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The ads should say what they need

Posted By: Kathy, me again on 2006-03-26
In Reply to: Companies wanting MTs with IC status but not following the rules... - Kathy

Then there would be no mistake, and all would be clear. But some of the ads are intentionally misleading as is the concept of IC in most cases.

A lot of IC's are flakes IC's are flakes and an account managers nightmare. The problem starts with competition in vying for the contracts. We have prime contractors promising things that can't be delievered with a contractor-subcontractor relationship. One solution is if you need 5 MTs, hire 10 which is painful for all of us who need money.

We (medical transcriptionISTS)need an organization that will represent us and our interests. Like our California sisters and brothers...we need a union or some way to be unified.

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