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I could not have been blessed with a more wonderful

Posted By: Wannie on 2006-02-15
In Reply to: I'm wondering about your Daddy's. - Jodi

father. He is a good, loving, Christian man. Worked hard all his life to take of his wife and 3 daughters. He is now 80 years old and I can still call on him whenever I need him. I live across the street from my parents and have sort of become the "parent" now in that I watch out for them and they, in turn, watch out for me. I am so blessed.

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Merry Christmas RadGuy!!! And to ALL of you have a WONDERFUL & BLESSED holiday!!

Way to go!!! You are blessed.
Wish everyone could be that appreciated.
Those who have both are very blessed! nm
You are blessed...nm
God has blessed me greatly too!!

Congratulations on being so blessed.
I work for a national. I don't make $35 an hour, but that's okay, too. I pretty much enjoy my job, I love being at home, have a good supervisor and feel blessed to be able to choose to work from home. I am glad for you, though, and wish you the best.
If you were "privileged and blessed" ...sm

I certainly envy you....you're 1 in a million.  Most would not feel that way.  This is just too tough a question as there are so many variables.  I know my decision is coming soon, and I just hope I make the one I can live with.  I actually bought a house with 2 living areas with that in mind but.....as the time approaches and she becomes more and more obstinate and difficult to handle, it's a very scary thought.  I just pray she goes in her sleep still healthy. 

Consider yourself very blessed to be making
8 cpl and only an MT since January. I have been an MT for about 7-1/2 years and working for the same well-known national company for 6 and still only make 8 cpl. I have taken on a part-time job in a completely different field to make extra money and am even contemplating making the other job fulltime and working even less than I do now the national. I don't know of any what to increase your earnings as an MT.
I agree - blessed

I agree with the positives.  I too make awesome money (3-4K) per month and besides that have been able to watch my children grow up and be here when they get home from school.  It is less stressful on our family life and allows more time to spend with my husband at night.  I too do not have to buy clothing, minus the jeans to go into the office to pick up work, and do not have to worry about when the kids are sick, can still work, etc.  It has been an extreme blessing in my life, and I will do it as long as possible.

I don't think there are many jobs where you can make great income, have flexible scheduling, wear jeans to work or work in pajamas, and make dinner all in the "regular work day."  Not to mention I type outside in the summer by the pool, great idea!!!! Makes for a nice office!!!

Blessed in many ways here as well.
If we sit back and count the many good things that have come I would have to agree they far outweight the "bad" things.  My kids were off all this week from school.  I went to pick-up work and the office manager says to me "Your children are off all week from school?"  I said, "Yes due to the holiday on Monday and then conferences all week."  She says, "Well I guess that's okay for you since you DON'T WORK" as she's handing me a stack of "work".  She goes on to say "But what about all of the other mother's who have to work?"  What do they do for daycare?"  I said, "Well, I guess it puts those mother's in a very tight spot?"  Hmmmmm.....  Funny the perceptions people have of us work-at-home transcriptionists.  It is almost like if you do it from home it cannot possibly be work.  Let it be known that I love what I do, but I still consider it very much contributing to society.  By the way, thanks to your sister that factory stays doing what it should be doing, and thank your sister for ME personally for putting in the time and showing that she cares by going to work each and every day no matter how tired she gets!  Thank you for sharing....
You are blessed, for sure! Enjoy it! nm
Count yourself blessed....sm
A long time ago, before I ever started with national companies, I could have written your post almost word for word. I felt that I "needed" to go with a national company because it seemed to be the thing to do. If what you are doing works for you, then by all means keep on keepin' on. You are one of the fortunate ones who likely will not be affected by all the new "technological advances" that MT has made.
You are blessed. Congrats to you and hubby
I was blessed with long lean....

muscular legs, which I still have, even at 45.  I can sit cross-legged like a kindergartner listening to a story, BUT, lately I can't get up without hobbling around like a newborn horse for 5 minutes.  It's like this horrid painful stiffness.  What the heck is it? 

and a bountiful blessed Thanksgiving to YOU as well. nm
Wow..you guys are blessed beyond belief! nm
Yes, blessed, but that doesn't mean you have to be stomped on
and treated unfairly. A person can understand and acknowledge that they are blessed by having their job, etc., but that doesn't mean that when situations become unbearable that they can't stand up for themselves. No one said they didn't want truth. The definition of truth is honesty, not nasty comments, verbal abuse, calling a person "manipulative", telling her she has "no right to complain", belittling her feelings, concerns, telling her that her feelings don't matter, calling people's opinions "absurd", all of these are quotes from posts and none of that is TRUTH. One person even posted she should "stop griping". She has a right to do so. Yes, you have a right to your opinion, but you don't have a right to belittle her feelings and thoughts and talk to her like she is trash. Someone comes for advice and encouragement and you treat them like dirt? The definition of truth is honesty, "sincerity in action, character, and utterance". The only truth we have seen from this thread is the truth that some of you have not one ounce of good character. Opinion does not always equal truth. If any of you have children, I hope that you don't teach them to talk to other in this manner. What a disgrace!
WOW! What a great MTSO. You are blessed!
Whoa, are you blessed! You see offers out here for 6-8 cpl
Consider it done! Jenny is blessed to have a friend like you. Best wishes to all. nm
Those who are so insecure that they make things up are not blessed, however.
Sure - let's take a look at some of the many benefits that illegal aliens have blessed us with, s
Street gangs, graffitti, drugs, skyrocketing healthcare, depreciation of property value, welfare fraud, illiteracy. The list could go on. What they actually have to offer (cheap labor) pales to what they have given our country to deal with. I'll take expensive vegetables over expensive healthcare any day!

If you really look at it, Proverbs 31, that woman was blessed and amazing. She sm
did it ALL! She considered a field and bought it (on her own), she provided jobs, food, clothing for her maidservants, she was found at the markets early in the morning *(buying food and things for the home, I suppose). To me, this chapter tells me that as women we can do it all if we put our mind to it and that God expects a lot from us. I think about her "buying" the field to plant her harvest (no mention of husband/male whatsoever) and that helps me know God's will for my life with regard to work and homemaking, taking care of the children.

She was considered blessed. If we took better care of our bodies then we would have the amount of energy this woman had.
I turn on the news and realize that I am safe and blessed.
Ask for samples, make some templates, and Go! You're blessed to have this
Whoo-hoo! You're blessed for sure. :) Wishing you a happy new
You must be incredibly blessed with clear dictators & many templates. Wow..nm
Don't think most of us are blessed with the clear sound, repetition, and few ESLs that you must
Wow. After reading all of these sad situations and posts I actually feel pretty blessed. I did sm
Have my car repoed about 8 years ago and it was the most embarrassing moment of my life. I've since come out of a rut with me working and having a husband who works FT. We are blessed. We have definitely struggled with our bank acct. being overdrawn to the tune of 700.00 before, but we luckily came out of that and it only happened once. To everyone who is in a dire situation, may you find grace and peace in God. Believe in miracles. Don't give up. Good luck to you and I mean that in all sincerity.
If everything is wonderful---
Why were you complaining???
That is just wonderful (sm)
No more waiting for months.  Congrats again!
How wonderful! Can I ask...

How did you go about this?  Are you a parent, and if so did you wait until kids were older?  Not trying to be nosy, but I have been thinking about this a lot.  My kids are still relatively young, but as they get closer to both being in school full-time, I have been thinking about going back to school and studying something in the healthcare field.  I think becoming a doctor is too far out of my reach, although in another lifetime, that would have been my dream.  But, maybe a PA, or some type of therapist, or a nuclear medicine tech? 

Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

How wonderful!
I got a wonderful new job! nm
We know, we know, you are wonderful at all you do!
How wonderful!
Happy mother's day!
That is wonderful
The hospital where I worked before going to MQ 10 years ago would always play it up big time. I miss that, but MQ has made a bit of a dent this year (well, I say a bit because I haven't won anything LOL). Food and a new reference book -- can't beat that!!! (well, um, maybe the Tiffany bracelet would :-)

That is wonderful. I love the doctors who seem as if they have a good personality and care about not only their patient's but also their transcriptionist. It is always nice to be recognized as a human being! Kudos to that doctor and keep up the good work Patti! You are obviously doing something very wonderful for them!
Oh, how wonderful! Thank you very much!
What a wonderful day...NOT

My one doc got laryngitis on Tuesday...he's still dictating but only in a whisper. Yet, when he had part of his voice, I couldn't understand a darn thing! Whispering was definitely better. LOL

I took a break from my other job to run to the store...15 minutes max. Put our puppy outside because I don't quite trust her in the house by herself yet. Came out of the store and my BATTERY WAS DEAD!!!  Didn't have the strength to open the hood of the truck all the way (I'm no spring chicken), then couldn't get it closed because I'm too short.

Thanks heavens for cell phones. Beeped hubby. He was 50 miles away. Called 1 son. He was 30 miles away. Called foster son. Wow. He was home!!!...but sick with the flu and he only lived a mile away. After waiting 45 minutes, he finally arrived. Surely he would be able to get it going...nope not even with the extra battery. Truck still sitting in the parking lot. Poor pooch was so very happy to see me come home.

On top of this, it's my birthday {{{shudder}}}

 I think I'll just stay home and keep working from now on.



Hapy to hear that!

Wonderful job
You inspire me!!
What a wonderful
response to people who are new to the profession. It's good to see someone give some great helpful advice to someone who wants to get into the field. Good for you! I was new once and I remember how hard it was to enter the profession. It's still hard to obtain new accounts because this is such and invisible job, but I love working at home. I bet all those newbies appreciate your advice!
That's wonderful...
Never, ever should have been outsourced in the first place. That is just NOT SAFE for a million reasons. Congrats!
Never been happier to switch myself. All in all i am saving over $100 a month and the only time my net went out for longer than an hour was when a line was cut and AT&T customers were out too. It is a shame that AT&T was allowed to buy up the smaller companies. Just ruined the whole thing.
This sounds like it may be just what I need. Where can I get one of these?

Thanks for such good advice...I havenever heard of this before!
That would be wonderful
to produce like that.  I agree somewhat with the poster who does doctor office notes.  I worked for a medium-sized clinic and did very well. I had one psychologist who would dictate an eight to ten page initial assessment, and then when the testing was done, he would have you copy the assessment (mind you being paid for those lines again), and add the testing information.  I made out very well with him.  I also had a lot of standards under the Objective and Treatment Plan, which helped with my line counts.  I just saved my format in autocorrect and popped it in with the information already there.  When I transcribed the initial assessment, I saved the whole thing in autocorrect under the patient's last name, and when the testing came through just popped it up and added to it.  Very easy lines.
You are wonderful!
That worked! Not sure how it got marked, but whatever! Thank you so much!
Wonderful, thanks

Thank you for sharing. I know I'd be using this a lot :)

Of course you should mention MT!!!! We're finally getting our chance to be heard. I'm inspired to do the same thing now!!! How else can we have people get the picture about their medical records going overseas without saying it's the MT business?? This is great? Good job!!