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Posted By: Kathy on 2006-03-30
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Anybody with comments with regards to TransHealth.  Thanks in advance.

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sure I went to Transhealth
if you have yahoo messenger, just message me
my nic is kindcatt

or email that name.
Anyone with experience with TransHealth.  Good/bad? 
Is this a good company to work for?  Please, any info?
TransHealth - sm
My experience - horrible ESL, sound quality, and nonproductive platform. Took forever to get INTO the report to even start typing it. My opinion only.
Does anyone have any input (good or bad) regarding working QA for TransHealth?
Nothing at TransHealth..oh well! At least
Any info on TransHealth

I am considering a position with this company and would appreciate any info you might have.  Thanks.

any info on TransHealth

Any info on TransHealth would be appreciated.  I am considering accepting a position with them.



TransHealth doesn't. nm
Anyone in CA have insurance through TransHealth?
I would like to know who the carrier is - Blue Cross or Blue Shield? Still waiting on my new employee packet...
Expanders for TransHealth
Can anyone tell me what Expanders work with TransHealth - or alternatively which ones don't?

I know that TransHealth suggested Shorthand, but I wondered if there were any other options?
I believe TransHealth is hiring.
Transhealth, pay periods end on SM
15 and last day of month, you are paid 22nd and 7th, they don't hold a check back.
Not Transhealth. They use Chartmatrix nm
TransHealth was just bought by
Webmedx and I would choose Webmedx over Spheris.  The feedback is mixed on both companies, but there is a lot more negative on Spheris. 
anyone know transhealth pay rate for radiology? nm

line rate for TransHealth - sm
When I was offered a job about 6-8 months ago, it was 8 -8.5 cpl for the worst ESL accounts you can imagine, and the platform is just as bad. Didn't stay more than a day with them. Good luck.
Transhealth pays for holiday pay
You have to work if it falls on your day but you have the option of asking off. You get holiday pay (if you are off as well) plus you get your line count that day.
TransHealth does not off shore, they hire all US MTs, sm
Their benefit package is great.  They pay a very competitive line rate.  They get my vote. 
You mean like TransHealth's phone test? sm
Yup (Transhealth's test).
TransHealth fits this category. nm
TransHealth has rad accounts with VPN connection. nm

Does anyone know if any of these 3 companies use the Dictaphone ExText platform?  Thanks

I love TransHealth. There are many, many long term MTs...sm
with the company who are also very happy. Benefits are great. Good platform. It's acute care work, with ESLs, but that's the name of the game today.
TransHealth has pretty good insurance.
Any opinions? Spheris versus Transhealth
Any advice you have would be very much appreciated.  Thank you to all.
I currently work for Transhealth. I tihnk it is a good company.
TransHealth has separate PTO, holidays and sick time. nm
At TransHealth, there are backlog updates every 15 minutes for the accounts we type. sm
We're always informed of where are accounts are standing (in ChartMatrix).  It's a nice feature.