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The autocorrect dialog box has an exceptions button. Click that and delete what you want.

Posted By: Uncheck the add box on those tabs. nm on 2006-07-15
In Reply to: Do you know how to get them out if they go in there? NM - Thessa


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Click the default button in the font dialog box so every new doc is Arial.
You can even put graphics in autocorrect. Just click the formatted button.
Click the office button and then click word options. It's under proofing.
Click at the top of the column you want to order, then click on the AZ button in top toolbar.
Click on the file in the Open dialog box and hit F2.
The filename will highlight and you can change it right there.
Click on the all commands option in the customize dialog box.
The rest of the options that aren't in the menus are listed there.
You probably have a lot of words in the autocorrect exceptions if
you backspace a lot. Click the exceptions button and go through all of the tabs in the dialog box and delete the words you don't want in there. Uncheck automatically add words on all of the tabs. That's the setting that will add words and change them to no proofing.
Have you ever checked the autocorrect exceptions list to see if you added those letters without
You need to uncheck the automatically add box.
Click on tools, AutoCorrect, and click on tab that says
AutoFormat as you type and uncheck the ordinals option.
Did you by accident hit/click the Pay button twice? That will do that if you are not
Click the More button on the colors tab so you can
further customize the color in the right window.
electronically sign - just click the button
File - Open - Right click on dictionary and delete.
Click the "Load" button in Express Scribe and then
navigate to the drive where the files are. Highlight the files you want, and then click the "load" button at the bottom of the window.
Click the radio button for formatted text.
You'll find it just above the entry.
Click Tags button and select no space...sm

You can find this button on the left under where you enter your text and the abbreviation.  That's all you have to do.  Also, make sure you haven't accidentally added a space after last character.   

Right mouse click on button and choose customize. sm

Ignore the box that appears. Go back and right click on the button again and from the new popup menu make your choice. To see just a button image, choose Default Style. You can change the picture on the button by choosing Change Button Image and picking a new picture. If you're feeling ambition, Edit Button image will allow you to "draw" your own.

You don't have to open the normal.dot for this one. Just click the default button in format, fon

Google MS Word, delete autocorrect entries
Line was too long: Click the middle button to restore or maximize...nm
Please leave an email or email me at my address....click the email button. Thanks...nm
Turn off puter, wait a min, turn on with delete key pressed down, then hit delete key NUMEROUS times
One of my PAs constantly rides the microphone, click, fuzz, missing word, chew, click,

Left click on the taskbar and drag it back to the bottom. Once you've done that, right click on


click on Tags, then Keystrokes, then click on the control box and the letter b
that should work!
That's too many steps in a dialog box.
Word 2003 has a List Number style already formatted at the left margin that you can assign a keyboard shortcut to, then switch back to your default paragraph style after your list with Ctrl + Q.

Or you can turn on automatic numbering in the AutoCorrect/AutoFormat as You Type tab. Type your 1 and period and auto numbering starts. You'll get the auto indent, but you can hit Alt + Shift + left arrow to move the list to the left margin. You can shorten that shortcut by assigning something like Alt+L to the OutlinePromote command in the customize keyboard dialog box under all commands.

Well, there are exceptions to every rule, and as always, the few ruin it for the many.

I am a newbie, even less, I am still a student, an online student. And yes, I am hoping to work from home, and bring in any amount of money I can.

I am not trying to step on anyones toes, insult anyone, or the like. Don't think this is an easy profession, never did. I was a paralegal and a CNA before I stayed home with the kids.

Anyway, I agree with the negativity on here. On the other hand, I have also learned alot and got a lot of great info from some members of t his board.

Sorry y'all feel that way. Guess I can't really blame ya. :)
and there are so many exceptions to all those rule! lol
that's the english language for ya! I really don't know.
Maybe there are exceptions per client.
One client I has uses part of the BOS, other things they ignore.
Change the alignment to Right in the Bullets & Numbering dialog box.
Is 'Replace text as you type" checked in the AC dialog box? nm
If it's installed, click or F10 to open it, click on...sm
the little white piece of paper icon to bring up the window where you ADD your new entries to, type your abbreviation in the Keyword box, then drop down to the Text to Type box and put in what you need it to say, then click Okay. You're done! If you want to delete your entry, arrow down to it, then click on the Trash Can icon. It'll ask if you want to put it on the clipboard, say yes and hit okay. If you want to modify it, use the little hand on the piece of paper icon. I like to click on the Disk icon to save stuff once I enter it, too, as a backup. If you're working and want to enter a paragraph or a page, you'll hightlight your stuff, bring up the ADD window, copy and paste it into the Text to Type area using the commands on the bottom of that box, name it, and hit okay. To use hot keys and stuff, you'll have to read the instructions in the help file. Good luck! ..nm
Tell her NO exceptions, work has to be back. If she is not

able to do the work don't give it to her.   You wouldn't tolerate it with the other MTs and I sure which I had an account that wouldn't drop me if work was that late.  Send her (if you haven't already) a form where you state TAT and ask for her commitment on a monthly basis.   You can state in the form that failure to meet TAT could/would result in termination.   She is taking advantage of you but only because you allow her too.  

Maybe only give her work 2 days a week  and give her only an amount that she seems to be doing currently.  If you give her less work maybe she will be able to meet TAT. 


Exceptions to everything but majority parents
You can drag options back from the tools customize dialog.
There are exceptions when Word won't cap after periods, like in numbers or after colons.
Personally, I think the books are a waste of money, with a few exceptions. sm
These days, I would get the CD instead of the book, if that option were available.

That said, I don't see the need for, nor can I justify the expense of, the standard reference series, like Stedman's. For the most part, anatomy doesn't change from year to year, and neither does the vast majority of the terminology. Of course, there are new procedures, new terms, etc., but chances are your book won't be up to date on those. So, a ratty old (cheap) used copy might be handy, but the Internet is much faster (provided you know how to use it properly and don't just accept any ol' c--p you find :-).

At most, I'd recommend (A) Stedman's Medical and Surgical Equipment Words (or whatever they're calling it in its latest incarnation), and perhaps the Stedman's word book pertaining to your speciality, if you have just one or two.

Otherwise, save your money.
those are exceptions to the rule and those are KING-PIN drug dealers, not the middle men who run
the drugs. If you have an EDUCATION and make enough money you don't have to deal drugs. The kids in ghettos running the drugs who are getting busted are doing this because they have no education and nothing else to do to make money. THEM's the proven statistics.

You are talking about apples and oranges. Yeah there is a temporarily rich meth guy living in a nice house but the majority of the rich guys are using punk kids with no education to sell the drugs. They aren't their on the corner in the ghetto dealing their own drugs.
Please don't delete - We need you!
I do not understand why this post continues to be deleted.  I am simply stating what you have already said in your statement to the board.  It IS sad to think that this wonderful board, who has been so supportive of American MTs, seems to have  given up the good fight.  I truly believe if legislation to enforce HIPAA regulations, as well as regulations on financial records, is focused on, rather than simply trying to compete monetarily with offshoring (which, frankly, we cannot do), we will have a real chance of at least stopping the flow of medical and financial personal records from leaving this country.  Just because outsourcing exists does not make it right, and as long as we continue to fight it there is a chance to make a real difference.  There are still many, MANY physicians for whom the "bottom line" is not the most important aspect of transcription, and many others who have experience offshore transcription first hand and realize the quality is not there.  As long as there are people in this industry like Sheri with integrity and the willingness to fight for what they believe, even if it is against the odds, there is hope.  THAT is why I am quite saddened to see this particular forum, one of the staunchest supporters of US-only transcription for US physicians, fall by the wayside.  I don't think I"m bashing anyone.  I'm just hoping you will reconsider.  We need people like you!!
I just hit DELETE.
I never say a word to them
Delete what???

At what point does delete that go to far?  It's an op note and I get the pre and post diagnosis, procedure, surgeon, asst, anesthesia, etc. Then she goes on to hpi, ros, fh, sh, meds, allergies, and exam.  After exam she realizes that she's doing an op note and tells me to delete that and start over from preop diagnosis.  Needles to say she was an extremely difficult to understand ESL, wasted about 20 minutes of typing time that I won't get paid for and I had to split my shift. 

Sorry y'all it was vent or scream.  I chose the vent to not wake up the family.

delete it
when i worked in editscript, i typed right through microsoft word.  it was prerequisite that i get rid of all msworks or it would mess everything up.  i would delete msworks.
delete key
The reason the delete key is not above the arrow keys is that with this keyboard you will do as much work with your thumbs as possible. This is part of what makes it ergonomic, & I would strongly suggest re-learning "delete" in its current position rather than try to circumvent their system. When I first got my Kinesis keyboard 7 years ago I went through a whole relearning process that was kind of slow & frustrating but worth it in the long run, & now I'm glad I didn't try to do an end-run around their thought process.

But you program keys this way:

Hit "Program" (upper right-hand corner) + F11. The 4 keyboard lights will flash quickly. Then hit the key you want to reprogram. The lights will flash slowly. Then keystroke what you want the key to do. When you are finished hit Program + F11 again. The lights will go out. It's programmed.

The generalization is the real picture. There are exceptions to the generalization but
people are not generalizing things that are not true. I visited a friend who lived in a trailer park and it was very bleak and depressing and that was without red neck loud neighbors.
Did not know about the button at the top
My eyes usually do not go up there. I reported it too.

YUCK, YIKE. He or she is probably too cheap to put an ad in the paper.
Is there an OKAY button there?
I was thinking there was something you needed to do to verify changing the volume, speed, etc., before you closed that box but I can't remember for sure.

Ellen S.
You can print a list in the print dialog box. sm
You'll find the option in the print what section. You can probably find a macro that lists them all in a document with a web search. Otherwise, you can only print them.
Delete resume
I am trying to delete my resume from the bank and can modify but can't figure out how to delete it.  Help, please.
why do you want to delete your resume - sm
are you getting too many calls for work??? If you are, then I want to put my resume on there!!!
Please delete the below posts

Thank you.

Please Delete my Post.
Now I am Jodi, what do you say?