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True, but that doesn't mean we have to embrace it by working for these companies!

Posted By: I think we need to (sm) on 2005-07-31
In Reply to: Unfortunately it is legal..so yes it is business and they will continue with bad business practices - until it is illegal.

have a spine and absolutely refuse to work for any company that outsources offshore. 

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    That may be true, but it doesn't make it RIGHT. - sm
    I think honesty and quality in the workplace should be more important than the Almighty Dollar. Especially when the people making MOST of the Almighty Dollars already have far more of them than they probably really need, and the MTs don't have enough of them to survive.
    Just because she said it doesn't make it true! LOL
    "Boredom comes from within." Well, what does that mean exactly? Yes, I'm sure boredeom does come from within because deep down inside I want to be challenged. I want to use my brain and find a career where I forget that I'm even working because I'm so engrossed in the task at hand. I don't think that job exists. Do you? Or maybe it does, but I just haven't found it yet. MT certainly isn't challenging any more. The only challenge for me is keeping a decent paying account that doesn't go to VR or offshore.

    At job interviews, I always tell the interviewer that I like to be kept busy. Otherwise, I start clock watching and thinking about all the stuff that needs to be done around my house. Sometimes I wonder if I'm ADD because I was the same way in school. If the topic interested me, I was there. If it was boring, like government or history, I would totally zone out and not be able to concentrate. I guess we're all like that to an extent, right? It's just difficult to concentrate on MT lately because I know it's just another report with the same old physical exam section, the same diagnoses, the same plan. It's never going to end as long as I do this job. Every day, there's more work, more of the same old, same old. Yeah, I think I need to get out of MT. I don't even know if editing or QA would be challenging enough for me.
    Maybe it's to embrace diversity in the workplace.
    Kwanzaa, Hanukah, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Leif Ericksen Day, Lent?  I'd take all 40 days of Lent with celebratory incentive pay.
    It is true. A lot of companies
    are not yet compatible. With the company I work for, we were able to do a workaround so I could get my account to work. IF you already work for someone, ask them first. At Best Buy (and I'm sure others) you can request that they load XP instead of Vista. Found that out after I purchased! I ended up just getting a laptop with XP, so when I have an account that is not compatible, I just do them on my laptop!
    Companies in general, true. ICs could be
    added in, but obviously there are laws from the labor board regarding employees, versus IC where it would be a contract.
    However, I just was wondering how far a supervisor can go as long as people work their hours (allowable by law 8 scheduled) and as long as people get their agreed on minimum line count. Wondering about no breaks between reports, and working every minute being monitored and that would be with a company or any employer paying your benefits. Also, wondering if this were mentioned at the interview, would a person take the job. Guess that is a more rhetorical wondering. But it is true, up to the employee to do something about it. I agree. If the employee does not want to stand for it, could either leave, or make an issue out of it, which brings us to another conversation then.
    wow!! not true - they just changed insurance companies (sm)
    at the end of the year.  I don't know about the family coverage, I get the single, but it is about 1/3 of what you said.  Maybe you should give them another look.
    Need info or true ULD companies. I've
    not paid attention to past posts because I never thought I'd need it.  Have chance for a position, but need ULD  - like now.   I'm on the east coast.  I have DSL and my ISP is Earthlink.  They have something called truvoice where it looks like I can get true ULD, but because I have DSL I still have to maintain my land line.   Not sure if I could use DSL, phone, and tru voice all at the same time. 
    Doesn't bother me either about the FBI check. I do take issue with companies
    that want credit checks as that has nothing to do with anything.
    too terribly true. I'm working with a few of those. (NM)

    Working PT and FT for 2 different companies. (Sm)

    How do you all do it?  I am trying out another company to see how I like it with anticipation to switch over.  In the meantime, I am working 40 hours for one and 20 for another.  There is still a home to maintain, meals to prepare, grand kids to take to and pickup from school (their mother is a single parent and a nurse so her hours are worse than mine). 

    I am only intending on doing this for another few weeks until I make my decision, then doing only 1 FT job. 

    I know there are those of you who do this on a regular, steady basis and I admire your fortitude.   You are made of stronger stuff than I am. 

    Working for 2 companies.
    I am just starting that process. I work IC at one company and am taking the other one on at full time. I don't know how long I will keep the IC company, but I am going to keep them for at least a month. I don't think I could juggle 2 for very long, though with the IC job, I'm not scheduled hours so that will help.
    Working for 2 companies or more
    It can be done, if my "main service" is low in either of my 2 accounts, which it normally is when I first start in the morning, then I work for company #2 until work starts picking up in my "main service." I also let the main service know that I am working for the other service and to just call or email me if work starts coming in.
    what companies are you all working for

    Off QA review in 3 or 4 days????

    Let's just assume that your company tells the MT to follow the BOS to the letter, and the platform is user friendly, and the MT has 5 or 8 years experience.  Even given that scenario, someone new to a company cannot be expected to turn in a report with 98 to 99 percent accuracy in 2 or 3 or 4 days.  Maybe it would be possible if the MT had only 1 work type or transcribed only 1 doctor.  But throw in 5 or 6 work types, each with a some pecularities to them, a different doctor for each report, maybe the same doctor twice in an 8-hour shift. 

    Or how about an MT that has been following the BOS to the letter and switches companies and now has to transcribe verbatim - that would make q.d. CORRECT if dictated.  The MT has to stop and think how to transcribe what normally would be INCORRECT.  So the MT hears *hs* and accidentally types at bedtime.....you get the idea.

    If a company told me they expect me to be off QA review in 3 days, I would take that to mean they don't care about the details of my work, just turn in what looks good the untrained eye, and let them get their lines billed.

    Working for 2 companies
    I have a question for all of you that work for 2 or even 3 companies at a time.  Do you ever have trouble with different platforms not working on the same computer?  In other words, if you have one account that uses ExText and another one that uses Docuscribe, do you have problems?  I have been thinking about trying to work for 2 different companies since I can't seem to make a living doing part-time work, and "just maybe" if I go with 2 different companies, I will have enough work (hopefully). Please let me know your experiences, please.  Thank you.
    working for multiple companies
    I was wondering if any of you work for multiple accounts, and if so how you manage your time between the two of them.  I have been trying to work on one during the day, and one at night, but its not working very well for me at this point.
    I am working for multiple companies
    I was working 1 job full time split shift afternoon and back in the evening to 1 a.m. The second job I work around it, either in the morning or third shift. They are pretty flexible.
    But now I am in a similar situation. I just took one job split afternoon and overnigt and the other job early afternoon split to evening. I sleep during the mornings and after dinner time when my husband watch the kids. I will manage to get 2 full days off when I go to 2 F/T instead of 1 set and 1 flexible job. It should be interesting. I wish you luck. For me, at least the bill collectors are happy now.
    Contracts for working at companies?

    Hi all,

    I was wondering, do MOST of the companies require you to sign a contract to work for them? You know, saying how long you will work for them, etc? I have heard a lot about this lately. Is this the norm? It seems to me that one wouldn't want to work for a company requiring this, as I would think that if they were a good company, employees wouldn't need a contract, they would just stay because they are happy?

    Contracts for Working at Companies
    If you are truly an "Independent Contractor" then YOU present the company with YOUR contract for THEM to sign. YOU bill THEM for your work, after negotiating a price. Have you ever had work done on your house by a contractor? Did you give him a contract, or did he give you one, after the two of you agreed on a price for specific work? Did you tell him what hours he would work, what tools he would use and how he would use them?

    The U.S. Department of Labor has guidelines for deciding who is and is not an "Independent Contractor," and working at home has absolutely no bearing on it:

    working multiple companies
    For those you who work a full-time job plus a part-time job for a different company, are you using one computer for both?  I thought maybe I should buy a second computer??? 
    YES!! Love 'em! Lots of fun, doesn't feel like working out. :)

    If we boycott working for companies that offshore,
    boycott medical providers that offshore, and write to our politicians, maybe we can change things. I won't go to any local doctor that uses an offshored transcription outsource. Hit 'em where it counts, right in their big fat wallets. They put us out of work and reduced our wages, so why do we owe them any loyalty? Why should we pay higher medical bills when they're too cheap to pay us what we're worth? Pretty soon, we'll all be on unemployment, foodstamps and Medicaid. One way or another, they'll have to cough up.
    sick of working for crappy companies?
    I have been thinking about starting my own company. I have done some research and it looks like all I really need is an FTP site, handhelds (that the doc's purchase themselves), and to get accounts. If anyone is interested in doing this with me let me know...or if anyone has any other information on starting a company input would be appreciated!

    Why are we working as IC's and the companies are making profits off of us? Lets cut out the middle man and make the money we deserve!!
    Working for offshore owned companies and feeling
    so all these companies are really Synthescribe? Glad I did not get started working for them! nm
    So, are you working for the same company. I have worked for 2 companies and I have noticed a huge
    difference in the lines I got from each company. The accounts were similar. I never ever got what your talking about but I would average 600-700 lph at one company and the other one  I was lucky to get 400 lph so then I figured out they didnt pay for spaces, footers, headers etc.. and that does factor into your line counts on that platform.
    I hate when companies treat us like we're working for pin money

    Am I supposed to be happy when a company only gives me 200 or 300 lines a day when they promise you a certain amount (that is higher than that)? How would the company employees (not us lowly transcriptionists) feel if the company told them that they were only getting paid 100 dollars this pay period, that there wasn't enough work. Not enough to pay bills and keep food on the table, just pin money.


    Why are YOU attacking HER? Just because she doesn't want kids, doesn't mean she needs a psychi
    Thank you ghost! So true! So true! More than one person!
    Yer crackin' me up! True, true, true! nm
    MT companies negotiate with the insurance companies until they get what they want

    It is strictly up to the agreement between the employer and the insurance company.  Your new employer can tell you what the pre-existing clause is in your new policy.  Some require proof of insurance for the past 12 months.  It may say something like if a diagnosis has not been made NOR treatment received within the last __ months.  Not good when companies negotiate with a pre-existing clause in order to get a lower rate.  Better check with your HR with your new company before doing anything.  It really gets hairy !

    You get more working the evening or night shifts and working w/o benefits. And producing like a mad
    Ditto....granted I am not working much these days, but am currently trying out a new way of working
    when I do work which seems to be helping.  I am timing myself and keeping a log of how long it takes to to type however many minutes.  I am averaging anywhere from 13-18 minutes of dictation an hour now doing this.  Granted the time fluctuates between who I am typing, and if I have to look up names, addresses, etc., just depends on the division I am doing at the time.  But work that used to take me 3 hours to do is now taking me under 2 hours, I am also trying to put in more macros as I go along, which slows me down initially but pays off in the long run of course.  I was working "all the time" before but took forever to get done since I was not applying myself. This new "attitude" has helped me a lot.  My goal, in the Fall, is to do 90 minutes a day consistently at 6 hours, and then maybe get up to 120 minutes a day at 8 hours, still while having at least half of the day free (do 60 minutes at night, and the other 60 by Noon).  Thereby doing 1200-1400 lines a day.  I have never really buckled down and done more than 8000 lines per pay period, so it will be a nice change.  Maybe you can do something like that and have a specific knock off time as was suggested below. 
    Working holidays? Out shopping in stores where someone IS working

    that holiday you refuse to work?  Grocery stores, food joints & seems any store is open on holidays and you expect them to be fully staffed, so why shouldn't we?

    Yes, I took off for the first time on Christmas day, in 18 years and it was great, but I worked Christmas eve and this whole past weekend.

    Someone has to do it!

    ROFL!! true, so true! nm
    true, true but out of about 90 flicks....1 or 2...nm

    true, true - but what you see as arrogance...sm

    I think a lot of people go the extreme -

    so, if I had to be one way or the other (being a humble extremist myself...*LOL*), I'd rather have too much self-esteem than not enough (been there, done that the first 30 years!!! *L*).  And I am a truly humble person, been recognized for just that.....but because of *been there, done that* - and all sorts of therapies (not drug therapies), some end up the other way.  Oh well, this was a fun couple of posts - so I thought.

    Gave me much to chew on :)  Have fun!  

    True but to say there are no good MTs not true.
    ROFLMAO!!!! so true! so true!
    Everybody sees it but her, though! I love it! Thanks for the giggle! ":^)
    Most companies do no use their only files (HIPAA). They use files provided by other companies, serv
    If you can get through the test files, then the sound quality on the actual company files is better. And, the dictation is never as bad as the test files, plus you have QA to help with hard blanks.
    working IN A HOSPITAL is different than working at home.
    Someone can steal you identity from the internet if they want to. Why would you go to the time and trouble to jeopardize a job that requires some level of skill to steal someone's identity or medical records? You could get a job as a retail clerk and get info easier than going through the testing required to become an MT.
    Somehow working at home translates into not really working
    My in-laws are the worst. Whenever they plan something last minute and my husband says that I had to work, they say, "but she works at home!". When I one time mentioned I had a "schedule" and basically punch a clock and work full time, I don't think they believed me. They will sometimes call mid-day during the week if they are in the area to see if I want to go for lunch, etc! The best is, my husband doesn't make all that much money, so where is it coming from, the money fairy? I am ready to strangle someone! So I know how you feel and I'm sorry it upset you. You are not alone.
    I daydream about NOT working while I'm working.

    There are so many other things I need and want to get done.  I've been working way too hard lately, and summer is just slipping by again.  Well, I'm outty.

    Does MQ really seem like they want MTs? It doesn't seem like it

    When you make something so complicated, difficult, cumbersome, and frustrating, that sends me the message they aren't really wanting to be in the business.   As far as I'm concerned, they have sent me a signal they don't want me to work for them.  Wonder who they sent those surveys to.

    What? DQS doesn't use

    What the heck are you talking about?  They are getting ready to put PRD on my machine.  Why would they do that if we can't use word expanders?

    Just because I am an MT doesn't mean that
    transcription. If that's all you have in your life I feel sorry for you. You're a miserable hateful human being and people like you are the reason I started working at home in the first place.

    Try to have a nice day.
    She probably doesn't know how to use it.
    5 OUT OF 10 to me is 50%, doesn't
    No she doesn't......
    She sounds like someone who's telling it exactly like it IS and knows what it's all about.  Things are and have been rapidly changing in our industry and all other industries, for that matter, my dear. There ain't no free lunch any longer....SURPRISE!!  Better get with it or you WILL be left out.  Not a threat, just facts.................You can take it or leave it, but you'd be wise to take it.....from one sistah to another....
    Well said. Like you said, it doesn't
    majority of people have had alcohol in their past. People who are more prone to being alcoholics will likely become addicted before they even realize what happened. There is also a component of denial before you admit to the problem. I am not saying everyone that comes from a family with problems will become an addict with something, whether it is food, drugs, alcohol, etc., but it does play a role; and to dismiss that fact, is only being judgmental. "You have a problem; well you created it, bottom line." I think that if you know there is a tendency in your family, you can take measures to stay away from addictions; but sometimes bad stuff just happens to good people. I think we all might have a few problems we aren't exactly proud of. And for someone who overeats and is obese, it is no different than someone who is an alcoholic. I am not talking about people who have medical conditions either that might cause them to be obese, so don't start getting upset people.

    I have a huge family history of alcoholics and mental disorders. I myself have some chemical imbalances and have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and OCD. I recognize that and take measures to be able to live the healthiest life I can.

    that doesn't mean we can do anything about it
    anyone not getting paid should contact their company and the bank

    This was all before 9/11 (which doesn't
    excuse Clinton by any means), but has anyone noticed that these outsourced jobs are going into the back yards of Afghanistan and Pakistan?  Don't any American officials worry about the potential danger to Americans associated with that?