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Daily emergency work as IC...

Posted By: MT help on 2008-02-08
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Is it normal for an IC to be called often for emergency reports that need to be completed within a short amount of time - one to two hours.  Is this normal practice?  I get these calls fequently and it makes it difficult to complete the work I was doing, and/or I may be out on my own time when these phone calls come in.  I tend to work best in the evenings so I do most of my chores, etc., during the day.   



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HAHA! Yes! I have those daily! But it's not really work as I work nights, it's little things l
turning on the pool filter in the morning and then in the afternoon running out there because I thought I forgot to turn it on. Or preheating the oven and then 5 minutes later saying "shoot! I forgot to preheat the oven!" It's really bad. And I'm only 31. I'm not 90!

I don't know if dementia or Alzheimer's runs in my family, but this could be a sign of something to come. Or as my husband says - you jut don't pay attention to much. He's probably right!
Acute care work is operative reports, consultations, H&Ps, emergency room, DS basically the type of
dictation found in a hospital setting as opposed to a clinic setting in which you just type office notes and minor procedures.
what is daily work?
If it's never running out, being able to work the hours you want to work and still making a decent paycheck, then yes I have daily work.
I work with SR on a daily basis, and I can tell you...sm
...it will NOT be replacing human intelligence, now or 10 years from now or 50 years from now. The files we work on come from a VERY expensive speech recognition system and the quality is very poor. SR cannot handle punctuation well at all, doesn't know when to stop and start sentences, has problems with capitalization, and ironically enough, when the doctor actually spells something out, that totally confuses SR!

But even if technology advances to the place where speech recognition can accurately reproduce every word and sound that comes out of a doctor's mouth, so what? That STILL will not replace human MTs, because doctors do not always say what they mean, or even when they DO say what they mean, what they mean is not right! We're the only ones who can clean up that mess.

I have daily work, except on Mondays
That is my only day off.
I beg your pardon. Some of us who work as IC put in more hours daily than employees!!
Heck, most of us take pride in our work and can run circles around your QA with accuracy! Please, you are way off base.

I agree there are some "fly by night" ICs who just don't care about QA or TAT, but that is not the majority. You can not make a generalized statement for all of us IC MTs. I am respected and paid very well by my Hospital for my accuracy and speed and knowledge!
At least 1 whole POT OF COFFEE daily if not 2. Work long hours. nm
Sorry, but if I have an emergency, I would rather have an
RN or RNP around than a fellow MT. It is easy to know the words to use, but putting things into actual use and practice is a different ballgame. Why do you feel so insecure that you have to challenge someone else? You know your field, they know theirs, and let it go at that. This is a child's game.
Not an emergency?

You don't have grandchildren? The only family the girls could live with was the two grandmothers. I only had one child and her husband is also an only child. The military doesn't care what happens to your kids when they send you. Oh wait...I know....we could have put them in a foster home....why didn't I think of that? Any OTHER grandmothers don't think caring for your babies is not an emergency in time of war?


Emergency Room
I type ER notes at my current job and I get the same thing.  I bet 90% of my reports are for sore throats.  I actually had one a few weeks ago for a cold!  Come on now people!  Everyone knows there is no cure for a cold!  That is why most of us cannot afford health insurance.  I had a couple bring a baby to the ER because it spit up during the night (just once).  Come on!  Babies do spit up.  Natural.  This happens.  Buy a baby book! 
If emergency, take your PC and go live where
usually you can fight or there is a clause for emergency sm
situations that you can go to the nearest hospital for emergency and i would say it was emergency or you wouldn't have went to the ER. fight it; you pay the benefits, you should get some help.
Computer emergency. Question...
I turned on my extra computer next to my work computer and got a black screen that says "operating system not found"  What the heck happened?  It worked fine yesterday and shut down normally.
Emergency room notes! nm
emergency room visits

I have often wondered this exact same thing. A lot of people go to the ER who have no health insurance or no primary doctor. 

I had one woman bring her child in because he made a funny face after eating a sour fruit candy, I mean come on! 

Emergency room report

What sort of background do you need to learn ER reports? 

Poll for IC's - do you have emergency backups for your equipment - sm
I'm wondering how much is enough - I just got a new keyboard so I have my old one for a backup.  Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have emergency back-ups of my other equipment - C-phone, foot pedal, etc.  Anyone else have this?
Be sure to check your local emergency services regarding 9-1-1 sm
Just saw a news story that 9-1-1 is not set up yet on these systems to pull up the home address with the phone call. Just an FYI.
Call the police...the non-emergency number
most communities have noise ordinance laws. If the cops show up enough times they will stop. Trust me, I've done it. I had a neighbor that used to blast music at the wee hours. I tried the *nice neighbor* tactic of asking him not to do that becuase I have a child and we need to sleep, etc. Well, that didn't work. He worked 2nd shift and believed it was his *right* to blast his music whenever he wanted. After I called the cops a few times on him...he stopped, and I haven't heard so much as a peep out of him since!
Does anybody understand the meaning of EmErGeNcY room anymore?

I cannot understand why I type SO many ERs with trivial chief complaints such as:

sore throat - cough - pimple - splinter - blister - farted - (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but COME ON people!)

The most recent ccx.....Can I take a laxative? Not constipated, just needs to know if she can take a laxative along with her hypertension med. Thought she better go to the ER to ask.

Why are these people allowed to be such a waste of ER resources?

Just a pet peeve....wondering if anyone agrees with me.....perhaps someone else who has spent hours in an ER waiting room for something or other.


Emergency question for brilliant computers techs. sm
I just had a weird experience with my computer.  The screen looked like it was shaking.  I thought it was in Word at first, but the desktop was doing this also.  It was like a wavy line was going down the screen, part of it would jump a little bit, then below it some more would jump.  It was almost like a wave pattern to the side, I could see the edges of the screen moving in and out.  I thought I saw this yesterday once or twice, but decided it was my eyes.  It wasn't, this was definitely real.  It lasted for approximately a minute.  Is this something to worry about?  TIA. 
Dinner and pets aren't the same as a medical emergency. Capiche?
Not unless it was emergency surgery for bleeding, perforation, etc. Food would contaminate the
No offense, but I hardly doubt kids 6, 8, and 9 in a real emergency would be savvy enough to handle
their cell phones properly while some creep is carrying them away.  And they're away from you with cell phones at that young age?? Oh my! Please reconsider. Perhaps you're feeling false security from a cell phone. 
Don't forget the "good Mayor" who did not follow standard emergency procedures
But he sure is quick to throw blame on everyone else. 
Emergency over... Kid hadh left an empty floppy disk in the computer.
Well, not really. In college I did a gruelng intership at a local express emergency clinic and got p
gas, lunch, uniform, etc., AND the head doctor ended up sexually harrassing me! I kid you not! So, I don't think anyone without any experience getting paid 3 cents to learn MT in their own home setting is half bad.....It could be worse. They could ask you to do it for free.

PS: My college major was nursing.
This is what I use daily


This site lets you type in three or more letters of the drug, and it pulls up everything with those letters.  It's great for when you only hear part of the drug.


Daily work is exactly what the word DAILY means --> work that comes in on a daily basis.  No days pass by without an empty queue.

I must be with the wrong companies then.

By chance is this MT Daily?
Not everyone comes to this board daily!
Are we not allowed to ask questions if they've been asked before? I understand this is the main board but people complain on the company board too if you ask about a company already posted about. Maybe those people can just skip over the posts and keep going, onto another message board preferably! Sheesh.
How many authors do you have daily?

I'm with a small MTSO and for quite a while have been on an account with about 10 doctors, mostly ESL.  I was very comfortable with them.  I have been trained on three accounts, one with maybe 6 and then another very large account, but they kept me primarily on this account.

Recently I was switched to one of the other accounts - no ESL, but this last pay period I had 38 different authors!!  Am having a hard time getting comfortable, and there's other problems , but for this post I just was hoping to find out, on average how many authors are others doing?

Maybe I was really lucky before with just 10 docs - ?

Usually 2 hours daily.
Today I clocked 2 hours 33 minutes and I can honesly say I'm beat!  Almost solid H&Ps and D/C summaries too...so finger-saving normals.  Blech!
I would still flag it - he said twice daily not

Daily digest
What's the daily digest?  I had not heard of that.  How do we sign up for it?
I add things daily. sm
I have been an MT and had an Expander for nine years, and i still add things on a daily basis. Not only cos I still run into new stuff daily, but also because your mind thinks of more and more complex things to put in there as you go.

Back when I started, all I thought about was long words and two-word phrases, maybe some longer phrases. I was happy with that. But then as i went typing happily along, I discovered I could do much more -- put entire sentences in, put formatting in, create entire pick lists, call up macros, call up websites, call up templates, the list goes on and on.

How do I remember them? Well, first I realize it's missing by actually typing in the short I think would make sense if it was in there. If it's not there, I put it in. Then maybe the next time I run into that phrase, I think, "hmm, have I entered this before?" and i try out the short that would make the most sense to me (at that time of course, which could be completely different than the first time!) And if it's there, yeah! I just saved myself some keystrokes!

I also just switched to IT and about once a month I run an enrichment on my doctors to get the most out of what they say.
The Daily Typo: - (sm)

What was dictated:   "He had normal fundi bilaterally."

What I typed:  "He had normal FUNGI bilaterally."

Mental image that conjured up:   Dude with large mushrooms sprouting out of his ears!     

Do you currently post on MT Daily or read it?

I was thinking about paying the $48 but then I thought there are only limited amount of people who will pay so probably not as good as MTStars.  It was fun though before they started charging and if they only charged half as much they would draw more people.  $48 is way high when other boards are free.

Just some daily walking would probably shake it for you, too. nm
? lidopine bis-a-late 10 mg daily
Anyone heard of this.  I posted on word board but got no help.  Need STAT.
I change mine daily
I use td for today's date and yd for yesterday's date and I just change them every day.
MSN used to send me daily e-mails SM
telling me every single website they had been to.  But this would only work if they sign in under their own name and not "borrow" mom or dad's name! 
pt does get her mammagram daily. LOL ouch sm


G2, P2.  Her pregnancies were uncomplicated.  She has not seen a gynecologist in over two years, but she does get her mammogram daily.    Uhhh.... I don't think so Mr. MD!!!   You couldn't get me to do that daily if ya paid me!

well, 4 times daily as needed...yep. i think so!
it doesn't have to be taken 4 times a day just as needed.

If you don't speak on a daily basis . . .
We speak several times daily.
Even right now while he's overseas on a business trip, we make time for a couple daily phone calls.
I'm with you ... I get enough reality just with my daily living. sm

Kinda nice to get lost and just veg with my Law & Order and CSI addictions :)

Obviously, I'm in the minority since they seem to come up with more and more reality shows .... I admit to watching the Biggest Loser a couple of times, but I can't imagine being "hooked" and watching it all of the time, sitting on the edge of my seat. 

Fix Or Repair Daily = FORD....nm
It gave him daily headaches. nm
What reference do you use the most on a daily basis? SM

I lost all my reference books in a fire and I can't afford to replace them all at once.  I am buying a couple of books each pay check and I've been trying to decide what I need the most.  So far I have gotten a Dorland's Medical Dictionary, Surgical Word Book, and Radiology Word Book because I do radiology a couple of times a week. 

So to all you acute care MTs out there, what books do you find yourself using on a daily basis?

I use my old faithful PRD with it daily, no problems. sm
Chartscript looks scary at first, but it's the easiest thing to use once familiar with it.