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Which head set to be used with Dictaphone foot pedal??

Posted By: Wanda on 2008-02-01
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I know you have to have an adapter to use the Dictaphone foot pedal and software, but do you need a special head set or will any head set work?  Thanks!

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Dictaphone foot pedal. NM
Head set ? and foot pedal problems??

Okay I'm new to the online transcribing and I'm trying to get set up so I'm totally lost and hope someone can help me.  I downloaded Express scribe and my head set was picking up a little, but not real well, but then I downloaded the drivers for the foot pedal and now the foot pedal still doesn't work and the head set doesn't pick up any sound at all now does anyone have a clue what in the world I have done?  Thanks in advance!

Dictaphone foot pedal with medquist
Does anyone know if Dictaphone DictaMatic foot control will work with DocQscribe?  I can't get it to work.  Do I need to buy a VEC? 
Dictaphone has a dedicated foot pedal
that only "works" with Dictaphone software (Transnet, extext) - others can be universal (i.e. - plays all the other files). I have 3 - 1 for Transnet, 1 for regular voice files and 1 for microcassette recorder - my foot space is a mess!
Dictaphone foot pedal question..sm

I will be working on Dictaphone platform and the company sent me the foot pedal for it.  However, the cord for it is basically like a phone cord but my internet cable is taking up the spot where I would plug in my foot pedal to the back of my computer.  Is there an adapter I can use for this?


Foot pedal for Dictaphone Transnet
Can I use a USB foot pedal with Dictaphone Transnet. I was told it has to be the foot pedal with what looks like a phone cord used in conjunction with a USB adapter.
I was told since Dictaphone is Transnet only that foot pedal could be used
Like you, I already have 2 foot pedals - my desk floor is a maze of wires! Post if you find out differently, but again I was told had to be Dictaphone Transnet foot pedal.
Need some help with Dictaphone C-phone programming the foot pedal..... sm
I have a coworker that needs to program her Dictaphone foot pedal.  The foot pedal does not stop or start the dictation from what I understand.  It is a used unit with no manual.  I had a C-phone years ago but do not ever remember having to program my pedal.  Thanks in advance!
Dictaphone Transnet foot pedal questions.
I'm going to be installing Dictaphone Extext program and accessing it through the Transnet part. I've tried figuring out whether I need a "special" Transnet foot pedal or not. Some earlier posts say yes and some say no, that they just use either a 9-pin or a 15-pin. So, I'm perplexed on what I currently have which is both of those and with which I also have USB adapters will work or if I need to order something from Dictaphone. Any help would be appreciated. I also wonder if possibly whether or not it works is due in part to your particular computer.
I have a Dictaphone Transnet foot pedal for sale on the classifieds board

If you know anyone who is looking for one, please tell them about it. 

Foot pedal? Going from VXP to applying for other companies. What foot pedal should I get that woul
I need one even just to test so it seems.  Thanks for the input! 
This would be just a "regular" 3-pedal pedal and not the Dictaphone pedal. nm
A wave pedal is a foot pedal that connects to either
serial port, game port, or USB depending on the software needed with it.   You have to download the work via the internet and most companies still require high-speed internet, though some allow dial-up or satellite.   A pedal costs about $70, though can find on e-bay cheaper.  You can download ExpressScribe for free to use with the foot pedal unless the company requires a different software program. 
Any info on converting a dictaphone 2-prong headset adaptor? I need to find a noise cancelling head

If anyone knows where I can find this, please let me know.  thanks

wav pedal is a foot pedal that plugs into your

computer so you can transcribe wav files.  There are many other formats such as DSS, but they are all digital voice files. 

I don't think brand of foot pedal is important, but need to know if it is game port, serial port, or USB and how many pins it has.   The majority of them are made by Infinity in some foreign country, but sold by many companies. 


WAV pedal vs. USB port foot pedal

PLEASE HELP! Are wav pedals and USB port foot pedals one in the same?  I've only transcribed from audio tapes, and all this is new to me.  Thank you for your help.

I also have a USB foot pedal. Do most companies use the USB pedal or SM

will I need a 9-pin or a 15-pin.  Also, which transcription software for playing back audio files is the best?  I've used one that was a fee download, I think it was called Bytescribe or somethingl ike that.  Does that work for most all files or should I look into purchasing something like Start/Stop or GearPlayer?

Oh and does anyone know where I can get Microsoft Word or Office Suite for a reasonable (I'd say cheap, but cheap usually means bootleg) price? 

Sorry to ask so many questions, but it's been a while since I've worked for a national.  Before the hopsital job I'm being laid off from, I worked in the office at a hospital.  So I've been out of the loop so to speak.

Thanks guys.

Yes, my Shih Tzu, Kirby, sleeps with his head on my foot..nm
USB pedal can be used, but you'll need the Dictaphone adapter for it.
Dictaphone also makes it's own little fan-shaped pedal to be used with ExText/
Anyone know if a pedal with Dictaphone adapter will work with ExpressScribe?

Thanks !!!


What is the best foot pedal?
What is the best foot pedal to have?  Which one is the easiest to set up and use and can be used with different files?  I already bought one but can not get it set up to be able to use.  Bought from Expresscribe to use with their program and have had no help.  Brought in a computer guy.  No help.  So I am stuck with this pedal and can't use it.  I am now looking to buy another one.  Any recommendations?
It is a USB port pedal.  It wasn't so much as they would not help me, I got aggravated waiting 2-3 days in between e-mails and trying things that did not work.  It has something to do with no driver.  So now I am looking for a universal foot pedal to make it easier for me to find a secondary account. 
foot pedal
I have a converter I bought from Radio Shack - I have one that converts USB to 9 pin and another one that converts 9 pin to USB
Foot pedal
I am working for a company, renting a computer and foot pedal. I discovered I could use my own computer so want to send their equipment back. Their foot pedal is a 15 pin pedal. I have a 15 pin pedal of my own, looks identical to theirs. When I plug my foot pedal into the game port on their computer it does not work. I need to know what I need to do to my own foot pedal to make it work on the game  port on my own computer. I am so technologically challenged. Does anyone know what I need to do?
Foot Pedal
If you are using express scribe then change the port option inside change the port options. If you are using game port then click on the game port options inside. Hopefully it will work.
In need of 9 pin foot pedal

If anyone has a 9-pin foot pedal for sale, let me know.  Thank you!!

in-USB Foot Pedal
I am a recent graduate and looking for a job.  In the meantime, I want to be sure I have the right equipment.  I have a standard cassette transcriber with foot petal, but have been told that I should have something that works directly with my PC (mine may be outdated).  Do I need to purchase software if I buy an IN-USB foot pedal?  The equipment/software requirements are a bit confusing.  Any information would be helpful. Thank you.
Foot pedal
Sorry.  Don't know of any free one to download.  If you haven't already, you can go to your Express Scribe screen, click on Help, then click on Foot Pedal control.   It has a lot of information that might be helpful.
foot pedal
You can download the free Express Scribe software to download dictation files. I have used Express Scribe with my Infinity 9-pin serial port foot pedal and it worked just fine. I purchased my foot pedal on ebay so it wasn't that expensive because I was just starting out. You should not spend a ton of money on foot pedals in the beginning until you get a job and know what program the company you are working for uses. Not all foot pedals are created equal. Some programs require a certain type of footpedal.
foot pedal - sm

Thanks for your reply. I am not very technical when it comes to these things. So what you are saying is that in order to use Express Scribe, you have to have a 9 pin serial foot pedal? If so, I will go on ebay and try to get one since I need to test for several companies..I have never tested on line before. Thanks for your help.


foot pedal
I'm not the most technical person either, but you can use a USB foot pedal with ExpressScribe. I will try to include a link here to a USB pedal that shows what it works with, will not work with Dictaphone ExText. I think my choice would be USB. I do know there are a few companies out there that do require a 9-pin pedal only, but I think things are moving more and more towards USB. The lap top I just bought doesn't even have a serial port, you have to buy the docking station to get one, although I think sometimes you can use some kind of adapter. I have used USB pedal with ExpressScribe to test on it. The technical board is a good place to ask questions, too.
I had to buy a foot pedal....sm
but that is pretty common in companies who do not supply the computer. I don't remember it being that expensive, though, only around $100. What are they asking you to pay for?

foot pedal

Never worked with wav player before. would a lanier foot pedal work with express scribe program (as a foot pedal) instead of the million $$$ one that I can't afford.  Downloaded program but "Hot Keys" on keyboard is making me nuts.  Need advice.  Thanks.

Could be a bad foot pedal
This happened to me after I reset up my system after remodeling.  I brought in all kinds of repair people.  After my DH took the foot pedal apart, it was found that the pedal was just worn down where it connects when you press down.
foot pedal
I thought InScribe was the software. I'm very ignorant when it comes to this stuff. Will Express Scribe work with InScribe? what kind of connection do you have at the end of your foot pedal. Mine is a USB.
9 pin foot pedal help
I have used this pedal before on my computer before, it has just been a long time.  I have expresscribe, can't get the pedal to work.  I'm sure it is just a setting or something simple.  Any suggestions? 
No foot pedal?
foot pedal
Anyone with ATSI using MT world software.  What type/brand of foot pedal do you have?
Help with 9-pin foot pedal...sm

I use a 9-pin foot pedal on the DocQScribe platform and it is not working.   A webcam was installed on my computer and ever since then it doesn't work.  I uninstalled the cam but the pedal still is not working.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the pedal, but still it does not work.  Any suggestions?


USB foot pedal
Does anyone have an extra USB foot pedal?  Please e-mail me regarding this?  plsa
foot pedal
try ebay, there's a lot of "buy it now" stuff, got my new headset there. love it
Help with foot pedal
Ok, ladies, started this new job yesterday and have wav foot pedal. For some reason the pedal is different. Before when I would press on the outside on the right hand side it would rewind and the left would be fast forward. Has anyone had a similar incident and how do I change back to what I have always worked with? Thanks.
foot pedal
Its all in the way you are setting it up. when I got my new computer, had to reinstall, and that was happening to me. I just kept starting over, until it finally started working for me. good luck, keep trying.
you buy a foot pedal. nm
usb foot pedal help
Help - this old MT is switching to an account with a WAV pedal and I would like to know if I am working with a USB WAV pedal if I need usb headphones also.  Do standard computer headphones work with WAV pedals?  I was told to get my own headphones. Thanks!
foot pedal
I have a problem and need to see if it has ever happened to anyone else.  My dog chewed off the cord to my foot pedal (long story). Computer said there was a power surge when it happened. Now I cannot get any foot pedal to work on computer. It will connect for a second and then disconnect, I keep hearing the windows ta dunk sound I call it.  The local computer people sounded like they thought I was crazy when I called them.  If anyone has any suggestions I sure need them. I am trying to do my files by the hand control and it is driving me crazy.
foot pedal
This does not sound good. first, try to reboot and see if that helps. if not, it does not sound very promising as usually a power surge means that something was fried out inside your computer. How was it plugged in? USB? or 9 pin or 15 pin? If it was USB, can you try a different port to see if it will work there? If not, then this sounds pretty serious and you may have to get either a new foot pedal or hopefully nothing worse. good luck.
foot pedal
It is USB, I have 2 ports have tried both, the printer works fine in either one of the ports, That is really crazy I know.  I have rebooted, plugged and unplugged.  I don't think this a problem that our local computer guys are going to be able to fix either.  Is it possible to take ports out of an old computer and install them in the current computer. I have 2 extra computers here, but they don't have the work software on it. I am just about as frustrated as I can get right now.  It seems like I have lots of luck, all bad.
foot pedal
Yes I tried another pedal.  In fact I have tried 2.  Thanks for answering, makes me feel good that someone is out that.  I wonder if I am the only one this has every happened to. The one that the dog chewed on he chewed the cord completley in to.  That is the only thing he chewed up while I was gone too. It was payback.  Any one what a jack russell terrier?  As I am working with the hand clicking I keep hearing the kerplunk sound because the last foot pedal that I tried is still hooked up.  I am going to see if my son can install me a new USB port, but I don't know if that will do it either. I have searched for the Infinity foot pedal web site and did not find it and did a general search about foot pedal problems and came up with nothing like what I have.  I tried out express scribe the free version and could not get any foot pedal to work with it, but the printer works in either USB port. There has to be a glitch in the computer programing, I even tried doing a restore with no luck.  I need a big 4 leaf clover or something.
foot pedal
Dog is fine, bouncing all over house as usual.  He chewed the wire competely into right at the nub where it connects and goes into the box. Have you ever taken a foot pedal apart? There is sure not much in them.  The foot pedals are plug and play type that just go into the USB with no software and the USB port works fine for my printer when I put it in either port.  I might try doing a clean up of registry to see if that is affecting.  The only thing that I have come up with after all day is maybe the foot pedals I have here are bad too, but one of them is brand new. The dog is chewing on a vienna sausage can right now, maybe he is part goat.  The computer place never did return my call, I didn't figure they would know about foot pedals any how.  Talk about a headache. I am getting another foot pedal fed ex to me tomorrow so will have to try that.