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Interpro did this to me. I got differential for 3rd shift but they wanted me to list hours. I

Posted By: refused and just listed 3rd shift. I left. nm on 2006-03-25
In Reply to: Companies wanting MTs with IC status but not following the rules... - Kathy


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Does MQ pay shift differential for nights?
My company doesn't. My want to apply there.
Webmedx radiology is 7.5 cpl. The only difference is shift differential. sm
I turned them down.
Webmedx has shortened all the hours too, for which they pay a differential. Bottom line, always.
Question about shift/hours

Do any of you work for companies who allow you to complete an 8-hour shift anytime between a designated 12 hours?  I think I have heard of this before on here and think that would be really helpful to me as an employee trying to raise my production.

I am wondering if it is difficult for companies to accomplish TATs with all their accounts allowing this, or if it works out well for them too.  (Thinking of approaching my company about it.)

Thanks for any feedback you can give me. 

Split shift MTs---what hours do you work? sm

I'm trying to revamp my schedule around transporting kids.  Would be interested to know what works for you.  Thanks! 

Just wanted to know number of hours

LOVE my job....Counting down hours til my shift starts
I love my job and my part-time IC jobs, too. I'm a workaholic, granted, but I've been a workaholic and not necessarily liked the job(s) I was working. At this point in my life, I love my jobs, especially my primary job.

Life is quite good at the moment :-)
Have never known shift lead who just worked 8 hours a day for 5 days. By the time they
If employee, work the scheduled shift and complete the 8 hours. nm
Quit after 2 years. If I wanted to work 8 hours a day, I would have stayed in the hospital. Seemed
to be working all day long just to make a decent living.  Although, I wanted to be home with my kids until the baby was at least 5, had to breakdown and return to working outside the home, to make ends meet. Just to stressfull trying to make a good living with the rates they are paying now. 
You mean Interpro?
Interpro bad,,,,, bad,,,,,
I vote for Interpro.  They work you to death.  Micromanage the accts, always picking at how they want to run the business, trying to squeeze another penny out of clients and squeeze the last line out of an MT/Ed for the lowest pay possible.  Platform is really bad too. 
Interpro is a nightmare - don't even go there
I get 1 cpl differential for my CMT.
Feedback on Interpro--Maryland?
Does anybody have any feedback, positive or negative, on Interpro out of Maryland? 
I get a 1 cpl CMT differential = about $6K a year.

New. Wanted to put in a better card to support a game my 17yo DD wanted to play.
Rate differential for job types
so, is it just me or are operative reports on the whole more difficult/time consuming than other types, like ERs or discharge reports?  Seems like a more thorough knowledge of anatomy, not to mention surgical equipment, is needed for ops...
Then your MTSO isn't really paying a CMT differential, is she? lol
Interpro is the worst - bottom of the trash-heap
I called on that ad. They offered me $23.00 an hour with differential and incentive. AND
relocation fees, AND if you live in the metro area, you can work at home.  It sounds wonderful to me.  I don't know why they are looking for help with all that combined.  My husband just didn't want to relocate or I would have been there instantly. Besides, I love the area.
InterPro often sends IMs to staff to NOT send feedback if they are "too busy" or there is too
For us slow pkes---my best would be 3 hours, worst 6 hours - just depends on the dictator ,
I have to look up (i.e. Dr. names, addresses)...I have to do a lot of that and it majorly slows me down, without all that and good not too horrible dicators, in 1 hour I can do anywhere from 15-20 minutes of dictation.
But in transcription, if you are good at what you do, you can do 8 hours of work in 4 hours. So eit

you slice it, both companies will still get 8 hours worth of work out of you.

That is the problem I've been having lately being an MT.  Companies want to pay us on production and they set minimum productivity standards, but want us timed in for 8 hours a day.  My thinking is, if they want 8 hours of work out of me, pay me hourly with production incentive.  If they want to pay me on production and tell how much I have to produce in an 8 hour period, then when I hit that mark, I should be able to call it a day even if I've only worked 4 hours.

Seems these companies want it both ways and it is simply not fair to us MTs.  JMO, tho.

wanted to try it but wanted to make sure
If it's my fav doc with lots of shortcuts, 1-1/2 hours to 2 hours max
I see, we sit at the keyboard for 40 hours and then throw on 20 more hours
Is this how you do it? Me? I got a PT job so that if my FT job didn't have enough work to meet my needs financially, the two jobs together would.

They hired me to work a specific shift and that is what I am working. If they want me to type after I clock out, then I will happily do so.
I must say, I work long hours, sometimes 12-14 hours a day.
I thought it was important to mention that. However many hours it takes to get the work done is what I do. Some days 12 hours, other days 6 hours and sometimes 14 hours. So, I guess there really is no easy answer.
I do 2000 lines in 6 hours - so maybe 3 hours - nm
typing 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week
on my wrists I mean.
and not getting any benefits... and for a salary of less than 30K? not really worth it...
medical abbreviation list and medical drug list

Anyone there who could help me out finding the latest abbreviations list.
I even want the latest drug list because my current program does not have many drugs.

So if anyone could suggest anything which is available online for informationd quick look purposes.

any help for medical abbreviation list and medical drug list would be very helpful.

hit left Shift key 3 times, then right Shift key 3 times -
1st, 2nd, 3rd shift????
My husband is a correctional officer, and his 1st shift is considered 12 am - 8 am, 2nd is 8 am - 4 pm, and 3rd is 4 pm - 12 am.  I get the impression that most MT companies consider 1st shift as day shift, 2nd as evening and 3rd as 12 am - morning hours.  Can anyone clarify this for me?  Thanks.
Just put another pot on for my 2nd shift of the day! nm
Shift F9
Shift F9...
Type is RAD this weekend and mine was shift F9, which will bring up menu with spell check selection, which will give an info window, return and then it will start. But as mentioned always be at the top of report or it will say "done" as it does not automatically start from top. If this does not work use your F1 Help menu to find it.
Third shift
I was just working third shift and my hours were 11 pm to 7:30 am. Another coworker who also works third shift works 9 pm to 5:30 am. I think it varies by company. I hated third shift. I guess others love it, I was not one of them. I was on it for a year and a half and never could adjust to it. I would think long and hard before taking another third shift position, because it is so hard to get off third shift. But, like I said, there are many others that love third shift.
3rd shift
When I was on that shift, I would get away from my desk, walk around a bit, wash my face and get another cup of coffee.
Try to take a nap right before your shift (sm)
if you can, say even 20 minutes.  Track the times you get up in the morning (or during the day if you work 3rd shift).  If you can sleep a little later, this will help by the end of the day.  I like to snack while I work, but to stay awake, I can't eat a thing!
1st night on 3rd shift and still
but i started at 11 p.m., and notice that my line count for first hour was credited to yesterdays work.  so -- is this just a fact of life for 3rd shifters? 
Cherrypicking at end of shift
What about when you just have a little bit of time left on your shift and you want to shuffle through and pick up some short jobs instead of the 25-minute psych report or the long consult that will put you way over your shift?
9 CPL, incentives, shift, 65 CPL
with spaces.  I live in the Pacific NW, company is on the east coast.
Shift Lead MT/QA
In this position currently at 15.00 per hour.
How do you adjust to a 3rd shift job? nm
split shift
split shifts are great!  you will do much, much better if you split your 8 hours up by 4 and 4.  Early in the day and then late evening are usually the best. 
What exactly is a shift lead MT?

night shift
My life currently revolves around babysitting my 15 month old grandson all day, somedays he arrives at 5:30 a.m., others it is 7:00 a.m. stays with me anywhere until 2:00 to 5:00 pm. (his mom is in nursing school with somewhat irregular hours depending on her clinical days). I get on and transcribe from 7:00 p.m. until midnight or sometimes 1:00 a.m. five days a week. I absolutely force myself to take a one hour nap before my shift starts(never more than 1 hour). It helps so much. At first it was hard to do, but it really does help me stay awake and now it is almost natural to do it. Darken the room and keep away from the TV, unplug the phone. Of course, I can't live without caffeine either. Good luck with you new job/new shift
Shift question

I don't want to appear ignorant but I have always worked M-F.  Now am getting ready to look for a new position and am curious if I work third shift Sunday thru Thursday, I guess that means 11 o'clock Saturday night to 7 Sunday morning or does it mean 11 o'clock Sunday night (which would actually be Monday morning)  Thanks

Your company might consider 4/5p-12a.m. to be second shift, tho'. Better ask.