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The Helms Bakery Truck! It sold candy & Pixie-Sticks, too! Yumm! (n/m)

Posted By: Hungry MT on 2006-06-07
In Reply to: POLL: childhood memories - mickey mouse ice cream bars


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Great one!! I use chedder cheese...yumm nm


Trixi pixie
....Whooa... you make Busy Mting look like a lamb. You sound so harsh and rude. If you don't like the posts then don't open them. Seems to me the sign of a good balanced character is not to be so affected by one extreme or the other.
They are in the roll section ( I have seen them with the bakery rolls too)
in bakery section - orange wrapper
They're WONDERFUL - if you've never tried them, do.  They are in an orange package.
4 chihuahuas - Sassy, Pixie, Lady, and Speedy, One cat - Calie.. sm for rest of zoo....
Bearded dragons are Lizzie and Eddie, Leopard geckoes are Sabu and Taabu. Cockatiel is Lutie. Never did name my pair of green iguanas. I have a large fish that is named Bully because he is a mean oscar and a turtle named Bubba, as he isn't the smartest turtle in the pond. LOL.
rice, bakery outlets, loss leader at the grocery stores,

My favorite cheap meal is cooking chicken leg quarters in a crock pot with an 1/4 onion and tumeric. Serve them with rice and lentils.

Here is a list of cheap foods: PB&J, bacon (cook two 2 slices at  a time to put in eggs and beans), carrots, potatoes,  beans (lentils are the easiest to cook IMHO), pasta, rice (use oil instead of butter to save $), eggs, Totinos pizza, and frozen mixed veggies.

www.stretcher.com under groceries has some good ideas.

www.hillbillyhousewfie.com has good ideas too. She has a good list called Everyday Bargains.

Do you have a bakery outlet close by? They usually have great deals on bread and bakery junk food. For $4 you can walk away with a big bag of bread, bagles, cake, ect.

I'm a single mom so I can't do this but if you can go grocery shopping without children that will help. Most stores have a loss leader for meat on sale each week. I would buy that meat and make mix it with rice or ramen noodles for dinner.

Most churches have food pantries. If you call one that does not have one, ask where there is a food bank. Church secretaries get so many calls for help they are usually experts at what the organizations available.  Some Catholic Churches have St. Vincent DE Paul societies, they will either give you food or a gift card to a grocery store. Call the parish office and ask if the is one.  We recieve food stamps now but I have been to food banks.  They usually give canned food, pasta, and bread.


kickin it in the sticks
I am so rural in Minnesota that my niece tells me I live in the middle of nowhere! Well it isn't that bad, but I am definately in the sticks. I do manage to get DSL from our local phone company via a remote box and my employer runs through a VPN. My DSL is not super fast and not super reliable but I do manage to do okay. Sure beats driving 30 miles to work one way at 4.00 a gallon for gas!
Sometimes memory sticks can go bad. You may have
a couple sticks of RAM. Check your RAM usage.
I need to lose 160 sticks of butter
so I joined dance class. Willing to share my butter for christmas baking.
keys on the keyboard sticks

The keys on the keyboard tend to stick at times, but they are intermitent.  Does anyone else have that problem?  I bought a new keyboard.  Please help.. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.

MORE THAN LIKELY!! That place is second worst the HE double hockey sticks!
not at all. that word and the double hocky sticks were ruled acceptable in the late 50s -
and no longer curse words.

Funny, the other board Hitlered it, but they allow the one where the typist pounds his head on the keyboard and blood spurts EVERWYERE until he is dead.

Guess violence, suicide is funny to them.
Truck driving
My friend and her husband drove as a "team" before he passed away.  She said it isn't as easy as it looks-- especially if you are a woman.  She said she had to back the trailers into the loading docks and all the "macho men" would just stand there and stare at her-- apparently they are too "manly" to have their jobs taken by women.  Anyway, she said the driving part was fun, but the company monitors you every second via some kind of tracking device and it isn't like I thought-- that you could stop in various parts of the country, etc.  There is a lot of technical stuff you have to know about the truck, maintenance, etc., as well.  She said she wouldn't do it again.
truck type
Don't have direct experience but my husband trucks and am familiar with the concepts. This is an intriguing scenario so hope you don't mind if I speculate a bit.

A few questions for you. By partnership, do you mean you intend to drive, as in split equal driving hours with him? What kinds of distances are involved...state/regional or interstate? You talking lap top type on internet based platform or what (i.e., method of report transmission)?

Certainly, RV is not the same as OTR. I think your main issue would be internet access while in motion. You want to type PT or drive PT or what?
The ice cream truck
The Mister Softee ice cream truck came every evening. You could hear his bell dinging wayyyy before he got to our street. On special occasions (i.e., daddy's payday) we were allowed to go a sundae or milkshake or rootbeer float. I read in the paper just the other day that the man who started Mister Softee recently died.
We saw an ice cream truck the other day (sm)
and my daughter was so excited. But I told her I doubt it if it would come up where we live because there is too much of a spread between houses. We saw it going through a housing development. Which makes sense, but was a disappointment for my daughter (and me!!!!). I remember playing outside and hearing the music way in the distance. I would run to get dimes from my Mom or Dad. That is a VERY pleasant memory. Thanks to OP for starting this topic.
We have an ice cream truck come through
our neighborhood every day. They have all the good stuff from the good ol' days!
Did you just fall off the turnip truck?
Of course it's a scam. Grow up.
Leased a truck for four years. At the
end of that time, purchased the truck because we had put so many miles on it, and they financed for another FIVE years to keep the payments about the same. Won't try that again!!!!!!!!!!!!
I call it Mack Truck Flu.
Feels like  you've been run over with a Mack truck! Glad U are feeling almost within normal limits.
good job! watch out for the truck

being in your name because whatever he does will come back on you so if he crashes and hurts someone, they can come after you.  my x took all the keys so I had another set made and they didn't work so I reported it stolen and let the cops get it from him. (the car was only in my name)  plus it adds to your paper trail that you're going to need to keep yourself protected. 

don't you feel better all ready!

Sorry but truck driving is going south also
Also had hubby as truck driver, as well as done team driving --the rates there are going down as many are coming over the borders and able to drive for less.  So that profession has dropped 50% as well or at least held its own over the past ten years which is not a progression at all.  Even owner-operators are seeing a decline.  So it is hitting everywhere. 
Back the turnip truck up!
You are working full-time with demands of 1,200 lines a day and only making $16,000.00 a year.  You'd better find another job.  What part of the Earth do you live?  My goodness, clerks make more than that.  You may want to try becoming a file clerk as you'd probably make more and it certainly would be less stressful!  Take care!
My husband used to drive a truck and

back in 1970s, he made $1 a mile and above. He got out when the rates went down, when the government starting forcing truckers to drive only so many miles a day, and when the companies wanted you to drive over and above the so-called allowable mileage and if you got caught, YOU paid, not the company. Then there was the cross-country in 3 days deal....then, 'Hm-m-m, he could do it in 3 days, let's push a little harder to see if he can cut his time down more."

Bet you're hubby never makes $1 a mile or above now, especially with the high fuel costs and maintenance of the truck unless he is Haz-Mat or in a specialized field.

Oh, BTW, they are bringing back the railroads because "it's too expensive to truck the goods anymore."  It's the old "dange" if you do, and "dange" if you don't type of deal.

Oh, wait! Could this be just like transcription?

how bout Bonomo turkish taffy, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. De-lish.
Candy and gum
I'd have to say absolutely yes!!! Especially the candy clicking on the teeth. And just plain eating gets on my nerves. Guess they just don't realize that there is an actual person on the other end having to listen to this junk.

Oh, and cussing too. I absolutely hate it when they start cussing!
I recently lost 20 pounds. That means I lost 80 sticks of butter.

Yeah, must have fallen off the turnip truck.

After paying on my truck and house for a year I can
refinance and get an interest rate that is close to someone who has never filed bankruptcy before.  So, the high interest rate won't be there forever and at least I will have assets rather than renting or not having a car at all.  So, bankruptcy in my case was the best option.
I'd think it would be long-haul truck driver or
long haul truck driver, depending on account specs and whether or not they use hyphens.
Congrats and while you are at it, report your truck stolen by him.
I have the truck! Forgot that important tidbit!
The police asked him to relinquish it. Ta Da !!!
The Good Humor ice cream truck! They still
sell some of the products in the store, but it is nowhere near as good.  The vanilla ice cream bars covered with toasted almonds!  The half and half popsicles with flavors like rasberry and lime that were SO fruity!  The Good Humor man in his white outfit!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  It was great!
Paul is still eye candy, even in his 60s. nm
Halloween Candy
Milky Way!
hard candy
A wise old pediatrician told me long ago if you like hard candy, buy Life Savers - there is a reason for the name of that candy, hole in the middle, lets you breathe if stuck in your throat he said. Hot tea and white bread will help those problems. I had a child inhale a chocolate small easter egg and I had to tip him upside down as heimlich did not work, and he spit it out. It is very scary and I hope you are okay. take care and buy some life savers............
Congrats. See's is the BEST candy.
good luck to you!! Do something about that truck..you are responsible for any damages unless you
it taken without permission (different than stolen).
Camaros..three 1994, 1998, and 1999 and a truck,
Chevy truck 2005
My hubby drives a long distance truck
thank goodness! He says the trucking business in dire need of truckers. Bet we donít see folks punching those in.
I always dig in my son's candy for tootsie rolls! nm
Candy corn (see my post below) nm
THANKS MTStars! The See's Candy tin arrived.
I cannot wait to dive into it!
I've got a candy sucker...
She just rattles that hard candy around clacking against her teeth and makes sucking sounds... Lovely! UGH!
It's a bus, not a truck load of nuclear waste. It's a blue collar job,
I think MQ will be/or is sold too

I think it for several reasons

like the person above says......it's an albatross

I never thought MQ/phillips would keep it in the first place - it has outlived it's usefullness which was to get their hands into hospitals on a personal basis - they want to do billing and they want to sell them VOICE RECOGNITION SYSTEMS...they don't want to do transcription...no person in their right mind would...it's labor intensive and a pain in the butt.

Frank doesn't know anything about MTing - he knows elevators .....and how to dismantle companies.

So all in all, I'm totally shocked it isn't sold yet.

Plus I see accounts leaving MQ offices and nobody saying anything like - we need more accounts.

They say they want to be "leaders in the MT field" but never come up with a plan.

The only people getting "good benes" are  "employees"  in the offices, yet are closing down offices.  And when they finally do close down completely they will have very few people to pay unemployement to because they have squeezed us all into SE status.

Well, that's my answer.


I think you sold me

I have a gift card for Sephora (from Christmas) and was thinking of trying some. I use prescriptives, which is OK, best I have found so far, but I think I may try the Bare MInerals, especially with summer coming up. 

Work is sloooooow today so I think I may just go place my order.  Might as well do something fun on my downtime.  So far I have mopped the kitchen and vacuumed while waiting for work.   Time to shop!

So what if it is. He said he sold it (sm)

who to trust is a big mystery, he said, she said.  She seems to have deceived us all.  It doesn't matter to me anymore.  Everyone needs to get along and move forward.  Things change.  Yesterday is old news.  Today is a new day, hope everyone enjoys it.

Poll: What is your favorite Halloween candy? s/m
I always get a craving for candy corn this time of year!
Sugar free candy suggestions? (sm)
My father-in-law is diabetic and we are visiting him tomorrow.  I'd like to find him some yummy candy before I leave town.  Wal-Mart is the closest store to the interstate that is 24-hour.  Any suggestions for what I could find there?  Thanks. 
hahahaha! So, you don't like my wart? Hey, I have about 10,000 candy corns here right now! No kid