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What kind of music? nm

Posted By: Li on 2005-09-30
In Reply to: No, there's nothing on TV that's worth watching anyways. - no TV


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No TV, no music, nothing. Music and TV cause me to daydream. nm
I am a child of the 80's and felt like I couldn't be burdened with finding gigs. I am an accomplished pianist (A little rusty at 43) but I love music where there is only piano playing. Does DH like Elton John, Billy Joel, (ok - stretch -KC & JoJo's version of Lately), and Stevie Wonder. Nothing like a man and his piano.
Can't get into her music?
I don't know why not. Her and Mellancamp sound just as bad. 
Aah, music...
Taking a break.  Listening to some tunes to relax.  I think some other people should too.  Anyone ever heard of Jill Scott or Erykah Badu?  Common?   
Yay! Me too! MUSIC!
I agree with that, music makes my world so much brighter! I throw on some Stevie Wonder and I can't help but cheer up!
Yep, I love the 50's-60's music.   Makes me want to move.
music sm
I have a 5-disc CD changer that goes all day while I am working. All music types. I love it! Need the extra noise!
I like total quiet while transcribing. But if I'm doing some other kind of "busy" work in my office like filing or more of a data-entry-type job I can do mindlessly, I find that some classical, light jazz or easy-listening type music helps me be more productive.
BA Music Education. nm
loved his music but I had the.....N/M

Music downloads
I have a music site with Burnlounge
and they are a legal dowload site :)
Music downloads

I have an online musicstore with Burnlounge at http://burnlounge.com/mlbliss and they are LEGAL to download from.

I would be very careful dowloading free music--they are fining people for this.  If you aren't paying for it--then consider it illegal

Music in the background
I have to turn on my music in the background. It is just distracting enough to force me to focus on my dictator..sounds crazy doesn't it?! That is for the boredom. Sometimes I don't even realize I'm not working and my mind is just drifting off. For the inconsistent income, I have a side income not involved in MT and when things get slow here, I just switch my focus to my other at-home business. Good luck to you!
No loud music at all. It is more sm

like soothing music you would get with yoga.  A lot of people like Windsor Pilates.  I personally did not care for them.  I LOVE Denise Austin's pilates DVDs.  I have a couple.  One has a 30-minute workout and then I have one that is Hit the Spot in which the work outs are only 10 minutes.  I will do one of the core or abdomen ones in the a.m. and then do a lower bod one later in the day. 

Pilates do wonders for your strength, toning, flexibility.  I have been doing them off and on for years.  If I stop doing them for a few months and come back, I can tell the different in my flexibility and strength in just about 4 work outs.  I do them about 3 times a week.

Instant Music
You might want to look into a product called Instant Music - its designed to convert cassette recordings to digital files and is very inexpensive.
Soothing music
We all have some dictators that we would like to strangle.  However, I find it very helpful to play New Age or other soothing music in the background while I do transcription.  Not loud enough to disturb but just there to soothe my nerves when these dictators upset me. 
Absolutely must have music - sm
If you haven't tried it already, sign up for a free Pandora Radio account.

You can design your own stations based on their recommendations or create your own and have commercial free music all day long.

If I have a dictator who is a very quiet talker, I just click over and pause my radio station. You can also adjust the volume separate from your dictation, which is really nice. Low as you want, loud as you need! :)

I have three stations that I have created to suit my moods.

Check it out. www.pandora.com
How to listen to music on CPU - sm
Am looking for a site that allows you to listen to a track or so on an album/CD without downloading it. Any ideas? Thank you.
Music alternatives for ACDC..sm

My 9yo grandson is into ACDC. I want to turn him on to some alternatives. I am downloading some music for a Xmas present for him and need some suggestions as to something a 9yo ACDC fan might enjoy. Thanks.

What is the best music download site. Need to

be able to burn CDs too.    We don't have iPods. 

Tried iTunes - liked it, but since we don't have Apple products not sure it will work for us.

Tried Wal-Mart - liked it, but songs are only good for 30 days unless you burn.  I like to burn, but usually have that CD in the car and like to play off the computer too.

Various others that have a monthly fee charge additional $$ if you burn to CD and then if you discontinue the service supposedly all MP3 files are rendered inactive.

We range from 11 to 48 and like a variety of music, also like something user friendly. 

I need a chart where they list all the services and the pros and cons of each. 




Nope, and no music on, either! Must have silence! :) nm
Don't watch television, but have music
playing very softly in the background.
Having music on makes me happy :)
If I am having the worst of days turning on my favorite music changes my entire day.
I get it too, also from headphones while listening to music. (s/m)
I much prefer the old, in-your-ear style of headphones, like a stethoscope. Just be careful not to stick 'em too far in, or that can hurt, too. But the cartilage definitely gets sore if something (even a phone) rests against it too long.
"Beach Music" by Pat Conroy. nm
Have you listened to his original music yet.


Scroll down towards the bottom of the page.  Several songs here he wrote. 

I listen to my favorite music.
Country Music is an oxymoron. :)

And don't forget music lyrics!!
You never saw "The Sound of Music"?
According to the song, Maria was a flibbertigibbet.
Classical music--recommendations anyone?
I tried this.  I chose a CD of "Classical Hits" and found it very soothing, at first.  I especially liked Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.  But, then came Vivaldi's Four Seasons and I felt the urge to jump right out of this chair and dance or do housework or something.  LOL.  Anybody out there have recommendations of what type of classical music is helpful, or names of composers, etc??
Do you listen to music while you transcribe?


Does the music make a difference?
Just curious if those of you who have music on see any difference in your production (or anything else) with it on. ? thx. :)
They say music soothes the savage and
Ditto for me. As long as the music is soft, and pace slow. Although I like faster music for leisure listening, that kind of pace interrupts my train of thought and typing momentum. Soothing jazz, oldies or new age is great to keep someone on task. IMHO.
Do you type faster with music?
I love music (and rocking out!) but never have tried it while working. Does it help you to type faster?

Maybe I will try it!
You can find lots of music
on Youtube. Just type in the artist, group, or song name into the video search. You can save a bunch and can click to have your whole file play or just pick and choose one at a time.
I play instrumental music mostly

like the O'Neill brothers.  If there is a good beat, I tend to type faster.  I also make myself get up every hour or every 300 lines and stretch, play with the cat, or just glance outside. It also helps to have some hobbies or other things to get you out of the house and circulating with people in the real world.  Volunteering is great and I also like to help at the polls on election day. I have to use an answering machine to screen calls because I have found that when you work at home everyone assumes you are available to chat.

Yes, I looked up his music videos for the kids because they
wanted to know why he was famous.
The only radio station that plays the music you like is an
So he was a Beatle, so he was popular and put out good music.
Marvelous, but he was no hero.  Idol, yes...hero, no.
Don't you worry about all the lawsuits for downloading music?
My kids love to download, but once the law suits started against the computer owners I cut it out completely. I know they love music, I do myself, so share with me please, don't you worry about getting "caught?"
No, actually every time you steal music, you are stealing from SM
many people, but you already know that.
Who R your fave music artists/groups?
I looove Joni Mitchell, Karla Bonoff, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Dixie Chicks, Elton John, Beatles, Eminem...
Got new computer and can finally download music! sm
Any suggestions on best site to download from?  The last experience I had was with Napster and loved it but don't know if it even exists any more.  I am open to any and all suggestions.  I realize I will now have to pay now for each song I download but am excited nonetheless!  Thanks!!
Who Cares? I'm listening to their music, not moving in with him.
fumble fingers for music lovers

When I get like this, the only cure is to push the keyboard aside and pretend the tray is a piano and then listen to a fast piano piece and try to "play" it on the keyboard tray.  (Obviously, I don't own a piano--yet.)  This warms up my fingers and wrists, relaxes me, brings me joy if it is a favorite piece of music, and then when I type again it is usually more accurate and my speed is up.  Sounds crazy but it works for me!  Only takes about 3 minutes. 

Another trick my piano teacher taught me when I was a kid was to practice the difficult parts with gloves on (yeh, that long ago).  Then when I took off the gloves, I could play it better.  This might work for the computer keyboard as well.  You could use Playtex gloves perhaps. 

Music avoids violence in the workplace
Once the office I was working in was so noisy that I had to listen to music in one year and listen to the docs with my other so I didn't get up and konk somebody in the head.
I liked his music but he's way too liberal loony agenda for my taste
I listen to music and pretend that I'm playing the piano.
Lots of instrumental, classical and new age stuff. Have you played TyperShark on popcap.com yet?
Go, you chicken fat, go! Used to be our exercise music in elemntary school! LOL nm
Totally overwhelmed, think about praise music along with your prayers.