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There's a volume adjuster on the bottom

Posted By: Christina RTMT on 2008-09-26
In Reply to: C-phone - sparkythy

that looks like a dial. You can put it on minimum. That's where I have mine and the ring is very low.  I'm not sure how to turn it completely off though.

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  • C-phone - sparkythy
    • There's a volume adjuster on the bottom - Christina RTMT

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I use Lanier headphones that have a volume adjuster on the cord. (nm)


Does anyone know why the wave volume control on my master volume controls... SM

on my PC would turn itself all the way down?  It's driving me nuts!  It's like it resets itself to the low possible setting and when I go to work, I'm turning my speakers up full blast trying to hear and when I check my volume controls on my PC, the wave setting is turned all the way down.  I turn it back and everything is loud and clear and I have to turn my speakers back down and then I'll do something the internet and BOOM it resets itself!

I feel bad because I've been accusing my kids of messing with the controls and they have been swearing they didn't do it and I haven't exactly believed them, but it has happened twice to me this evening while I'm working and I know no one else has touched my PC but me.

Your insurance company's adjuster should be fighting for you.
You're entitled to the cost of repairs to your vehicle, payment of ALL medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses like gasoline for trips to doctor, pain relievers, and lost wages since you've taken time off work due to pain and doctor's appointments. Do not agree to settle until you are certain that you are back to 100%. Gather up all receipts, bills and wage stubs to send copies as demand for payment.
The bottom line is doesnt matter what they pay if there is no work you make no money. Bottom line.
It helps to have speakers where you can plug the headphones in instead of putting them into the computer modem.
low volume
I have a sound booster called "Boosteroo" that I bought to help with my laptop not having enough volume.  I just plug my headphones into it and plug it into the computer and it helps a lot. 
When you are doing a job, do you have box in the lower left hand corner that tells how many minutes the job is and how far you are in to it. It also has a forward and back button. Do you see it? Click on the "more" button. Once there you can adjust the speed of the voice, the speed of the playback and the volume. You need to click and drag to raise the volume, increase sped, etc.

Hope this helps.
Are you sure the volume is not turned down (sm)
in the "audio" of the gearplayer or that mute is checked in the "audio"?
Well, I keep the volume pretty low (sm)
and just reach over and bump up the remote occasionally.  My quality is very good but I will admit that my productivity probably isn't.  I could probably do 2000 lines or more a day easily without the TV.  I do about 1750 a day without it. 
Low work volume, anyone??
I am used to being busy this time of year, not sitting here waiting for work to drop in!  No, I do not work for MQ...
Headset volume

I don't know what version you have, but with mine I do this with my "mumblers"...

In Express Scribe:

Go to File, then Special Audio Processes, and then Extra Volume Boost.

It will load and only takes a few seconds.  I think you may have to do that for each file or you may have to do it again if you close out Express Scribe; haven't figured that out yet.

Hope this helps.... 

Transnet volume
Thanks, Lilly. I have that box for traditional typing jobs, but for speech we use a different version. We did figure it out, though. It is - plain and simply - F2, and then slide the volume control up.

I appreciate your time to help, and thank you!
low work volume
Amy, I could have written that post.  It's been slow most of the summer.  It was not this way last summer.  The thing I hate the most is the service I work for never communicates a word to the MT's.   Never says hang in there, it's slow, we are working on getting more accounts, go jump in a lake, nothing.  Nice!
The fluctuations in volume from one dictator to the next
Go into your master volume on your computer....
make sure in playback control that your wave playback is not muted and the volume is up there.

Hope this helps!
Yes...extremely low volume since just after Christmas! nm
When I am not transcribing, I turn the volume all the way down.
This way when I'm just talking on the phone I don't hear the speaker.
Super low volume today!
  I've typed 4 reports in 4 hours.   No work!!!   Happy Holidays!
Volume control on keyboard
Yes!  Some headsets do have volume control on the cord and that is a nice feature.  I have volume control on my keyboard, which is also a nice thing to have. 
Volume is fine--it was too loud though.
I have volume controls everywhere...on speakers, on keyboard itself, on GearPlayer, and of course on the Windows "master volume" control.  I wasted so much time trying to tweak each one of those only to learn (from your awesome post) that it was the friggin' speakers! 
If the problem is the loud volume you
have to keep it at to hear, there are some really good headphones out there that actually cancel outside noise so you can hear the dictator without having to keep turning it up.

Sometimes it gets like that here- last night it seemed like there were 4 different conversations going on on either side of me (and loud) and then the girl in the next cubicle's cell phone kept ringing and ringing because she wasn't there to answer it (and it was a very loud obnoxious ring). I was on total sensory overload and about ready to scream! I am thinking of getting these headphones myself- they run about 30 to 40 bucks but I guess they are worth it.
I don't know of any. I have found that if you can turn the volume down that

the background noise is less, though if you can't hear the dictator that isn't much help.  You could try and bypass your sound card and use something like Turtle Beach Audio Advantage.  It plugs into a USB port and then your headphones plug into it.  If you are using anything higher than Win98 it has all kinds of settings on it and it may help with background noises.  I haven't played with mine much so I can't say for sure.  You can Google it.  I got mine at Best Buy for about $30. 

If the background noise is people talking, doors slamming, phone ringing, etc. you are probably just stuck, but if it is static or a hum the above may help some. 

You bet! I use fones with volume control in
How to turn up volume on head set?

I can't figure out how to turn the volume up on my head set does anyone know how to do this?  I'm using ExpressScribe.  I've turned it up as far as it will go on that, but that isn't very far and I can hardly hear it.  Thanks!

Anyone else having low work volume? Maybe due to holiday on Friday?
I hate it when they talk low, so you have to turn up the volume, then sm
they slam down the phone and blow your ears out, or cough into the phone.
If all you need is volume control, Radio Shack sm

Radio Shack sells an extender cord that has a volume control device in it for $10 or so.

I can't stand anything sticking into my ears, so I only use the "earmuff" style headphones. In fact, I just had to buy a pair because my old ones died, and using the ones my company supplied was killing my ears. I found a pair of JVC headphones that are DJ-style and have an in-line volume control on them. By plugging them into the audio jack on the front of my PC, it cut out the humming noise I got when plugging them into my speakers, and by covering my ears, they cut out all the extra noise from the house. I was shocked at how loud my keyboard was when I had to use the other headphones because these muffle it so much.

inconsistent volume due to moving away from mic and then back again.

Plus mushmouths, auctioneer-wannabes, clueless ESLs, and cellphones and beepers too close to the mic, and monotone dictators who bore the crap out of you.  

Plus any dinging spellcheck bell that blows out your eardrum, too, if the volume is up due to Marilyn Monroe sexily giving dictation in her soft voice.  Not doc's fault but still a pet peeve. 

Are you turning the volume using the home typist icon
or your regular volume control icon on the tool bar?

I have had that problem with some whispering dictators, so I mute the program itself just for that dictator.

It's a shame if you can't use it. I get a real rhythm going and my day just flies. I don't think I can type without it now.
Mine sends daily volume updates
I like the under-the-chin type w/volume control on the line at
Volume Setting Command for Transnet/ExText

Anyone there who knows how to "permanently" set the volume for Transnet/ExText speech?  I know to double-click on the volume icon to raise the volume for "Each Report", but not how to do it "permanently".  I did it once by accident, but with recent upgrades, it wiped it out again.  Anyone?  Thanks! 

Only if you're producing that kind of quality and volume!
No need to call others names, though.

Guess that's what happens with that big ego, though.

Okay, I use EXSpeech and I am noticing that the volume resets after I ctrl+n SM

each VR job.  I'm having to go into my volume controls and manually turn back up the wave setting.  So maybe it is a setting in the speech rec software that I need to adjust, but how do I do that? 

Man, I'm so annoyed!  I hate to call the geeks in the office because they act like they are just swamped and they treat me like I'm retarded!

Ok, thanks. I guess I don't realize the volume of applicants they get. I will call Monday A.M.!!


Any unlimited long distance plans for high-volume
I use 7000+ minutes a month but I know that most LD companies now will dump your unlimited plan if they find you using more than 5000 or if they find you are using it for transcription.  Has anyone had one of these plans for a while now without problems with high-volume calling?  Which one?
Try turning the volume down, it works. Celine is superior by far. No contest. NM

Lost two accounts so far. Both very high volume. Another division due to go in summer.
$10 extender cord w/volume control at Radio Shack nm
Microsoft split ergo with volume and zoom controls.
anywhere from $14 bottom to $25 sm
depending on the company. There are only a couple that pay as high as $25 and they never have openings. The norm is between $14-$18 to start depending on experience.
AI bottom 3
1. Ace
2. Bucky
3. Paris (she used to be a favorite of mine--what happened to her?)
Bottom 3
There's a website that supposedly calculates the phone calls, and they've actually be right quite a few times. (I wasn't sure if I could put the web site name here). According to them it's either Ace of Bucky that's leaving tonight. They have they by ranking.
Bottom line is the $.
towards the bottom of this page
Under the question about who is quitting before Oct 1st.
The bottom line is
You always type it the way the client or your boss, company tells you to. And you are right, ibuprofen should not be capatalized unless at the beginning of the sentence because it is the generic name of a drug. As far as the BOS is concerned...there are many people that believe that book is the Bible as far as transcription is concerned. Again, it all boils down to the way your client or company wants the information transcribed. The BOS is not always followed to the letter.
bottom line
nobody likes to see the officials produce the outcome of the game.... Of course they have to call things that are obvious, but in a championship game you cannot call the "iffy" calls and potentialy change the outcome of the game. Just let the players PLAY!!
If you look at the bar on the bottom of your screen SM

while having your mouse pointer over the image in the email, you will notice it is a "snapshot" of an ebay page and the buttons that you would normally click on are part of the picture. Basically clicking anywhere on that image will take you to the site listed in the information bar at the bottom of your screen  It is always an aol hometown site in the scam ones I get. I just got an ebay one recently where it had similar language- basically harassing me to pay for something. I think it is written that way to startle you into clicking right away to take care of "the problem". 

If the Chinese government can go after dissidents through Yahoo, why can we not get these scam artists that set up their scam sites through AOL?  I know, I know, that was just a rhetorical question. 

Down at the bottom of the post it says....
In his pocket.

Just one of those days.
There are usually screws in the bottom
that you can open up, but I will warn you it can be a bear trying to put the thing back together because of positioning the screws deep in those holes. A magnetic screwdriver will save you a lot of aggravation. When I've opened it up, I've seen springs broken, springs out of place, the plastic holding the springs broken off. There will be a little nubbin of plastic in the lid side of the pedal that is the contact for the little silver internal PLAY button. If that is broken, fixing it may be impossible.
Bottom line -
It can make a WORLD of difference how you feel about this profession depending on the accounts you have. I used to have nice accounts and made tons of money because I also got paid a huge line amount. I now have really tough accounts and do not get paid as much as I previously did. I work on four different accounts with all different specifics, tons of backround noise, grunting ESLs, you name it. I also have nearly no contact with the company itself, unless they need something from me. They then have no problem with calling me up.