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Were documents signed initially that focused on such an event?

Posted By: Lender notifies lienholder on 2005-07-06
In Reply to: thanks for the info, pls see message, more ?'s - worried


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    When I stressed the important of having medical documents (legal documents)
    on the patient's chart (there are outpatient exams done. Hospital is in the outpatient business), the woman said that if there is a serious finding on an exam, the radiologist will call the referring physician and tell him by phone!

    This, my friends, is the result of hiring people who have no real background in the medical field (the lead MT never worked anywhere prior to this job, got on-the-job training and has, through a dominant personality, created a tight circle of workers which are marked up of friends from her life and church services over a 15 year period.

    But it's a cultural event that's been around since 1966!

    How did it come about then that a "holiday" that was "invented" less than 40 years ago (apparently to create a semblance of culture for the otherwise cultureless) has become more acceptable to acknowledge one that has been around for 16 centuries!


    It's so condescending and ridiculous that if it weren't so darned outright offensive it would be laughable.

    But it isn't.
    If they are like wedding announcements, you do it AFTER the event - sm
    if you are inviting people to attend then I would think 3-4 weeks prior to the event.
    and don't flame me.. .I know Kwanza is a cultural event, not
    Stayin focused

    Here are my ideas for staying focused on your work and achieving better productivity.

    1.  Keep your body healthy.  Get a good night's sleep each night so that you will be alert for work each day.  Most people require at least 7 hours a night to be at their optimal best, regardless of what they may believe.  Avoid snacking at your desk or, if you must snack, make it a healthy snack such as carrot sticks, broccoli, celery with peanut butter, etc., and not junk food like chips, candy, crackers, etc.  Remember....garbage in, garbage out.  Always have a good breakfast, preferrably with protein such as eggs or cheese, to help jumpstart your day and give you stamina.  Don't work through lunch but rather always break for lunch and, again, make sure you have a protein in it.

    2. Keep your environment healthy.  I work much better with a clean desk.  Don't let your desk become the household catchall for the kids' school papers, permission slips, stray toys, stacks of bills, unopened mail, and catalogs....all of which draw your attention away from work and cause your productivity to suffer.  Make sure your desk and chair are ergonomic and that your reference material is in easy reach....and not piled up on your desk which only creates distraction.  Keep your desk visually appealing.

    3.  Allow yourself some "play time."  Give yourself a 10-minute break in the morning and afternoon to do whatever....whether it be surfing the net, throwing on a load of clothes to wash, or whatever.  Set a timer for 10 minutes and do not allow yourself to go over that.

    4.  Set mini production goals for yourself and challenge yourself to meet them.  Once you meet a goal, raise the bar a bit and go for it again.  Type uninterrupted for a hour and see just how much you can accomplish.

    Most concentration problems can be resolved without the aid of medications, either prescription or herbal, and the side effects of a lot of these medications far outweigh the benefits.  Make this an absolute last choice and only consider it after truly trying to alter your work habits and work environment so that you are more rested, focused and less distracted and ONLY after seeing your physician.  Hope these suggestions help.


    To stay focused sm
    I keep my bills in plain site. Nothing motivates me better.  LOL
    Focused- easy for me
    Knowing that I will be making the money that I want to make.
    Everyone seems to be focused on the foot pedal
    problem. My main concern is the poor technical support, or lack thereof, i.e., autocorrect function not installed as it should be and firewall problem not resolved as stated it would be. Oh well.
    any tips on how to stay focused -sm
    and actually put out some work?  I've been struggling for weeks now and paychecks are getting smaller!  Help!  I can't make myself sit in my chair and transcribe!  I know its summer, but I am not on vacation!  I'm getting really down about this?  My biggest problem is that I surf the web when I should be working.  I need to break this habit and now!  Can anyone help me?  TIA
    what are your ideas on staying focused??
    When I am on my game I can do 250 to 300 lines per hour, but then after a couple of hours I start dropping to less than 150 lines per hour.  How do you stay focused?  I have tried working different shifts, split shifts, etc., but I just do not seem to be able to stay focused.  I have no small children at home, so that is not a problem.  I am in my own office space, but I just seem to start drifting after about an hour and then that is it.  Any suggestions?  Thanks. 
    I did mine initially in MS Publisher, but I

    switched over to MS Word with an Excel object pasted in the center of it that has formulas for multiplying rates out.  I have one guy that does a bunch of weird stuff, so I bill him by the project.  Sometimes it's a per page rate, sometimes it's hourly, and sometimes it's a flat fee.  MPCount didn't work for billing him either.

    If you'd like to leave your email address, I'll delete my info so you can put yours into it.

    Tried this initially per tech's suggestion. Thank you!
    Don't spend a lot of time initially trying to get

    a blank.  After you complete the dictation go back and relisten to see if you can fill in the blanks.  When I get a new ESL dictator it sometimes takes me a while to get his accent so I don't spend a lot of time trying to fill in the blanks initially.  Usually by the end of the report I have gotten the accent and can fill in most blanks.   I also have the experience to know what the blank should be in most cases, and that also helps me fill in.   If you get QA files back make copies of them and start your a notebook.  If you have the ability to relisten to files after they have been signed off when you get QA back relisten to the dictation and see if you can hear the blanks then.   When I first started doing ESLs I was so stressed because they were hard and I left a lot of blanks and I just don't normally leave blanks.  After getting QA back and relistening it seemed so clear what they were saying and I couldn't believe I had struggled so much. 


    Right on Chickadee. Might get worse before it gets better. Stay focused
    Staying Focused -Energy Drinks
    I am having a huge problem.  I cannot seem to find the energy to work all day.  This sounds so bad because I sit all day!  Seriously though, it feels like I get so bored sitting here at the computer.  When I drink some of a Nos energy drink, however, work is so fun, I have tons of energy, and I make a lot of money sitting here.  I love this work, but what's the deal?  I don't even like consuming caffeine.  I got an energy drink the other night to stay up all night and finish some STATs, and now I feel like I can't work without it.  It was hard to focus even before I started the caffeine.  What is going on here?    Why can't I just get my work done like a normal person?
    It depends...if I am super focused I don't read through them...
    but if I feel like I am not concentrating and just typing I will type a few paragraphs and then re-read them...but not fully re-listen to the dictation.
    I went that route initially and lost 60 days

    and ended up listing my house with a regular real estate agent.  In my post below about the soft market, I also mentioned not to go with a for sale by owner agent.  Help-U-Sell and Assist-2-Sell are what I'm talking about.  Yeah, the list on the MLS and yeah they give you a lock box but that's about it.  With a bulldog real estate agent and company they will go the extra mile for you.  That's what my agent did for me and my house is sold.  We close on October 9th. 

    Regarding the lock box, your better agencies have them now that will email your agent when someone comes in a shows your house. It's a good way for your agent to followup.  For sale by owner agents don't do that. 

    Be careful about these flat fee agents, because you get what you pay for.

    Good luck!

    Gentle stretching and ibuprofen initially,
    then as it gets bearable, take up walking AT LEAST twice a week. Walk at a good speed with good posture, about 2 miles/45 minutes. The most logical way to keep a back working right when you sit in a chair all day is to walk regularly.

    I'm 44, and thankfully all I get are muscle aches. At times there will be actual point tenderness in one of those (2) little dimples on your sacrum, you know, right in that area where a lot of tattoos are put? If you get that, you can massage that spot. It indicates a muscular problem, which is good, and it means you are too tight and need more exercise and especially stretching. The most important direction to stretch (since we are curled up in a C position so much of the day) is exercises that arch the back, so learn safe and effective stretches for that direction. What trainers are saying about stretching lately is stretch after exercise, not so much before, and hold each stretch longer. There are some muscles that don't even engage in the stretch until you've held it 30 seconds. I think piriformis is an important stretch.

    It's very relaxing and restorative to stretch the right way.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.
    I thought initially "how hard can it be?"
    It's not that I didn't respect the field, I just didn't anything about it. I had done legal transcription and figured since my mother was a nurse, I was pretty familiar with medical terminology (ahem).

    By some miracle I got a transcription job in a small clinic and started to be trained. After the first week my thought was "Well, I guess I found something I CANNOT do!" =80 But my trainer was great, I picked it up quickly because even though it was hard I loved it from day 1.

    That was 23 years ago and I've come a long way. I laugh at myself then. I was so clueless!
    At least you "twiddle." Initially, I develop laryngitis from begging
    Yes at PHNS-- this was a few years ago....was paid initially on how many lines you averaged an hour
    the highest you could get was .085 which is what I averaged, however they restructured and it plummetted to .07.....you could get .085 again but you had to really work your butt off (something like +1500 a day).  I was PT so I was only doing 500 lines or so a day, at most 1000, so it basically sucked after that.  Plus the company totally changed, they started to outsource to the Phillappines, work dried up big time and we fought over the lousy crumbs.  Many of us left and moved onto to better things though!
    I resisted it initially. Much to my surpise, line count has improved. Lots of backspacing being do
    This will vary depending on dictator style and speed, but the average to shoot for initially shoud b
    around 3 times the length of the dictation. So, if the dictation is 5 minutes long, you should be able to complete the transcription in roughly 15 minutes. Again, that can vary, but it's a good rule of thumb to go by.
    PC to MAC documents?
    How would I send a PC file that can be read on a MAC and vice versa? Please help ASAP.
    The MDs are the one signing the documents and
    attesting to their accurateness. Not the MTs.

    New documents on QNet for MQ MTs

    Go to QNet; look under Policy & Governance; click on Human Resources in the window to the right there are two new documents --- MTME Benefit Policy.

    It's all apparently still in the workings but they are starting to post documents as they are readied. 

    Just thought I would share.

    You must compare your documents..
    with MS-Word Word Count, which is the standard. MS-Word count tool is used by FlashCount.

    In case of any problem, feel free to ask.

    Compare old documents

    Look at some of your old documents and see what your gross line is and then see what they would have been paid if you had been using a 65 cpl.   In word you can do that.  Now some software will count double character for capitalization, bold, underline, tabs are counted, indent and count spaces.   So that will also make a difference.  When one of my accounts was using Sylcount we always counted that way.  I do not think that there is a simple chart to use and since your documents could be very personalized with formatting, i.e. indenting lines which makes a gross line smaller, to me it would be best to compare your specific documents rather than a generic table.    There are a lot of variables (how long is your gross line) and I don't think a comparison table could take that all into account.   But I would think I think an estimation has always been 30% less lines for cpl versus gross. 

    Legal documents
    I worked for an attorney for a while and also have a 2500 page transcript from my BIL's federal drug case and everything was done on legal sized paper - lots of quotes, etc. I wouldn't do editing of that sort of work for $1 a page - or even $3 - $6-$10 - yes. There's probably more money in that than there is in transcription - we MTs just haven't found it yet.
    Help please - all my documents disappeared. sm
    Has anyone ever had anything like this happen?  Everything that I had stored in my documents folder disappeared.  Any settings that I had specific to my computer are gone like including my favorites on IE, my normal.dot with all my macros, autocorrect entries, etc. for word, all music files, all pictures, and any and all word and excel based documents I had saved.  Interestingly my daughters user ID is fine and none of her documents disappeared.  I have ran virus scanners to know avail so I don't know if it was some sort of virus or hardware failure.  Any ideas?  It is a pain to start all over.  Also, what does everyone use for backup?  This is about the third time this year I have had computer issues and lost everything and I am so TIRED of starting over and kicking my production time in half until I get myself built back up.  I am ready for some type of really awesome backup to assure this does not happen to me again. 
    Bringing up old documents....
    Hi-I have only worked on Extext for a few days and it seems pretty good. I agree with the problem with inserting doctors names though. I am especially interested in finding out how to pull up old documents as I wasn't told about this feature. Can you let me know? Thanks....
    Maybe she means that the VR documents
    are 'prescreened' for 'quality scare' before getting downloaded to the MT? If there are too many errors, it gets deleted and downloaded blank on the MT's screens?

    But this does not make muchsense, does it?

    Or maybe if QA finds too many mistakes, it gets deleted and sent back to the MT for straight transcription?

    Don't know.

    MPWord and assembling the documents into one

    MPWord does require you do a separate file for each dictation, but it takes the drudgery out of this, for it automatically saves/names the files for you.

    It also has a feature that allows you to put all those notes into one file at the end of the day. If you don't need to preserve headers/footers use the Sticky Notes (Append). If you do need to preserve headers/footers, use PDF (Assemble). With either function, you can send your client one file with the day's work.

    Has anyone had trouble converting documents

    Word 2000.  These seem to be putting a .doc extension after all of my documents now.  Anyone have a fix?  I have an account that I can't use the .doc extension, and when I back that extension off, I get a message saying "this document may not be usable".  Is this a Vista issue?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

    in advance for any help in this OMG matter!  I'm about ready to  , and I have just gotten it to grow to a length that I like.

    Searching in WP 5.1 documents through Windows XP
     I have changed word processing programs from DOS-based to Windows-based programs, but still need to access the old WP 5.1 documents. I am having trouble searching the documents through Windows, i.e., searching for a person's name, etc. inside the document.  Do you have any suggestions? 
    What file extension do this WP5.1 documents have?
    If they're not saved as .doc, Word won't be able to search them; however, you can open them individually with Word.
    My Documents is a folder, not a program.
    Are documents set to print getting hung up
    Are we talking Word documents or...

    are you typing directly into Meditech or Cerner or a system like that?

    You have dragon scan your documents and -
    it picks up words it does not know and has you train them, and it also recognizes words that you use more than others.
    If I recall, you should be able to pull up all the supporting documents sm
    to review, not just the summary page.  I always back it up by doing the old pencil, paper, calculator method just to be sure.
    It's your responsibility to give them their documents on disk/CD!
    Thanks to you all!!! Mine was under Documents&Settings, then Home. :)
    Pull up some documents and count them out each way to compare. nm
    When bringing up old documents in Extext, Ctrl S,
    I think I missed a step.  I hit ctrl S, put in patient's name (in this case) and then click find, or quick find.  Then, it brings up a list of the patient's admission.  Then, what do I hit to bring up the document?  The options on the right side are statistics and close?  I tried to highlight and double click the admission but nothing.  Need some help here....Thanks
    Instant Text will expand whole documents
    Instant Text will expand whole documents.  IT will all so take a bunch of reports and create shortcuts from those reports for you so you do not have to individually create your own.  Of course, you can create your own if you like also.  The only thing that ITdoes not have that it should is a suggestion box that follows your cursur. 
    Hey! I signed the above MQ QA
    NOT not a cruise fan!!  What is up with that???
    I just signed up with the gym. You get one
    free visit with the PT and then they try and get you to pay $50 a month extra to sign up with a PT. Hahahahahahah! Not happening. My little toe feels great but the rest of my body is screaming at me. Trying to work but that's not going well today.
    I signed up with...sm
    Best Friends. I wonder if anyone who has offered to foster pets from Katrina have been contacted yet. I haven't heard anything from them about being a foster parent. I live near Atlanta and I heard that several pets were sent to Atlanta's Humane Society, but haven't heard of anyone having a pet placed with them.

    Maybe I'll try the LA SPCA posted here. Post if you or someone you know has had a pet from LA placed with them.

    I thought I should say that I don't think there's anything funny going on, I just wonder what they're doing with all those pets.

    I signed it but....

    .....I don't like their tactics. When you click on "sign petition", it takes you to the donate page. Of course, you don't have to donate, but at first I, too, like some of the people further down in the threat, thought there was no other option besides donating. But then when I clicked on the "Signatures" tab, I saw my name was there.

    There are a lot of gullible and unwary people out there - and the way they have that website set up, it is designed to prey on them. I signed this petition because I feel it is important, but I will not be signing any other petitions on that site.

    Has anyone signed up for 6.99
    a month with TranscriptionNet?  Is it worth it, any good jobs to be found? Thanks