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Thanks for replying. I'll check out 2003.

Posted By: Thessa on 2006-07-15
In Reply to: Have you ever checked the autocorrect exceptions list to see if you added those letters without - realizing it. sm


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I was told 2003 ... best to check with MS
I'll check it out and try it. Thanks for your help!


Thanks! I'll check them out. nm
Thank you so much! I'll check it out.
One can only hope.
Thanks. I'll check it out.
Thanks! I'll check those out! nm
Thanks, I'll check them out.

Thank you, I'll have to check them out. NM
Thank you! I'll check this out because I need to do something!
Thanks! I'll have to check them out. nm
Thanks. I'll check it out.
Thanks! I'll check it out! :) nm
Thanks, I'll check...

I'll keep a check out for it. (sm)
Keeping my fingers crossed!
I'll go check it out now. Thanks a lot! :) NM
Thanks...I'll check it out...nm
I'll have to check for the red Q...sm
Honestly it doesn't make sense to me that it is allowed at all.  It seems to me that the fair and professional thing for a company and all MTs to do would be to take the oldest jobs first.  I don't understand allowing MTs to not type all reports.  Sure, you bet I could be more productive if all I did was ER reports and could skip all the OR and psych, but someone has to type them. 
Thanks! I'll check it out. nm
Thanks everyone...I'll check them all out. NM
Thanks! I'll check it out. nm
I'll check into it, thanx
hey thanks... I'll check it out for sure. :) nm
Thanks, Apple. I'll check it out! nm
I never even thought about that! I'll definitely check that out. Thanks!

Thanks everyone! I'll check out the sites! :) NM
okay I'll double check that - thank you. nm
I'll check with Dept of SS on that and

let you know if it's illegal. My guess is that those restrictions on your income after you retire aren't just put in there to fill blank spaces.  They're there for a reason, and if you thought they were so legal, why are you asking discreetly on this board for suggestions to get around your situation.  If you only wanted info on becoming an IC, you would have just asked for it instead of supplying us with the dirty details. 

I apologize if I seem a little offended at your morals.  I certainly wouldn't suggest that you leave your grandchildren in the street, but I would think there are legal ways to solve this situation, and perhaps some of the people on this board wouldn't have gotten so upset had you just asked for suggestions on your situation rather than how to work the system.

Thanks for the responses--I'll check out Netflix! nm
Good idea...I'll check into it. Thanks!
Thanks a bunch! I'll check out that link, too.
If you check the archives you'll find
this same question has been asked numerous times, but basically most have felt it a waste of time and wouldn't recommend them. 
OK, I misunderstood. Didn't know there was another way. I'll check out Google Desktop. Thanks.
Thanks ... guess I'll have to check it out some time ... like I need to find more ways to goof of
Give them a week's written notice...I'll be leaving xx/xx, please forward final check to . t
why would you have to say anything else?
thanks for replying
thank you
Thanks for replying :)
Thanks for your help, I am going to check into that one. :)
thanks for replying!
I am in my 24th year of transcribing!  I'm not alone but at times very frustrated...
thanks for replying - nm
Thanks for replying...
there's good and bad in there, I guess. I have heard that people in different locations will get different speeds (no matter what speed they are paying for), and that makes me a bit nervous. But stability is just as, or even more important, and it sounds like its been really stable for you. So I'm taking heart and keeping my fingers crossed!  Thanks! 
Thanks so much for replying
I was beginning to think no one would reply for fear of Big Brother watching!
ideally!..:) Thanks for replying. nm
Thanks for replying, thought I might
know you - wasn't intending to make anyone un-anonymous or flame, just wanted to say hi if it was who I thunk it might be. Oh well!

Thanks for replying. I have noticed that there seem to be a lot of ads ... sm
that mention this.  I am thinking of seeing if I can train on it.  I currently work in DOS so at least I am used to that part.  I usually use ShortCut for Windows but I do have ShortHand also but am not as familiar with it.  Just thinking about it - thanks again for your help.
Thanks for replying. May I ask how long it took you
finish your degree?

Thanks for the encouragement also.
I think she was replying to the person who
At least that's my take on it. It's clear you went out of your way to write to that AHDI person and obtain and post her (mis)information-filled reply, and for that I, and everyone else who calls themselves a true AMERICAN MT, thank you! Knowledge is power, and MTs need as much of both as they can possibly get these days.
Kudos for your investigative endeavors!
replying to viv's response on 9/13/08
Oh you think that my grammatical style is bad huh? I just went and reread it and being that I don't feel it was bad. I had to state my point and no it wasn't me! Things just didn't mesh for me and that company! They got a second chance and proved themselves the same! Have you or do you work for this company? Who are you to judge anyways? This board is for posting stuff that most of us posters feel is important for others to see or hear. If I wanted someone like you to comment...I would have asked ok! I am coming along almost a month later because I was working my a** off at a real great place! Sometimes on this posting board thing we don't always type grammatically correct it is not a prerequiste for the posters as I see others not always being grammatically correct! So again I do not know who you are but just yourself let it go cause that last post I made was going to be the last one till I see this! Thanks for caring though! mtinsd
replying to job posting

I am not sure if I am doing this correctly.  I have tried to reply to several job postings and I never hear anything back.  If they don't list an email in the job posting I click on apply now, is this correct?  

I have been an MT for over five years, have experience with many different specialities and ESL dictators, so I think my resume is pretty good. 

Frustrated with work.  I have lost about 6-7 really good doctors over the last 1-1/2 years to VR.  The company I work for says they have no control over who gets switched to VR and are not notified when this happens.  I will have a great work load and then all of a sudden nothing.   Now it seems like there isn't much work to go around. 

Changing Excel 2003 Addresses Into Word 2003 Addresses

Hello !

I have a large amount of addresses listed on an Excel 2003 spreadsheet.  I need these addresses for Word 2003 letters.  I end up copying the address from Excel and pasting it into Word, but as you can imagine, the pasted address is in a straight line and I end up having to type the address so it displays correctly for a letter.  Does anyone know if there is a simple way to change the Excel address format to a Word letter address format?  Thank you for your help.

Anon, which post are you replying to?
Thank you so much for replying - that gives me some guidelines to follow
I thought replying might be a "boost"...
so they would know it was coming from one of their own ads and not just an unsolicited resume. Well, shoot! I'll be sure to send a followup email to make sure they got it. Thanks!