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OMG I thought my day was bad you poor thing!

Posted By: OMG on 2009-06-06
In Reply to: Am I the only one - Skeered of Snakes

I CANNOT IMAGINE having a snake loose while sitting there trying to type. I wouldnt be able to concentrate. I had a spider jump in my hair once while I was typing and couldnt get it out! LOL It was horrible.

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Poor Thing
Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night with him curled up on your pillow, nose to nose with you??? Guess we shouldn't speak badly of the dead but since they embraced his ugliness I guess it's okay. 
You Poor Thing!

Rough day for you.  I think we all have been there.  

Make some time for yourself.  QUICK!!  If you can't take a whole day off, take 1/2 a day.  If that won't work....take an hour.  But do something for YOU.  You deserve it.  You need to recharge.

Good Luck.

You poor thing. sm

Dictators like that make me so angry I want to smack 'em! 

It's probably a good thing most of us don't have direct contact with the dictators.  You've heard of road rage?  If we could get our hands on some of these worst-of-the-worst dictators there might be a new term:  MT rage!  (Or maybe *going MT* instead of *going postal.*)  LOL

I'm kidding, of course.  I'm not really suggesting violence.  But I do sometimes wish I could at least get to tell them off in person, instead of doing it at home at my desk, where they can't hear me.    

Hope the rest of your day is better. 

poor thing to really believe that is right

Doctors say and write lots of things that are not proper which is why Joint Commission adopted the Pharmacists' recommendation of dangerous abbreviations.  It comes down to patient care, not trying to prove a point that a doctor or two write something that way.  For the same reason it is dangerous to write Valium 5 1 daily, I will not use the two exposed numerals together in D5 0.25 normal saline. 

Phyllis, if you are alive, thank you for educating me about normal saline and how to use it properly 15 years ago.

Poor thing, you have my sympathy. sm

Marcaine, though, is just an anesthetic.  It numbs the area so the tendon can "relax."  When my tendinitis was at its worst, the tendon swelled and compressed the ulnar nerve, causing numbness in my ring and little fingers -- it was like trying to type with a ham!  LOL

I wish I knew a good way to describe the exercises my doctor gave to me.  He said the mark of a good surgeon was one who doesn't want to do surgery, and I agree.  My first flareup was about 10 years ago, and I haven't been "knifed" yet.  

Maybe there are some examples online of stretching exercises.   Good luck to you!   

Oh Dianna, you poor thing. I am so
sorry about your pain. I truly hope you get some relief soon. I think I can muddle through my three weeks after hearing your story.

You poor thing. Good luck to you.

I've been there but had to work outside the home. I had a slug of an ex who paid child support when "he had the money." I learned how to shop and ate whatever the kids left over in their dinner bowls. To this day I will not touch a Spaghetti-O. :)

First and most important is be a parent to your kids. Have fun with them,  but set limits with them and be a mom and not a friend. That's what they need. And NEVER, EVER, say a bad word about their father, no matter what, even if he bad mouths you.  My kids figured out what a slug their dad was on their own. They are both adults with kids of their own and I still refuse to bad mouth their father after nearly 20 years.


Poor thing, your negativity is showing
Holy smokes...you poor thing. How nice is it that this seeming
psychopath preys on the newbies in the business while conducting his business driving around pretending to interview you...shouldn't he be mentoring his new transcriptionists or something constructive?
Funny! Thanks for the chuckle! I was like, "Whoa, poor thing, started young"!!
You scared me!!!
I thought the same thing
Stating that they should be 18 or even 21 to drive but then is letting her 14-1/2 yo drive. WHAT???????
I thought the same thing ...
I see no problem in it. I agree with your thinking!!! I might even try a pair too. :)
One thing that I thought was...
As an IC, it is actually better to work for more than one company.  As an IC, your income should come from multiple sources.  I don't know how others do it, but myself I am an IC, but I work for 2 companies plus have my own accounts.  My husband has extra taken out of his pay.  We do use an accountant/tax person, but fortunately he's a friend of the family and doesn't charge us an arm and a leg.  It's funny to me also that you mention freedom in the same sentence as full-time.  IC work is neither full-time nor part-time because it's actually a job by job basis just like a plumber or an electrican.  Just something to think about.
Yes, I thought the same thing -sm
Then one day guess what?  MTSO who had been providing me with an unheard of standard of living had up and sold her company without a word to anyone until the ink was dry.  They later turned around and sold it to someone else, who decided we were all making too much money and wanted to cut our line rates.  I left as I saw things unraveling in a big way.  They later dissolved what was left of the company and it is no more.  The point is, I sat fat and happy thinking I was set for years and out of the blue decisions were made I had no inkling of, so you just never know in this business...
I have often thought of the doing the same thing....sm
Thre is a similar place in a nearby town to me. I have given blood at the blood bank before, so that is not the part that concerns me. The part that concerns me is the possibility of picking up an infection or even HIV since the blood is run through a system that has run other blood and is returnd to my body. In blood donation, that does not happen and they use a completely new sharp and system each time. Am I being phobic about this?
Thanks. Thought same thing. sm
The OM is not computer savy. She is going to get her IT person to do this.
She is a fellow MT. I thought it was the right thing to do as many might know her. why?
Oh yeah. I thought the same thing...
unacceptable.  I have grandchildren who know better and act a whole lot more well-mannered at ages 3 and 4.  The docs were laughing and having a good time at making me sick.. I couldn't believe it either. 
I thought the same thing!! Then was gonna
look up old posts, but realized I was right, and it also wasn't worth the effort! Great minds thinking alike again! Something way fishy going on with this whole story!
Hey, I thought the same thing about the spelling police.
Petty, and no, that's not the word the OP was referring to.
Hahaha! I thought the same thing. He's defintely NOT an MT that's for sure! n/m
Oh, I thought it was an automatic thing on computers these days.
Maybe my hubby set ours up to do it; I'm not sure. It would be under START, then PROGRAMS, then ACCESSORIES, then SYSTEM TOOLS, then choose SYSTEM RESTORE.

Then it would ask you what date you want to restore to.
At the beginning, thought the whole thing had been a dream - thank goodness it wasn't.
That's what I thought too, but I was told the built in thing was compatible with my router. nm
I thought the same thing. Justify the EXTRA MONEY they're keeping
You know full well if the foreign MT was the same price they'd quit looking there too. It's all about the money. Who's he fooling?
I thought there was one to cook in crockpot. Don't have time to do the stove thing today but than
poor, poor management
Line count stealing, no help, rude management, you name it SS has it if it is bad!!!!!!! Run, run, save your life.
Poor MT
Hi, Friend! Why do you assume all MTs are ladies? Isn't that a bit sexist? That aside, you should be the one who sets your rates. Do so in a very businesslike way. If they can't (or won't) afford you services, move on to someone who can. Good luck! Tom
Your Poor Son
I'm sorry that your son has to endure so much pain after what his father decided to try. I hope he doesn't have any further problems. My daughter had a very large plantar wart last year and had to get it burned off at the doctor's office. Thankfully it hasn't recurred. My neighbor's young daughter just had one and because of her age, the doctor told her to put duct tape on it. I thought it sounded really crazy, but it worked. It brought it right up to the surface after about a week. She would use an emory board to file off the dead skin around it and then she applied the one of those medicated pads on it for a few days and it popped right off.
All I can say is THAT'S SCARRY and POOR YOU!

Poor communication
I think it is very interesting and would make wonder why she was fired. Sounds to me like someone with poor management skills, who was communicating bad information as they were not happy in their job.

I have been typing operative reports on the DQS for over a year now. My office has never treated me like I am a "dime a dozen".
I agree with you on here, but why pay someone less because they are poor
than you pay someone that works for Public works. Why not give them a job at Public Works?

It's easier said than done.

If you think they are getting a lot on handouts, think again. They only get Tanif (if they have kids and dont get child support), food stamps up to I think 300 to 350 bucks (my family comsumes more), Medicaid (again if they have children), public housing (who in their right mind would want to live there).

These people are not living a life of the wealth. It is so little that they would want to go out and get a job.

I agree with you about making them work, but you cant give them slave wages either.
poor yuckster
you know why she had to become an MT don't you?  She couldn't get hired working outside of her home because for one, employers refused to make the chairs customized to fit her fanny (too expensive) and also, the endless, sporadic combustion of her pimples was way to off putting to the public (bad for business).  So, she had to become an MT and work in the safety of her home. 
Oh, do I ever know how it feels to be poor at SM

Christmas. We had those years several times. But don't hock your wedding band. I know you were just kidding, right? Don't lose your priorities. If you have to, just TELL them. Really.

2-4 will make ya poor.

Your poor kids will be MTs for sure....they will have to be!
Poor girl is right
I would hate to have to go without chocolate.
My poor mouse...
I'm surprised it's still going, as much as I use it out of frustration.  I find myself grabbing it and patting it VERY HARD on the pad over and over and over again, all while saying something to the tune of, "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?"
Poor Katie
i bet after hours of labor not being allowed to go to a hospital and with a sock or something stuffed in her mouth to keep her quiet, Mrs. Cruise might be ready to realize that her husband, no matter how rich and famous, is a total wackadoodle!  If she had any sense she would go find a good divorce lawyer and get out of there.
poor little kittie--sm
I am a cat lover too and my heart just aches for this one. Has Parveau (?) virus been ruled out??? I will pray for the little kitties health. take care.
Poor baby . .
It it's from nerves try chamomile tea with honey.  I think Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time tea has chamomile.  Maybe you could look into something homeopathic like Calms or Bach Flower Remedy like Rescue Remedy. 
Ah, so! Poor doc. Reminds me of one of my...sm
docs who butchers the English language. I called him on repeatedly spelling a term incorrectly (course rather than coarse) and he relied "I was a pre-vet major, not an English major!"

Sorry about the misunderstanding!
Poor grammar
I once had a doctor describing a patient on pain medications. She was wondering if it was safe to stay on them because she planned on becoming pregnant. Well, my doctor said "because she wants to have a kid." I typed because she wants to have a child. Kid? Okay did you really attend med school?
Ooh - your poor tummy!
That's a lot of acid to mix with an aspirin-containing product! Ouchy.
poor grammar
ARGHHHHHH!!! How can these kids spend thousands of dollars on college and med school and not be able to pronounce what the heck they are talking about? Left ventricular hypertrophy just became "verticlar". I can't even spell out how arthropathy came out. These aren't ESLs - these are good old American kids. Even seasoned docs often can't speak. How about isheemia? It isn't a speech impediment, either. They can't pronounce drugs, let alone spell them. The more I am around these folks, the more I believe in witch doctors, at least they can dance and chant at the same time. I still love this job but the quality (and I believe IQ) of some of the people going into medicine is sinking like the Titanic. I'm going to Starbucks. I need something besides Maxwell House this morning.
poor grammar
All of the accounts that I work on (major hospitals - no clinic notes) are verbatim accounts but complain if we don't correct the grammar. My company says, verbatim is verbatim. Talk to your inept and lazy dictators. And how about the females who dictate like they are practicing for phone sex? Spare me the breathiness toots. It may work on your colleagues but doesn't cut ________ with me. I've been doing this for 25 years and I can absolutely tell you the quality has gone down, down, down over the years and you can't blame no child left behind. Blame lazy students. Put the blame where it belongs. The first time a doctor tells me "I be fine" I'm outta there!!!
How sad for your poor dogs.
bark, I know something is going on. I would never, never, never put one of those on my babies. I consider that animal abuse. I feel sorry for your animals. Why don't you try one and see how you like it.  You might have more compassion for your poor dogs.
Poor vision
That is funny!!!!
Poor dictators
I don't think the company gives a darn about how difficult some of these dictators are - it seems like they are so afraid of losing an account that they will not ask for anything that would help us.

Boy, am I having a bad day!
Poor hardworking mostly minority?
You are so wrong.    He may not have grasped the vastness of the situation, but I don't think anybody else did either.   I think they do now.   I wondered when people would get around to blaming the response on race.  You're a little slow.
Pray for these poor people.
Up to 20 Dead in Fire Aboard Evacuees' Bus
By SHEILA FLYNN, Associated Press Writer

Friday, September 23, 2005
(09-23) 06:01 PDT Wilmer, Texas (AP) --

A bus carrying elderly evacuees from Hurricane Rita caught fire early Friday on a gridlocked highway near Dallas, killing as many as 20 people, authorities said.

"Deputies were unable to get everyone off the bus," spokesman Don Peritz said. "We believe it's going to be closer to 20 fatalities.

The bus, carrying about 45 people, was engulfed with flames, causing a 17-mile backup on Interstate 45, already heavily congested with evacuees from the Gulf Coast. The bus was reduced to a blackened, burned-out shell, surrounded by numerous police cars and ambulances.

There were indications that oxygen used by elderly evacuees could have had a role in the fire, Peritz said. There were a series of explosions, apparently from the oxygen equipment, he said.

"The early indications are this is a mechanical issue. The driver did survive the accident," Peritz said. "It's my understanding he went back on the bus several times to try to evacuate people."

Interstate 45 stretches more than 250 miles from Galveston through Houston to Dallas. The crash site is roughly 17 miles southeast of downtown Dallas.

URL: http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/n/a/2005/09/23/national/a054557D10.DTL
2005 Associated Press