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When everything works right, it's wonderful, but...

Posted By: sm on 2006-07-20
In Reply to: Anybody know about using Medikin for a TASP? - anon

If you have problems with the site, don't hold your breath waiting for tech support to solve them.

If your docs use recorders and don't need the call-in service that Medikin provides, I would suggest WebChart MD.

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I use C-Cleaner. Gets rid of spyware and the like. Works wonderful and is Free. nm
Full Word is in the Works "Suite," not plain Works.
Works saves files in a different format, but you can open them in Word if you have the correct filter installed.
RIGHT!!! Someone who works 16 hours and someone who works 60 will have a HUGE difference. NM
Emdat works with Instant Text Por V - ony version that works with Emdat - nm
If everything is wonderful---
Why were you complaining???
That is just wonderful (sm)
No more waiting for months.  Congrats again!
How wonderful! Can I ask...

How did you go about this?  Are you a parent, and if so did you wait until kids were older?  Not trying to be nosy, but I have been thinking about this a lot.  My kids are still relatively young, but as they get closer to both being in school full-time, I have been thinking about going back to school and studying something in the healthcare field.  I think becoming a doctor is too far out of my reach, although in another lifetime, that would have been my dream.  But, maybe a PA, or some type of therapist, or a nuclear medicine tech? 

Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

How wonderful!
I got a wonderful new job! nm
We know, we know, you are wonderful at all you do!
How wonderful!
Happy mother's day!
That is wonderful
The hospital where I worked before going to MQ 10 years ago would always play it up big time. I miss that, but MQ has made a bit of a dent this year (well, I say a bit because I haven't won anything LOL). Food and a new reference book -- can't beat that!!! (well, um, maybe the Tiffany bracelet would :-)

That is wonderful. I love the doctors who seem as if they have a good personality and care about not only their patient's but also their transcriptionist. It is always nice to be recognized as a human being! Kudos to that doctor and keep up the good work Patti! You are obviously doing something very wonderful for them!
Oh, how wonderful! Thank you very much!
What a wonderful day...NOT

My one doc got laryngitis on Tuesday...he's still dictating but only in a whisper. Yet, when he had part of his voice, I couldn't understand a darn thing! Whispering was definitely better. LOL

I took a break from my other job to run to the store...15 minutes max. Put our puppy outside because I don't quite trust her in the house by herself yet. Came out of the store and my BATTERY WAS DEAD!!!  Didn't have the strength to open the hood of the truck all the way (I'm no spring chicken), then couldn't get it closed because I'm too short.

Thanks heavens for cell phones. Beeped hubby. He was 50 miles away. Called 1 son. He was 30 miles away. Called foster son. Wow. He was home!!!...but sick with the flu and he only lived a mile away. After waiting 45 minutes, he finally arrived. Surely he would be able to get it going...nope not even with the extra battery. Truck still sitting in the parking lot. Poor pooch was so very happy to see me come home.

On top of this, it's my birthday {{{shudder}}}

 I think I'll just stay home and keep working from now on.



Hapy to hear that!

Wonderful job
You inspire me!!
What a wonderful
response to people who are new to the profession. It's good to see someone give some great helpful advice to someone who wants to get into the field. Good for you! I was new once and I remember how hard it was to enter the profession. It's still hard to obtain new accounts because this is such and invisible job, but I love working at home. I bet all those newbies appreciate your advice!
That's wonderful...
Never, ever should have been outsourced in the first place. That is just NOT SAFE for a million reasons. Congrats!
Never been happier to switch myself. All in all i am saving over $100 a month and the only time my net went out for longer than an hour was when a line was cut and AT&T customers were out too. It is a shame that AT&T was allowed to buy up the smaller companies. Just ruined the whole thing.
This sounds like it may be just what I need. Where can I get one of these?

Thanks for such good advice...I havenever heard of this before!
That would be wonderful
to produce like that.  I agree somewhat with the poster who does doctor office notes.  I worked for a medium-sized clinic and did very well. I had one psychologist who would dictate an eight to ten page initial assessment, and then when the testing was done, he would have you copy the assessment (mind you being paid for those lines again), and add the testing information.  I made out very well with him.  I also had a lot of standards under the Objective and Treatment Plan, which helped with my line counts.  I just saved my format in autocorrect and popped it in with the information already there.  When I transcribed the initial assessment, I saved the whole thing in autocorrect under the patient's last name, and when the testing came through just popped it up and added to it.  Very easy lines.
You are wonderful!
That worked! Not sure how it got marked, but whatever! Thank you so much!
Wonderful, thanks

Thank you for sharing. I know I'd be using this a lot :)

Of course you should mention MT!!!! We're finally getting our chance to be heard. I'm inspired to do the same thing now!!! How else can we have people get the picture about their medical records going overseas without saying it's the MT business?? This is great? Good job!!
That is wonderful! It is a very sm
noble profession and folks with your attitude are the ones who make this profession what it use to be and what it still can be. When I started we had a dictaphone system that had these little things that looked like records but were very very thin. Kind of like the stuff you find in cereal boxes as a prize for kids, that is what the dictation was on. Then out came cassette tapes...what a advance, makes me laugh now. Then the mini tapes, then dictaphone C-phones to internet based stuff, selectric typewriters, to IBM wheelwriters, to stand alone word processors, to main frame computers and on and on to where we are today. Oh yeah, not to mention the CARBON PAPER AND WHITE OUT which is just too funny now. But the changes have been amazing. They will keep coming.

I can't say I am crazy about voice editing but I think if used correctly it has its place. The sad part is I don't think it can ever take the place of a real live MT but the money grubbing businesses are trying to make it take the place of the MT thus setting things backwards. That part saddens me.

I commend you on your perseverence!

Shorthand works with every program, it works outside the program you use, does not interfere.
There are also marriages that are wonderful, yet (sm)
sometimes we tend to get selfish and think only of ourselves.  My husband is the same way as the original poster's, but in every other respect, he's wonderful! I would not dream of throwing in the towel just cause he got upset when I had to work and he didn't. That's crazy. Especially if there are children are involved, they deserve both parents.
Jergens is wonderful! sm
I have tried every self-tanner on the market. I am quite fair skinned and always ended up with orange streaks up my arms and up the backs of my legs - this year have been using Jergen's Self tanner every night after shower and it is wonderful!!!! No complaints! Perhaps next time around, I will go for the darker shade - anyone try that yet???? and????

to remember when things were great in the MT industry.     Take Care

We had it last night. It was wonderful.
You are so wonderful and helpful
I originally mailed my resumes. I was instructed to do this from the course I took. When I started online job searching I ran into websites with job boards and began e-mailing. I check alot of job boards on a daily basis.
I also have nothing but praise for them. They have a wonderful sm
QA staff and are always willing to help, not condescending as so many people I hear complain, and as the above poster stated, really good benefits.
That is wonderful. I pray that you are
very richly blessed in return. Merry Christmas to you!!!
God bless you. What a wonderful way
to reach out to others!

Now that is truly the spirit of Christ in Christmas!!

There really is a wonderful site on the
web that gives you nothing but help in many areas, including expanders, word, word perfect, and multiple other programs, and I am risking my life putting the name of it on here, but it a very non-controversial board designed only to help everyone, and it is free.

It is harrie's productivity site and this is the web address for it:

All the gurus are there to answer and help you with what you need, and they go to a lot of work to do this, so you really need to thank them.

Sorry, administrator and moderator, but I really do not think that board is in competition with you and hope you will let this stay because it is so helpful for everyone.

Wonderful Idea
This is a wonderful way to show support. Our area spends a lot of time sending care packages to our troops (which I believe is still very important), but offering support here at home to their families would be another great thing to do. My mother lives near Fort Meade and has a lot of military neighbors and she has done the volunteer babysitting for many years.

Thanks for your positive reply.

What a wonderful thing you have done! SM

I have often thought of it, but I am afraid I work just as much now as I ever did.  I remember my kids saying all their lives that all I did was work, and they were right. I was a single mom.  I plan on retiring at 62.  Do you think that's too old to start again?  I would just love that.   I really would.  Thanks so much! 

I still don't, I have a wonderful husband. nm
Sounds wonderful to me!
I was told by my doctor to return this week if the antibiotics and Midrin weren't working. I think I will talk to him about this. I am just so sick of headaches! I can't function, and I am always on edge. Thanks so much for the information!
thank you for all these wonderful suggestions.
I could not have been blessed with a more wonderful
father. He is a good, loving, Christian man. Worked hard all his life to take of his wife and 3 daughters. He is now 80 years old and I can still call on him whenever I need him. I live across the street from my parents and have sort of become the "parent" now in that I watch out for them and they, in turn, watch out for me. I am so blessed.
This sounds wonderful but how does it
work with your computer? Where would you plug it up in your computer? Sounds like something I definitely need. I would just like to get some clarity before purchasing and then finding out it doesn't work. Thanks much for the info.
This is wonderful news.
Not only will you be making more money but you will be able to avoid the sometimes heavy hand of management which can be humiliating in certain ways, for me anyway.

I would suggest you find out the answer and then ask the hospital what their budget allows for transcription and come to a happy meeting place.

I say this because I am an IC for a clinic and one physician I type for was approached by finance dept for having too high of a bill with dictation services. They then had to begin using their templates for his routine and commonly used dictation which I am not paid for.

This all happened after someone in their payroll dept made a mistake and overpaid me, which I caught and immediately brought to their attention, but it was too late.

Please let us know if you would what the nationals are charging the hospitals, the usual and customary fee average. I heard it was 25 cents a line several years ago but this obviously has changed.

Congratulations to you!
That's wonderful news!
You'll be happy as a bug in a rug then to know that MT/OP Girls' looking for a job with a company who's willing to pay her above average line rates.  Since you have no problem with that, what in the world are you waiting for?  Strike while the iron's hot girlfriend!  Contact her and offer her the job!!  And dont' use the old excuse, "We currently have no openings" either because clearly, you sound like a Fortune 500 kinda' operation who's got doctors coming out of the wood work all over the world, willing to pay you ANY amount you name  just for the opportunity to have YOUR organization type their patients' notes.  
yes, please, sounds wonderful
Here's a wonderful recipe...

I make this recipe several times per month.  It's so easy and tastes amazing!  I serve it with wild rice. 

Go to allrecipes.com and search "Baked Salmon II (roman numerals).  By the way, allrecipes.com is a great site!

What a wonderful story
Sounds like you were blessed with a wonderful family! Thanks for sharing - it was such a sweet story to read! :)
What a Wonderful Person
The world need more people like you. What a wonderful person you are to have rescued the lucky (now) beagle from the shelter. Many people wouldn't have done what you did with him having so many problems. I hope he continues to get better and that he stays a member of your family for a long time to come.
Well, if you're so wonderful
why do you say that you do not deserve a professional wage? Seems like you recognize the truth of Ms. Kikki's assessment. I agree with her, by the way. Mommies in jammies at home with the kiddies is the image most employers have of MTs. That's not the way to establish a professional image for MT work. You will complain that that is not fair and whine about how wonderful you are. It may or may not be fair, but it is the truth. You might, indeed, be the exception, but the image once established will be difficult to overcome.