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Good idea...I'll check into it. Thanks!

Posted By: NCMT on 2006-03-30
In Reply to: Maybe get one of your local TV channels involved? - nm


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Good idea! I'll do that now.....nm
It's a good idea to run a spell check
I would not correct as I went along. I always do a spell check.
Thanks!...good idea about adding the def to the glossary...I'll try that too
I'll check it out and try it. Thanks for your help!


Thanks! I'll check them out. nm
Thank you so much! I'll check it out.
One can only hope.
Thanks. I'll check it out.
Thanks! I'll check those out! nm
Thanks, I'll check them out.

Thank you, I'll have to check them out. NM
Thank you! I'll check this out because I need to do something!
Thanks! I'll have to check them out. nm
Thanks. I'll check it out.
Thanks! I'll check it out! :) nm
Thanks, I'll check...

I'll keep a check out for it. (sm)
Keeping my fingers crossed!
I'll go check it out now. Thanks a lot! :) NM
Thanks...I'll check it out...nm
I'll have to check for the red Q...sm
Honestly it doesn't make sense to me that it is allowed at all.  It seems to me that the fair and professional thing for a company and all MTs to do would be to take the oldest jobs first.  I don't understand allowing MTs to not type all reports.  Sure, you bet I could be more productive if all I did was ER reports and could skip all the OR and psych, but someone has to type them. 
Thanks! I'll check it out. nm
Thanks everyone...I'll check them all out. NM
Thanks! I'll check it out. nm
I'll check into it, thanx
hey thanks... I'll check it out for sure. :) nm
Thanks, Apple. I'll check it out! nm
I never even thought about that! I'll definitely check that out. Thanks!

Thanks everyone! I'll check out the sites! :) NM
okay I'll double check that - thank you. nm
I'll check with Dept of SS on that and

let you know if it's illegal. My guess is that those restrictions on your income after you retire aren't just put in there to fill blank spaces.  They're there for a reason, and if you thought they were so legal, why are you asking discreetly on this board for suggestions to get around your situation.  If you only wanted info on becoming an IC, you would have just asked for it instead of supplying us with the dirty details. 

I apologize if I seem a little offended at your morals.  I certainly wouldn't suggest that you leave your grandchildren in the street, but I would think there are legal ways to solve this situation, and perhaps some of the people on this board wouldn't have gotten so upset had you just asked for suggestions on your situation rather than how to work the system.

Thanks for the responses--I'll check out Netflix! nm
Thanks a bunch! I'll check out that link, too.
Thanks for replying. I'll check out 2003.
If you check the archives you'll find
this same question has been asked numerous times, but basically most have felt it a waste of time and wouldn't recommend them. 
OK, I misunderstood. Didn't know there was another way. I'll check out Google Desktop. Thanks.
Thanks ... guess I'll have to check it out some time ... like I need to find more ways to goof of
Give them a week's written notice...I'll be leaving xx/xx, please forward final check to . t
why would you have to say anything else?
good idea
I think if you have a good hobby then work is just something you do while you look forward to your project/hobby after work.  Cut back on work if you can, don't work past your set work hours, don't look at the computer again when you are done.  I got burned out when my life seemed to revolve around work, work, and more work, but I got out of it when I found a good series of books to read and then thought about them while I worked and hurried and got done so I could read more.  Hands-on projects are fun, too, just whatever works for you.
No, it's not a good idea. sm
I don't even like it when they use MY OWN computer let alone my employers. Absolutely would advise against it.
That is a good idea (sm)

and you said the word, his wife is controlling!

I am sure not going to hobble to their house from the Amtrak station.  They could afford to send a cab, but haven't offered.

Thank you everyone for your input! 

I have a good idea most of us - sm
work for MDI. I am really anxious and excited for my account to switch over, but a bit discouraged about the fact that I will still have to maintain my unlimited LD service for my secondary accounts. I have done both C-phone and wav and really didn't notice a difference in sound quality, but I definitely prefer wav.
Good idea!! I wish I could do that
good idea
The TV helps but if I have it too loud then I can't here my dictation. Yes, I hear everything she says with my ears plugged and everything. Probably just mentioning I overheard her may be worth a try. Although she did tell me one day she heard me sneeze. She has to know I can hear her. Maybe if I just say I can hear her (without mentioning the cursing) it will get the point across without having to be unkind. Thanks. I feel a little more calm now anyway. It has just been getting to me day after day. And she stayed home from work today and I had exra dosage. Thanks.
Thanks, that's a good idea! nm
That's a good idea.
I'm going to try that approach. Thanks so much. I think she might be approachable. I've smiled at her and she smiled back. That's a good sign. I don't think she is trying to be rude. I think this apartment was empty and she got used to it.
Not a good idea -
why would you want to get friendly with a person who is not honest on a simple thing like an apt. application? Does she have something to hide?  I'd keep my distance, you may open up Pandora's Box.  A few years back I had a lady who lived upstairs (supposedly lived alone).  She lived with her boyfriend who was about 300 lbs. and paced all night long and slept all day.  Without going into detail, they ended up moving out, but before leaving, they sold a car at a local car dealearship that ended up being stolen.
Good idea. I'm trying that.
One question, do you buy your Parmesan in a bag or a chunk?
Good idea!
Good Idea
They do tend to like the warmer humid weather of the southern states. I lived in VA for two years and saw many brown recluse. One was in our shed and actually "jumped" at my ex husband when it was threatened. He hit it with a hammer and it still survived. The person I had seen after a brown recluse bite, lost the skin around the bite for six months afterwards. The area of necrosing skin spread to an area of about five to six inches. This was on her face and it was VERY noticeable. No amount of antibiotics or any medical form of treatment helped her. It just had to run its course and scarring was a side effect. I have the utmost respect for those vicious little creatures.
I don't think it is a good idea
I've seen/heard many reports about child predators that see myspace.com as a feeding frenzy. Bottom line is, he may say he is her age & he may come off as a nice, normal kid but who knows if he really is who he says he is, or if he is just another predator. for online dating, I would suggest sticking to sites that have good reputations & do background checks, etc. good luck.
Good idea

Thanks for the idea about linking the macro to Shorthand.  Maybe I can try that.  I don't have hundreds of docs, so it should work out fine.  I wonder why they don't make it like Autocorrect where you can just highlight and everything stays the same??  Why make life difficult with codes?!? 

Anyway, THANKS for your suggestion!  BTW, you said you've used a few different expanders.  Which one did you personally like best?

Good idea

Yes, that's a good idea. Do you know how I'd find those programs or if they are costly?


Thanks so much.