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I justed attended a meeting and this was addressed

Posted By: As a matter of fact on 2006-02-26
In Reply to: Article on Medical Mistakes (sm) - Hot Topic

There are now computers that will be performing surgery. The medical field is changing in ways that are not good, according to the speaker, in that the younger physicians coming into the field are not comparable to physicians of yesterday, generally speaking. He thought it was a good direction, this computerized physician. He also did state that insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies have much to say about what goes on in the medical field (they have power/money).

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I attended a wedding where even
It was absolutely beautiful! White bride's dress, black tuxedos with red roses, black bridesmaid's dressing with them carrying a red rose, and the bride's huge bouquet of red roses. It was very classy!
anyone ever attended a Quinceanera?
my 14yo daughter (and family it says) got invited to one this summer on south padre island.  gorgeous invitation in itself.  i was thinking of possibly taking her and making a vacation out of it as it is a good 600 miles away from us.  but was wondering what do you wear to one of these?  a fancy dress similar to what you would a "normal" wedding?  not like the one posted below, lol.  do you just give them something as a present like you would for a normal b-day party?  anyone with ideas or experience?
I attended a webinar on VBC
and the speaker noted it to be about an 18% difference in your pay. The Q started this whole mess with their billing practices or lack of em and, VBC should not be the MTs burden, but the burden of the MTSO. Placing it on the back of the MT is a great way to see it all go overseas and I hope these folks are ready to pay through the nose for good editors. I am looking to see if there is another industry out there right now who treats its skilled workers with such indignity .. I need to back away from the computer!!
I am 55 and just attended an info session
on the associate nursing program at the community college here. By the time I finished the whole program with prerequesites I would be close to 60 yo. The clinical part of the course sounded very demanding, especially if you have a family or have to work. Then once you get through the program the "cake" jobs may take a couple more years of experience to get. The lady said a lot of hospitals will hire you easier if you to have nursing home experience.

Anyway not for me at this late stage in my life. MTing has turned me into a lazy slacker and someone who doesn't even care any more about making a lot of $$$. Also I really don't like having to deal with sick people or doctors, as I worked in hospitals when I was younger and didn't like it.

Good luck!
Beth Moore Living Proof - Has anyone ever attended one of these events? 'm going later this mont
was the post addressed to YOU?....sm

Have you got a life, yourself, by the way? 

Another topic that might be addressed
in this context would be the potential for identity theft. I am sure that if I, without a larcenous bone in my body, could think of the following scenario, others could too.

Suppose an unscrupulous overseas MTSO "contracted" with an ID theft ring in the US to supply names and SS numbers harvested from medical records.

This MIGHT have already happened to me; there's no way to know for certain. But last August, I went to the local GI clinic for "that procedure" that they recommend for everyone over 50. I used my credit card for my copayment, of course.

I happen to know from my local MT contacts that this practice offshored its work to India a few years ago.

Not too long after my procedure, I received several dubious "male enhancement vitamin" products in the mail. Huh? And then my credit card was charged for the products. Since I didn't order them, the credit card company reversed the charges. The identity thief was too stupid to actually change the mailing address, in addition to thinking that the "vitamins" would perform as advertised. (Anybody want 'em? I still have them. I wasn't going to pay to ship them back, no way.)

The timing of this COULD be sheer coincidence... but it's just a little suspicious to me. My credit card number was stolen from SOMEWHERE.

This town is small enough that if my local congress-critter (and his wife) have had "that procedure," they probably had it done at the same practice where I did.... I do believe I shall write him a letter; but I will have to compose it in words of one syllable or less, because he is really, really stupid.
One from MQ, and in it a letter addressed from the lawyers
I am just afraid the rug is going to be yanked completely from under us, and I have no plan B.  The changing of management, no raises, and losing accounts is nothing new, but my biggest fear is being sold and being at the mercy of a lower pay plan, worse rules, etc., i'm comfy where I am. 
Yup, I addressed this with the company I work for,
and they said they would crack down on it. But did they?
And mom isn't doing such a hot job of picking husbands, either. THAT should be addressed. nm
I also noticed that they *finally* addressed....sm
the issue of generic versus brand name drugs and state that generics should not be capped. One thing that drove me nuts, but nothing to back me up.
More about phrases as other poster addressed
Since the dictators seem to say the same thing in so many different ways, I have found I often have to add a a bit extra, and it would have been easier if I had thought of that when I first started making Expanders so I would have started right off being very consistent.

For an example CTDW, CSTDW, CDTDW = (respectively) continue to do well, contintues to do well, continued to do well. - It is amazing how many things will overlap or conflict.

Or, they will use a phrase with the word "or" or "and" in it AND without them ...
like, cyanosis, clubbing, edema ... and cyanosis, clubbing, and edema ... Or even worse, they flip the words around to clubbing, cyanosis, and edema.

So many dicators and so many ways of saying the same thing. That is what gets frustrating to me. It's endless.
AAMT meeting (SM)
Approximately how many attended this year. I wanted to go to Hawaii but couldn't afford it, but we sure had a ball last year in Atlanta. I live on the east coast, so will try to make next year's meeting in Boston.
The meeting today
First, please accept my thanks for listening and advising. The office manager is very nice, but I ended up taking all three flashdrives and making lists of the patients dictated. I made her a list from the schedules of who is not dictated. And this should be the end of all the hullamaboo in not knowing what is up. Some of the files on the flashdrive are blank, and that may be who is missing. Thank you so much.
meeting from online
Not exactly the same thing, but I met my husband online.. His little smiley face was lite up and I liked what he had said in his profile so we began chatting. Actually asked me to meet for a drink that evening.. I did,, in a casino where I lived. Obviously well populated area,, all i had to do was yell SECURITY, if there was a problem, LOL..My advise if you meet anyone from online you never, ever, ever bring them to your home.. You meet them in a public place with a lot of other people around. Agree with poster, never let on you live alone, or where you live until/if you ever feel comfory with that. We met that night and have been inseparable since..
Did anything become of that meeting? How did they respond to you?nm
It means I saw an email stating this, but it was not addressed to me.
Need to hook up a USB pedal to RealPlayer. I'm sure this has been addressed before. sm
I have a test wave file I need to play.  It runs fine from my desktop, but I can't get the pedal to work.  I have an Infinity In-USB-1 I just plugged into the hard drive, but it will not play the file.  Will this work wtih RealPlayer?  TIA.
Were STAT reports addressed in contract? sm
I had a doctor that did this same exact thing. He would procrastinate on doing reports, or just overbook himself so he never had time to dictate, and then when someone called wanting a report, he'd call me to see if I could do it ASAP. Of course, he didn't want to pay extra for this service, though. He would also call me night or day and expect me to drop whatever I was doing for other (better-paying) clients and do his "urgent" report. I go by the old saying that poor planning on his part does not make it an emergency on my part. I will do it for them IF I have the time and IF they pay a higher rate. Otherwise, I will not cater to this behavior because the poster above is right - they will continue to do it as long as you oblige. You have to be the one to set the boundaries. Get voice mail and caller ID if you don't already have and screen your calls. I found that sometimes just waiting a few hours before calling them back allowed them to calm down and realize it's not the end of the world, and they'd then say it was okay to get in by the next day or whatever. Sometimes it's not so much that it's a stat report in terms of the patient's need but that they need it to get paid, in which case they'll sometimes back down if you quote a higher rate or tell them you simply cannot fit it in right then. Same doc would pile me up with a week's worth of dictation and expect it all back in 12 hours, too, so it was an overall mentality with him that he wanted everything done NOW. It wasn't even humanly possible most of the time but try getting them to see that. You should have no social life, after all, and live to work! LOL

Good luck with that. I got rid of the client that did it to me. He felt I should be at his beck and call but argued the rate at every turn, and it wasn't that much to begin with so it wasn't worth the aggravation! Seems like the most demanding ones are usually the biggest cheapskates, too.
meeting people on myspace

Oh boy that's such a tough question!  Have they talked on the phone and corresponded for a while?  I'd never meet anybody that I hadn't at least talked to on the phone for a good amount of time and gotten to know alot about them personally first.  It's hard to say though for sure.  A chaperone is a good idea but she may not be cool with that.  I guess just keep really good dibs on here while she's gone if you can.  She is 19 and I hate to say but she is an adult and if people get on her butt about it she may go just to spite everybody.  What a tough call!

I get upset when people say people who are on the internet are all pedophiles and crooks.  That's just simply not true.  I'm on the net and I know for sure I'm a normal human being!  I met my best friend online about 4 years ago.  We talked online and on the phone and corresponded back and forth for an entire year before we even thought of meeting.  Now she's my best friend and even buying a house here and I see her ALL THE TIME so sometimes it can be a great thing.  Or maybe I just got extremely lucky!

AAMT Boston meeting

Hi everyone.  Going to Boston meeting.  Of course, many of you may know AAMT going through lots of changes and unfortunately is losing membership.  Have been asked to bring list of problems/complaints regarding association and things MTs would like to see change in order to bring about a better organization to truly support the MTs. 

If you are interested, please please send me any thoughts you may have, and any solutions you may have.  It may not make a difference in the end, but all I can say is we tried. 

Thank you to all interested.

Hi, Lisa. Just wondering how the meeting
Hope everything went well!
If the meeting consists of her staying

and listening to dictation, yes, it should be paid and she as an IC should set the amount she should be paid.

I pick-up and deliver, and that's in my line charge.  I also do that at my convenience, not theirs.  A real office is fine with that and understands the meaning of IC.  Lisa is a vendor like any other contractor.

If I had to sit and listen and sort patient lists, etc. and spend more than 5-10 minutes tops at an office, then I would charge for that time spent at that office sorting through their mess.

Let's face it.  The office is a mess and Lisa is their scape goat.  Since now they know she's bending over backwards, they will take advantage. 

Again, Lisa should not spend her time sorting out their mess.  Furthermore, if they can't figure out what to give her and "don't have time", then Lisa's response should be that she doesn't have the time either unless she charges them for that time. 

It just sounds like a real mess of a deal.  I can't wait to hear if they actually pay her at all! 

Okay, I'll shut up now!  Just the fact that she's posting again is hysterical.  I guess I'll keep my mouth shut after saying from the last thread regarding this "I told ya'' so." 

You all thought "oh just this one time."  Why do you think the other girl quit?  Hello?  Can you say doormat?

neither slow, nor stupid, but I think there are lots of variables that need to be addressed..
such as all the crap some companies want you to put into headers, cc's, etc., and make sure you know every word in the client's profile and check every day to see if anything changed - (of course, they don't PAY for time spent researching client profiles) - it's like "who's on first?"
Good things take time. (this is addressed to OP, BTW) My first 15 years or sm
so of MT was without the benefit of using an expander. When Expanders became the norm, I was reluctant to try, thinking that it would be more cumbersome than by not using it at all. Was I surprised and pleased I had ventured into the Expander world.

Since you're at home you can add entries on your free time, even if you do 5 or 10 at a time, when there is no pressure on you. Start out with expanders for "the patient," "-year-old," the names of your doctors, anything that is repetitious. You will be surprised how much time this will save you. My initial expander, PRD, actually calculated saved Keystrokes and productivity. Back then I was saving 30%!

The expander is especially helpful for those crazy terms that are hyphenated or have camel caps, those that I always had to look up to check myself. Create your brief form by just using straight lowercase, for instance, duoneb for Duo-Neb (or d-n).

Speed will come, don't worry. Good luck to you!

(Posted in the wrong place--I always do that!) This is in response to OP.

I think presenting a letter addressed to him and/or the office manager to submit to him is very
appropriate. That is exactly how I presented it as I was having a hard time thinking how to say and what to say. It was much easier to "plead my case" on paper. Go for it.
Betcha they would sure fire someone for not meeting production! nm
Call the doctor and request a meeting of all three..
The doctor, wife and you and let him know this needs to happen before they leave as you are in a crunch.  It sounds like he respects you.  If you can get that arranged come right out and explain that the work is already done and needs paid for since you were given no advance warning.  Look her square in the eye and ask questions.  Ask for partial payment....keep the line open.  If it becomes obvious that she wants you gone then bring that up in his presence for verification and so he knows it was not you who jumped ship.   Just my 2 cents.........
Saw post today about meeting typing
These can be horrific. The problem is not the typing--if you could straight type you'd be able to calculate it closely. These recordings require you to set up some way to identify the speakers in maybe a QA format. The challenge is to pick out voices, which normally groups who want this stuff transcribed want that done. You may have to code the speakers if you weren't given their names. And, it's maybe not that tough if it's one person moderating and calling responders by name--you can maybe get a good flow that way, but the roughest is when they "open the panel" for questions or cross-talk. I have done these and believe me it's nothing like MT. If I ever do these again I'm going with my hourly rate--I've found most larger companies don't really care what you quote, they need to get it done and this is very hard work. And, I never had an easy time getting other transcriptionists to help out. Tough, tough. But, some people make a good living typing focus groups, meetings, etc. Just have to find the format and not do it for charity. My thoughts. Best of luck to you. By the way, I've always tried to fool myself into thinking I can type 1 hour of recording in less than 3 hours--hardly ever.
Any MTs going to Honolulu next month for the AAMT annual meeting?

Are there any MTs who can afford to go?  Are there any hospitals or MT companies who will pay for their MTs to attend the meeting in Honolulu? 

Do you suppose next year's meeting might be in Bangalore or Bombay?

Did anyone attend the AAMT annual meeting in Honolulu? sm
If so, how was it?  Was it well attended?  Were the speakers good? 
No offense, but your attending the meeting in Boston won't make
heads so far up overseas companies butts, there is no way they are going to change.  AAMT might as well go the way of the Do-Do where the US is concerned.  I heard that they were changing their name anyway.  Why should any US MTs give a rats butt what AAMT thinks or does.  The only membership they will have in the future will be offshore.  I think it's high time for a new organization, one that doesn't suck up to offshore companies the way AAMT and MTIA does.  Of course, my view will be taken as protectionism, which is absurd when my whole view is that jobs are being taken away from American workers and American's privacy is in jeapordy when dictated files get funneled overseas. 
I was "let go" for not meeting production. Tough to do when there is NO WORK!!! EVER!!!!

what is an IEP? my child has dyslexia and i have a meeting tomorrow morning at the school. sm
we moved to a new school at middle semester last year. prior school had awesome dyslexia program. now the program is all a "tape" that they watch. no extra time to finish assignments, nothing. she went from A's and B's to failing since our move. how can i force this school to obtain a true dyslexia teacher to work with my child and surely other children that need help?