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And mom isn't doing such a hot job of picking husbands, either. THAT should be addressed. nm

Posted By: K on 2006-02-25
In Reply to: Okay, I have to say something. - Patsy Ann


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it's called CHERRY PICKING and whether you like it or not, it's PICKING and CHOOSIING
who is going to get a report. Carry on with your know-it-all attitude and do all the ugly reports routed to you. I guess that leaves the "cherry" reports for me. And that's more money for me girlfried wannabe doctor phoney poster.
What do your husbands do?
old supervisor put her ex-husbands
with on a rad account because "she was in nursing school" and had learned the terminology by process of "osmosis"
That's more than my folks did, or my husbands.

I think that you thinking you "put yourself through college" when your parents were paying your tuition and rent kind of says this is the pot calling the kettle black. 


Does it take husbands and kids? LOL

husbands suck
it sounds to me like you have a husband problem not a transcription problem. my first husband was like that too, his days off were his, I took care of all of everything else 7 days a week. Am divorced now and much happier, as I am not dealing with that pig anymore. My work is going great, I make $35 to $40 per hr, put in 6 hours a day and support myself and kids well. Think about dumping him, he sounds like a jerk. Don't give up! Your speed will increase, and as far as looking up every out of state school, employer, etc. DON"T DO IT. they will learn to spell them if there is a blank every time.

That is funny and how many of our husbands have asked
Stepford husbands, maybe? Sign me up!!!
Clients are like husbands - sometimes ya gotta train em
was the post addressed to YOU?....sm

Have you got a life, yourself, by the way? 

Another topic that might be addressed
in this context would be the potential for identity theft. I am sure that if I, without a larcenous bone in my body, could think of the following scenario, others could too.

Suppose an unscrupulous overseas MTSO "contracted" with an ID theft ring in the US to supply names and SS numbers harvested from medical records.

This MIGHT have already happened to me; there's no way to know for certain. But last August, I went to the local GI clinic for "that procedure" that they recommend for everyone over 50. I used my credit card for my copayment, of course.

I happen to know from my local MT contacts that this practice offshored its work to India a few years ago.

Not too long after my procedure, I received several dubious "male enhancement vitamin" products in the mail. Huh? And then my credit card was charged for the products. Since I didn't order them, the credit card company reversed the charges. The identity thief was too stupid to actually change the mailing address, in addition to thinking that the "vitamins" would perform as advertised. (Anybody want 'em? I still have them. I wasn't going to pay to ship them back, no way.)

The timing of this COULD be sheer coincidence... but it's just a little suspicious to me. My credit card number was stolen from SOMEWHERE.

This town is small enough that if my local congress-critter (and his wife) have had "that procedure," they probably had it done at the same practice where I did.... I do believe I shall write him a letter; but I will have to compose it in words of one syllable or less, because he is really, really stupid.
One from MQ, and in it a letter addressed from the lawyers
I am just afraid the rug is going to be yanked completely from under us, and I have no plan B.  The changing of management, no raises, and losing accounts is nothing new, but my biggest fear is being sold and being at the mercy of a lower pay plan, worse rules, etc., i'm comfy where I am. 
Yup, I addressed this with the company I work for,
and they said they would crack down on it. But did they?
I also noticed that they *finally* addressed....sm
the issue of generic versus brand name drugs and state that generics should not be capped. One thing that drove me nuts, but nothing to back me up.
More about phrases as other poster addressed
Since the dictators seem to say the same thing in so many different ways, I have found I often have to add a a bit extra, and it would have been easier if I had thought of that when I first started making Expanders so I would have started right off being very consistent.

For an example CTDW, CSTDW, CDTDW = (respectively) continue to do well, contintues to do well, continued to do well. - It is amazing how many things will overlap or conflict.

Or, they will use a phrase with the word "or" or "and" in it AND without them ...
like, cyanosis, clubbing, edema ... and cyanosis, clubbing, and edema ... Or even worse, they flip the words around to clubbing, cyanosis, and edema.

So many dicators and so many ways of saying the same thing. That is what gets frustrating to me. It's endless.
Apparently are husbands and kids are supposed to be lower on the totem pole...

than our jobs?!?!?!  Geez!  You are probably single with no kids or no kids at home anymore and no hubbie either!  Or you're Burned Out's boss and you are not so subtly letting her know how you feel about vacations.  This isn't a third-world sweat shop, ya know.  We all deserve time off!

How dare you try to make the original poster feel guilty for wanting to take a vacation!  Don't you think women have enough pressure guilt from society what with the guilt we feel for having to work and send our kids to daycare or the feelings of inadequacy career women give stay-at-home, full-time moms because they've chosen to raise kids instead of chase dollar signs and career?!?!?

We should be supporting each other, not tearing each other down! 

It means I saw an email stating this, but it was not addressed to me.
I justed attended a meeting and this was addressed
There are now computers that will be performing surgery. The medical field is changing in ways that are not good, according to the speaker, in that the younger physicians coming into the field are not comparable to physicians of yesterday, generally speaking. He thought it was a good direction, this computerized physician. He also did state that insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies have much to say about what goes on in the medical field (they have power/money).
Need to hook up a USB pedal to RealPlayer. I'm sure this has been addressed before. sm
I have a test wave file I need to play.  It runs fine from my desktop, but I can't get the pedal to work.  I have an Infinity In-USB-1 I just plugged into the hard drive, but it will not play the file.  Will this work wtih RealPlayer?  TIA.
Were STAT reports addressed in contract? sm
I had a doctor that did this same exact thing. He would procrastinate on doing reports, or just overbook himself so he never had time to dictate, and then when someone called wanting a report, he'd call me to see if I could do it ASAP. Of course, he didn't want to pay extra for this service, though. He would also call me night or day and expect me to drop whatever I was doing for other (better-paying) clients and do his "urgent" report. I go by the old saying that poor planning on his part does not make it an emergency on my part. I will do it for them IF I have the time and IF they pay a higher rate. Otherwise, I will not cater to this behavior because the poster above is right - they will continue to do it as long as you oblige. You have to be the one to set the boundaries. Get voice mail and caller ID if you don't already have and screen your calls. I found that sometimes just waiting a few hours before calling them back allowed them to calm down and realize it's not the end of the world, and they'd then say it was okay to get in by the next day or whatever. Sometimes it's not so much that it's a stat report in terms of the patient's need but that they need it to get paid, in which case they'll sometimes back down if you quote a higher rate or tell them you simply cannot fit it in right then. Same doc would pile me up with a week's worth of dictation and expect it all back in 12 hours, too, so it was an overall mentality with him that he wanted everything done NOW. It wasn't even humanly possible most of the time but try getting them to see that. You should have no social life, after all, and live to work! LOL

Good luck with that. I got rid of the client that did it to me. He felt I should be at his beck and call but argued the rate at every turn, and it wasn't that much to begin with so it wasn't worth the aggravation! Seems like the most demanding ones are usually the biggest cheapskates, too.
neither slow, nor stupid, but I think there are lots of variables that need to be addressed..
such as all the crap some companies want you to put into headers, cc's, etc., and make sure you know every word in the client's profile and check every day to see if anything changed - (of course, they don't PAY for time spent researching client profiles) - it's like "who's on first?"
Good things take time. (this is addressed to OP, BTW) My first 15 years or sm
so of MT was without the benefit of using an expander. When Expanders became the norm, I was reluctant to try, thinking that it would be more cumbersome than by not using it at all. Was I surprised and pleased I had ventured into the Expander world.

Since you're at home you can add entries on your free time, even if you do 5 or 10 at a time, when there is no pressure on you. Start out with expanders for "the patient," "-year-old," the names of your doctors, anything that is repetitious. You will be surprised how much time this will save you. My initial expander, PRD, actually calculated saved Keystrokes and productivity. Back then I was saving 30%!

The expander is especially helpful for those crazy terms that are hyphenated or have camel caps, those that I always had to look up to check myself. Create your brief form by just using straight lowercase, for instance, duoneb for Duo-Neb (or d-n).

Speed will come, don't worry. Good luck to you!

(Posted in the wrong place--I always do that!) This is in response to OP.

I think presenting a letter addressed to him and/or the office manager to submit to him is very
appropriate. That is exactly how I presented it as I was having a hard time thinking how to say and what to say. It was much easier to "plead my case" on paper. Go for it.
cherry picking
Your boss WANTS you spy on each other AND rat them out? so much for ethics and morals..I'm too busy doing my own work to worry what others are doing.
Cherry Picking

A cherry picker is someone who manipulates the dictation system to give her or himself the better, longer reports or the known good dictators. I am not sure how people do this with at-home and internet based transcription, but when I worked at a hospital people used to check what was coming up on the big Lanier machines and take a break if they saw something bad on the horizon. If you are in a position to assign yourself work, such as a system administrator, you could take the best dictators for yourself, but it is likely if you are new you are not in this position yet.

My advice:  Stay on the good side of your coworkers and do the work that is lined up for you.  

cherry picking on DQS
The people working in the room than handles the work flow..the room that controls the dictation put the easier dictation on your track.  They will do that when transcriptionists complain they cant do the **hard** doctors.  They are able to put you on whatever track they want to..You have no control but the office does.
cherry picking
Which is worse, cherry pickers or greedy hogs who take all the work? That's the case where I am desperately trying to get away from. These people overhire as well as have a lot of job hogs.
cherry picking

not all the managers of the closed MQ offices are working from home, my office manager lost her job and so did everyone else that worked in that office, (when you think about it how many managers do you really need it everything is done via email) we were told by our office that the hospital could track who was skipping reports but nothing was ever done about it, everyone was told not to do it which stopped it for awhile but then it would start up again, we also had managers that would assign certain work types to certain transcriptionists or certain drs to certain transcriptionists, that's how it was in my old office

Cherry picking

I don't like cherry pickers for whatever reason, but I do know this.  If you hang in with the worst dictators on your account, transcribe them each time they come up, guess what - you get the hang of them and learn them, no matter how difficult they are.  That is what is ignorant about cherry picking to me, taking on the most difficult dictators just gives you an opportunity to learn and conquer no matter how slow going it is at the beginning.  I think if die-hard cherry pickers looked at it as an opportunity to learn, it would stop - I don't like anything or anybody to "whip me", so I do jobs at my company that have been kicked around all over the US for two or three hours, but the cherry picking stops here.

Cherry Picking!
YES,so true and now the hardest dictators seem to easy and you meet the challenge! That is what keeps the job interesting as well. Yes, love the easy reports here and there to give me a break but the challenge is what keeps me going.
it's CHERRY PICKING and she could not get away with it at MQ
You get a report and call wawawa I have a cell phone dictation and I REFUSE to do it you would be laughed out of a job.
Not for us, but for the cherry-picking
management person who did 4600 lines in 1 day- that had to be done by picking out all the normal reports on the system and them getting her sweet little bonus. What a cheat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cherry picking....

I do know exactly what you are talking about.  And to you other posters who ask, "how do you know"....believe me with some accounts it is very, very obvious unless you live in lallah land!!  I've been going through this cherry picking routine now for about 5 months.  Company hired one new girl who tried for several months but couldn't do the "bad" guys so she was terminated.  Now we have a new "seasoned" MT who is skipping over the same dictators.  The really SAD news is that QA doesn't want her to even try to do those docs because they can't understand them either.  So they are left for me and one other person as we seem to be the only two who can do their work!! 

I've let the "powers that be" know that this really should not be tolerated; they agree but will give her a little more time to "adjust".  Wish I could "adjust" my bills!!!!!  Anyway, smile....things will get better.     

Picking battles
There's no doubt it is difficult parenting today. I learned some hard lessons in this area. I lost a son many years ago and that was devastating. I was a very strict parent then and had a difficult time coming to terms with how important it was to "win the battles." When I lost that child, it all changed for me immediately. I was more focused on the love and connection with our other son, not so strict, more focused on being happy every day and trusting my son's judgement. I was open with him more than I ever was in my life with anybody and more honest with myself. I reviewed my own belief system and how my behavior should model what I expected of him. We got close in a wonderful, healthy way. As he got a little older into the late teens, I allowed him the dignity of making his own mistakes (minor). He wanted a tattoo. He was respectful enough to come to his parents and ask us what we thought. Of course, his father and I disagreed. He thought about it for a while and told us he decided to get a tattoo. We weren't happy, but at that point he was going to do it. SO, his father and I decided to research and take him to the cleanest, safest tattoo shop we could find and we took him there ourselves. He wanted a small dolphin tattoo in remembrance of his brother. Well, needless to stay he is now looking to have it removed! My husband and I learned not to judge on teen fads, teen dressing, or teen music. We kept a very open mind and did not criticize all things teens. Because we did not criticize and werwe not rigid, we were the luckiest parents. Our son was proud of us always as we were of him, and we were always the only parents that got invited to most of the teen parties and our home was filled with teens who felt comfortable in our home. I focused on integrity, strength of character, listening, and spirituality and that no matter if one falls, you're there to help pick them up. Today, I am proud to say I have a son who is a gem. He is a successful actor, strong in character and is not the least bit influenced by all of Hollywood's bad side. I too worried about the little things nbu
Have you thought about picking up a PT job? sm
I have just recently picked up a PT, IC job to help catch up on some bills and also to prepare for Christmas for the kids. I have a full-time job where they do take taxes and so I figure only working part-time as an IC will not hurt us too much at tax time and I can have that extra money to dump on some bills. Just a thought! Also, what about finding a company that offers group health insurance so that you don't have to pay such a high premium. My thoughts and prayers are with both you and your husband for a speedy recovery. I also think a community fund-raiser is a good idea to help with medical bills. We have those all the time in my community. Some people even place milk cartons at our convenience stores and gas stations with the medical situation that needs help; especially for small communities, people are willing to help because we all have difficult situations and want to help others. I hope everything works out well for you and your husband. Hang in there and keep your head up high and keep the faith.
Picking my jaw up off the floor
I thought Chris would win it all! :(
Work picking up? sm
I am curious to know if everyone's summer slump is over and the work is picking back up.
I am not cherry picking. sm
If I was cherry picking I would refuse to do the account. I have 2 other accounts. I am hoping that by doing this account it will come to be something that isn't so hard for me anymore. I learn everyday. But that account is very hard to make lines on. If I could choose I would like to work on an acute care that wasn't a learning hospital, but I know I am gaining great experience with this account. I don't mean to sound like I am a cherry picker but some say why stay where you don't like the account. When you are a newbie you don't have that luxury if you wanted it. I know some MTs who work for the same company I do with many years exp. who refuse to do acute care. I know that is their preference but I understand what you are saying. It does get annoying when some pick and choose. I have never told them I won't do it. I don't like it but if I wasn't going to do it I would find another company. I wouldn't stay at a company and refuse to do the work I was offered because then other MTs have to do it and it isn't fair to cherry pick and make others do what you don't want to do. And I have that where I work. I have people that work there and have many, many years exp. and refuse to do the hard acute care accounts. I used to get so fustrated. As a result that is more of the hard account I have to do because they don't want to but like you say that is part of the job so I will just have to deal with other cherry pickers.
cherry-picking is cherry-picking
I work both weekend days because that's the only time I get good work, so when the they ask for extra help and everyone says they'll only help if they get good work, then I'm stuck with the leftover crap nobody wants on my usual shift while everyone who's "helping out" is getting the good stuff. sorry, but cherry-picking is cherry-picking no matter when!
Cherry picking.......
I worked for several small MTSOs now and the voice files are sent over, so I get what is there regardless.

I did work for nationals over the years and understand your situation. But, if they called me to do OT or work on the weekend, I would flat out ask for some good dictators if they wanted me to help out, and they would pass those on to me, but during my shift, I got what I got, which were the horribly dictating ESLs, mumblers, etc. When I would ask about cherry pickers, they would tell me no, they didn't allow that, but of course it was going on. You could tell it was. I did work for one company that definitely would not allow that and we all got stuck with the good, bad, and the ugly, which is only fair.
picking up tapes
I also have another doctor who mails me the tapes and faxes me her doctor's notes.  I do that, too.
cherry picking
bring it to your supevisor's attention. We got got a notice about doing that from our supervisors.  It is not taken lightly.
Cherry picking, what would you do?
I guess I am just frustrated.  In my company we can see what work is available, we have the ability to select our work, and we can see what everyone else is working on.  I am relatively new.  Recently I figured out that a couple of the MTs do nothing all morning but wait for the reports that have canned dictation.  I guess they must just keep refreshing the screen and the instant one pops up, they are on it.  Doing this they are probably able to rack up a very nice line count within two or three hours.  Then they will do just enough actual work to make their 1200 for the day.  I wouldn't mind if they would do some actual work while waiting for the canned stuff to appear, but that's not the case.  I want to say something but I'm just not sure.  What would you do?
picking an expander

Hey all, anyone got any suggestions for picking a word expander?  I really need a good one.  I have been working without one and realize that I am severely limiting myself?  Just started working on a couple of small acounts this year.  I am very new and don't want to spend money where I don' t need to.  Thanks

Cherry picking
Landmark works on the Bayscribe platform and as far as I can tell it doesn't allow cherry picking.  If you get a job and for some reason cancel it and request the next job, you get the same job.  I have done that not because of cherry picking, but because I had to cancel out for some reason, or I lost my web page.  It comes back with the same job in my queue.
Cherry picking has always been allowed and goes on to this day, at least with MQ. Some of the hospitals would actually called our office and complain about it, the hospital could run a report and see who rejected the report and how many times, but nothing was ever done, the usual letter was sent out and cherry picking continued--maybe that was one of the reasons that my office was closed
Regarding cherry picking posts below

Could someone actually tell me how an at-home worker gets information regarding cherry picking trainees from India and managers getting complaints from hospitals.  I just transcribe for MQ and don't know how one would cherry pick on this platform DQS.  No manager has ever called me to tell me the hospital is complaining about cherry pickers.  No manager has ever sent a memo telling me that the office was being closed because of cherry pickers.  I just transcribe what comes across my screen with no correspondence from managers other than account updates either slow work or bonus times.  I have no idea who else is working on the account, Indian or otherwise. 

How would one go about obtaining all of the information to establish cherry picking or not cherry picking and the nationality of the cherry picker?

Thanks in advance for any answers you can give.  Perhaps I am living in an isolated world and maybe my account is cherry picked and don't know to complain.



stop cherry picking or get out
STOP CHERRY PICKING..for pete sake..dont try to justify it..JUST DO THE FREAKING WORK AS IT IS ASSIGNED TO YOU..PERIOD!!  Im one of them who gets the **crap** work, the extremely hard Asian or Spanish doctors who put the phone in their arm pit, the doctors who are half asleep and mumble..please!!!!!!!  just do the work as it is assigned to you.  We all need a pay check and I work hard for mine, I expect you to do the same or get out of the profession of medical transcription..
Still sounds like cherry picking to me.
Refusing to do dictators from wherever they dictate sounds like cherry picking to me. I don't like to transcribe dictators who use speaker phone, but I do 'em anyway, like it or not.
All this cherry picking stuff LOL
Could be that those accusing high producers of "cherry picking" might possibly make a better line count if they 1)  Quit trying to find out how many lines their co-workers have typed and 2)  Stay off the boards until they have reached their goal.  I don't think posting to newsgroups pays all that well.  I don't care which company it is, no typing, no money.