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Verizon DSL versus Adelphia cable internet - sm

Posted By: Kimberly on 2006-10-19
In Reply to:

I am thinking about switching from Adelphia to Verizon DSL internet service.  It seems that lately my service is off line more than online.  However, I have heard the DSL is a tad slower, which is one of my concerns.  Any happy or unhappy Verizon DSL users willing to share their experiences?

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Adelphia Cable
I had this company for years; couldn't get anything else in the country where I live. Now Time-Warner (roadrunner) bought it out. Your service should also be Time-Warner soon. Adephia was BAD! Their service techs knew less than I did; had all sorts of problems off and on. Glad to be rid of them!!!
verizon has broadband internet card
for laptops..  it is about 15 dollars/wk but you can write it off.. i do lots of stuff in the car and verizon works everywhere..
My telephone service is VOIP, but it s through my cable service, along with my cable internet. .
We have had VOIP for about a year now and I love it. I really can't tell a difference in traditional service, except the price. One of the best calls of my life was to Bellsouth to cancel our service!
Cable vs DSL internet?
I have cable internet service and will be relocating soon to an area that has DSL.  Just wondering, since DSL goes through the phone line, is there any electrical involved; or should I say, if the electricity goes out does the DSL stop working.  I am wondering, if I invest in a laptop and have DSL also, if electricity goes out, would hardly miss any downtown, with the laptop having battery and all.   Is this correct?
cable Internet.
Cable Internet just recently became available to my area.  I was excited because most the MTSOs require cable.  I am currently on satellite.  I called about the cable internet and they said for a home office it is $80 per month and you only get 10 gigabytes or megabytes (donít remember which) per month for downloading stuff off the internet. Then you get charged extra.  Is this normal for cable Internet?  It sounds strange to me but I am not very savvy on these sorts of things.
DSL vs. cable internet

Currently have AT&T/SBC phone service (landline),  Verizon Wireless cell phone, and Insight broadband internet cable and TV.  Monthly costs:

AT&T:  $50/month unlimited calling

Verizon:  $40/month with 400 minutes (and never even get close to calling that much)

Insight:  $45 internet cable and $45 cable TV

Total:  $180 per month

Thinking of switch to AT&T for bundle of phone, internet, and TV for total of $100/month.  Can't break Verizon contract, or would switch cell phone service too.  So, would save $40 a month by getting the AT&T bundle. 

My question is:  Is DSL "elite speed" REALLY as fast as cable?  And does DSL have fewer episodes of service being down?  With cable, I've had entire weeks where the service was down, and I couldn't work; thus, didn't have a paycheck!  DSL tells me they "never" go down because I'd be on my server, as opposed to sharing a server with cable internet.  Speed is everything to me, as it is to all of my MT colleagues, but it's also important to have service that won't go down for long periods of time.  Any experience with these that you'd like to share?

dsl vs. cable internet
Hmmm....this is a dilemma. Thank you for your note. Do you think DSL, then, is more cost-efficient than cable? Do you have the "bundle" that includes landline phone,
DirectTV, and internet? Are all DSL providers relatively the same cost and service? Mine would be with AT&T.
dsl vs. cable internet
Thanks for your post. :) Do you think the DSL package is a better value than cable?
dsl vs. cable internet
Okay. When your DSL goes out, does your phone go out, as well? How long does DSL stay down? I know I'm asking a million questions, but want to make the right decision. Getting a divorce and moving out on my own, which is stressful enough. Want to make sure my work goes smoothly at my new place.
dsl vs. cable internet
Wow!  You guys are awesome with your descriptions of pros-and-cons of DSL vs. cable.  Think I'll stick with what I have for now (cable internet and TV; AT&T phone service).  Glad I asked you for your expert opinions before signing up for anything.  I'm such an easy mark for sales people. 
I put my USB cable for my internet into the hub
I put my USB cable for my internet into the hub and it seems to be running just as fast.  I have a 7 plug hub and tried them all and it didn't seem to make a difference.  I'll just have to plug it right into the PC for now.  Thanks for the reply though!
I am thinking about it, I have TV and Internet cable. nm
Do you have cable TV/internet in your area?
We bundle our cable TV, internet, and telephone and save quite a bit by having all three together. You might check into that.
What do you do if internet goes down? How do you call cable?
I don't really need a cell phone but when the internet goes down, I have to go to a phone booth to call the cable company. Real pain. What do you do?
I have cable Internet and two computers
The cable guy who determined I need a new router said something about Linksys having a G and N (models?) and that the N was faster, but I usually get good advice here and want to know a little bit more before I go to the store and get hit up by the salesman. :)
My internet was down for the past 2 weeksends (cable)
and Comcast could not tell me why. They did not even admit it was a problem. What they did say when they came out was that it was fine. Oh boy! No kidding. They told me that others in the area had experienced the same thing so if it happened again this weekend, to make an appointment for someone to come out on the weekend! (can you see me giving 4 hours up during their 4-hour call window?). When the cable internet is out, there goes my phone because I also have Comcast phone. For the most part though, I can't complain as far as when it is up, it is much better than DSL. They just need to let the right hand know what the left hand is doing and when they are doing it. It is my guess, they take it down on weekends for work in the area, which is NOT acceptable as I need it every day.
to hook 2 computers to cable internet do ?
you need a router and a KVM switch - what else?  Will this cause problems?
if you already have cable/internet, you should get a deal for having the phone also.
My high speed internet is through our local t.v. cable company. nm.
Cox offers a "basic" cable internet; it's the same and half the price as the other one they
I pay $25 a month for it instead of the $50. It's very fast!
I have a KVM switch and using cable for my high-speed internet so what i needed ... SM

to connect my second computer to the internet was simply the ethernet cord along with the KVM switch box.  I actually work with a router, but it was simple to set up and works like a charm. 

Hate Adelphia
I hate Adelphia.  My satellite internet is more reliable and has less outages than their service. 
I'm confused too. I was told Adelphia would be changing over to Comcast as well.

I've decided to give Verizon a try though. I'll keep Adelphia during my 30-day trial and see how it goes. I hope the change over to Comcast goes smoothly without too many outages.
Looks like Adelphia and Bellsouth only in my area
65 character line versus gross lines versus pay by word

I am checking into other options for transcription.  Can anyone tell me how to compare all of these types of lines & also payment per word?  I know companies use different scales, so I wondered how they compare.  I have been paid on a 65 character line with spaces, but I may be making a change in the future - don't want to get burned.

Thank you in advance!

Comcast cable has ULD that goes through their cable sm
and there are no limitations. I asked them. They said that you could use the phone 24/7 and it would make no difference. The cable modem has a telephone connection and backup battery in there, all in one unit. If you lose your power, the backup battery kicks in for 12 hours I think they said. I personally was reluctant but it is clearer than Verizon regular phone service. Clear as a bell! It is $39.95 a month. If you have any cable service, you might want to check and see if they have this. This is VOiP protocol but I just have never seen anything that was as clear as theirs.

If Comcast has this, it is my guess that the other cable internet services either have it or will have it in the future. This is fairly new with Comcast.
Question versus gross lines versus 65-character lines....

I have always charged or been paid by 65 or 60 character lines or per letter or space typed, but have never been paid or charged per gross line.

What is the advantage of this?  If I were to charge 11 cents per 65-character line including spaces, what does this figure out to for an average line rate and how do you do this calculation? 

I'm wondering if it is financially beneficial for me to bill by gross line or to keep it the way I have it.  I do know some accounts will only pay per 65-character line, as this was the deal my first own account I recently acquired.  They were adamant on a 65-character line, but didn't specify with or without spaces and I personally would never not charge for spaces.

Thanks for explaining this.  I appreciate it and hope everyone has a speedy day.

Internet based transcription - need advice on how to go internet
Can anyone offer any help/advice on how go about becoming internet based from a call in system, or how to keep the call in system for the docs and put transcriptionists on the internet?  Not sure where to start to get information on how to go about doing this. Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks.
If you want to work on the internet from home, take an internet course
But only from Andrews School or M-TEC. Many companies will waive the 2-years' experience requirement and will test and hire you if you go to either of those schools. Do NOT bother with At Home Professions, Penn Foster, US Career Institute, or ESPECIALLY Trans-Am, which is also known as Trans-SCAM and is a total ripoff. You will have a VERY difficult time getting hired without experience unless you choose Andrews School or M-TEC. Yes, they cost more, but that's because they are excellent training programs, not "correspondence courses."
Verizon has one....
I think it is $0.99 per call (might be per day charge), then $0.10 per minute. If you call other Verizon customers, it is free, except the $0.99 connection fee still applies, I think.
I use Verizon and...
have a C-phone account. They have never cared that I use it for transcription. In fact, I told them that this is why I needed it when I added it to my account. It is $49.94 per month.
no Verizon available here, but thanks anyway
Do not go with Verizon either, they did that to me without
telling me.  I signed up for unlimited long distance and went about my business for a whole month dialing in and working, etc. and then I received a bill in the mail for $2500.  Their take on it was that I could not use their unlimited $39.95 plan a month for what I was doing because it was considered business and not home use.  They switched me to the per minute plan without notice and sent me the bill.  I fought with them over the bill and they reduced it to $800 that I was responsible for.  Anyhow, if anybody has any idea what to do I would like to know.  Also, how about all the hospitals we dial into just get 1-800 numbers.  Just seems like the logical thing to make their MTs happy. 
Verizon DSL
I have used Verizon for a couple months now - not a problem so far.
I had Verizon - sm
If you read the information pamphlet they send you after you sign up, you will see that it clearly states if they feel you are using more than the "average" consumer, they will change your plan to the talk 30 (I think it was) plan. Some people were even billed for what they considered over their limits. I'm not sure if Verizon puts a cap on their minutes. It might be different in other areas. Be very careful though. I would definitely make sure they know what you are using it for up front.
Verizon has one, but you have to have
a cell plan of theirs and then it depends on where the wireless towers are.
I work for Webmedx and use the air card when we travel in our RV.
currently trying verizon
i am currently trying verizon on my laptop in an effort to find service i can travel with and i really am not impressed.  it is faster than dial up, but unless you have a really strong signal it's not as fast as dsl.  i have my verizon cell phone sitting next to me with full signal and my laptop is showing no bars - verizon customer support says this is always a possibility and it will run at dial up speeds when no bars are available.  my concern is not uploading reports or losing reports while i'm typing.  sorry for not using caps i'm just being lazy.  have a great day.
I just switched from Cingular Wireless to Verizon and I love it. It is working great and FAST! I go camping a lot plus vacations and needed a way to work on my laptop.
I have Verizon
I have used Verizon unlimited long distance for 2 years until just recently after switching to voip. I was never questioned about my usage. Unless anything has changed, you should be okay.
Yes, I have Verizon, and my
total bill last month, including regular phone, unlimited LD and caller ID was $66.  
verizon ULD

Verizon is our only available carrier for local and I have a choice of either Verizon or AT&T for my long distance, both of which offer unlimited long distance packages.  Start with Verizon since that is your carrier and call them up to ask about an unlimited long distance service. It is none of their business what you use it for, personal or not.  Who knows, things may not work out at the new job and you have to find something else.  Our bill local and long distance through Verizon runs roughly $65 to $70 a month.  Also, you would have to Google 'unlimited long distance plans' but there is a site that will ask for your local phone number and it will show you what should be available where you are at.  I hope this helps and hope the new job goes well.

I have been doing this now for three years using Verizon. I have yet to be charged anything other than the flat rate for long distance.  I have not seen anything anywhere about a cap of minutes.  I don't know where you are at but there are probably differences in locales re: the way one is billed, etc. I don't know, as I do not work for Verizon.  For that matter, in my dealings with them, chances are there are people that do the job that don't know for sure.
Try uninstalilng norton and installing AVG free antivirus. Sometimes when norton upgrades they turn interfere with certain programs such as security. AVG is a free antivirus that can be found if you Google avg free - make sure you pick the free version. I have used it for sevearl years now and it has never interefered with interent (we have moved twice and had different providers) or with any of my platforms.
I know someone who has the Verizon version and they
are very pleased with it.   The service area is limited though. 
No problem with Verizon
I have used Verizon unlimited long distance for close to 9 months now and have had no problems.  I was up front with them what I was doing and they never questioned it.
I use a Verizon card
when traveling. I have the Nationwide package, $60 a month unlimited. In heavily populated areas, it is almost as quick as my DSL at home, but even in low population areas it is still better than dial-up. I've traveled from coast to coast (mostly along I-80) and only lost signal in the usual remote places (certain stretches of Wyoming or in heavy tree coverage). You might want to buy a card from whoever has the best cell signals in your area.
Is this the same with Verizon. I have no idea. nm
Would you consider Vonage or Verizon the best bet?

Verizon air card
More info please.  My husband and I are planning to do a lot of traveling and have been questioning the same things.  I know we can leach off a signal if we are close enough to a wireless place such as a hotel, but what if we are up in the mountains or on a beach in the middle of nowhere?  
Verizon FIOS
I've been using it for over a year now with no problems.  It only goes down when the land lines do - so that is something to gauge it by.  Comcast was another story totally and they charged about $20 more a month.