opinions are welcome.  Someone protested about the fact they do not celebrate Christmas, and then we are bombarded with Merry Christmas all over the place..obviously trying to "stir things up."  Last week someone posted the word "God" in a non-religious tone, someone complained, and then someone posted "God" to try to stir things up, then that one gets erased.  Why are you picking and choosing, I know you're the owner, but as the owner aren't you supposed to be neutral? 
Snow Bunny-I need you....

would you please email me? i was wondering if you could help me with dns, i have questions about dns and working in templates.  it seems that you've had great luck with this product so i was hoping that you might know how to guide me.  TIA!!!!

Snow bunny is the one to ask on this - sm
she uses it and swears by it, but I know she stresss training and a good mic. I have the DVR Medical V.8, but I have been too lazy to train it and use it consistently. Plus I am not sure it would work for me except for a few doctors I do as I would have to do a lot of copy and pasting if I used it (use WP5.1) in WP11. My WP5.1 macros don't work in the WP format even in the blue window which stinks. If I could use them I would use it in a heart beat as I think it would be faster for me in the long run, but this is beside the point. If you do decide to try it buy the right one, the medical one is what you would want. I got mine on ebay for abour $300 (which I resold), then bought the upgrade for $150. So I spent about $200 for my whole set up. So you can buy it relatively cheaply if you look. Good luck.
thanks so much snow bunny-

yes, Snow Bunny, I don't have a clue what
your point is.  Explain, please.
Me too. Snow Bunny turned me on to it. I use it every day. nm
Absolutely correct! Snow Bunny is right! nm
agree wtih snow bunny
Agree with snow bunny. It should be made into two sentences, thereby avoiding the use of "who" later in the sentence, which BTW, should be WHOM.
I've done the same thing, Snow Bunny - sm
I get a copy of MY MEDICAL records no matter where I go and check the transcription, and I will absolutely positively make corrections on them and return them to the doc/office/hospital in person and let them know that if I were looking for a lawsuit and money, this is where I would start, with my medical records! I then ask for a corrected medical report.
question for Snow Bunny...how long would you say
an average MT (15 years exp) would take to learn to do what you do, and still work enough to make money without losing any until up to where you are now...

Thanks, as always, for you input!
Quite frankly I am surprised at Snow Bunny
You have been on these boards long enough to know better. I am very surprised you would say such things in the manner you did. I always held you in such respect. Goes to show, you never really know someone.
Hey Snow Bunny, did you get through the storms okay on Sunday? sm
I hope you and your family are okay.
Have you tried the Custom Biz Saver package Snow Bunny? sm
It's through AT&T and it's a business plan. C-phones were supported. I used it for a Lanier when I was IC and I was on it a lot, sometimes 10 hours a day. I had unlimited long distance and never had the problems you are having. Problem is you need to sign a contract for 1 year but even with that it was only $10.00 a month more than a residential line.
Read the archives for extensive posts by snow bunny.
No offense intended, but you probably won't get any new posts on the topic as it's already been discussed in great detail.  I just wanted you to know you're not being ignored.  Good luck with it!  I hope you feel better soon.
Thanks Snow Bunny. Good advice too. Hopefully, with the oil and possibly the Lindane, will eradica
sure and I'm the easter bunny
I'd eat bunny if it tasted like chicken!
But would you eat chicken if it tasted like Bunny?
I agree with "Snow Bunny" Federal govt. sm
Everyone new that New Orleans was pooooooooooooooooooooor
I would have been a hooker at Bunny Ranch (they make $1200/hr). My equipment is obsolete now

I want snow, if only for a day, we never get any!
I live in Massachusetts and we have just about 12 inches of snow on the ground right now. Yay....
Ohhh...I miss MA and NH so much! Moved back home to OK in 2001. Just had a good ice storm the last 3 days with snow forecast for the weekend..a whopping 2-5 inches (whah...paralyzed everybody!) Sure did love the sledding up there!! Loved it ALL and sure miss it!!
It's beautiful here in Massachusetts right now, but preety cold. The kids are hoping for a snow day tomorrow! Me too!
We got almost a foot in Western Massachusetts and a Noreaster is on its way! Very pretty for sure. My children were hoping for a snow day today, no such luck. Maybe Monday!
no snow :)
I used to live up north and I am quite happy without ever having snow again.  I love the snow we had last year 1 day which was just a tracing and by 10:00 it was summer again :)  I heard we may get a little dusting this week.
Snow in Colorado
It snows more up north than it does out on the southeastern plains near Pueblo. I live there. We really need snow and some moisture. It's been like that for 5 or more years.
How many of those outsourced MTs have even seen snow??
No snow here...and happy!!
Lived up north, moved south and am quite happy. I do miss it at Christmas time though
fortunately no, not a lot of snow days, but...
this school "year" we have a week off every dagum month! Except for Oct and March, I think. I feel that we are progressing towards the same year round schedule as the other poster...nine weeks on, two weeks off, etc.  Which I don't know if I'll like or not.  I have a 6 YO son and he needs the structure, schedule, etc.  Not two weeks or a week off every time we turn around.  Their first week off is Sep 5-9! How crazy is that.  A week off a month after school starts.  But, I don't make the rules, I just have to adjust to them.  Bon voyage, summer!
Snow, they are totally different classifications.
sleet and snow in texas!
what a nice change.  We went from 88 to 20 degrees, it's awesome!
snow would be the deal breaker for me
I like to see it snow here about once a year and then I want it to be gone after a day or so. This past winter we barely got a few flakes. It was actually too warm most of this winter, even for me. I love the spring and fall in NC. Starting to get some really warm days now though.

Oh, and love me some sweet tea. Don't think I could live without that! Bojangles sweet tea is the best!!!
i love snow, Atlanta, GA, nm
snow hurts my eyes

too much glare.  It blocks my rays! 

It'll be the most expensive magazine subscription you'll ever get! No point in joining. nm
DH is BBQing ribs. I can't wait for snow so we don't have to
eat BBQ all the time. LOL I want some stew, chili, roast beef, meatloaf, and other warm comfort foods.
sunny, chilly w/about 15 in of snow on ground....
Ayuh. For shuah. Not much snow this year though.

Didn't mind that one bit.  The dark and the cold are bad enough without having to shovel.

"Weren't" even that cold. "T'aint" the snow
You know what they say:  If you caahn't stand the wintahs, you don't desehve the summahs!
I'll go! I'll go!! I won't take hormones and will be ready to defend your honor :) n/m
No. It'll be the most expensive magazine subscription you'll ever get, and it's unnecessary
Love the snow flakes falling on this page!
Cold, 28 degrees, a little snow on the ground, overcast.
Boring winter day. Not enough snow to do anything fun, just enough to make us all miserable.
8 inches snow on Roan Mtn North Carolina
We're getting lovely soft quiet snow now.

It's winding down now (2200 hours) here near Bangor, ME, but it was just so beautiful and soft--super fine and it looks like glitter when light hits it from flashlights or porch lights.  It really is quite beautiful out there and not too awfully cold.  No wind to speak of and everything is muffled quiet-like.  Just beautiful and the animals are having an absolute blast playing in it! 

Yea, and you ought to try it in a snow storm. Practically white out and they're roaring