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What do you think of the MTStars Flash Count?

Posted By: At Home MT on 2005-10-22
In Reply to:

Any pros/cons that you have found? Have you compared it to any other line count programs, i.e., MPCount?  If so, how does is compare?

Thanks so much. 

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Please help with MTStars Flash Count

I currently use MP Count and count by gross line for my own local account. I downloaded and tried MTStars Flash Count and I am getting a huge discrepancy in line counts, when choosing the "line" count feature. For example, my MP Count counts a report at 99 lines and by hand counting I get 99 - counting any text on a line as a line that should be counted and each page break and/or page as a line as well (It is stated on my invoices that each page is counted as a line as well). I want my client to be able to hand count lines if they would like to verify counts if they desire. 

Anyway, in MTStars Flash Count, I chose "Line" and "Extended Word Count" and got 32 lines. When I chose "Line" and "Regular Word Count" I got 120 lines. Is this program able to actually count gross lines or am I just doing something wrong???


MTStars Flash Count
Free and it works :)
Flash Count (MTstars)....when I download it prompts me to insert disk?

Any ideas?

Flash Count problem
I am in the process of installing this but it is asking me to install disk #2 or click browse to select a path? Can someone help? I have closed all other programs and even rebooted by computer. Thanks in advance!
Flash Count question
What's the difference between the Extended Word Count and the Regular Word Count?
Flash Count Question... sm

Hi - Could any of you tell me how to get the Flash Count to put the amount on the invoice as the exact amount and not round it off to the next dollar?

II want to submit my first invoice with amount correct on the invoice and not rounded to the next dollar.  It shows correctly on configuration screen but final invoice has round off value.  The final total is correct and not rounded off.


Answer by flash count user.
Just organize your letters in one folder and let flash count do the rest.
it will work - have the flash drive in the PC, install from disks to flash
Now Released! MTStars FlashCount & Invoice Generator. Completely FREE to MTStars Visitors.

Freeware - No Registration or Purchase required.

Lines and Word counter software. Scans your documents for lines, words, spaces and generates real time invoices the way you want. Full customization to generate invoices to save or email to your clients.

Click on link below.


I received MTStars Flashtype and MTStars Internet Speller!
You might try MTStars FlashCount. It's absolutely free to MTStars visitors.


Take the character count divded by 65 and that will give you your line count.
it does not count gross lines...I count 37 and it counts 67.
Does Flash-type Expander work with Word Perfect does anyone know?  Thanks for the info.   TLC
Really? Did you get Flash Type too?
I'm doing something wrong but the Flash Type added two of each entry to my report and the speller wouldn't even open for me. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it wouldn't work because it said a version was already installed. Good thing it was free or I'd be pretty ticked. I was thinking about getting Instant Text anyhow when I got this software prize so I'll probably go that route as planned. Even if I got the bugs all worked out, I didn't see any way to import my Auto Correct entries.
flash forward
Those were the days!  My production dropped significantly when i had to switch from flash forward to shorthand.  But at least I have a job!
News flash everybody!! - sm
After a nasty argument with ex H over his lack of interest in our daughter for the past 15 years, he informs me that I won't have a job in 3 years due to voice recognition taking over.  Yikes, where do I turn now?  And, since she will be 18 then, he is done financially.  Well, jeeze, since he hasn't been there emotionally for the past 15 years, he might as well stop paying his lousy $150/month.  I'm ticked off and laughing at the same time.  Just venting over the fact that ex idiot is taking pleasure in the thought that he thinks he knows something I don't know.    Obviously he has been doing some reasearch or how would he even know what voice recognition is?  Please excuse my very angry rant! I'm going to take a deep breath and try to forget the whole ugly conversation. 
News flash....
Why listen to the rantings of a man who thinks his own daughter is only worth $37.50 a week?

He may or may not research, but there is enough talk about Voice Recognition on TV and radio talk shows that he may have heard it mentioned there.

Please don't let his pettiness ruin your peace of mind.
Flash drive to
copy Word to the other computer. Don't know about the other question!
flash drive
get one, they are worth it. i just got one at target for 14.99. i have seen them as low as 9.99. i type at home for a cardiology practice. i upload all my work onto the flash drive, bring it into their office, download it to their computer. when the doc makes changes on his dictation, they just bring my work up on their computer and do their thing. saves them from calling me, me making the changes, printing it, getting in the car and bringing it to them. it is wonderful. try to get one with a key ring on it, cuz they are just so small, you can lose them easily. once they go under the seat of the car, you never see them again. lol
Flash drive
I have a couple flash drives and drop one off with the completed work and pick up an empty one when I pick up work. Get a flash drive and copy the files on it and give that to them too...good luck!
who exactly is SS? And what is Flash type?
?  and if SS has supporters and this board is not a supporter of her, why are they here anyways?
Flash Type anyone?
Does anyone here use this? I downloaded the free trial and emailed the webmaster but haven't heard anything yet. Do you have to remember all of your shorts with this, or does a screen pull suggestions up? So far, I haven't seen this, that's why I am asking. If not this expander, which one? Please, I already know about IT and I do NOT want to purchase it at this point.  For the $ and the learning curve, I don't have the time right now. What Expanders are easy to use, and hit the ground running that don't cost a lot? Any info is appreciated! Thanks!
flash type
http://www.mtstars.com/FlashType - Found this on the Internet.  Check it out.
Sure wish you lived close to me. I'd take the dog in a flash (sm)

We lost our lab/retriever 2 years ago from root nerve tumor and still miss him. I think it's time we get another one so we can stop mourning our babe.

Please DON"T take him to an SPCA or any shelter like them. I, and many others, have had horrific experiences with our local shelters. It breaks my heart to see all those animals without homes and wish I could bring them all home but, unfortunately, cannot...and I will not adopt a dog from their shelters, either, due to their "higher than thou" attitude. Take it from one who knows, they are only interested in the money they receive from tugging at people's heartstrings, not the animals themselves. They came on our property when we weren't home and stole two irish setters that were left from a litter that were promised to someone with a very good reputation, I might add, and then told that person they had to euthanize the pups because they were sick. They were NOT sick. They had all their shots and wormed, etc., and definitely not sick. The worse part was that they had my 14-yo son SIGN a paper stating they had PERMISSION to take them. I really could have caused trouble for them but didn't have the money to pursue it (lawyer fees).   Two weeks later, their picture was in the newspaper up for adoption!

These worker should work twice as hard trying to find homes for them instead of stealing other peoples dogs and then asking for money every other week.

We have always adopted from people who are moving out of area, are elderly and can no longer take care of their pets, from friends, etc.

Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now. but that's my 2 cents.

FLASH word expander.

Is Flash word Expander a good one to use?  I'm just trying to get my production up, so any comments would be great.


Thanks tonz!

I used a flash drive to move
all mine a few months ago when I got a new computer. They're only like $15 and worked perfectly.
USB flash drive inquiry....sm

Would someone enlighten me?  My teenager came home with a printout for a school project and the teacher wants the projects turned in one one of these keychain things.  I have no idea how to do this and if I need to buy anything extra for my PC.   How does this work?  Do you just plug it into your PC and are able to save data right onto it or are special programs needed?  The more I searched on the internet the more I couldn't figure it out.   I've already e-mailed the teacher asking that she be allowed to bring the project in on CD as we're pros at that one and I really don't want to spend a dime for some goofy teacher's request...but just in case.....   Thank you

How can you find out where the flash drive is....sm
is there a way to know if my PC has this without buying one of the sticks and trying it? Thank you!
Flash Forward SNAFU

Working in WP 5.1 for DOS.  System is set up to automatically install Flash Forward when I boot up.  As the Flash Forward bar is running, it stops and gives me a pretty  blue flashing prompt saying "Attempt to add duplicate Abbreviation: blah, blah, blah.  Has anyone experienced this?  How do I get out of it?  I assume there must be some way to search for and delete the duplicate abbreviation, but beats me all to you-know-what.    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Flash Drive Pain
I plug the flash drive in my computer.  I select my Start Stop pedal.  The list comes up.  Is there a "hidden" list in another file, perhaps, where the doctor says all these patients have already been dictated?  Now that I've listened to all three flash drives, they are telling me all the patients are on one of them that I had already typed.  Is this possible???  Thanks.  Pardon my stupidity, I am a tape person, if you can still believe that.
Nope, not a higher count. Actually, the count is the same...
I use a word count and not a line count, but because you mentioned it, I ran a few documents using line count, and the count is exactly the same. However, Flashcount has a lot of nifty features.  I like it.  :)
My computer must have a flash/blink blocker.
Saving dictations on flash drive??
Hi again,  I figured out the settings, and how to recover the files marked done.  Question though on saving the actual dictation.  My files come through email, I was saving in My Wav files and an Archive File; however, the doc tends to send me a lot of duplicates which the Archive obviously does not like. But, also, since I have had a computer crash on me and lost some things, I am thinking of saving my actual dictations on a flash drive and eliminating the Archive file. How long would you suggest I keep them for?  Once typed they go in the Recover folder, how long should I keep those? I found in the help information that we can order foot pedals through Express Scribe and they will be sure that they work with their program, so I ordered one today - figure can't work without a pedal so best have a spare on hand.  Anything I might be missing? Tips or ideas in using the program. 
Thanks so much. I see the hold, but don't understand the flash button. nm
I put mine on hold and hit the flash button
Question to using flash drive with Word. sm
I used a temporary copy of Word on another computer, and kept getting a message that unless I registered the product, I could only use it x number of times.  Does this also happen using the flash drive?  I have Word 2003 on my work computer, and need to put it on my son's for a school course, but am not sure I can keep it there without registering it.  I hate to spend $190 for software for a school course.  Thanks.
Flash Drive Should Have Worked; Did You Get a Message?
The e-mail thing is a good way to go since your flash drive didn't work.  I have all of my glossaries on my flash drive, I don't see why it wouldn't work for you.  If your computer has a 3.5 floppy drive, you could always use a disk (my computer does not have one).
The stick thingy is the flash drive (sm)
The stick thing is plugged into a USB port and acts just like any other drive, or CD. You stick it in the USB port, your computer usually recognizes it's there right away. You just click and drag or copy files on to it just like it's another drive. I would hope that the teacher doesn't expect you to buy one just for this assignment, though.
You can use a flash drive like a floppy on steroids...sm
The flash drive is as small or smaller than a pack of gum and plugs into a USB port (which any computer made in the past few years will have).

Windows will automatically recognize the drive once you plug it in, and assign a drive letter to it. This will likely be "E:", "F:" or higher, depending on the configuration of drives in your computer.

You can then use the drive exactly as you would any other drive (for instance, you can view its contents using Windows Explorer, drag-and-drop files to or from it, etc., create subdirectories on it, etc.)...

HOWEVER, for some versions of Windows you should NOT simply unplug the drive when you are finished using it. You have to use a utility running on your taskbar to "stop" the drive before unplugging it.

Flash drives are now large enough in capacity that you can carry an entire operating system on them, along with various applications such as your web browser, Office applications, etc. These can be configured to create a "parasite computer" on any computer you plug it into.

Also, there is now something called the "PhoneDrive", which has its own tiny sound card and a plug for a headset. This drive comes with its own VOIP phone number and will allow you to make phone calls from any computer you plug into that has an Internet connection of its own.

Fascinating devices! Unfortunately, like the Internet itself, they have real utility for terrorists.
Does your computer even recognize the flash drive? sm

It could be that the flash drive was not removed correctly the last time it was used and now the computer doesn't recognize it. A lot of the new flash drives use that annoying U3 program; you have to wait it to load completely before you can use the drive and you also need to use it to eject the flash drive before physically removing it from the computer. Also, make sure you're actually dragging it to the flash drive and not the U3 System, which shows as a separate drive in Windows Explorer (not IE).

It's very easy. You'll catch on in a flash.
WP5.1, Flash Forward, drooool! I liked Smartype too (NM)
Flash drive for backup! Wonderful
They are so cheap and easy to use. Just plug in this tiny thing into a USB port and wallah, click on your SPF dictionary, select send to and click on your external flash drive. I just discovered them, had been using disks to backup which sometimes would not transfer to another computer without reformatting. Don't have to do that with a flash drive.
Need specific pros/cons on IT, Flash Type,
Does Flash Type work in CScribe or ExpresScribe?
could it be used in the MTtest windows? That would be great.
Gotta say that Flash Type works exactly the same and is cheaper.

forgot to mention... yes, flash drive would work


5 cats - Amadeus, Flash, Turbo, Rhiannon, Lizzie
Three Maine Coons and 2 domestic shorthairs.
three bassetts - Zeuss, Lucy and Flash, one hamster Jerry nm
So you get a flash drive with voice files on it you are suppose to transcribe?

I'm trying to understand.  Do you save the transcribed reports on the same jump drive?  If that is the protocol, then wouldn't the MT before you typed any reports, then wouldn't they be saved to the flash drive?

If so, then you could open up the flash drive and if there are any Word files or text files, you open those up and see what they are.  If they are transcribed reports, write the patient's name down and don't transcribe those notes.

Whatever the case may be, I would absolutely tell the office manager or whoever you are meeting with that you will type everything on the flash drive and that you expect to be paid for everything you type.  You gave them freebies the last time and you're in this business to make money.