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That's just it, I don't care. I just felt sorry for poor doxie in this den of wolves.

Posted By: MissouriMT on 2008-02-27
In Reply to: And you, why do you? NM - Rita


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    I'll add one more - Dances with Wolves
    Kevin Costner was a babe then !
    I'm sorry that should den of lions or pack of wolves. Gotta get the terminology right!

    My mini male dapple died about two years ago, was heart broken.  My daughter gave a mini male dapple for Christmas 2005. His name is Frank, and in less than a month he has taken over the house and my heart.

    doxie lover
    I did have a miniature doxy for 10 years and she was the sweeting thing I have ever seen and my heart was in pieces when I lost her. Will have another one some day.
    Fran..I have 1/2 a doxie :)
    the other half is Pekinese the vet said,,,cutest combo but now that he's old, he looks more like a seal pup
    my addy for doxie stories

    please write to me at frgill2@hotmail.com if you want - like to keep in touch with all the humorous things/pictures, etc that are doxie related.



    I luv my mini doxie too. She sits with me while I work.
    My family teases me that she is the one really doing all the transcribing because she in my office everyday with me.
    poor, poor management
    Line count stealing, no help, rude management, you name it SS has it if it is bad!!!!!!! Run, run, save your life.
    So you felt the need to be at the top?

    Let me give you a little advice and that is find a hobby.  I like to read, swim, and go to the beach.  Do you have anything that you do for fun?  Defending yourself now is a little too late after the original post of bashing MTs and categorizing.  A lot of us really do not feel compelled to post our education, years of experience, etc. to feel above all.  The answer to not wanting to deal with MTs really is as the other poster states to quit.  Why not just try MTing again, it may boost your energy level, and you won't feel like you have to deal with the MTs you speak of in your OP from the other day.  If you are not new to this board, then you should already know that any QA that posts here usually gets a backlash because they almost always come off as greater than thou.  Good luck to you, and I do hope you find your way soon. 

    So, you would have felt safer...
    with Saddam in power?  Try to think beyond the simple.  Have a bigger vision.  Please, give me solutions to this problem.  How would you propose we defeat Islamic radicalism?  There are those who saw this coming 20+ years ago.  The 10+ years leading up to WWII were similar.  Europe chose to ignore the Nazi thread, hoping it wouldn't touch them.  This isn't going away.  It has to be changed fundamentally.  You want to put out fires, and there are those who want to clear the brush and prevent the fire. 
    We felt that way about our house, too.
    I absolutely hated living here because it was older, shabby and way too small for us. However, we've been working on it for the past year a little bit at a time. We're regulars at the hardware store now. The only big thing we did was to build an addition on the back of it because we came into some cash, but we've doubled the value of the house. You don't have to be that drastic, but a nice coat of paint and some reorganizing does wonders.

    I hated renting. It was overpriced, the landlords were unreasonable, and we were always stuck with 6-12 month contracts.
    Got it thanks all - felt so dumb and my
    teenager wasn't home. 
    That is exactly how I felt until several years ago
    I started reading books on Buddhism and Hinduism.... I grew up in a very strict Pentecost church. I hated religion then. I believe in my heart that God simply wants us to have faith and to believe in his existence, and in loving one another and caring about all that he created. I believe in my own personal opinion that he would be very disapproving of the division in religion.. I don't believe this is what he intended.

    Great books to read if you are intersted.. send an e-mail .
    There are enough changes I felt it was worth it.
    Can't list all the changes - but as in any profession - things change.
    And to think....I actually felt bad when they banned me...
    I just used a different email, but then I was very careful and didn't post a lot of things I wanted to say for fear of being banned again. ->sap<-
    Absolutely. Felt this way for a while. The only way out of this
    type of thing right now at least for me (I decided recently) was to find the most honest (well let's say that is 97% honest) on the line counting, the best benefits, and those who know me by name, where there is always work and where I do not have to worry Big Brother is over my shoulder. There are several MTs on my account making 1500 to 2K lines a day, so it is possible to get the kind of money we used to including the incentive... at least a big percentage. I found this after realizing the hospitals by me outsourced overseas, no more onsite hospital job for me, and after working for 1 giant MTSO and cheated, 1 little MTSO and cheated (for 2 years I might add), and then trying out a handful of positions last fall. Finally got the place I mentioned above and I am holding on tight. BTW: I wanted to work for Michael's arts and crafts and get out of the house, but guess what I was under and over qualified! Plus with the price of gas and clothes these days, (and daycare) this MT gig still beats going into the workforce at least for me.
    So using me as an example:
    1. you are not alone.
    2. put your priorities on paper and
    3. you have to go through a lot of trying out first-hand different places and situations and find what fits you best. It will never be 100%, but it beats sitting on a low line count and having high BP. Good luck to you!
    I felt the same way but in 1980,
    when I got into the world of MT. I had HIGH hopes that this was a smart career move for me. Unfortunately, when we were let go by the hospitals in the late 1980's to work at home for MTSO's, that is when our respect and low wages began. I do not blame the MTSO's, however, as I do know the lowest bidder gets the hospital accounts. The hospitals do not care that much about quality; they mainly want a low rate and a fast turnaround. Sad but true. The MTSO's do not have a fast track to wealth. I think the ones making the big bucks are those who sell the MT course and promise the moon!
    I tried that, but I could not function. I felt
    dizzy and had a headache all the time.  I'm wearing bifocal glasses right now and I have never adjusted to them either.  Last doctor suggested I just get monofocal contacts and get readers at the drugstore.
    Kinship care versus foster care/adoption
    Having been placed in a position where I now have custody of my 3 YO granddaughter and going through the legal system, I sought an online network of relative caregivers for children. I would encourage you, especially since you are in Georgia, that if you take any children into foster care with the idea of adopting them, there is federal law that requires the state to take certain actions in a specific time frame. When a child is removed from it's bio parent(s), the state is required to investigate any possible relatives who can take the child before foster care is considered, but even before that, reunification with the parents is the priority. Once a child enters the system and is in the system for 15 out of any 22 months, the state is required to find permanent placement for the child.

    The problem with this is that there are case workers who may favor a foster family and do not seek out relative care. I have a good friend in Georgia who had to fight all the way to the state level to get custody of her grandson after the child was placed from the hospital into a foster care home with the promise that the foster parents would be allowed to adopt. She has now adopted her grandson, but it was a long, hard battle to get the state to admit their own interests were placed above those of the child and/or family.

    If you get a child placed through the state, please make certain there is not a relative who wants that child before you get your hopes up. The courts are now favoring return of children to relatives even after a child has spent years with a foster family who hoped to adopt them.

    States get bonus federal funds by complying with the time lines and being able to close the case, so some states place children in foster care because it is easier than trying to locate relatives.

    Didn't mean to go off on a tangent, but I can't imagine my sweet bella going to someone outside her family.
    I always felt like it was a support position

    and would, if it was appropriate, perhaps give hints on how I use my macros to avoid that particular pitfall, so I was not just handing them what was wrong, but was actively working on helping out with tools, instead of just citicism.  Some folks dig it, some not so much. 

    Yes, I made that statement because that's how I felt after
    dealing with the public all day long.  I'll readily admit that I'm an introverted personality.  I get exhausted after being around a lot of people and chaos, which is what my outside the home job was.  That's why I chose to isolate myself then.  Now, however, after working at home all day, the last thing I want to do is to be isolated in the evenings and on weekends.  That's why my social life is better now than it used to be.  That's all I was saying.  I know there are MTs out there who work home alone all day and spend most of their free time alone, too.  That's doesn't have to be the case.
    Should be felt like saying that. It has been a very long day at the keyboard.
    You've got that right... If only my joints felt...

    like they did when I was 9.  For what reason could a normal healthy child need chiropractic care?  My kids are around that age and they sit on the floor, sleep on the floor at sleepovers, jump up in 2 seconds off the floor, and feel like a million bucks in that department. 

    I once saw a show about a chiropractor who was rounding up kids from housing projects (with the permission from their not-so-bright parents), letting them hvae cookies and milk, and then bussing them all back home.  They guy was billing Medicaid and raking in millions in fraudulent money.  Sounds to me like this woman is doing something similar and pocketing the money.

    Not sure exactly kind of just knew, he's the only one I have ever felt that way about - sm
    I was 29 and had had a few long-term relationships already so all I can say is it was a different feeling. I'd pin it down to after 1 month of dating, we were at the Preakness, he was a little drunk and telling me how much he loved me (first time), etc. Kind of a magic moment believe it or not....got engaged 4 months later, and married 10 months after that. Been together over 10 years now, married 9.5.
    I finally did it and it felt great! Lol.. I had
    a computer that was a piece of JUNK. My husband and kids heard me almost daily yelling at the computer it that it was going to go flying out the window. Well, this morning it tripped and fell out the 2nd story window into the backyard and is now in computer heaven. My new computer is now about 1000 times faster than the other one. No errors, web pages are opening up when I try and open them up, files are opening instead of saying not found, etc. May the old one rest in peace.
    I too felt like it was an impossible career
    Now 8 years later, I'm glad I stuck with it.  Before working at home, I worked for two years at a local hospital and that really helped me build my work experience and really helped when I went out on my own.  By working at the hospital, I became familiar with the local docs and eventually got my own accounts with them.  I had to let those accounts go because I moved, and now I am working for a small MTSO for the timebeing.  I had no problem getting this job.  I had applied to many different places and was overwhelmed with job offers.  If you stick with it, it gets easier.  You've invested time and money into this, have patience and see it through.
    I haven't felt sweet lately

    Thanks once more.  I've felt that I'm tainting my spirit by being so angry and having to fight daily.  But the arrogance and power of this school makes me keep going.  I keep thinking that I could be transcribing rather than writing angry letters if I had just researched the schools.  Live and learn.  But again, thanks for the encouragement. 


    You know, I felt exactly like I had been "thrown off the island"

    I never watch "Survivor" or any other reality TV show but I have heard enough about it to know how it works. It saddens me that our young people are growing up with that kind of example - plotting behind other people's backs, ganging up on one member of the "team", always being out for number one.

    Maybe "Leave It To Beaver" and "The Andy Griffith Show" were unrealistic, but at least they had good role models and discussed issues such as being kind to others, being truthful, and being a good person.

    I know there are good people in the world - I just wish there were more of them.

    So many posted on this and felt opposite of what you are saying
    What you basically are doing is to fraud the company, gov and such to find a way to tell a person what to do because she cannot live on retirement after she took it, right? Oh, what a web we weave when .....I have been through an audit with IRS (they choose randomly, you know) and if I were her, donít think I would want to do that. What a mess!
    Always have felt they were more politics than beneficial. nm
    For me, I felt I could type much faster than
    the voice recognition.  It does take several weeks/a month for you to train your voice on the software, if you do it religiously, that is speaking and speaking to get it trained.  I found typing was much more efficient.  And yes, you can listen to files in Express Scribe and then "speak" the words and it will type them, but until it is fully trained, I don't think you will see much benefit.  Also, Word has speech tools that I used instead of buying Dragon, and it works just the same without spending all that money.  I would say give it a try and see if it works for you.  All of us are different and have different preferences.  You may end up liking it and it works well for you.  You just never know unless you try it out. 
    I felt bad today, but you must feel like this everyday
    You need some serious help, who is this mean and nasty person, BTK or charles manson!
    I so hoped they would. I felt for that little boy and others who had to leave their pets.
    Yep, its a great life out there ladies???Just felt like say that. NM
    Do you snore? Could be that you have sleep apnea. My DH does. He felt like he was getting a

    good night's sleep, but would find himself feeling tired in the morning and falling asleep a lot during the day.  I mentioned that he snored and seemed to move around a lot in his sleep and seemed restless at night.  The doctor sent him for a sleep study and he had sleep apnea.  Basically, he wasn't getting enough oxygen and working really hard to breath in his sleep which made him feel tired in the morning.  He was put on a CPAP machine for a while, but then we found that his seasonal allergies and chronic sinusitis was causing his snoring and he had sinus surgery to help him breath better and that did the trick.

    Or another reason for feeling fatigued even after getting good rest could be that you are depressed.  Are you depressed or stressed?  Or it very well could be a vitamin deficiency of some sort or some other physiologic problem that they haven't even discovered yet.  The possibilties are endless...

    Your best bet is to go to the doctor and have some lab work done and start ruling stuff out.

    thanks so much! i felt dumb, LOL. Definitely sounds complicated, but will be trying out how many l
    I felt the opposite, that the test was more difficult than the CD. nm
    If it was a clinic, it might have been urgent care, but it was NOT acute care. sm
    Acute care refers to work in an acute care setting, a hospital, doing at least History and Physicals, Discharge Summaries, Consultations, Surgery notes, Emergency Department notes, and much more, including GI procedures, Cardiology procedures, Neurological procedures, Pulmonary Function Studies.  It goes on and on and it means and acute care hospital setting, not a clinic.
    Hey Dolfan! You haven't felt me a troll before, and we talk a lot!

    The poster who is freaking has turned the whole thing into an issue over camp, etc. It was NEVER about camp.  I still think her comment was awful, and I know she knows it was, too.  That's why she is still carrying on over this.  She likes the kids in camp all day, and gets them back exhausted at night.  And I asked an honest question, why have kids? I love kids a heap, and I can't stand mothers who are so blatantly thrilled to get rid of them as much as possible.  And her wording implied such - while, for instance, your post was the complete opposite. You are sending your little girl to camp for HER benefit, etc.  Its very obvious in the tones.  Naturally this Mom is NOW trying to sound like June Cleaver, and maybe she is. But her post was NOT.  Would have had less repercussions if she had just said, "Hmmmm...maybe that didn't sound good. Didn't mean it like that, but...", but she meant it the way she said it, and I think parents like that are awful. Is it my business? Yup, sure is, cause her kids are in this world with my kids, and this is one messed up world right now.  These kids all need help.  Many parents have such "fake" relationships with their kids, and that's so sad.  And then she justifies these camps like what on earth would the poor kids do at home? sit by her feet?  Huh??? Having your kids at home in the summer does NOT mean they sit at your feet. That's ridiculous!  I lived for the summer - out in the yard, playing baseball, fishing, swimming, hop scotch - the poster also acts like her kids would be deprived were it not for an organized activity every day. Double sad, and just trying to justify her original post, which she obviously did not put much thought into.  Yeah, sure, just posting about her kids, right? Would she have given more thought on a dictaphone post??

    Agree. It was awful. Felt like it ate up too many lines. I quit. nm
    Never said I felt that way, not into soul mates - that would be like winning the lottery - sm
    odds are against it. But you can meet someone who you feel is the "one", or at least want to marry and have a life with. If you don't have strong feelings I'd say the marriage is doomed from the start unless someone marries only for money and security, then they will put up and deal with almost anything. ----when I was younger I was one very stupid girl, thought the first guy I met would be the guy I married, boy how do girls get such stupid ideas? My mom had gotten me into Harliquin Romances....boy wish she hadn't maybe I would have wised up faster.....funny how all these young women, all virgins/unexperienced, meet and marry successful, wealthy men in those books. If my kids ever read them I will make a point of explaining to them that life is nothing like a Harliquin Romance.
    I just wondered why you felt it necessary to point out that the OP had posted the same post before.
    It's the equivalent of rolling your eyes and saying you've heard this before when someone is telling you a story they've told before.  The polite thing to do is listen again.  Not tell them, you've told me this before.
    TTer, once I moved to editing, I never felt another CT twinge. nm
    I felt very prepared for a job after finishing AT-Home Professions course.
    The ladies and instructors at the school were very helpful. I have been working as an MT for 7 years now and felt like they tought me a lot. I think it depends on who you talk to. Definitely helped me that I first got my experience in a small hospital where I was able to learn at a slow pace and built speed with time. I didn't pay 2-3000 dollars for the school but felt very confident when I went looking for a job.
    to the transcriptionists who felt that a criminal background check was a violation - sm
    you will notice that some of the jobs posted on the job seeker's board require a CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK!!! What do you think of that?  Still think it's a violation of your privacy?
    Spoke too soon. Felt so much better yesterday I thought I was home free!
    When I first heard Barbra many, many years ago, I felt no one could match or exceed
    her vocal range and clarity, until I was introduced to Celine performing at the Olympics. I had no idea at that time who she was, had never heard of her, but was instantly and totally mesmerized by her voice, power & range. At that moment my feeling that Barbra was the best dissipated, and I have become a dedicated fan of Celine's. I just feel that on top of her range & pitch, her emotions are felt through each of her songs and is unsurpassed.
    what? I used to make .02/line off my subcontractors work and felt guilty.SM
    The MTSO is making .07 line off your work? I know you did not say how much you make, but the MTSO must be charging the client a high rate. Like I said, I had several subcontractors helping me as an IC for local clients in the past, and made .02/line on their work (I am the one who printed and returned the work). You deserve better and are selling yourself much too short! P.S. - Unfortunately this is what is happening to this industry, and it's called greed.
    This heat is unbearable in central Calif. Air quality is bad. I have never felt so unhealthy.
    Over 100 degrees for 30 out of 35 days, the other days were 98 or 99. The air is so bad here in this pocket of the country that people are told to stay indoors. I sit for hours typing and then feel like a slug. Drinking gatorade for hydration and know it is high in sodium but am evaporating here, taking two showers a day as there is a constant dust cloud (particulates ugh).

    I want to move but doing it alone at the age I am is a daunting task. What if I end up some place that is just as bad? The expense would make it impossible to relocate again. Wish I were rich...
    I always figure if they don't care about their dictation, they probably don't care about their
    Dont care how many languages you took. Care