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Virus software recommendations

Posted By: USMT on 2009-01-14
In Reply to:

I am getting ready to go to EditScript Version 8 and am currently using McAfee software.  It does not seem that it has the ability to exclude certain directories and subdirectories from scanning.  Is there a better anti-virus program out there to use?  Thanks.     

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virus software
Me too, I switched over to Norton's as well.  I agree with you.
virus software
I hope that is not true. My son works for our police department and they use AVG free, in fact that is where I heard about it. I have had Norton - so slow and also others in the past.
Best Virus Software I have found & Free
Product information
Customer portal: http://www.free-av.com/contact
Internet: http://www.free-av.com

Do not download the Panda titanium software for virus checker and spyware protection. It corrupted
my entire computer, had to have service man fix it to the tune of $150.00.  
My virus protection keeps catching emails with the blackmail.F virus. That
has been going around for a few days and different variants of that are popping up. Don't know if it is related as I have not had time to research it. Watch out for that one too.
Yeah, you're right. Who cares who licenses your software? Heck, I use all pirated software anyw

why pay for anything, right?

Except that is AGAINST THE LAW!!!

A friend of mine got one and she is finding that some of her software, specifically her ISP software
If u need server software, try guild ftp. If just user software
then try cuteftp, coffeecupftp, or wsftp. They don't charge a line rate and I believe guildftp server software is still free.
Thanks to you all for your recommendations..

Looking for FTP recommendations, please
I want to drop my TASP and switch my doctors over to an FTP or something else that is relatively easy and painless for them to use and learn. I only have a couple of clients and each only transfers 1-2 files per day, but they are not very computer savvy so the easier the better. I would appreciate any information and/or recommendations. Email is provided too. Thanks in advance!
any recommendations?

As an owner, I am afraid to offer an hourly rate.  Currently, I have one Editor with her CMT as well as a couple of other degrees behind her name, and it takes her 4 hours to edit about 10 1/2- to 1-page reports.  All of my accounts are very easy....no fast-speaking physicians, no ESLs and only 1 or 2 who just plain ramble on.  

Any advice on the hourly rate and how many lines per hour I should expect to be edited?


my recommendations

I have always had Dell but am thinking of switching to HP as my neighbor who works on computers all day long says that they are the best ones ever made.  He has saved my bottom many times by working on mine.  He also says to stay away from Vista.  He wants me to buy a bare bones and he will install all the programs and operating system.   So that will save me quite a bit.   Anyway that is what I am told and since he has been straight with me for the past 6 years will probably believe him this time.



USB hub recommendations?
Does anyone have a brand of USB hub that they can recommend.  I currently have a Belkin highspeed hub with 4 outlets.  My hub connection keeps dropping from my mouse, keyboard, and foot pedal randomly. 
I need a new computer. Any recommendations?
I know exactly what I want as far as features, but I am not sure where to buy it.  I don't want a Dell because they offshore so many jobs overseas.  I can't decide if I should finance a computer and have it shipped here, or save up the money and pay cash at a local store.  I was thinking about buying from Staples or Office Max.  WalMart and Sam's Club have good deals, but again with the outsourcing/offshoring thing.  Am I just outta luck wanting to buy a U.S. computer?  Maybe I should just put it together myself.  LOL
any book recommendations? nm

headphone recommendations?

I am currently using the Koss Plug.  I like how they block the noise but the design of them is hurting my right ear a bit, and I have not been able to adjust the bass well enough on my pc to fix the sound to my liking.

Can anyone recommend a decent pair of headphones for under $70, or preferably under $50?  The $20 price tag on the Koss Plugs was great, especially since many people seem to like them - I will definitely keep them, but I just cannot use them 40 hours a week long term - ouch!  In the meantime, I will keep fiddling with how I put them in to see if I can relieve some of the discomfort.


I would like some chair recommendations too...
I am having the same problem, and I know a chair would help. The one I am using needs to be replaced. I am fortunate though that I can go through my husband's work to get a chair for about half price. I just have no idea which one to get yet.

Hope you get to feeling better! :)
Chair recommendations
My old chair needs to be replaced. I can't seem to find the same one to replace it. I guess the manufacturer doesn't make it anymore. So I'm in the market for a new one. Anyone want to recommend a great chair?
Recommendations on schools
I am looking at the online schools and am getting overwhelmed. Can anyone tell me your thoughts on the best schools for training and support? I have looked at VLC, Career Steps, Allied, MTec, and Andrews plus a few others, one offered by IHA as well.  They all seem ok......some offer more actual transcribing hours, not as much text material, tuitions vary vastly, and they all seem to follow the recommended critera.
TASP recommendations?
Anyone use a TASP (transcription application service provider) they can recommend?  I'm thinking about trying MetroScript.  Any input on this company or others would be appreciated.
Laptop Recommendations
I highly recommend you look at geeks.com and see what they have. Also, another option is the dell outlet (outlet.dell.com) they have refubs, off lease, scratch and dent (not so recommended) and "unopened returns" all of which are a few hundred bux less than a similar new machine.
I would like recommendations on keyboards

My ancient and well loved keyboard gave up the ghost a while back.  This one is not making me any money.  I am looking for a keyboard with a light touch and a little more space.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


FTP site or other recommendations?
I may be a little premature in asking this as I'm not yet sure what the software is that is being used, but I know a psychiatrist who would like me to do some transcription for his private practice.  He is currently using a program to digitally put the dictations on the computer and then his wife transcribes it.  I am wondering about options that are available to me in order to receive the dictations as well as transmit the typed documents back (preferrably through the computer).  I have heard about FTP sites but don't know how they work.  I think another option might be telephone dictation but that would not be ideal at this point as he has many dictations already on his computer that his wife is behind on and would like me to help get caught up.  I do have a digital foot pedal but don't know yet if it will work with the dictations or what software I might need on my end.  I have a limted budget.  Are there any sites available that are free and are HIPPA compliant?  Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!  Thanks!  
Need transcription machine recommendations please

I am an at-home MT and I have been using an Olympus Pearlcorder T1000 for the last several years. I am on my second one - the first one the hinge doesn't work correctly to insert/remove the microcassette tape but the machine still works (but I have to use something to flip/pry the lid open-lol) ! In fact, I am using it now because about a year or more ago I purchased another one (exact same model) as I felt it would be wise to have an extra machine). Anyway, the new one started pulling out the tape out of the microcassettes and won't backup/rewind like it should. It did this a couple months ago and I did the alcohol cleaning with a q-tip and that didn't work, so tried some silicone spray and finally it started working properly again but now I have run into the same problem. I tried all the above mentioned tactics but it didn't work this time. :( I hardly feel it is worth taking it in to have it repaired since they are not a costly machine, and BTW, I have an older Sony business quality transcription machine (around $500 over 10 years ago!) that I had so many problems with and had it in/out of the business machine repair shop several times (so additional $ spent) and still ended up with problems, so that is why I lean now more toward the cheaper models and if I get a couple years use out of them I am happy.

I am just wondering if there are any other machines that you might recommend around the $200 price range that you have had good luck with or should I just buy another Pearlcorder.


Any good rad company recommendations?
Does anyone know of a company that a Transcriptionist with 23 years of experience would find to be to her liking; i.e., plenty of work, good dictators, respectable company to work for, etc.
Need Laser printer recommendations

I may need to purchase a laser printer as the SOAP sheets that the office I work for sends to me are jamming in my HP ink jet printer. It has to be due to the writing that is being done on these SOAP sheet pages at the top where they fill in pertinent patient info, i.e., name of pt, vitals signs, birth control, etc., as well as how much the paper is being handled, shuffled, corners getting bent, etc. 

I have a new ink jet printer and have always had a problem with these sheets in every ink jet printer I have owned but my newest (and nicest printer thus far) it is happening more than ever before. It is very frustrating and time consuming to deal with this.

I was told that laser printers do not cause this problem as they utilize a different mechanism in printing. So, I may need to purchase a laser printer but would like some recommendations. I cannot afford a lot. I am hoping if I have to do this I can find a good one for around $400. I would appreciate your suggestions.

Thanks so much.

I need a free FTP client - any recommendations?

Sound card recommendations?
Does anyone have recommendations for a good sound card? I currently have a Creative Audigy LS sound card and would like to replace it with a sound card that might provide stronger and more crisp sound for transcription. Thanks
Need new office chair. Any recommendations? sm

I sold my Herman Miller as it was simply not comfortable to me so am very cautious about spending that much money again for a chair.  I think I would like one that has a high back and a neck support.  I definitely need one with arms that adjust in so that I can rest my arms while typing.  Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated as I am sitting on a dining room chair now! 

Classical music--recommendations anyone?
I tried this.  I chose a CD of "Classical Hits" and found it very soothing, at first.  I especially liked Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.  But, then came Vivaldi's Four Seasons and I felt the urge to jump right out of this chair and dance or do housework or something.  LOL.  Anybody out there have recommendations of what type of classical music is helpful, or names of composers, etc??
TASP recommendations requested

Can any IC's recommend a really inexpensive, easy to set up TASP that offers digital and phone?  I have used Emdat and like it, but it is expensive.  I have used Bayscribe and love it, but their spellchecker is worthless.  Something that works with MS Word would be great.  Recommendations?


Have two great TASP recommendations

Above is link to website of Scribe Healthcare Technologies, they have a "lite" version of their platform for smaller services. I've been using it since March and absolutely love it. The people at Scribe are great, questions get answered almost immediately, tech support is excellent. Our doctor clients equally appreciate the features of this platform. I would definitely contact Scribe for info and free demo. I'm so glad I am using this for my MD accounts.

I also use Metroscript for some other type doctors that don't need "auto signature" on their reports. Metroscript is equally terrific, have been using them for 3 years now. These folks are equally the best, perfect for a smaller service too. They will walk you through the learning curve very patiently. Find them at www.metroscript.com. Good luck to you.
Satellite recommendations - Oregon

I'd appreciate any recommendations from folks living in central or north-central Oregon and using satellite for transcription.  Thanks!

Looking for recommendations for kids clothing websites (sm)

Can anyone recommend some good places to shop online for kids clothes that are inexpensive but still well-made? I have a 2yo and a 6yo and my shopping time is limited, as is my budget! I've looked at Target and WalMart online, but I was wondering if anyone had found a fabulous place to shop for kids clothes.


Recommendations of Helpful Reference Materials?

Hi, I am just starting out in this field and would like to hear what reference material people find as necessary to have.



I am just starting out in this field and would like to hear what reference material people find as necessary to have.


Also are there any special materials that would be helpful for plastic surgery?


Recommendations would be so helpful for me so i can decide what i should buy.




Need to set up FTP - Secure site recommendations / cost ??
I need to use a secure FTP to transfer medical files.  Is anyone using a particular FTP that they like.  What is cost associated with this.  Any info appreciated.  Thanks.
Recommendations for a medical spellchecker for MS Word 2003? Thanks. nm
Laptop/notebook recommendations for transcription work?

I am going to get a laptop/notebook in about a month and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for one that seems to work well with transcription.  I need to know specifics like hard drive, RAM, memory, model number, etc.  Thanks in advance

Keyboard recommendations, soundless & light touch?
can anyone recommend a keyboard like that?  I have tried so many.  Has anyone tried the Kinesis?  Is it silent and light touch?  Help!
Wow. Evidently this company ignores the JCHO's recommendations
At my job you would GET FIRED for not adhering to the dangerous abbrevation rules and changing q.d. to daily.  I guess it depends on whether a company adheres to the joint commission on hospital policies or not.  I know when I applied to a company I transcribed mL instead of cc and was told I made a major error in my test.  I was following the AAMT guidelines and it cost me a job.  It is a problem that is no standardization in the rules.  I wish they would get together and decide on one way of doing things.
NEED RECOMMENDATIONS on foot pedal compatible w/Express Scribe (sm)

I realize they sell them on the Express Scribe website, but I was just wondering if anyone found any that were cheaper, worked well, and were still compatible with Express Scribe. TIA!

I am looking for recommendations for a FTP site to retrieve digital voice files. sm
Can you tell me what site you use, how much it costs, etc.? Any info appreciated!
I had one too and a virus

I went to a really great website that took care of my spyware.  I also went to SBC and downloaded their security program that has a virus scan included.  I no longer have the Spyware or the virus.

If the other website that was posted does not work, try geekstogo.com

I hope this helps!


Could be a virus. I would run your virus
scanner.  This is what happened to me - I got mail from my brother and it went to everyone in my address book AND everyone in their address book, and so on, and so on.  Horrible virus. 
I had the same thing happen about 2 weeks ago. I downloaded the latest version of Ad-Aware (lavasoft.com) and it removed it.
No virus
Just copy the links to your address bar so that it will route you to the download site. sorry that was all i got. There are NO virus in these files i tested them and they work. You don't need to register to stedmans so you don't have to pay them anything. Anyway, they are a big help for me i hope they will be to you too!

Someone please help me.  I have a virus obviously that is blocking all access to the internet.  Even when I try to pull up my email, it says that is has a problem and it wants me to buy stuff - obviously, my boyfriend did not know that you never click anything when you get those messages and now I have serious trouble.  It appears as though it is a windows product (which I am sure it is not).  Can somebody give me someway, somehow to get it gone? 

AVG virus
I had the exact same thing with AVG they are a rip off. I finally found a program that is a free program that will get rid of the virus. It is Trojan Remover 6.7.5 if you do a search for it I think it is like trj675.com or something like that. It worked when I did the same thing with the tech and 200 bucks and no luck they said I would have to reformat my drive...
Let your teachers make recommendations, but a basic Singer or Sears machine is fine. nm
Re: Virus Program
My computer tech also advised against Norton. He said he personally uses AVG and has not had any problems. Their website is

I've got the AVG free edition and have had no problems. I got it after Norton froze up my Word program. It didn't release until I removed it from my computer. I don't know anything to tell you about Panda, but most techies know a good program when they see one, so it probably is better than Norton.
virus program
AVG is what I use, recommended by computer tech at www.worldstart.com or Avast is good, and both of them are free, as is Spybot Search and Destroy, does a good job for spyware. World Start has a forum where you can ask any computer questions, and their people have always been very helpful. Hope this helps you.