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You are absolutely correct. Here's my fix.

Posted By: sm on 2006-03-25
In Reply to: Companies wanting MTs with IC status but not following the rules... - Kathy

I think that probably the easiest solution for those companies is to just hire employees. When it comes to trying to meet client TATs, scheduling shifts, etc., ICs are mainly a pain, anyway.

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absolutely correct
not supposed to be done
You are absolutely correct.
Absolutely correct! And . . .
I've been an MT since 1978 and the MT world revolved quite nicely in the days when we were all in-house and given credit for having a brain and being able to figure out how to compose a coherent paragraph with the crap dictation we were given to work with. QA never existed then and everything was just fine. No lawsuits that I can recall, so this is just more red-tape nitpicking on the part of the at-home services to kiss the client's butt and make them think they're getting something special.

So lame.
Absolutely correct!
Stupid people remain stuck in neutral. That's why they're stupid.
Absolutely correct!
People who knock college are just jealous of the people who did have the ambition and brains to go, and spend their lives complaining, passing blame, and resenting others (and themselves).
You are absolutely correct
My oral surgery practice wants me to put cc, not mL. The paying customer's preference comes first!

Happy Fourth of July, all, by the way.
that would be absolutely correct!!

You are absolutely correct...

However, I worked on-site and only made $25,000.00 after 17 years, started at $7.00 an hour.  So, the ones who say they made $75,000.00 are not giving you all of the facts.

The realm of an MT per hour is from 13-17 an hour; look it up.  It's true.  However, if you have your own accounts (which I do), I charge more per line and have templates set up so that I breeze through my dictators that I've done for the past 10 years, which yields me around 25-30 an hour.  These circumstances are not common, I know that now. 

I think you're doing great!  Keep up the good work!  I'm not here to blast ya'!  You are the wave of the future; no MT will get rich and never have been rich. 

I think some of us who have been in this profession though see that it's tough to raise rates at this time because of the fear of losing the account to a large company.  I'm just a small guy, I don't require much really, so I'm happy with what I make.  I also love being at home full-time.  I'm able to manipulate my schedule and not feel so "hum-drum."  I learn something new every day, not all pretty either, but I've learned more specialties working online than on-site. 

At this point in my life (I'm in my 30s), this profession suits me just fine.  Advice to new MTs, give it a whirl!  You may be surprised that you really can make some money if you just relax and stop listening to the "nay-sayers."  As a matter of fact, I have never done VR, but think it would be interesting.  If pretty much everything is there, then all the better; this may be another good way for a new MT to break into the business and learn is with the VR... 

Endorsed by an MT who still feels "liked, wanted, and needed" in this profession! 

You are absolutely correct.
It should be 'were given'. Before having children and staying home to MT, I spent 6 years teaching English and grammar - 'were' in this case is grammatically correct.
Yes you are absolutely correct....

It is the on-site jobs that gets ya' out there....  Some docs are just great payers and know good work when they see it.  I think they like local because you are familiar with all of the things that go into that report, i.e., referring physicians, facilities, diagnostic centers, etc.  It saves them the headache of correcting all of those mistakes.

My own personal PCP has complained to me in an office visit about the local hospital that uses an outside service and can never get his name right.  The problem is that the physicians are not the ones making the decisions, it is the hospitals that make those decisions as far as in the hospital environment.  I know physicians at the hospital that I worked at that were p'od when they found out we would no longer be transcribing their reports.  They were just so set in their ways and they got good TAT and a good quality report - but no more, and yes I still to this day hear terrible feedback about the outsourced company and how the doctors spend countless hours correcting things.  End of Story...  {sigh}

You're absolutely correct sm
I've had editors tell me that they love getting my reports with blanks because they know they can go directly to the blank and try to fill it in, they say some MTs they have to almost completely re-type the report which takes more time than typing it in the first place.  I know this to be true from my own editing.  I tried to work with the MTs if they could be salvaged.  If they still insisted on not doing their job, I did my job until they were relieved of their work duties.  :)
AFib is absolutely correct...nm
Above two replies absolutely correct!
Rules and standards are necessary but they should be uniform. ''Rules'' cannot be followed when they are arbitrary--the individual preferences or whims of whatever QA person gets the report. Great posts!
Absolutely...this is the place to correct
and please correct me before I send a mailing to doctors! I do think cai would appreciate it in that respect. Definitely, help a sister out when you get a chance!
poster above is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT...sm
A tech support person who used to work for a certain company I used to work for...well, we knew one another before and after we both quit, he gave me the scoop on what these companies do. It is underhanded and deceitful and downright dishonest. that is why I do NOT trust NOT ONE MTSO anymore....they are all dishonest......I don't care how good a company is stated to be on any board.

All they care about is the mighty dollar...the owners of all of these companies....they are getting richer and richer and some of us are one foot away from being homeless.

I have no respect for any of these companies, nada, zero.....
Absolutely correct! Snow Bunny is right! nm
Absolutely!!! Mine has been correct 95% of the time....
BUT - you have to do your own or have somebody knowledgeable do it for you. You really have to know what you're doing and understand it. The 5% that I don't get right is because of "pilot error" - screwed up on the math - AGAIN!!!
Mom's a smart lady and absolutely correct!
Online dating also falls into the desperate category. If someone doesn't want to meet people the conventional, in-person way, they have to be:

1. Socially challenged.
2. Facially challenged.
3. Vertically challenged.
4. Weight challenged.

There are a lot of people out there who do that kind of thing and that's their choice, but I'd rather meet face to face instead of trolling the computer from behind a monitor looking for goofs that no one in the real world would want.
Oh please, drop the drama - she is absolutely correct.
you too are absolutely correct! Client pref rules..NM
You're absolutely correct - they always pull that card when they have nothing else
You read my post ABSOLUTELY correct. Supervisors don't need my appreciation nor
do I need their's.  We all just want to get paid if you are honest.  I don't have time to worry if I am appreciated by MQ.  I just want them to pay me for an honest day's work.  I guess that shows they like me, they really, really like me.  Talk is cheap.  I get it all the time from MQ CEO/management, how much I am appreciated.  I just want to paid for my time and don't want to hear all the talk.  I mean who really cares.  So if they appreciate me and don't pay me for my efforts, what do I do with this "appreciation"?  Bank it?
I absolutely agree with you. You've made it grammatically correct
hope this all comes through.

Your change is much better than the one suggested below which totally changes the sentence and would not be correct in my opinion.
Do it correct always. It will learn. Everyone has to do it correct all the time. nm
If you are careful with putting the correct report in the correct report shell and patient, you will
not have any problems. I only take away this option when someone is careless. There can be NO room for error on this. One mistake can be very serious. Many do it well though, so just double check and you will be fine.

Absolutely, I absolutely love my job and
you are absolutely right and I know because I know
which is just as good as knowing any other way.

a policy of kindness is the only *way* to go....
Absolutely not, just a FYI. nm
Stay at the Polynesian - it's right on the Disney Property and it is OH SO LUXURIOUS! Very reasonably priced, too for what you get. They have a great luau (sp?), and you can walk out your hotel room and hop on the tram straight into the park.

Speaking of parks, you MUST to go Epcot and bring lotsa de casha for the country of Germany - they have colored crystal that will knock your socks off and your pocketbook clear out of your purse.


...the immature vitriolic attitude some people on this board have. If it bothers you so much to see what may seem to you a no-brainer question posted, please feel free to move on, sparing us your crappy, holier-than-thou attitude. I'm absolutely ashamed to have people like you part of my MT community.
MQ has hurt too many people and their families. I don't even work for them, but the hospital that I work for bought their DQS program, which is wonderful, but it also included the DocQmanage program which CHEATS TRANSCRIPTIONISTS!
MQ has hurt too many people and their families. I don't even work for them, but the hospital that I work for bought their DQS program, which is wonderful, but it also included the DocQmanage program which CHEATS TRANSCRIPTIONISTS!
MQ has hurt too many people and their families. I don't even work for them, but the hospital that I work for bought their DQS program, which is wonderful, but it also included the DocQmanage program which CHEATS TRANSCRIPTIONISTS!
How do you know DocuManage cheats MTs?
Absolutely no!
I agree with you! However, I do not consider people taking necessities to survive "looters." HUGE difference with someone taking shoes, jewelry, TVs, and nonessential items. These are 2 different classes totally. People trying to survive should not even be compared to a looter. I was all for shooting any and all looters that were caught in the act!
A absolutely
I wouldn't encourage my worst enemy to get into this field!
Absolutely not!
Absolutely NOT
MQLOVER would get upset. Yeah you sure did dig yourself into a big one. Just keep on going and may be you can find some more people to hire in China when you get there.
Absolutely not.
absolutely right!
i couldn't have said it better -- agree with you totally!
Absolutely not.

I wish you the very best of luck!  You'll do great!


Yes, absolutely

I've been working a 13-hour per day schedule recently (getting ready for changes coming up). While I do slow down by the end of the day, I'm still holding quite steady and a decent line count. I've been accomplishing anywhere from 3016 (my low so far on the 13-hr schedule) to 3653 (my high so far on this schedule). TOUGH? YES! Possible??? Absolutely.

Absolutely! Go for it!
No, they absolutely do not.
Certainly the length of time it would take to complete the transcript would be dependent on a lot of things, but I personally would not bid less than $40 per audio hour, and due to the availability requirement of -- "I need for you to indicate your days and hours of availability. These
days and hours should NOT be flexible. These should be the days and
times that you are ALWAYS available to work. You will be receiving jobs
during these days and hours without advance notice and you are expected
to do them, no excuses."

I would not even do it for the $40 mentioned above.
no you are absolutely not alone!!! nm
Absolutely not. They will appreciate it more

and will take better care of it if they have to work for it.  We obtained a loan for our son to have his car and then he had to pay us back monthly, as well as keep up his insurance payments, car repairs, etc.  However, I do know that A LOT of parents feel it is a requirement for them to buy their children cars.  I personally think that is asking for trouble in the long run.  Nothing in this life is free and kids need to know that, especially since they're getting ready to enter the real world.