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United States: No official language...

Posted By: MT on 2008-05-29
In Reply to: Which is why this country will lose its - sovereignty........nm

End of story...

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English may not be the official language on the federal level, but it is the NATIONAL language. sm
From Wikipedia:

Although the United States has no official language at the federal level, English is the national language.

In 2003, about 215 million, or 82 percent of the population aged five years and older, spoke only English at home. Spanish, spoken by over 10 percent of the population at home, is the second most common language and the most widely taught foreign language.[139][140] Immigrants seeking naturalization must know English. Some Americans advocate making English the country's official language, as it is in at least twenty-eight states.[141] Both Hawaiian and English are official languages in Hawaii by state law.[142] Several insular territories also grant official recognition to their native languages, along with English: Samoan and Chamorro are recognized by Samoa and Guam, respectively; Carolinian and Chamorro are recognized by the Northern Mariana Islands; Spanish is an official language of Puerto Rico. While neither has an official language, New Mexico has laws providing for the use of both English and Spanish, as Louisiana does for English and French.[143]

P.S. Miami may be one of the largest cities, but it is still just one city located in one small state. There are 49 other states. Miami is just a small speck when you compare it to the rest of the United States.
Resident of Louisiana and all of the United States


As a resident of Louisiana, I ask that you all pray not only for those poor souls in New Orleans but for the whole state and surrounding areas.  The aftermath effect is going to be widespread. PRAY!   We are already experiencing food supply shortages.  Woman fighting over a loaf of bread in a Wal-Mart. PRAY!  Our kids may not be able to start school because there is no diesel or gas for the buses.  PRAY!  For this I urge all you have enormous SUVs just to ride around in to get rid of them.  The worst is yet to come.  PRAY!  There are reports of the centers having out breaks of riots not only in New Orleans but in the other areas housing the displaced people.  PRAY!  Also, help any way you can.  If you can not afford monetary donations, please give your time at one of the shelters. 

All our lives have and/or will change from this tragedy no matter where you live.

Who is FREEDOMTYPE and are the in the United States? Thanks for any info.

Keystrokes does not and will not send work out of the United States. nm
MTStars is following the same directions that has been asked by the President of the United States.
MTStars is following the same directions that has been asked by the President of the United States regarding donations to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

If you would like to make monetary donations, please make them to the American Red Cross or the Salvation Army.  Banners are running above on the Main board that link directly to those sites.

Thank you!


Go to tools, language, set language--nm
to make it official, not living in sin, tax
Official policy puts it best . . .
from the 2002 AAMT Book of Style:

"Obscenities, profanities, and vulgarities do not belong in a patient's record unless they are part of direct quotations that are essential to a report."

In 20+ years of transcribing, mostly psychiatry, with, as one might imagine, a lot of profanity, I've always just typed whatever the clinician quoted the patient as saying, and have never had a complaint.

Good luck,


comcast cap on usage official
But don't you now put RHIT on your resume since that's the current official title? sm
I earned my RRA, but in the time since I earned it the AHIMA has changed the title to RHIA, so that is what is on my resume.
Ditto this. I'm the family's official "deviled egg queen" for every holiday.
I always make them the day before and Saran Wrap them into my special crystal egg platter, but any plastic or glass dish will do.  How many days until Thanksgiving now?  LOL
Dogs: Maggie and Slade, Cat: Kitty (official is Socks)- sm
If you mean United Transcription...
Recruiter, Melissa, had me do a questionaire first. after she was satisfied with this, she wanted to send me a pre-employment screening test. However, it looked like she was only going to send it to me if I had planning on taking it RIGHT THEN AND THERE just because it was timed and needed to be back in 24 hours (we are about 6 hours apart, and I do have another job). She did this twice. I waited for days. Why couldn't she just send the test as an attachment to download like NORMAL companies would?????

I finally emailed the company and told them how unprofessional they were, particularly Melissa, and that they actually did me a favor.
Also contact United Way
We were in a similar, very difficult situation a few years back.  In desperation I called the United Way and they matched my family up with a company in our area that went out and shopped for my 4 kids.  They bought everything on the list and even wrapped the gifts before delivering them.  They left an envelope for me and my hubby with a $100 bill, a gift certificate for a Honey Baked ham and a grocery gift card.  When I did my Christmas shopping at the store, they scanned the gift card - it was for $100!  I started crying right in the store.  I will never forget those angels on earth who saved Christmas for my kids and saved my faith in humanity.  And, by the way, it is not too late!  I didn't know help was available to people in trouble, so didn't call until 5 days before Christmas!  They did all of this for us in just 5 days!  Tell your friend there are many who have been where she is right now and she will get through it.  There are many, many wonderful agencies and people who will help you, she just has to ask.  I pray that your friend will get the help she needs. 
DAC-125 united needed

would like to purchase a DAC-125 unit for transcribing.  Please let me know if you have one of these for sale.



United transcription
Does anyone have any information on United Transcription, Inc.?  Are they a good company to work for, do they pay, is there a lot of work, etc.?  Thanks
NM..found it..United Transcription..Tks
sorry...that was United Transcription in No. Carolina. nm
No, it was United that offered lower than 8 cpl. nm
United Transcription used to have, very recently too.
Call United Way in your area. Dial

Ask for referral for whatever it is you need help with, i.e. electric bill, mortgage, etc.  You absolutely cannot apply for unemployment as an IC. You may also consider applying for emergency public assistance by contacting the department of human resources in your county.

I know you are looking for BCBS, but my United HealthCare policy SM

will allow my kids to stay on until they are 26 if they are not married and still living at home, whether they are in college or not.  I double checked about it, and it's true.  Also my dental is the same way but a different carrier.

United Health Care medical insurance

Well, I am about to use my vision coverage insurance for United Health Care.  Eye Exam 2000 said they only covered 15-20% of the exam, 20% of cost of lens/glasses.  I have never heard of such a low amount covered.  I guess I have the wrong plan.  Anyone else disappointed with United Health Care benefits besides me?  I work for a large national.

Thanks.  I guess I am hoping someone will tell me I am wrong and that 80% of the bill is covered.  That this is all a mistake.



Call United way. Dial 2-1-1 from a landline phone
or you can Google united way '_________'. fill in the blank with the name of your city. You can search their database online as well. There is help out there for you.
I wasn't offered 8-1/2 cpl w/United out of So.Carolina - much lower. TransTech and DSG
I used this with United of No.Carolina. It seemed kind of slow and archaic. Didn't use the Sted&
U R confusing official definition of professional with "popular" definition...sm

the official definition is those jobs like physicians, PA's, NP's, law, etc. Not something you do for a long time or what your job is. The popular definition for profession is what you do. Same thing with vocation, a official definition would hold to calling, such as clergy or nuns or missionaries... popular would say what's your job. So depends if you are looking for the popular definitions vs. the official definitions, though I will say some very ignorant people posting on the topic...

Also they have to pay to set up new states
So they might not want to hire from states not set up in already.
Nothing to do with your first language, of course. nm
Language skills are definitely at the top - I agree. So many outsiders think all we do is type and memorize a few terms. Makes me crazy sometimes to think we are being looked down upon for, quote - just typing, how hard can that be?
P.S. I hate it that we cannot put quotations in our posts!!
OP does not say who had the language
barrier, the doctor or the patient. Just because she is a white American female does not mean she speaks English.
Indeed it does, as the letter clearly states
it was a DEP error
It clearly states in the message that they
regarding the status of the job.
document where the IRS states this please? nm
she states below that she did try in the past sm
to bring on another IC but they were resistant to the idea.

She has already tried doing what you suggest, to no avail.

I have been in this situation as well, and while it is very true that we are, in essence, vendors to our clients, there are offices that are truly difficult to work with.

It is a good idea to consider taking an employee position in this case, I agree, but please know that she's already tried addressing the issue in the way you suggest. :-)
Some *states*. YIKES!
Working in 2 different states. sm

I know a MQMT who does this.  I don't know the particulars, but she's literally on opposite ends of the map at different times.  It seems to me that there should be no problem doing this.  Of course, time zones, etc. may vary, but things like that should be easily resolved. 

Have fun, whatever you decide!

These ESL's speak more than their own language, sm
many are fluent in several languages.  They also pay income taxes at the same rate as USA-born doctors.  Until you can speak their language as well as they can speak ours, have some compassion for their efforts, and be glad that you have a job.  There are ESLs wherever you go.  Better get used to it.  Or better yet, why don't you travel to a country where you don't speak the language.  It might humble you a bit when you see how difficult it is. 
English Language
Amen to that!!!
I live in South Florida and you may as well call it a foreign country. I asked a clerk at local Walmart for Phiso-dem...she had me write it on her notepad she carries around, because she doesn't speak English!!!!
English as a Second Language
foul language
I meant to reply to Tomahawk's post.  If you scroll down a few to MQ, you will see what I a referring to.
Should have said English as a FIRST language. LOL
So, English is a second language..LOL!
How can someone get a job doing this kind of work without knowing English?  Just amazes me!
AT&T language line

Hospitals can set up an account with the AT&T language line.  You call the number, give your account code and tell them what language you need.  They have tons to choose from and they are available in real time.  You have to use a speaker phone so the patient, translator and care provider can all hear each other.  Some 911 dispatch centers use it too. 

Sometimes the default language gets (sm)
changed on a document when I am typing and I have to go back in and reset it to English. I notice this when my autocorrect entries do not work and I know that I have them in the file. It only happens every once in a while and I have to "select all" and then change the language back to English. Hope this helps in the future.
LOL We have no'national' language!
and if you don't believe me, visit Miami sometime, one of the largest cities in the U.S.
National Language

"In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the man's becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile...We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language...and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

Theodore Roosevelt

learning another language
It isn't that I wouldn't like to learn another language if I had the time. I would. It would be neat to be able to speak another language, but I don't. And it makes me fustrated when immigrants come here and expect me to know their language when they are the ones who came here. They should know proper English. Or just decent English. If I moved to South America I would not expect them to understand me. I would take it upon myself that if I wanted to communicate I need to learn good Spanish. And if I had a job where I did something such as dictating, I would make sure I knew decent English and tried to make myself understandable. Some ESLs act like they don't care if you can understand them or not. There ARE some who try though.
Wow...so know we have to learn your language as well.
If you think that's 'foul' language, you don't
Get over it.
I think learning the language
and losing the accent are not quite the same thing... many of the ESL doctors speak English quite well, and may have been studying English for years in school.  After a certain age, the accent is very difficult to lose. Some people have more of a talent for this than others. I know, makes it hard for the MTs.. but part of the job. Not saying they shouldn't try to improve... I study another language, but I am always going to have an American accent.