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You are out of your mind!!...MTSO and IC...nm

Posted By: What gall...I work harder than most... on 2006-03-26
In Reply to: ICs are a bane on MTSO society. - Why?

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Your mind was in the gutter up there with sauteed stool, too. Would you please take your mind out of

Would you mind ...
sharing that site with me? You can email me personally at kathy.eberle@gmail.com. I did get that very email and would like to know what everyone else has to say! Thanks!

LOL! Never mind - I see it now.
I was sure it wasn't there a minute ago! 
Keep in mind, please......
That if a company has more than, say, 10 accounts, that the recruiters just might not KNOW how difficult an account is. When you get a requisition for account #67, there's no telling whether it's the best account on the planet, or the worst.
Don't mind
Actually don't mind the lower income right then, because I am selling my house and can afford to lose a little, knowing that after the first of the year or so I can get my line count back up.
keep in mind
In addition to the good comments made above you must also be aware that if you are going to a program that may upgrade occasionally and is not static you may well run the risk of losing your autotext entries.  If you are really good about backing up your files, good for you and no problems really, but if you are like the rest of us and forget more than you remember to back up .. you could have one horrible day when you see the file not convert or some such ugly thing!
If you don't mind (sm)
your money being used to support anti-reproductive choice terrorism, go ahead and join.
Please keep in mind
how good you are feeling since beginning the drug, and that all drugs are very individual in how they event anyone.  You really should not make a decision for yourself regarding some one's experience.  
Never mind...duh
Do you mind me asking...
what company do you work for and are they hiring? I have been an Editor for 15 years and am having a hard time find a good company to work for. Thanks
Please keep in mind that many
of the people on this site work at home. Some have forgotten (some never knew) how to interact with others in a courteous and professional manner.
Please keep in mind (sm)
that he will tell you anything you will want to hear. One thing I had to ask myself when I was going thru this was, is this someone that I would want my daughter married to? I repeated that question to myself any time I was tempted to "try again."
where at and of what...if you don't mind my asking...TIA (NM)

I have! You can do anything you set your mind to!
There are many, but the ones that come to mind first are...
I love him because of the way he loves me. He's not fake, pretentious or condescending. He's funny, talented, and is a true gentleman in every sense of the word. Besides that, he's not afraid to go to the store JUST for a box of tampons ;) ... He's the absolute best and I've never been happier.
I do not mind either
Usually, if I am visiting at my mother's house and need to go online, I will ask but it is not a big deal & vice versa. But it all depends on what they want to use the computer for. When we ask each other to use the computer, it is always just to quickly look something up online & it never involves using that person's computer programs or going into their files or anything like that - just the Internet.
never mind!
was able to recover - Whew!
I don't mind .... sm

If young and older American men and woman love America so much that they are willing to go to a for foreign land to protect my liberties with their lives - I certainly will assume the responsibility of freedom for all by letting the government see who I call.  Frankly, my phone call list is very boring I am afraid. 

So to those who want to make a big deal over nothing (as long as you have nothing to hide), remember who is giving up . .  an easier way of making a living (so that you can sit back, fat and sassy) . .  an 8 hour work shift five days a week making far less than us (so you can make the money you feel you deserve and are entitled to). .  being separated from their families (while we are all getting ready to celebrate mother's day with our families) . . .all because of the love for OUR country and THEIR fellow citizens.

STOP - LOOK- LISTEN - Is it your brother, your father, your uncle, your sister, your mother, your aunt, your fiance, your neighbor, your life long friend? - we all are God's precious children. 

God Bless to all of our military and to you and your family - Pray for a United America.



I don't mind at all
If they do this and find terrorists in this country and can stop them before they do something else horriffic, I don't mind at all.
I don't mind at all
I think you have misunderstood my post. I was just saying that one MT might make $16,000 per year at 8 cpl and another MT might make double or triple that. Maybe even more. Being an experienced MT I know that it can depend on many factors, that is what I was trying to express. I'm sorry if you misunderstood.

Realistically, I don't think a new MT or even an experienced MT should anticipate $100K per year. So, if you still want my opinion, my guess would be that at 8 cpl, 40 hour week, you would probably make $30,000 to $35,000. Good luck!
I don't mind your asking--sm
as far as I know, they are still together. They got married one month after his financial obligation to me was ended. It took me a while to get over the anger, because I never even saw it coming, but I guess the anger was mostly at me, for letting myself get into that situation in the first place. I had to forgive him for what he did and the way he did it, and I had to forgive myself for being blind in the first place. I prayed alot and God took me through it. I give thanks every day for what He has given me in return. I AM happy though. Thanks for asking.
really do you mind
if I ask how productive you are with it?  Are you editing or transcribing or both?  What is a good hourly average lines per hour?  Thanks!
Oh, OK.....I did not know that, but ... please sm (if you don't mind)

If you are on a regular page in IE, say on this page rigth here, if you hit ctrl F3 do you get the productivity tools?  Maybe I am wrong in what my problem is.  When I try to log into Bayscribe from the log in page I get an error that says "No such Account.BPTVer = [].  My account has been checked by two others who can get it, but I can't. 

Thanks again!  It is so nice of you to try to help.  I very much appreciate it.


You can do it if you put your mind to it.

Check out this link - it shows you some samples!!!  Good luck!  I'm sure you could get the hang of it if you want it bad enough!


Donít know where my mind was,
know you were talking per mile, not hour. I do not know what the most is he ever made per mile because we have not been married a long, long time but just know am glad he has the job he has, otherwise I would be working my numerous jobs to make a living now with the MTers money steadily declining. I am also glad he did not buy his own truck as 1 coworker tried to get him to. The gas situation went sky high after that and thank goodness he was not involved in that. He loves his job (as do I) and some are just not cut out for that field, same as ours I guess.
Never mind, Sorry, just saw
that you sadi "son" and the person I'm talking about only has a daughter, but the same thing happened to her this morning in a conference call. Must have been the same company. That is very sad
How old are you, if you don't mind me asking? sm
Please don't be alarmed right now. I am anxious to know what they say. I had a breast scare a few weeks ago with indented breasts and nipple changes (no discharge). Everything came back clear and normal. PLEASE keep us informed. Do you ever visit the Gab board on this site? I am there every day. Please post your concern over there and we will support you. Plus, I want to know what the mammo says! Thanks!

if you don't mind my asking??

what do you average your houly salary to be.  No IC answers please.  I'm talking working 40 hour weeks, no OT, no ASR.  I can only seem to get to about $16/hr and I hear all these people on here talking about $25/hr.  How in the world do you do it? I'm not being nosey, i'm just wondering if i'm at the low end of the totem pole. TIA



All in my mind?!?!........
Don't they know where you live? Didn't you know that most of them pay you by where you live? Rural folks do get less pay, and I had a supervisor once tell me that one when I was employed with an MTSO. It would be nice to see someone like you come here and try to get a job for what they pay you in the urban areas. It's all in your mind.
do you mind saying where you went?
it sounds like things worked out good for you :)
Do you mind me asking what DQA is?
Sorry, I'm confused. I am hoping to hear from MDI-MD at this point as well. Sounds like a good choice to me. Thanks for your help. But is DQA something else? Maybe its late, and I hope its not some easy term that my fried brain is missing. You know how it is with MQ, trying to figure out all those abbrevs and acronyms...Still confused between DEP and DQS.
never mind
I fixed the problem.
if you don't mind my asking,
what is a jump drive?
never mind
I found the answer on the site. Sorry!!  I will try getting stickers for the keys. I don't need them, the husband and kids do occasionally. Thanks.
Never mind BOS
The JCAHO (who accredits hospitals) has a list of dangerous abbreviations that should never be used because of the hazard to the patient of mistaks being made.  Try to get a copy of that list and go by it if you can.
Are you out of your mind?????
Now, WHAT was CRAPPY about her post?
She just stated that she tried a lot to get a job and could't.
Where is the crap??????
If you don't mind me asking...
how do you charge? What are your rates?
If you don't mind me asking

Sorry, I did not see your question.  I charge 14 cpl.  I transcribe for 2 neurology practices and half of a cardiology practice.  There are 3 neurology docs for one practice (and the dictate everyday. My other neurology practice has 2 docs.

The cardiology docs (2 of them) each dicctate 3 days per week. I am an  independent contractor. I get paid once a month from each practice.

If you want anymore info, just let me know.

Do you mind if I
emailed you?
Losing Mind
I guess about now after five weeks, I would be losing my mind too, seeing that the father was let go, even though he told those boys, no body, no crime, and the other two boys are let go.  What lawyer father would tell his son no body, no crime and then not wonder what is going on?  Of course, he knows what went down.  Any law abiding father, when he sees that a girl is missing and his son, who was with her the night before asked about no body, no crime would go to the police.  You think Natalees mother is acting like she lost her mind, I would be much worse.  I would be protesting in front of the rich kids house, I would be speaking out every chance I got, shame the police into doing their job, which they obviously are not doing too well.
Thank you. I will keep these things in mind - sm
The mother in me can't give up on the little girl.

My daughter ripped the heads off all of her Barbies when daddy moved out, then she had a funeral for them in the back yard. She was 7 at the time. I was a little freaked by that myself.

She was a complete little brat for that first year. I had both of my kids in counseling too. Grief does strange things to little people. They just don't have the tools to cope without our help.

OMG, you read my mind!
so, any ideas? I need some new lunch ideas. Tired of sandwiches, chips, etc.
It appears that your mind is (sm)

the one that is closed, which is why nothing will ever be done.

I have done my part.

What you eventually do about your own situation is completely on your shoulders, not anyone else's.

you speak your mind ....
with facts and not with vicious attacks and I like that quality in people.  What you say makes sense and I appreciate reading your opinion.  But I did not post anything with the intentions of warning someone away but rather they research certain things before accepting a position with not just a particular transcription service or company but with any prospective employer and decide for themselves what is right for them.
You should mind your own business. How do you know that the sm
manager doesn't already know this? I work for Spheris and Medquist and each company knows about the other and they don't have a problem with this but coworkers do. As always mind your own business.
Oh my, this is just blowing my mind.
There are quite a few names that come to mind
for people like you. Who are you to try to slam me?

My income knocks me out of getting a lot of the "breaks" you are implying. I'm not taking advantage of any of you, period. I earn my way and always have. My children and I have never been on any type of assistance, EVER, and only 2 years have I ever qualified for EIC.

My income alone is more than most couples in this area. I see 2-wage-earner homes taking advantage of MY tax dollars, thank you very much.

You can just shut your foul mouth and stick it where the sun doesn't shine!!!
Only in your delusional mind.
Do you mind telling us
who you work for now?
Sorry - I have just now taken my mind out of said gutter...

never mind figured out.