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The font size could stand to be a tad bigger here for us w/old eyes! Thx. nm

Posted By: passing thru on 2005-06-30
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It depends on font size, line length, margin size, etc.
There are too many variables. 
Format, Font, Choose Font, Style Size & Color
Make sure you find out what font and font size
Ask what font, font size and margins are
Then you can figure out how many characters would be in a complete line of text. I am not sure if I am explaining this very well. :-( I worked for one place that had a small font size and small margins. So it did not work out for me as each line averaged closer to 70 characters, and there were not many lines that had only one or two words on them because of the set up.
Sounds like you have one child that is a lot bigger in size than the others!
I used to get that too-- mine worked 4-10s while I worked 5-8s. When I got home, I had to fix dinner, clean up the house, took care of my horse, etc., and when he got home, he just would lay around. If I asked him to do something, it was always that he was "too tired-- because he worked 10 hours. Yet he had a whole extra day off to go fishing or do whatever he wanted while I was at work-- I told him I was working the same number of hours he was-- and I didn't get a three day weekend! These "poor" men are spoiled rotten and women always get the short end of the deal.
Need to make font bigger for my Dell printer

Can someone tell me in layman's terms how to do this? Thanks!

font size
When paid by cpl, does it affect your line count if you type in a size 10 or size 12 font?
Font size
I have an account and they did not indicate a font size - I know that it makes a big difference the more that you have bolded in a report - what would be a reasonable font size or the standard font size to use?
Font size
I have read with interest the thread on font size.  Now I know why one company allows you to transcribe in one font and then it gets printed in another - which is much smaller - which does make it harder to get your lines.  I thought that it was me - but could not understand until I saw what was getting printed and counted, as to why it was so difficult to get a good line count when I had always done so in the past.  Is this not in some way misrepresentation?  You see what looks like a nice report and then when it gets printed it is so small that you can hardly read it - this also messes with the end of your lines and sentences - where if you make a hard page break on what is on your computer screen it comes up as something different on the copied version on the other side.  All of the info offered was good and this is a good point to make when looking at work - especially if you are new and do not know anything different.
font size
If you are counting by dividing characters by 65 characters, no matter what font you use it will be the same. However if you count by gross line -- line charge no matter how many words on a line you will lose money.   But if it is by by every 65 characgers (including spaces) you could use an 8, 9 or 12 font and the charge will all be the same.
font size
Every place I've ever worked or worked for has a default font. You can have text on your screen set at newspaper headline size (like my MT friend who has macular degeneration) and it'll usually default to their 11- or 12-pt font. I'm sure every hospital or MTSO's software specs are different, though.
font size
I think you just go under view and change the text size to whatever you want it to be.
what is your font size set at??
The zoom feature will not affect the size of the printing font, but the font size will. Make sure it is at least 12.
Font size
When I highlight the text it is in the font size I want, but when I insert the autotext it makes the font smaller.
Sorry. Got cut off. Nothing I do can increase the font size.
Font size! I never knew.
What an eye opener. I did not realize this was happening. Thanks for the info to all who submitted to the font thread.
The font is the size of the type, has nothing
to do with the character line count.
Autotext - font size
Hmm, I don't know.  Let me play around with it, and I will get back with you.  I have never had that problem.  When you highlight your text, is it in the font you are wanting, or is it changing from that to a smaller font?  Strange. 
Brower font size
I'm drawing a blank and cannot remember how to change the size of print within Internet sites. Can anyone help with this? Thanks
HIPAA laws have nothing to do with font size.
Some in your office don't have a clue, evidently.

A summary of the HIPAA law is posted at the HHS website.

Or you can go to HIPAA.org.
You have to be working in the default font and size of the
document template to keep autotext from changing. IOW, when you open a document and change the font or size before you start typing, you are not working in the default of the template the document is based on.
Does anyone have to use size 10 font? Does it take you longer to make your lines? nm
Definitely a common font size. Ask if increasing the zoom on your end
Do y'all think the size of the font matters in line counts?
If your font is smaller takes more characters to make a line?  I just wondered this today. 
Increasing the zoom view does not increase the font size.
Gross line was 7, not 8. Depending on font size and margins
7 cpl is about 8.5 cpl. 
I have IE set to display text size as largest, yet this font is so tiny I can barely see it.
I've been seeing a lot on this board about fonts and font size affecting line counts and I was...

wondering how this is possible?  I mean if your lines are based on a 65 character line then what difference does the font type or size make?  I mean, a character is a character whether it's type in Arial, Times New Roman, or Courier.

I use MP Count to count my lines and I decided to do a little test.  I typed a document and saved in Arial 10 and 12 font type and size, Times New Roman 10 and 12 font type and size, and Courier 10 and 12 font type and size.  And then I ran a line report on each individual document counting lines by 65 characters per line strict (no spaces) and came up with 24 lines each time in each font type and size.

There was an MT below who was saying she types in Arial for her client, but bills them for Courier like it made a difference in the lines.  Maybe I'm missing something, but I just don't see how it makes any difference at all.

I agree check with your facility. Enlarging the font size can cause problems once a report uploads

I wrote a macro that would take the font size back down to 100% once I was finished and ready to sign off.  I think I assigned to something like CNTRL+ALT+F and I got into a habit of doing that before hitting whatever function keys to spell check and sign off.  It worked great.

Format, Font, pick the font you want,

click the Default button.  It will ask if you want to change...say yes.

Doh! My EYES, EYES opened, lol.
Bigger isn't always better!
I know that one small private online service does nothing but the Mayo Clinic. It's a very nice little company who does quality work.
10-15% seems low, they like bigger
At Acusis, competitive pay means competitive with third world countries.  Company is for all intents and purposes an India company.  Start looking before the mass exodus.
Oh, boy, yep, you got bigger problems than me...
Isn't life grand? Sorry I can't offer any advice but to hang in there and do what's best for you. I don't know you, of course, but *hugs*.
Bigger puzzles?
Have you seen the books with the huge grafts? I have not tried these yet.
I see a bigger picture there than you do - sm
I see the state of US healthcare as a whole, which is going steadily downhill. It's a complicated mess and will take a lot of scrutinizing and picking apart to have any hope of cleaning up some of its dirtier secrets. Taking surveys in various sectors of that industry (especially in MT, a sector that for the most part is totally swept under the rug and ignored) is at least a step in the right direction. Not being interested in taking a survey is a personal decision, and if you feel threatened by it, then by all means steer clear if it makes you feel better. But your all-out attack on the idea, which seems to center around a PayPal button, seems skewed somehow, and makes me think you are MORE threatened by the thought that our profession's dirty laundry just might get aired.
That's nice, but they have a bigger problem SM
with the fact that their own employees take the information home on laptops....per the letter I received last week from the VA notifying me that my information had been stolen from someone's car...
Bigger concern is your husband!!
Aside from the fact that your husband's friend is a jerk, what is your husband saying about the fact that he will not give you this female's phone # so you can call her back and let her hear a piece of reality here!! It's as if your hubby is saying this is a game here and it's "okay". Does the fact that this lady called him give him some kind of a charge, a little excitement for him? I would question his ethics first, after all, if he's willing to keep this number from you, what else would he think is none of your business? Sorry, but that's the bigger problem.
the Az Humane Socity said 2 lbs or bigger
BTW, the bigger issue made of my...sm
smoking....   the more I smoke.  That happens to be true of lots of smokers.  So, don't bug her about it.  She's more likely to do it on her own if you drop it.
Women now are into the bigger crimes
so a woman does not gain entrance into my house. Your daughters are really old enough to know better. I had 2 women come here 1 day, raining outside and they were shivering and wanted entrance and I said NO. I know anyone can get in if they want but no sense in making it easier for them. I saw a police chase yesterday (thought coming from Calif as ones that happen here usually when it is over) but live and the people got out and ran- husband is saying is that not a female? It was and she along with a male trying to escape. I had someone in uniform (who most people trust) show up 1 day asking to use my phone- no way Jose, told them give me a # and I will call for you. I am very, very aware of all around me and no one enters my house through the garage or front door (while I am home, of course) without my letting them in. Rural versus city no different. Crime happens everywhere.
LOL! I've already had to buy a bigger monitor
my problem is that my keyboard shelf only allows space for the keyboard and I love this desk -  is a corner desk - now with more constant use of mouse my shoulder aches because it is higher- I have to figure out how to make space for the mouse - any suggestions?  Need a man to jigsaw me an extension, I guess.
You will have bigger worries than us sitting in
The bigger the better. Flat screen.
If you are wanting to make it bigger, but
not affect the final report, look on your tool bar and there should be a box that has a number/percentage in it. Mine says 100%. You can increase it there so it is bigger on the screen, but does not change the "font" of the report. This is in MS Word.
MS Word....anyone know how to get the text to appear bigger
Help if you can! Thanks!
One of the bigger nationals .. very happy - see message

1)  Same 2 accounts for 3-1/2 years;

2)  Very flexible schedling;

3)  Great supervisory team;

4)  Excellent pay per line;

5)  Production incentive and shift differential;

6)  PTO, double lines on Christmas and Thanksgiving, med/den/vision, 401K, flexible healthcare spending account;

7)  OT available;

8)  Direct deposit pay - on time every time.

9)  24/7 IT help.

10)  Choice - Can move up or down in pay per line depending on other accounts I train on.

My top 10 reasons for being perfectly happy and satisfied with my employer!!!

Easier if you're in a bigger city
I went to an open "cattle call" sponsored by one of the big modeling agencies at a Holiday Inn once some years ago with my DD. Didn't cost any money but did involve several hours of standing around.

Wouldn't hurt to call around to the modeling agencies like another poster said, but I do believe you will have to pay for some photographs, at least. The other factor involved is if the kid can go for a long time without crying or throwing fits in a boring environment. That was my DD's problem. I did have to pay for comp cards made out of an existing photograph. Nothing came out of it for us, but it is possible to look into it without getting rooked.
Because it sits up and has bigger digital numbers.
My eyesight's a goin' in my old age here! LOL

You just have to tap it on top...lots easier.

With the stopwatch, I have to pick it up and press the timer each time.
my butt will probably just get bigger, but I choose face
Look at Madonna, bod is solid as a rock but that FACE  ---eek
My satellite for the Direcway is on my roof! It is bigger than..sm
my TV satellite, but the best place for the internet was on the roof! I have never had any trouble or "slow" times with it. I have worked through ice, rain, snow...you name it and it has always loaded quickly and with no interuptions. If you have no other ways for high speed, I would recommend the Direcway dish. We have nothing else offered where I live. It is satellite or dial up. Files that would take 1/2 a day or more are now loaded in as little as 5-10 minutes! Also, I have worked for three different companies with my satellite and have never had any security issues and have never had to purchase additional software to make it secure. Cost to me was 600 up front and then 59 a month.