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anywhere from $14 bottom to $25 sm

Posted By: QA specialist on 2005-12-06
In Reply to: Editor hourly pay?? - curious

depending on the company. There are only a couple that pay as high as $25 and they never have openings. The norm is between $14-$18 to start depending on experience.

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The bottom line is doesnt matter what they pay if there is no work you make no money. Bottom line.
AI bottom 3
1. Ace
2. Bucky
3. Paris (she used to be a favorite of mine--what happened to her?)
Bottom 3
There's a website that supposedly calculates the phone calls, and they've actually be right quite a few times. (I wasn't sure if I could put the web site name here). According to them it's either Ace of Bucky that's leaving tonight. They have they by ranking.
Bottom line is the $.
towards the bottom of this page
Under the question about who is quitting before Oct 1st.
The bottom line is
You always type it the way the client or your boss, company tells you to. And you are right, ibuprofen should not be capatalized unless at the beginning of the sentence because it is the generic name of a drug. As far as the BOS is concerned...there are many people that believe that book is the Bible as far as transcription is concerned. Again, it all boils down to the way your client or company wants the information transcribed. The BOS is not always followed to the letter.
bottom line
nobody likes to see the officials produce the outcome of the game.... Of course they have to call things that are obvious, but in a championship game you cannot call the "iffy" calls and potentialy change the outcome of the game. Just let the players PLAY!!
If you look at the bar on the bottom of your screen SM

while having your mouse pointer over the image in the email, you will notice it is a "snapshot" of an ebay page and the buttons that you would normally click on are part of the picture. Basically clicking anywhere on that image will take you to the site listed in the information bar at the bottom of your screen  It is always an aol hometown site in the scam ones I get. I just got an ebay one recently where it had similar language- basically harassing me to pay for something. I think it is written that way to startle you into clicking right away to take care of "the problem". 

If the Chinese government can go after dissidents through Yahoo, why can we not get these scam artists that set up their scam sites through AOL?  I know, I know, that was just a rhetorical question. 

Down at the bottom of the post it says....
In his pocket.

Just one of those days.
There are usually screws in the bottom
that you can open up, but I will warn you it can be a bear trying to put the thing back together because of positioning the screws deep in those holes. A magnetic screwdriver will save you a lot of aggravation. When I've opened it up, I've seen springs broken, springs out of place, the plastic holding the springs broken off. There will be a little nubbin of plastic in the lid side of the pedal that is the contact for the little silver internal PLAY button. If that is broken, fixing it may be impossible.
Bottom line -
It can make a WORLD of difference how you feel about this profession depending on the accounts you have. I used to have nice accounts and made tons of money because I also got paid a huge line amount. I now have really tough accounts and do not get paid as much as I previously did. I work on four different accounts with all different specifics, tons of backround noise, grunting ESLs, you name it. I also have nearly no contact with the company itself, unless they need something from me. They then have no problem with calling me up.
I don't think mounting to the bottom of

the drawer would work.  If the bottom is sturdy enough to support the mounting you would be putting stress on the drawer and after a period of time something would give.

They do have trays that clip onto the desk and maybe you could find one long enough that you could open the drawer if you take the keyboard off the tray.  They do have a tiered thing where you can set your monitor on top and the keyboard slides up underneath, but I don't know if it drops down or not and then you could just push it back up to get in your drawer.

Go to a website for Staples or Office Depot and look around for keyboard trays and see what they have. 

Bottom line.......sm
You need to decide if this account is worth the aggravation. If it pays well and you make a decent wage monthly, then you need to put up with the aggravation.

If this account is not worth your time, then let it go.

If you are an IC, you can not get involved in the politics of the office or any other "petty" nonsense.

From the business owner perspective, only you can decide if the account is prosperous for you or not.

All this stuff about missing notes is aggravation and time consuming. Time is money. Is this account worth the headaches that come along with it.

Believe me, not all accounts are like this and some accounts are worse than this.

Again, the question becomes.."does this account make you enough money a month that you are happy with?"

Only you can answer that...Going back and forth with the office staff about missing notes is not the answer.

Ask yourself....Is it worth the effort to negotiate your contract under new terms, and if so, will you be happy with the new terms, and will these new terms eliminate your problem of missing notes?

As an observer.....the answer is probably "NO". But good money to me and good money to you may be different.

Good luck!
Bottom line is don't sub it out if

Look at the bottom of her msg to the left under...
"LINK/URL" - a good one - Thanks!
No - its at the bottom of the page
Just scroll down to where it says "MT Word Seeker." That's the link. 
I would like to know bottom line here
I have been working in this field for 35 years and hope to continue. I work mostly VR, some straight. My pay is low, 4 VR and 8 straight. I only work part-time now because am at a point where that is sufficient. Can anyone tell me what their final pay is for a week's worth of work? If I worked full time it would be at least as much as I made in the 80s working inhouse. I know the pay is less than we made years ago but I figured out how much I needed to type to make X amount of dollars and that is what I do each day.
Top-to-bottom once and sign off. SM
Listening and reading TOGETHER. For dictators I'm familiar with, I speed up the dictation and also scan ahead of the dictation trying to make corrections out ahead of the dictation so I don't have to slow down for them, while at the same time listening to make sure I'm not missing anything. Requires being in the groove and takes full attention, but makes for a good line count.
Look down, bottom left
Look for "MT Word Search," bottom left of your screen. That is the link :)
You can view your lines at the bottom of the
screen after every report and you can also check your totals on the stats page that's right in the software.  The software is a piece of cake to learn and use.  My line count has gone up since using this system.
That's why I keep it open at the bottom of my screen
Yep, for Wedmedx. Bottom line, if you are an MT
Bottom line, in the loop. nm
bottom line it's what client wants...sm
and all of her corrections, most of them were right on....sorry to say that to you.....but it's p.o. b.i.d. and 82-year-old and all that good stuff.  If they want you to EXPAND GERD that's in your favor.....you get more characters which equates to more line counts.  But bottom line, it is what the client wants and all the clients are different with different things they want......hence why you think there is no consistency.  Best of luck!!! 
Right click on "start" at the bottom right of
your screen. Then right click on "explore." Look for "program files" and in that folder you should find the "Shorthand for Windows" folder. Simply right click on that folder and send it to your backup location. You can do this with anything you'd like to back up.

I vote for Ace to go home. My bottom 3 are:

Ace, Bucky, and Elliott. Elliott has a good voice but he is just so goofy I can't watch him when he sings. Bucky is okay but not great -- he looks better with his hair down.  But Ace, well, he sounds average and I'm tired of him trying to look all "dreamy" all the time. Besides, he butchered the song!

always remember -- the bottom line is it's about
Errors in transcribed reports can and do lead to adverse outcomes for patients. Are we as MTs pushed to be perfect ?? Heck yes - the documentation we help produce will impact a patient's care not only in the current admission or office visit but in the future when other docs are asking for copies of records. Medication errors, diagnosis errors can haunt a patient for years to come. No one can be 100% perfect all the time, but the goal is to strive to that - take the feedback as constructive criticism - learn from your mistakes and always consider the patient's needs above your own need for validation. It's not about you, it's about the patient.
Do you timestamp the bottom of your report?

I'd just do that!  For instance, I always type:

DD:  06/12/07 1607(date/time dictated)
DT:  06/12/07 1855 (date/time transcribed)

Then you have a teensy bit of proof of the real time things transpired.  If they don't want that on your reports, I'd just document any of these "conversations" some how--if they are in written form that's super easy.  If not, just jot it down some place. 

I never used Smart Type but IT is at the bottom sm

It takes up about the bottom third of my screen.  You can change the size, but I have it set to give me about twelve lines because I have a lot of templates that start by the doc's name, so I can have twelve templates that start the same - Smithcons, Smithdch, SmithHandP - and need to be able to scroll and pick the one I want.  It may be that it can be positioned in another place, but this is how I started using it and have never checked for something different. 

It took me a couple of weeks to get real comfortable with watching the bottom of the screen, but once you get doing it, it becomes a rhythm.  I am so used to it that I am forever sending emails to my sister with my unexpanded expansions.  Like another poster said, success relies on "thinking" your Expander and constantly building it in ways that make sense to you.  

I have a massive glossary - 16869 words, 57341 phrases.  Some of it is glossaries that came with it, some of it is glossaries I downloaded (I don't remember where, it was years ago) and some of it is things I have added over the years - including full templates for every doc I can.  Some of it is from compilations - you can take a bunch of reports and have it analyze them for commonly occurring phrases and it then creates contiuations - like if you do "the patient was" then it will suggest "prepped and draped" "discharged to home" "given a prescription for" "alert and oriented" and you just scroll to the right one and plop it in.

I know a lot of it goes unused and some of it is duplicate, but I haven't taken the time to go clean it out.  It is a constantly shifting, evolving process and I think that is what makes it so productive for me.  Granted, I have never used anything else other than Auto Correct, so there may be better out there, but this works great for me.

Bottom line for EVERYTHING is the almighty
There's a volume adjuster on the bottom
that looks like a dial. You can put it on minimum. That's where I have mine and the ring is very low.  I'm not sure how to turn it completely off though.
I consider 6 cpl the bottom of the totem pole...nm
Look for "Helpful Link" at the bottom

Bottom left of your screen.

Well, bottom line is money

If the administration at the hospital are feeling financial strain, rather than cutting back on their own 6 figure salary, they seem to think hmmmm....how many people can we get rid of and get the job done at a cheaper rate."  At least that is what happened at a hospital I worked it.  They were 16 million in debt and there had to be some lay offs and others that were left took the slack.  They don't sacrifice, they expect everyone else to work harder and get paid less. 

It is not just us.  H works for a car dealership.  People are leaving and are not getting replaced.  The owner expects the workers that are still there to pick up the slack with no raises either.  When the finance manager left, the new car manager filled in.  He went and asked the owner for a raise because he is having to work 2 jobs now.   The owner told him no, he is just filling in.  The man said, no filling in is 2 or 3 weeks, this has been a year.  The owner said, well, we don't really need a manager, we need you just to sell cars.  In other words, the guy got demoted.  After being there 10 years, he left.  H's boss is going in after the first of the year to try to get them all a raise.  I have to put it to him, he is brave to do that after what happened to the other guy.   

I guess the bottom line is
can I make a decent living doing mostly VR at 4 cpl?
Here is the website. There is a link to e-mail them at the bottom. sm
I would write them and ask them about it. Not sure if yours is older or not, but they have Version 9.02 now, so we are both behind the times.

Can I actually just buy sliced bread and line the bottom?...
You say you're at the bottom of the totem pole
and that you're fine with it. Well, you are getting treated the way you have taught them to treat you! Either voice your feelings to them or put up with it. The old reap what you sow proverb. As Dr. Phil would say, we teach others how to treat us. So teach them to honor you, if its not too late. Otherwise, try to learn from your mistakes and focus on the young one.
It is all about the bottom line. One of the largest transcription sm
companies is Cbay and they are pricing everyone else out.

I have spoken to several doctors and many other people about this issue and no one, and I mean no one, gives a hoot who types the report up.

This is about dollars and cents and it is not going away.
Bottom line is they need the worked turned around

quickly.   Most companies overhire and one of those reasons is because there are lots of MTs  who don't work their usual schedule, take a day off w/o notice, etc., so they have to have extra to cover for that.   My company does their best not to overhire, but at times that means we have to work like dogs because there is so much work.   I think some companies also offer incentives/benefits based on production and if you can't reach them they don't have to compensate you for them.   There are times that work is just slow and a company can't give you work they don't have, but not being able to make any lines is a consistent issue then there is a problem.  I would call your supervisor and ask for a backup account and/or look for another position. 


I seem to remember pushing one of the buttons at the bottom twice
so that the red light is blinking and then the headphones work.  I remember having to program the phone but I don't remember if it was for the headphones or not.  Sorry, hope you figure it out
Hosp not right but bottom line was with CIGNA.
Bottom line, if it ends up in court, it is on the
Bottom line, if your time is adequately
It is not MT versus MTSO we have a bottom line too, & right now it is -
The bottom line is if the work runs dry, then

It's not rocket science.

Don't forget,10% of the drs in this country were in the bottom 10% of their graduating classes.

With state and Federal, you 40% of your earnings GO, bottom line.
I don't know what's up for debate, it's fact.

Housing prices have gone up 40% in the past year alone in California.
Oops, can't count though, total of 5 for the bottom sentence! nm
$62.50/every two weeks gets me top-to-bottom scrubs of three bathrooms, polishing of - sm

1200 sq ft of hardwood floors, dusting and vacuuming of four bedrooms and living room.  I type while she's cleaning and make $50/hour, and I pay her $25/hour.  Love her!

Interpro is the worst - bottom of the trash-heap