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Were STAT reports addressed in contract? sm

Posted By: I agree, get voice mail. on 2008-02-08
In Reply to: IC STAT work - Ldyehawke

I had a doctor that did this same exact thing. He would procrastinate on doing reports, or just overbook himself so he never had time to dictate, and then when someone called wanting a report, he'd call me to see if I could do it ASAP. Of course, he didn't want to pay extra for this service, though. He would also call me night or day and expect me to drop whatever I was doing for other (better-paying) clients and do his "urgent" report. I go by the old saying that poor planning on his part does not make it an emergency on my part. I will do it for them IF I have the time and IF they pay a higher rate. Otherwise, I will not cater to this behavior because the poster above is right - they will continue to do it as long as you oblige. You have to be the one to set the boundaries. Get voice mail and caller ID if you don't already have and screen your calls. I found that sometimes just waiting a few hours before calling them back allowed them to calm down and realize it's not the end of the world, and they'd then say it was okay to get in by the next day or whatever. Sometimes it's not so much that it's a stat report in terms of the patient's need but that they need it to get paid, in which case they'll sometimes back down if you quote a higher rate or tell them you simply cannot fit it in right then. Same doc would pile me up with a week's worth of dictation and expect it all back in 12 hours, too, so it was an overall mentality with him that he wanted everything done NOW. It wasn't even humanly possible most of the time but try getting them to see that. You should have no social life, after all, and live to work! LOL

Good luck with that. I got rid of the client that did it to me. He felt I should be at his beck and call but argued the rate at every turn, and it wasn't that much to begin with so it wasn't worth the aggravation! Seems like the most demanding ones are usually the biggest cheapskates, too.

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Stat reports

Since they are still on tapes and it is an office and not an entire hospital, can they que the tapes for surgical patients, or can they put next day surgical patients on a seperate tape?  It might take some training on their part but I worked for a group of 11 Radiologists and we did get them trained to use a different tape for in-patient vs outpatient reports.  Seems like if they want you to get the reports to you for the next days surgery that they need to implement a procedure in the office for identifying where those patients are on a tape.  If they were on a different type of system it would be a different story.

How much easier it would be for to to have one that that is nothing but next day surgeries that need to be transcribed stat, beats searching all through a bunch of tapes.

STAT reports

Right - the MT profession has changed a lot since the inception of offshore outsourcing, VR, salaries going down instead of up, and sadly there are those MTSOs taking advantage of the situation, especially with today's economy and in effect saying, "Like it or lump it, you're lucky to have a job." and whom I would tell likewise, "So are you."  So its often hard to draw the line, and it is often a fine line, between bending over backwards to do your job and feeling exploited. 

As for refusing to do a STAT job on maybe the weekend, well, this should be made clear up front before hire ... will you or won't you?  I agree with the former poster re. family ... when my late husband was still around, and he was essentially bedridden and required care 24/7... he came first, even though I had a full-time schedule to maintain with production requirement.  But if my supe should call me for a rare STAT job to be done, he/she must have had a reason.  One Christmas, a supe from my company (whom I did not know) asked me to do a STAT radiology job (I wasn't even on the radiology account) bec. a patient was waiting to go to surgery and they needed the MRI report before they could do the rather urgent surgery.  While I don't defend all of a company's actions all of the time, if a supervisor calls me in the middle of the night for a STAT report, I know there must be a good reason for it.


rate for stat reports
Hey, does anyone on here charge extra for stat reports.  I receive work in the evenings and the doctors need some stats done before the next morning for surgery.  I wanted to know what the going rate for stats are, as I have to stop what I am doing, work in the evenings, plus, they are on tapes so I have to search the entire tapes looking for the stat reports to type.  It is very time consuming and wondered if anyone charges extra for those, more per line, or a flat rate, etc.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
rate for STAT reports after hours

I currently work for a group doing transcription all day as an IC.  I am delivered my work at night by the office for the next day's work.  But, often they have a need for me to do STAT reports that night for surgery the next morning.  I work all day full time for them and then have these to do in the evenings too.  They also use tapes still and I have to spend and hour or two searching the tapes looking for the dictation to transcribe.  It is so frustrating and time consuming on my part and I am making NOTHING for the time I am spending on this, 2-4 bucks tops for an hour or two of work.    I just wondered if anyone knew of a good line rate, flat rate, etc. to charge for this turnaround time and the time I have to waste searching through these tapes!!!!!  They will not go digital, which would be so much better.  Any thoughts????  Thanks in advance. 

You need to charge for this extra service. Stat reports should be charged at a higher rate or per r
Never lose money. I have unlimited long distance and when my docs what things faxed, etc, I charge them per report to fax the document as well as charging them to transcribe it.
Maybe a stat stat because patient is going to surgery or being transferred somewhere immediately? nm
Oh, that's hilarious - a STAT STAT! Never heard THAT one before!!! Heheheheh

Google contract samples, basic contract examples, etc.
was the post addressed to YOU?....sm

Have you got a life, yourself, by the way? 

Another topic that might be addressed
in this context would be the potential for identity theft. I am sure that if I, without a larcenous bone in my body, could think of the following scenario, others could too.

Suppose an unscrupulous overseas MTSO "contracted" with an ID theft ring in the US to supply names and SS numbers harvested from medical records.

This MIGHT have already happened to me; there's no way to know for certain. But last August, I went to the local GI clinic for "that procedure" that they recommend for everyone over 50. I used my credit card for my copayment, of course.

I happen to know from my local MT contacts that this practice offshored its work to India a few years ago.

Not too long after my procedure, I received several dubious "male enhancement vitamin" products in the mail. Huh? And then my credit card was charged for the products. Since I didn't order them, the credit card company reversed the charges. The identity thief was too stupid to actually change the mailing address, in addition to thinking that the "vitamins" would perform as advertised. (Anybody want 'em? I still have them. I wasn't going to pay to ship them back, no way.)

The timing of this COULD be sheer coincidence... but it's just a little suspicious to me. My credit card number was stolen from SOMEWHERE.

This town is small enough that if my local congress-critter (and his wife) have had "that procedure," they probably had it done at the same practice where I did.... I do believe I shall write him a letter; but I will have to compose it in words of one syllable or less, because he is really, really stupid.
One from MQ, and in it a letter addressed from the lawyers
I am just afraid the rug is going to be yanked completely from under us, and I have no plan B.  The changing of management, no raises, and losing accounts is nothing new, but my biggest fear is being sold and being at the mercy of a lower pay plan, worse rules, etc., i'm comfy where I am. 
Yup, I addressed this with the company I work for,
and they said they would crack down on it. But did they?
And mom isn't doing such a hot job of picking husbands, either. THAT should be addressed. nm
I also noticed that they *finally* addressed....sm
the issue of generic versus brand name drugs and state that generics should not be capped. One thing that drove me nuts, but nothing to back me up.
More about phrases as other poster addressed
Since the dictators seem to say the same thing in so many different ways, I have found I often have to add a a bit extra, and it would have been easier if I had thought of that when I first started making Expanders so I would have started right off being very consistent.

For an example CTDW, CSTDW, CDTDW = (respectively) continue to do well, contintues to do well, continued to do well. - It is amazing how many things will overlap or conflict.

Or, they will use a phrase with the word "or" or "and" in it AND without them ...
like, cyanosis, clubbing, edema ... and cyanosis, clubbing, and edema ... Or even worse, they flip the words around to clubbing, cyanosis, and edema.

So many dicators and so many ways of saying the same thing. That is what gets frustrating to me. It's endless.
It means I saw an email stating this, but it was not addressed to me.
I justed attended a meeting and this was addressed
There are now computers that will be performing surgery. The medical field is changing in ways that are not good, according to the speaker, in that the younger physicians coming into the field are not comparable to physicians of yesterday, generally speaking. He thought it was a good direction, this computerized physician. He also did state that insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies have much to say about what goes on in the medical field (they have power/money).
Need to hook up a USB pedal to RealPlayer. I'm sure this has been addressed before. sm
I have a test wave file I need to play.  It runs fine from my desktop, but I can't get the pedal to work.  I have an Infinity In-USB-1 I just plugged into the hard drive, but it will not play the file.  Will this work wtih RealPlayer?  TIA.
neither slow, nor stupid, but I think there are lots of variables that need to be addressed..
such as all the crap some companies want you to put into headers, cc's, etc., and make sure you know every word in the client's profile and check every day to see if anything changed - (of course, they don't PAY for time spent researching client profiles) - it's like "who's on first?"
Good things take time. (this is addressed to OP, BTW) My first 15 years or sm
so of MT was without the benefit of using an expander. When Expanders became the norm, I was reluctant to try, thinking that it would be more cumbersome than by not using it at all. Was I surprised and pleased I had ventured into the Expander world.

Since you're at home you can add entries on your free time, even if you do 5 or 10 at a time, when there is no pressure on you. Start out with expanders for "the patient," "-year-old," the names of your doctors, anything that is repetitious. You will be surprised how much time this will save you. My initial expander, PRD, actually calculated saved Keystrokes and productivity. Back then I was saving 30%!

The expander is especially helpful for those crazy terms that are hyphenated or have camel caps, those that I always had to look up to check myself. Create your brief form by just using straight lowercase, for instance, duoneb for Duo-Neb (or d-n).

Speed will come, don't worry. Good luck to you!

(Posted in the wrong place--I always do that!) This is in response to OP.

I think presenting a letter addressed to him and/or the office manager to submit to him is very
appropriate. That is exactly how I presented it as I was having a hard time thinking how to say and what to say. It was much easier to "plead my case" on paper. Go for it.
How about....a STAT that's hot?? SM....
Ya' know, Paris Hilton's always saying, "THAT'S HOT!!" Maybe your boss is trying to be a Paris wannabe and figures if she says "HOT STAT!" that's her way of being "HOT!"
The MR reports were being filed. Referring physicians/medical care providers reports were not.
This is a hospital radiology department with in-house MTs and a clerk who is in charge of the report distribution.
Ugh! A STAT, no doubt!
When I used to do hospital dictation, there was one MD whose dictations were always in the 20- to 30- minute range. What was worse was that he was the kind with long pauses followed by speed-dictated phrases. That's my least-favorite style. And he'd have the audacity to mark many dictations STAT. I think there should be a rule that 9 minutes is the longest a STAT report can go on, so the Transcriptionist has time to do the other, real STATs!

"HOT" STAT please ?
  Supervisor keeps referring to a "hot" STAT.  What the heck is she trying to elucidate?? 
To MTme:   I'm perfectly aware that I can ask the person this question.  HOWEVER, perhaps you cannot understand that I only broached the question here in this FORUM to inquire whether or not ANYBODY else IN THE GENERAL MT WORLD had ever heard of this phrase.  Do you have some kind of problem with my asking this question?    Get over it!!!!
STAT dictations

Re:  Stat dictations.  Does anyone out there charge extra for STAT dictations that come in during the day so that we have to put aside what we are working on and type a STAT letter/document and send in?  This sort of thing can keep one behind in Turn Around Time if it happens on a regular basis.  If anyone charges extra for STAT dictations coming in, what would be a good fee to charge for these besides the line count?



IC STAT work
We generally find out when our ICs will be working on our accounts and ask that they be available for STAT work. If they are not available within one hour of the request, we have one of our editors pick it up.
After typing the STAT, do you have to
take it to them the next morning also???? When I worked for a doctor as an IC who used tapes, I charged double when I had to scan a tape. It wasn't much, but they did not call too often for them; and I did not have to take the report in. I just e-mailed it to them and they waited for the original to get there.

If you have to then drive it over to them out of your normal time to do so, I would charge them mileage at least and double the rate you charge per line/report, whatever.

However, if this is a constant thing, I agree with the other poster, charge them by the hour to look for the dictation.

P.S. As an IC, you are allowed to set your hours. They cannot force you to work when you don't want, unless it is in your contract that you are on call 24/7.
The two sentence normal reports will balance out the 3 page reports.
I am Wendy too
"Pay for stat work"
What is the "going rate" for stat transcription?  I work for a hospital and get calls for stat work at all hours but do not get paid for this extra service.  Would love to hear from other MTs as to what they are paid for this service.  Really getting tired of it, but it is my largest account - still it's not worth sitting by the PC or phone all day just in case they might have a stat!
try a dermatologist! and/or internist stat.
Going rate for stat notes

I was wondering if anybody had any information on what the going rate for stat reports currently is?  On MTJobs there is a posting for 14 cents per line for stat work and I was wondering if this is the norm.

Kay :)

Did you type that stat report? What did you say
Yes I did type the STAT. It is not the patient's
evening.  You have to understand that I am a professional.  I will not refuse to do work as that adds fuel to the fire.  I'll get my money in due time.  This field is full of pay-laters!  I'm not the only one waiting for my check, I'm sure. 
So, if you were dying in the bed and needed a STAT
You wouldn't mind that the person behind the document only cared about the money? You wouldn't care they put a post on this board like "why does anybody do this?"
Patient would feel slapped in the face.
That would be dying you slapped in the face.
I am really shocked and saddened to see who we serve is forgotten for the sake of money. Yes, we have to survive, and we do well. I have 3 jobs, am exhausted, but proud to say I am behind the document to help a very sick child or dying person, or recovering person, or person who was saved from suicide. I guess the idea of self rather than others is prominent around here, but not where I come from. After 27 years in the business I am proud to say I work behind the scenes and give the best I can for the patient, the doc, the nurse, my boss, the patient's family and so forth. After all, I would expect the same for me and my little boy.
Contract/no contract -- same rights
You do not have to have a written contract to take them to court.  All you have to do is to prove you have been providing  work to him, past statements/invoice will do that,  you just fill out the small claims forms and go to court.   But first of all I would personally go in and talk with someone about it.   Could be the office manager/bookkeeper and not the doctor that is not paying you.   He may not know anything about it.   And please do not  make the "joke" as above mentioned, that is very LOW class, tacky and not professional at all.  Especially if you are in a small area -- you need to conduct like a professional.  But call and make an "appointment" to talk with the doctor either in person or through a phone call.  Some doctors do not know what is going on in their office and perhaps the office manager wants to be paid first.  If the doctor does know, then in person or over the telephone inform him that you have no other choice but to pursue the debt just as they would if someone did not pay their bill and if that involves going to small claims court, then that is the route you must take.   Good luck.  I did take one to court without a contract and won. 
Rates for working, paid more for stat?
Maybe others but I think mine are probably the average, 8 cents per line for straight and 4 cents per line for VR. My standard 4 are considered history and physicals, operative notes, discharge summaries and consults. A transfer, I think, would be a discharge summary. No extra pay for experience or lack thereof.
stat report. Under PMH: (female) vesiculopublic sling.

Off topic but need STAT ADVISE on deviled eggs


I need help as I don't want to make anyone sick LOL.  Baby shower tomorrow night, my co-host who was making the deviled eggs along with other things broke her wrist this morning...soooo, I am in a time crunch and would like to know if I can make these things tonight (36), just boil them tonight, maybe do the prep just fill them tomorrow??  I usually make them & take them or serve them, but don't know about preparing them this 24 hrs ahead of time.

Thank any of you experts in advance for your opinions..this is so much easier than trying to call Betty Crocker

2 hr 30 min stat psych eval -- MD paid double rate :) NM
Your English teacher does not do medical reports. This is for medical reports.
Hence, the need for a contract
and put it in writing that they have to give at least 2 wks notice or pay up! Wouldn't that be right? Business is business. I bet they wouldn't want someone doing them that way!
No contract
Actually I do not have a contract and usually do work whenever I want, just received an e-mail about the holidays and was not sure if I was actually "required".  Have worked for them for 3-1/2 or 4 years but have never received an e-mail about holidays.
My contract

gives me a 72-hour turnaround time.  I'm a contracted employee; therefore, responsible for my own taxes.  I download the reports on a disk and do not print them out. 

This may have been around for a while, but I have never heard of it before.  Also, I would think it would be more of a local jurisdiction situation than state jurisdiction if you are working for the local police department.  I do not see what the problem would be ... you have a confidentiality agreement, just the same as with medical.  I will say, he went through the city attorney and others before proceeding. 

If you have more questions, please feel free to email me.

I've got one I've used for years,just fill blanks with all the necessary info. I could e-mail or fax it to you.
I have been doing this nearly 20 years and have only used a "contract or agreement" once and have never had a problem with any of my accounts with payment, etc.  Guess I have been lucky but it has always worked for me.  The one time that I did one, they did not adhere to it and we still parted ways.  Now a days contracts are easy to break and expensive to fight. 
I wonder if you would mind sending me a copy of your contract at radtrans@comcast.net

Thanks much!
If you did have a contract
with this doctor, then you should enforce it. You should not just sit idly by and LET him do this to you. It isn't right and it isn't fair. Doctors thinking that most people don't have the money or the time to take them to court is the exact reason that they do things like this. You have to stand up for yourself. Don't be a doormat!!
IC contract

I recently received my yearly contract in the mail.  I am to sign and return it.  They have the amount per line filled in.  I was a bit disappointed to see that the rate did not change.  In other words, no raise. 

I will probably just sign it and return it but for future reference how can I ask for more money and how much of an increase would be reasonable?    I am lousy at speaking up for myself!

I have only had one contract in the 18 yers of doing this on my own and all that did was state what I provided and gave us a 30 day notice if either were to wishing to get out of using the service or providing the service.  And my accounts have been with me for 6 to 18 years so guess I am doing okay.