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That's what I thought too, but I was told the built in thing was compatible with my router. nm

Posted By: Computer Dummy on 2006-06-21
In Reply to: Well, I would think that it would have to - not me


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I'm getting set up for DQS and I was told by tech that Smartype is not compatible but(sm)
Shorthand and PDR or PDS (whatever it is, I don't have) would work. I have Smartype too and it's a pain that it won't work.  I was told by others here that what is on the DQS is sufficient.  Hope that's true for me too.  Good luck.
FYI Blew motherboard. Need new puter. Was told not to get Vista as not compatible with work program
Thought so! They told me knicked!

I have been told the same thing!
I had applied for a job in another company who told me we pay for spaces and MQ does not. I do not have Word on work computer and tried to type on DocQsribe, copy and paste to my work email to send to my home computer, but I get a message regarding not being able to copy anything from DocQcribe. I have asked tech, payroll, management and everyone I can think of who might have THE answer and are always told we get paid for spaces and was even commented to, "why do you think going to 1 space and not 2 after periods and colons was done".
I was told the same thing, but..
I did research on my own and found out about compatibility mode. The MTSO simply told me that she would not ask any of the clients to change anything on their end. If you save the files in the 97-2003 format I do not see how anyone will know which version you are using.
one other thing I was told...
They also pay about 11% more in payroll taxes than we do to fund this as well as a GST/HST which is a goods and service tax and the equivalent of a VAT. Many provinces have sales taxes as high as 13% and that is on EVERYTHING. That's a pretty hefty tax increase to bear for working Americans. I personally do not want to be taxed anymore than I am now. Do you?
I was told that exact same thing.
Even got it in writting. Very difficult account (marjority ESL) and changed my work types completely. However, 13 days later they sent out an e-mail (to the entire office - not just me) that if quota was not met then the benefits were gone. When I confronted them with this, I was told there was no exceptions. Needless to say, I spent approximately 8 hours of OT getting my quota (of course not paid OT, just the lines), as I also have got to have the insurance. If you have a good supervisor though, they probably will work with you.
Told same thing, immediately went to
almost 100% ASR, can't make any money on the garbage it spits out, many, many corrections most reports, no promises ever kept by them.  Not even any time at 50/50, from the start almost 100% ASR, can type it much faster than can make the constant corrections.
It should be fine. I was told the same thing about old versus new puter and nothing
My headaches were caused by a bad chair! My boss told me about the same thing and sm
I went out and bought a new chair. No more headaches. That was 4 years ago and it still ticks me off that I had a headache for 5 months that no one had a reason for. Turns out that my chair was tilting funny and I was over-compensating for it without realizing that it was off balance.

I thought the same thing
Stating that they should be 18 or even 21 to drive but then is letting her 14-1/2 yo drive. WHAT???????
I thought the same thing ...
I see no problem in it. I agree with your thinking!!! I might even try a pair too. :)
One thing that I thought was...
As an IC, it is actually better to work for more than one company.  As an IC, your income should come from multiple sources.  I don't know how others do it, but myself I am an IC, but I work for 2 companies plus have my own accounts.  My husband has extra taken out of his pay.  We do use an accountant/tax person, but fortunately he's a friend of the family and doesn't charge us an arm and a leg.  It's funny to me also that you mention freedom in the same sentence as full-time.  IC work is neither full-time nor part-time because it's actually a job by job basis just like a plumber or an electrican.  Just something to think about.
Yes, I thought the same thing -sm
Then one day guess what?  MTSO who had been providing me with an unheard of standard of living had up and sold her company without a word to anyone until the ink was dry.  They later turned around and sold it to someone else, who decided we were all making too much money and wanted to cut our line rates.  I left as I saw things unraveling in a big way.  They later dissolved what was left of the company and it is no more.  The point is, I sat fat and happy thinking I was set for years and out of the blue decisions were made I had no inkling of, so you just never know in this business...
I have often thought of the doing the same thing....sm
Thre is a similar place in a nearby town to me. I have given blood at the blood bank before, so that is not the part that concerns me. The part that concerns me is the possibility of picking up an infection or even HIV since the blood is run through a system that has run other blood and is returnd to my body. In blood donation, that does not happen and they use a completely new sharp and system each time. Am I being phobic about this?
Thanks. Thought same thing. sm
The OM is not computer savy. She is going to get her IT person to do this.
She is a fellow MT. I thought it was the right thing to do as many might know her. why?
Oh yeah. I thought the same thing...
unacceptable.  I have grandchildren who know better and act a whole lot more well-mannered at ages 3 and 4.  The docs were laughing and having a good time at making me sick.. I couldn't believe it either. 
I thought the same thing!! Then was gonna
look up old posts, but realized I was right, and it also wasn't worth the effort! Great minds thinking alike again! Something way fishy going on with this whole story!
OMG I thought my day was bad you poor thing!
I CANNOT IMAGINE having a snake loose while sitting there trying to type. I wouldnt be able to concentrate. I had a spider jump in my hair once while I was typing and couldnt get it out! LOL It was horrible.
Hey, I thought the same thing about the spelling police.
Petty, and no, that's not the word the OP was referring to.
Hahaha! I thought the same thing. He's defintely NOT an MT that's for sure! n/m
Oh, I thought it was an automatic thing on computers these days.
Maybe my hubby set ours up to do it; I'm not sure. It would be under START, then PROGRAMS, then ACCESSORIES, then SYSTEM TOOLS, then choose SYSTEM RESTORE.

Then it would ask you what date you want to restore to.
At the beginning, thought the whole thing had been a dream - thank goodness it wasn't.
I thought the same thing. Justify the EXTRA MONEY they're keeping
You know full well if the foreign MT was the same price they'd quit looking there too. It's all about the money. Who's he fooling?
I thought there was one to cook in crockpot. Don't have time to do the stove thing today but than
I was told I needed 2 phone lines, but was told I was dialing into the doctors' system. What woul

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DQS already has an expander built in (sm)
so you can build upon that. It's the only one I use, can't get into those other ones! Good luck, it isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be!
If we built and continue...

....to build corporations in Mexico, they why in the world do they keep coming over here for work? 

I totally understand where you're coming from.  I have had many family members and friends lose jobs they have worked at for 25+ years.  It's a shame this continues to go on.  Maybe our political postions should be outsourced to the American people, not the high-rollers who are put there because of WHO they know and NOT because they care about us! 

My son built my new computer for me
last year. He is very knowledgeable in this field and he recommended the AMD 64-bit processor as opposed to the Pentiums. He said they were more reliable. I love my new computer. We purchased a "build your own" bundle through Tiger Direct, where you choose what you want in it. Mine was slightly over $500 with the DVD burner DVD player, mother board with 64-bit processor, and 512 mb of ram. plus some other features, that I don't remember, but my son could probably tell you. He said the 63-bit processors are the wave of the future technology. Hope it helps.
Have you built up your speed yet? How did you
deal with the learning curve and still get your line count in?  Thanks for posting this link!
You can have one built special for you
at any computer tech store. I ended up getting a refurbished laptop on ebay that had XP on it and got Word 2003 for only $39. I did buy a 2-year warranty on teh laptop, but even with that it was cheaper than buying a new one and having to have Vista deleated and adding XP and all the new drivers.
Tax guy told me to hold 30%. After first year when got idea what I would be making, he told me
Yes-- I have an Adesso with a built-in touch pad
It works very well for me-- you don't have to move your hand that far to use it. It is strange at first, but once you get used to it, you will love it.
The first factory is being built here in Georgia....sm
Supposed to bring in about 2000-2500 jobs. Hopefully their quality of vehicles will improve. Time will tell!
Do they still make keyboards with a built-in
I agree with a custom-built....sm

The problem with Gateway as well as IBM and probably a few others is they are proprietary, no one else can upgrade them. And unless you live in a large city with a Dell service center, for example, you are going to have to ship it whenever there's a problem or changes needed. It's a pain if you decide you need more memory, etc.


I bought a used custom built that a local computer shop had stripped down to the basics, and they have been able to upgrade consistently for me. As a result I've had this computer for 5 years through numerous platforms, etc. and it's still exactly what I need it to be. Also when I have a problem they can service it without a lot of questions because they know it's history to a T. I would have had to buy a whole new computer during this time...great if you've got the money to do it every few years, but I don't. So for me, this is the only way to go.  .

he may have built it as an IC software developer, but I ...
do not believe it was ever Sheri's intention to have him take it over and represent overseas MTs and overseas MT companies. Whatever the situation, we'll never know for sure. The point is, the new administrator should advertise the website in an honest manner. For starters, he should remove the American Flag from the homepage and post the facts on the homepage that this is a website for International MTs from all countries and services being advertised are from both U.S. companies and overseas companies (having a base in one of our US States and conducting business overseas in no way makes a company American operated (maybe they have an office based in the U.S). Our U.S. citizens deserve to know where their medical records are going, and the doctor dictating their patient records deserves the same. What is the big deal about being up front and honest with straight forward advertising in an obvious area of the website for all to see?
The wireless company has built their own s/m
towers in many areas or lease buildings in strategic spots.  For instance, they have one on our local water tower, the farmer down the road from me has one on his silo, just in different locales.  They invested a lot of money in this because it is the only alternative out here.  They do not rely on the cell phone companies at all.  I know that things like trees and stuff impede it as well, as there are some people out here that can't get either unless they build their own tower that goes above the trees to put the receiver on.  The company spent a lot of time scouting out locations on hills, etc. to make this work.  I'm lucky that the silo is within my range. 
Our regular Walmart was fine. Then they built the SM
Super Walmart. It is disgusting. The toiletries department is small, smaller than the other one in the original store. Lots of absolutely horrible clothes and I am not a snob. The quzlity of the clothes has gone done, if that is possible.

The worst part is the food section. I don't buy food there, but it is dirty, broken boxes of FOOD lying around. Few name brand items, it is truly awful. The produce section is about 2 feet wide. Damn shame.
Well that stinks, my vet just built an addition onto the "house" she was using - sm
It is now basically 2 houses connected with a wide hallway. She has 1 partner, who she has had for the last few years, and has not changed her services/prices at all. She now does have a $25 visit fee but you only have to pay it once a year, if you are regular customer she won't charge you for it everytime you come in. She does not charge for putting an pet to sleep either, as long as you are a regular (She knows us pretty well, I was there a lot with my old dog). She is very helpful to me, recently boarded our 16-y/o schipperke though she has not had her shots this year (my normal kennel would not take her since she was not current on her shots -- was due in 9/05) but as she is on her last legs I see no point in getting her vaccines. The dog is deaf and blind, having kidney failure very slowly but seems happy and my DH can't bring himself to put her to sleep yet. Our vet agrees with us on this point too.
built in shelves, cute as a button!
Love it plus it is small with a built-in desk too!
Call computer geeks and have on built that way.
You can remove the built-in shortcut from the Insert key. sm
Go into Tools, Customize, then click the Keyboard button. Scroll down and click on All Commands in the left window. Scroll down the right window and click on the Overtype command. Click on the command in the current keys box, then click Remove.
Brand name doesnt matter as much as what is built into
Agree get custom built. My geeks know what I
Our Wal Mart moved. Built a Superstore behind Kmart!

Suprisingly, Kmart is still hanging in there and that's where I did most of my Christmas shopping. Great toy department! Much better than Wal Mart.

No lines and no waiting either and you can park pretty close to the store.