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Anyone know if a pedal with Dictaphone adapter will work with ExpressScribe?

Posted By: Emma on 2009-03-03
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Thanks !!!


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USB pedal can be used, but you'll need the Dictaphone adapter for it.
Bringing up ExpressScribe pedal question again. Does anyone have 9-pin Infinity pedal on a USB?


I use Dictaphone ExText with ExpressScribe.
Plug adapter into serial port, plug foot pedal into adapter,
plug adapter into USB port.  
Dictaphone headset adapter
Dictation Warehouse has an adapter for the Dictaphone double-pronged headset wire.  I bought one not too long ago. 
Bought some Dictaphone headgear, need adapter for computer
not realizing on the end it has 2 little points- what I need to know - needing to hook into the front of my computer for editing and does anyone know of an adapter that I could buy that would fit this and where to get? Thanks.
This would be just a "regular" 3-pedal pedal and not the Dictaphone pedal. nm
foot pedal w/adapter help
I bought a USB adapter for my foot pedal that was a 15 pin serial because that port was in use. I cannot get it configured. I used Express scribe help, installed the gameport 2 axel/4 button one. Attempted to use the foot pedal wizard with Expresscribe. The adapter did not come with drivers, but I got some off the internet. My computer says the the device is working. What am I missing here?
You can use your pedal....but you need the dictahone adapter

I used to work with Dictaphone's TransNet and I had a regular wav pedal but I needed the Dictaphone adapter to get my pedal to play. 

If you can use a 15-pin foot pedal with an adapter with Transnet
Account says they use an IN-BMG (15-pin) foot pedal with a USB adapter. Can you also use a 9-pin with an adapter? Account manager wasn't sure. I really hate to buy another foot pedal for a new account if I don't have to. Does anyone at all know if this will work?

Your company should supply you the pedal or the adapter. I've
Escription users- Belkin USB adapter for foot pedal problems
Hey, as most of you know, we're stuck using the old 9-pin foot pedal. Well, I bought the Belkin adapter and set it to the ports as Escription's web site instructed, and at first, it was working when I hit the foot pedal. I heard it, and then my mouse stopped and everything froze. It did this twice to where I just had ot turn off my computer. Anyone else have this problem, and if so, what did you do. It was frustrating to get to that one, have sound..everything...and then froze up the computer completely. Thanks
Dictaphone foot pedal. NM
Dictaphone foot pedal with medquist
Does anyone know if Dictaphone DictaMatic foot control will work with DocQscribe?  I can't get it to work.  Do I need to buy a VEC? 
Dictaphone has a dedicated foot pedal
that only "works" with Dictaphone software (Transnet, extext) - others can be universal (i.e. - plays all the other files). I have 3 - 1 for Transnet, 1 for regular voice files and 1 for microcassette recorder - my foot space is a mess!
Dictaphone foot pedal question..sm

I will be working on Dictaphone platform and the company sent me the foot pedal for it.  However, the cord for it is basically like a phone cord but my internet cable is taking up the spot where I would plug in my foot pedal to the back of my computer.  Is there an adapter I can use for this?


Foot pedal for Dictaphone Transnet
Can I use a USB foot pedal with Dictaphone Transnet. I was told it has to be the foot pedal with what looks like a phone cord used in conjunction with a USB adapter.
Which head set to be used with Dictaphone foot pedal??
I know you have to have an adapter to use the Dictaphone foot pedal and software, but do you need a special head set or will any head set work?  Thanks!
I work on Escription platform and the adapter didnt work for me. I tried it on my laptop though
and the foot pedal would just not play correctly with the adapter. I think others have tried it and done it but it just didnt work for me.
I was told since Dictaphone is Transnet only that foot pedal could be used
Like you, I already have 2 foot pedals - my desk floor is a maze of wires! Post if you find out differently, but again I was told had to be Dictaphone Transnet foot pedal.
Need some help with Dictaphone C-phone programming the foot pedal..... sm
I have a coworker that needs to program her Dictaphone foot pedal.  The foot pedal does not stop or start the dictation from what I understand.  It is a used unit with no manual.  I had a C-phone years ago but do not ever remember having to program my pedal.  Thanks in advance!
Dictaphone also makes it's own little fan-shaped pedal to be used with ExText/
Dictaphone Transnet foot pedal questions.
I'm going to be installing Dictaphone Extext program and accessing it through the Transnet part. I've tried figuring out whether I need a "special" Transnet foot pedal or not. Some earlier posts say yes and some say no, that they just use either a 9-pin or a 15-pin. So, I'm perplexed on what I currently have which is both of those and with which I also have USB adapters will work or if I need to order something from Dictaphone. Any help would be appreciated. I also wonder if possibly whether or not it works is due in part to your particular computer.
I have a Dictaphone Transnet foot pedal for sale on the classifieds board

If you know anyone who is looking for one, please tell them about it. 

Would this adapter work?
I saw it on Ebay.
So hooking the 9-pin to a USB adapter will still allow it to work with Escription?
That was my only concern.  I knew about adapters but didn't know if the pedal would still be compatible with Escription.  I know my USB pedal is not and my employer had to send me a 9-pin pedal. 
you can use vonage, but there is an adapter you need to buy to make it work.
Ask at office depot about it.
Is there ONE pedal I can buy that will work with ALL platforms? And where do I shop for a pedal?
If the program will work with an adapter, they should lend it to you. I've
That's strange I bought the adapter but couldnt get it to work right. Maybe cuz it was a laptop..
I'll have to try it again. I just could not get it to work right. I would get sound but then it would freeze up.
I have a two way adapter that is plugged into the phone line. One goes from the adapter into the
router provided by the DSL company and the other goes from the adapter directly into the phone that I have connected.  The phone needs to be connected so I can re-record (which still works for me thankfully).  I was wondering if I unplug the phone line and plug that into the back of my computer if that would work but then I would have to have work call before faxing and change the hookup after which would be a royal pain.  If you can give me another way to hook this up it would make my life so much easier.  Thanks. 
Most Dictaphone stuff is proprietary and won't work with other systems.
If there's an adapter out there, I'm not aware of it. Hope you can return your purchase.
Does Dictaphone footpedal work with DocQScribe platform?
If not, know where I can find a reasonable universal footpedal?
Whoops, probably should have mentioned, I work on Dictaphone ExSpeech. NM
Part-time work using Extext/word client/dictaphone
Anyone know any companies that are hiring that use this system?  I really want to start part-time and then probably commit to full time later.  I really want a company that supplies your equipment!  Thanks.
Lanier is a type of dictaphone, but when speaking of a C-phone, it's meant as the Dictaphone Con
Help getting wav pedal to work

I ordered a new Olympus RS25 pedal off of ebay, but am not sure how to get it to work with the express scribe program.  Please help if you have any clue.

The pedal did not come with any software and the lady said it should automatically work with Express scribe, maybe I am not doing something right



Me too! Only wish I could work the pedal with my
Big fuzzy bunny slippers.
I could never get the pedal to work!
I have a foot pedal that is plugged into a USB gameport adapter. How hard was that supposed to be? Yeah right.
I ended up downloading Transcription-Buddy, which is a free download and then downloaded NCH Swift Sound - sound Switch converter to change them over to wave files or whatever it was I could not open. This also was free. If you get it downloaded
Go under view and options and over on the right to foot control and I ended up using the Microsoft PC joystick selection.



foot pedal---any one will work I think, SM
I type on the Dictaphone Transnet platform and have two pedals and they both work. I am not sure the brand, but they are nothing particular. One is a USB and the other is a 9-pin. I am using the 9-pin right now.
Did your foor pedal work
with Real Player?
Getting foot pedal to work (sm)
Does anyone have advice for getting a foot pedal to work for downloaded internet files.  I have plugged this into the USB port but my computer is not recognizing it.  Does having an ipod and its components installed/downloaded affect the foot pedal.  TIA
how do you work the foot pedal?
this looks cool! :P

how do you compare your lph with this versus a regular keyboard?

I got my foot pedal to work




The only steps you must follow are 14-16 to get the Footpedal working with InScribe.


After jobs have downloaded, click on Options Menu and select "Separate Play and Pause".


15. On Options Menu, select "Set Actions".
16. For the F9 key, you will see "Save". Drop down the list next to the F9 key and select "Pause". The actions are in alphabetical order so you should scroll up. Now select "Pause" and press OK or Close.

have never been able to get my Infinity pedal to work...
with Express Scribe. It's a pain, but I've just used the manual controls.
Help! Can get foot pedal to work

I have started a new job with Landmark but cannot get my two foot pedals to work with Bayscribe.  Could someone please help me!

Thanks in advance!

Foot pedal will not work
Sorry, I am just so upset because I need this job and neither of my 2 foot pedals seem to work with Bayscribe and in trying to get it to work I think I may have messed up the driver.  Any help would be appreciated!
will Infinity pedal work with Inscribe?
I'm switching companies and foot pedals and don't understand.  I'll be using Emdat-Inscribe, and the pedal I have is an Infinity USB1.  Are these compatible? I've done what it says to do on the site for other pedals and it still won't work.  Does anyone know if this Inifinity foot pedal will work with Inscribe?
Does your Infinity pedal work with DocQscribe?

Just wondering if your Infinity foot pedal works in DocQscribe?  Does it automatically recognise it?

My friend has a footpedal that a former employee of Medquist was using, and went to use it as a new employee with MedQuist and it won't work now.  It works in Express Scribe perfectly.  MedQuist says you have to rent one from them and they won't "troubleshoot" problems with the pedal since it wasn't purchased through them......(even though it was by this former employee).

Any suggestions?

The files need to be associated with a player for pedal to work.
Foot pedal will not work with Bayscribe

Thank you so much.  I believe we did this but for some reason it does not work.  Have been at this all day and I am exhausted from trying to figure out the problem.  Could you tell me what the difference is between a VEC USB foot pedal and a USB foot pedal.  That may be the problem,although both foot pedals have worked with other "tests" with other companies so I am just confused why it will not work with Bayscribe.

Again, thanks so much!