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TransHealth has pretty good insurance.

Posted By: NM on 2006-04-17
In Reply to: medical insurance coverage - Julie


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Anyone in CA have insurance through TransHealth?
I would like to know who the carrier is - Blue Cross or Blue Shield? Still waiting on my new employee packet...
I currently work for Transhealth. I tihnk it is a good company.
I think I'm pretty bright and pretty good, too, but
I am not a CMT. I am a medical transcriptionist who enjoys her job very much (most days). I have chosen not to pursue certification simply because I cannot afford to do so. I believe the certification is a nice thing to have, but I don't believe it is necessary for employment or for excellence in my job. If you can afford it, go for it. If you can't, don't feel too bad. You can still take pride in and do a very good job without it.
Especially for Iowa, that is pretty good. UI can get good over time, but that's because of the u

Yes, I usually got pretty good communication. NM
Pretty good experience here
I was worried about switching, too, since I had read here so many people complaining about line counts being down, but for me I notice a small improvement in my line count on DQS, about 30 lines an hour, but I don't work on DQS regularly, just occasionally, and I think my line count would be a bit higher if I worked on it regularly and got used to using the shortcuts more.  There are a few small things I would tweak on DQS per my preferences, but otherwise I think it's pretty decent and easy to use.
I use Spellex and it's pretty good.

Like Diana, I used to use Stedmans but now use Spellex.  It just seems to pick up a few more terms.  JMO


I think this one is supposed to be pretty good
I've only ever used it for double-checking, though (which it was fine for), so don't know about all of the features, etc.

Freebudget @ http://www.webbudget.com

Lower left corner to download.
zabasearch is pretty good. (nm)
Good point re: insurance, but also...sm
remember they collected $50 per month for computer rental from SE's, but not from FT employees.

That was on MedRite when I was there, but do they charge computer rental with their new platform (DQS?)? If they don't get that rental money anymore, they might be eliminating SE's. Just a thought.
insurance isnt good
If you want insurance, they have a $2500 deductible. They pay 500 of it they say. Unreal.
I try to avoid it, but I'm a pretty good diagnostician.
Most of the time I'm right, but I hate to do it, cause they invariably will say, "then what should I do?"  - at which point I have to tell them, "go to the doctor.  I'm not a doctor, I'm a diagnostician."
Here is a pretty good link for medications. sm
Let's see if this link works.
Their customer service is pretty good when you have
have you had a pretty good success rate doing this?
how is the wait time?  TIA
Their attack on non-CMT's is a pretty good barometer
Of COURSE they're gonna say they'd rather have their medical records typed in India. The main source of wealth is coming from promoting offshore transcription, and from conning offshore MT's into buying into their phone credentialling system. If they're so 'pro-MT', then why have they been so instrumental in moving so much of it out of the US?
What a load of bull they're feeding everyone.
10 cpl for gross lines is pretty good for Rad.
Cost of insurance..is this a good rate?
I have just been oferred a job with a company that offers insurnace at $385 a month to cover me and my husband.  But, we would have a $2000 deductible and after that is met then a $20 co-pay.  Since I have been an IC my entire MT life, I'm not sure if this is good insurance or not?  Is this the norm for MT companies?
Good source for health insurance? sm
I want to start working for myself but need a good health insurance policy because I have two little girls. Any suggestions or advice?
I transcribe more men, so my vote goes to them. The women I get are usually pretty good. I had 1
that was awful but that was because it was tapes and she'd record at 2x speed so she could get more on the tape, so when it was converted to PlayAll files for uploading to the FTP site the clarity would be awful.  They just (finally) got her staff to reset all the machines there and now she is MUCH better.  They have even commented on how much better the reports are now  (not as many blanks), and the few of us that do her now actually enjoy her work as she is a good moneymaker but now she's better as you can do her a little faster now.  Yeah!
I've been using it a few years now. It's pretty good. You'll get used to it. -nm
10 cents a line, 350 lph sounds pretty good to me!
I've got 30 years experience and I've not found to setup you have..Be very careful about changing. I've been looking for over a year and not found anything close to what you say you have. I've also worked for a company for over a year now and still get doctors whom I have never transcribed before.. almost on a nightly basis!
I work 2 jobs and have my hours set pretty good. First

job is Sun through Wed 6 am to 2:30 pm, since we only need 32 hours for benefits. Second job is 8-11 pm Sun through Wed. I work both jobs at home so on Thurs. and Fri. I volunteer at the middle school so I get a chance to get out of the house and deal with other people. I got lucky because both jobs pay every other week but on different weeks so it worked out that I get paid every week.

I think that's pretty darn good! I just started VR on Dictaphone
and I'm having trouble breaking 2000.  It seems like it would be faster just to transcribe.
Insurance is good, but I'd recommend you don't get too specific in coverage.
You could contact a company like Colonial Supplemental Insurance to get accident coverage and consider what other policies you might need, not just for your hands. After all, what if you are in an accident and it's your back that's keeping you away from your desk?
Oh, geez! My cheeks hurt from laughing. That was pretty good!

I work for a national. Most of the time the voices are pretty good, but

I have been getting some of late that have background noices, door slamming, people talking,  Sometimes the doc will stop talking but the noices sound so close to him that it is annoying.  Do you think the sound card would interfere with my company's computer?  It sounds nice to have even though it does not help the background stuff.   I guess that is a good question for tech.  Thanks again! 

Can somone recommend a good health insurance plan for my son who is in college? *sm*
He needed one more class for his bachelor's degree and because he is not considered full-time, he is no longer covered on my plan.  Thanks.
accounts. Pay own taxes & insurance, charge to cover it all & to pay yourself a good salary.
The line rate sounds pretty good compared to other places - by "punch the clock", you mean
it really is not a flexible schedule, even for an IC? That's what I need the most.
I bet other insurance carriers have insurance for their employees. Why not Wal-Mart? nm
sure I went to Transhealth
if you have yahoo messenger, just message me
my nic is kindcatt

or email that name.
Anyone with experience with TransHealth.  Good/bad? 
Is this a good company to work for?  Please, any info?
TransHealth - sm
My experience - horrible ESL, sound quality, and nonproductive platform. Took forever to get INTO the report to even start typing it. My opinion only.
Does anyone have any input (good or bad) regarding working QA for TransHealth?

Anybody with comments with regards to TransHealth.  Thanks in advance.

Nothing at TransHealth..oh well! At least
Any info on TransHealth

I am considering a position with this company and would appreciate any info you might have.  Thanks.

any info on TransHealth

Any info on TransHealth would be appreciated.  I am considering accepting a position with them.



TransHealth doesn't. nm
Expanders for TransHealth
Can anyone tell me what Expanders work with TransHealth - or alternatively which ones don't?

I know that TransHealth suggested Shorthand, but I wondered if there were any other options?
I believe TransHealth is hiring.
Transhealth, pay periods end on SM
15 and last day of month, you are paid 22nd and 7th, they don't hold a check back.
Not Transhealth. They use Chartmatrix nm
TransHealth was just bought by
Webmedx and I would choose Webmedx over Spheris.  The feedback is mixed on both companies, but there is a lot more negative on Spheris. 
anyone know transhealth pay rate for radiology? nm

line rate for TransHealth - sm
When I was offered a job about 6-8 months ago, it was 8 -8.5 cpl for the worst ESL accounts you can imagine, and the platform is just as bad. Didn't stay more than a day with them. Good luck.
Transhealth pays for holiday pay
You have to work if it falls on your day but you have the option of asking off. You get holiday pay (if you are off as well) plus you get your line count that day.
TransHealth does not off shore, they hire all US MTs, sm
Their benefit package is great.  They pay a very competitive line rate.  They get my vote.